Wu Dong Qian Kun

Ice Spirit Tribe Side Story 5

Ice Spirit Tribe Side Story 5


Ice Spirit Tribe Side Story 5

“Make way!”

An indescribable aura accompanied a deep voice as it boomed across the land. Thunder rumbled continuously, and it felt as if the land was shaking.

Thunder filled the sky as it surged forth, while the expressions of the Snow Devil Old Man trio slightly darkened.

“Truly audacious!” Snow Devil Old Man coldly snorted. He clearly never imagined, that even in the face of the three of them, the man before their eyes would not show even the slightest hints of backing off.

“Looks like someone has gotten used to doing as he pleases in the lower planes.” Dragon Sovereign coldly said.

They had seen similar individuals many times. Most experts from the lower planes that were able to smash apart the shackles of the dimension, and arrive at the Great Thousand Worlds, were the peak practitioners of their realms, and often times, supreme rulers.

However, when these individuals, that were used to being the supreme overlords in their respective lower planes, arrived at the Great Thousand Worlds that were as numerous as the stars in the sky, they were unable to restrain their past attitudes, and still believed that they were unparallelled.

Such foolish individuals would often become the butt of jokes in the Great Thousand Worlds.

From what Dragon Sovereign could see, this Lin Dong was obviously another such example.

“It seems that you are unable to grasp even this final chance. Truly foolish.” Battle Emperor also shook his head, and spoke in a regretful manner.

Lin Dong’s eyebrows faintly furrowed. He looked at the three Heavenly Sovereigns that obstructed him, and slowly said, “Are you really not going to give way?”

“This old man really wants to see whether you have the qualifications to say such words!” Snow Devil Old Man icily chuckled. Soon after, he abruptly swung his sleeves, and they rapidly swelled. Endless black snow spewed out like a storm. In the span of several breaths, black snow filled the area.

“Snow Devil Wind!”

Black snowflakes were accompanied by extremely cold Qi. In contrast with Ice Spirit Ancestor’s extreme cold, this extreme cold contained an exceedingly insidious corrosive Qi. Once it invaded the body, the cold Qi would freeze the flesh, while the corrosive Qi quietly ate away at one’s Spirit Power. All in all, it was rather domineering.

Countless black snowflakes gathered together and rose into the air. Like a gale in the shape of a python, it darted straight at Lin Dong. Along its path, pockets of space was noiselessly frozen, while black frost spread from within it.

The gale formed from black snowflakes rapidly expanded in Lin Dong’s eyes. Yet, there was still no change to his determined face. Just as the black snow gale was about to swallow him, he finally took in a deep breath, before his mouth abruptly opened wide.

“Flame Ancestral Symbol, Flame Breath!”

Scarlet red flames wildly spewed from Lin Dong’s mouth as if it was a dragon’s breath. Scorching heat instantly swept across the land, banishing the extreme cold of the black snow.


There was even magma flowing within the scarlet red dragon breath like flames. It clashed against the black snow, and sizzling sounds immediately appeared. Fog pervaded the area, while the black snowflakes were swiftly evaporated into nothingness under the burning flames...

“Fire Spirit Power? This guy is a fire and lightning dual cultivator?” Upon seeing Lin Dong spew flames that contained abundant Spirit Power, a look of amazement involuntarily flitted across Snow Devil Old Man’s eyes. They had already seen Lin Dong display lightning Spirit Power previously, however, they never imagined that he would also be proficient with flame Spirit Power.

“Flame Lightning Finger!”

While Snow Devil Old Man was taken aback, Lin Dong’s icy gaze shifted over. Without any unnecessary words, his finger thrust forward at the empty air.


His fingertip instantly turned deep red. A split second later, a hundred feet wide scarlet light beam suddenly shot out. An extremely unyielding and destructive ripple pulsed within the scarlet light.

Scarlet light flashed past as pockets of space disintegrated.


Upon seeing Lin Dong’s counter attack, Snow Devil Old Man coldly snorted. His hands quickly formed a series of seals, and black snowflakes frantically converged towards him. In a short span of several breaths, the snow turned into a black snow lotus that protected him within it.


The scarlet light beam pierced through space, and mercilessly slammed into the black snow lotus. Flames poured out with the intent of melting the snow lotus, while endless cold Qi was emitted from the latter in an attempt to freeze the flames.

These two forces were stuck in a stalemate as they continuously tried to overcome the other.

“Brat, I’m afraid that such methods are no use against this old man!” Snow Devil Old Man sneered inside the snow lotus.

A look of mockery flitted across Lin Dong’s eyes. He indifferently glanced at Snow Devil Old Man, before one of his hands suddenly formed a seal, “Explode!”

“Careful!” The nearby Dragon Sovereign and Battle Emperor sensed the imminent danger, and hastily cried out.


However, the moment their voices rang out, berserk without equal lightning light spluttered out from within the scarlet red light. Lightning light and scarlet light collided, creating an extremely violent explosion.

It was as if magnificent fireworks had exploded in the sky.

In the face of the flames and lightning light, the black snow lotus instantly exploded. Snow Devil Old Man was also caught in the attack, and was quickly engulfed by a wave of destruction.

His body instantly started to melt due to the overwhelming power.

However, the moment his body started to melt, a spatial ripple emerged nearby, and Snow Devil Old Man’s body appeared. His clothes were charred black, and a large portion of his hair had been burnt away. It was a rather miserable look.

Snow Devil Old Man’s face was dark, as he venomously stared at Lin Dong. It was evident that he had been tricked by Lin Dong earlier. Who would have thought that berserk lightning Spirit Power would be deeply hidden under the boundless flame Spirit Power exterior of Lin Dong’s finger attack.

The two Spirit Powers smashed into each other, creating an even more terrifying explosion of power.

“This fellow has some ability.” Snow Devil Old Man remarked in a low voice. After their previous exchange, he now knew that the man, who had dared to barge into the Ice Spirit Tribe ancestral land alone, was indeed not easy to deal with.

“He is indeed a little capable.” Battle Emperor softly chuckled. His eyes contained a provocative look as he looked at Lin Dong, “However, your efforts are destined to be futile. The beauty that you wish to revive has already been gifted to this emperor by Ice Spirit Ancestor…”

Over the years, Battle Emperor had encountered countless enemies, yet all of them were utterly defeated by him. This naturally explained his arrogant mannerisms. Hence, he similarly did not think much of Lin Dong, and wantonly provoked the latter.

However, there was something that he had yet to understand this time. This opponent was different.

“You’re courting death!”

A bright light that was glaring to the limit surged in Lin Dong’s eyes. Like an hawk, his eyes locked onto Battle Emperor as killing intent surged on his face.

He had come to the Ice Spirit Tribe to revive his wife. The words of this fellow had undoubtedly touched his reverse scale.

The air trembled with a stamp from Lin Dong’s foot. His body turned into a flash of lightning that bolted towards Battle Emperor at a speed that was difficult to detect with the naked eye. Hidden killing intent surged below the surface.

“Brat, don’t even think about it!”

However, an icy shout suddenly rang out the moment his body moved. A deafening dragon roar resounded as Dragon Sovereign howled at the heavens, and his palm suddenly swung out.


His palm rapidly enlarged. A split second later, it had already transformed into an enormous golden dragon claw that was covered in dazzling dragon scales. It viciously swatted at the bolt of lightning that Lin Dong had transformed into.

The attack directly turned the area within a hundred thousand feet into a black hole, and the mountains below transformed into deep abysses…

The golden dragon claw seemed to cover the sky as it descended. Lin Dong’s figure turned sluggish in mid-air, and his gaze fell upon the dragon claw that contained an extremely frightening power. However, he did not back away. Instead, his figure charged directly towards it.

“You’re seeking death!”

Dragon Sovereign coldly snorted when he saw Lin Dong head straight towards the looming dragon claw. Dragon Sovereign was after all a true-blue dragon, and possessed an extremely terrifying strength. Any ordinary Heavenly Sovereign that dared to clash head on against his dragon claw would definitely be injured.

As Lin Dong’s figure soared upwards, green light suddenly blossomed on his body. A faint yet familiar dragon roar seemed to echo from within it.

“Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill, Green Dragon Claw!”

Lin Dong’s arm expanded as it thrust through the air, while green dragon scales emerged, dragonizing his arm. This strike of his had already transformed into a green dragon claw. Green light swirled around it as it pulsed with an endless and mighty aura.

The two giant dragon claws smashed together in the sky, and an earth shaking noise immediately erupted. Shock waves that could be seen with the naked eye swept outwards like a storm, rippling across the area.

The two dragon claws immediately drew back after the clash. Although the green dragon claw had been swatted downwards, some of the scales on the golden dragon claw had been shattered and turned into golden dust that filled the sky.

Lin Dong jerked his sleeve, and his dragonized arm returned to its original state. His dull gaze looked towards the Dragon Sovereign that had been pushed away.

“You also possess the body of the dragon tribe?!” Dragon Sovereign cried out with eyes filled with bewilderment. True dragons were the emperors of the dragon tribe, and possessed supreme bloodlines. Yet, the green dragon that Lin Dong had transformed into earlier had not been the slightest bit suppressed by his bloodline. It instead gave off a mysterious aura.

“This fellow has likely cultivated the dragon tribe body in the lower planes. To think that he has cultivated the lower planes dragon tribe body to a level that is not inferior to a true dragon. Truly terrifying!” Dragon Sovereign’s expression fluctuated indeterminately. There was an additional trace of wariness in his gaze as he looked towards Lin Dong.

The Great Thousand Worlds were connected to countless lower planes. Dragon tribes also existed in these lower planes. However, due to the difference in level of natural energy, the quantity and quality of dragon tribe members of the Great Thousand Worlds were the greatest.

This however was not set in stone. An outstanding individual that had reached the apex of cultivation would be able to break this convention, and catch up or even surpass the dragon tribe members of the Great Thousand Worlds.

Lin Dong’s dragon tribe body was not the least bit inferior to his own true dragon body.

However, Lin Dong ignored Dragon Sovereign’s bewilderment. Cold light flashed in his eyes as he took a step forward. Space distorted, and he appeared in front of Battle Emperor like a phantom.

It was clear that he rather detested this wantonly speaking fellow.

However, Battle Emperor was likewise no ordinary individual. His eyes merely narrowed in response to Lin Dong’s appearance. In the next instant, battle intent erupted from his body and flooded the sky.

Battle Emperor’s fist flew forth. It was a simple and ordinary punch. However, hundreds and thousands of battle runes appeared on his arm, and sounds of battle could be heard in the wake of his punch.

“Battle Aura Punch!”

Sounds of battle pounced at Lin Dong, causing his eyes to narrow a little. However, his body did not move, and he also threw a punch.

“Primal Ancestral Symbol, Primal Power!”

Lin Dong’s arm was instantly saturated by a boundless aura. An ancient power surged forth, causing his arm to take on the color of dried land.

A terrifying power churned within it.

Two fists slammed into each other, and the area around the two of them instantly shattered. Countless spatial fragments seemed to cover the sky as they shot outwards...

Within the aftershocks, Battle Emperor body jerked, before being launched backwards. He took over a thousand steps back in the air, grim faced as he slowly came to a stop.

He lifted his head and stared at the crumbling space. Subsequently, his pupils involuntarily tightened.

It was because he had seen Lin Dong’s figure standing at its original position like an unmoving statue.

In the distance, the numerous Ice Spirit Tribe experts inhaled a mouthful of cold air. Who could have imagined that the undefeatable Battle Emperor would be completely suppressed in a head-on clash against Lin Dong.

How could this fellow be so powerful?!

In the sky, Snow Devil Old Man, Dragon Sovereign and Battle Emperor’s faces became completely grave. Such an outcome had clearly surpassed their expectations.

They exchanged a look, before taking in a deep breath.

“No need to probe him any further. Let us attack together. This fellow is a formidable opponent!”

To defeat such a foe, it was likely that the trio had to properly join forces.