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Ice Spirit Tribe Side Story 3

Ice Spirit Tribe Side Story 3


Ice Spirit Tribe Side Story 3

Entrance to the Ice Spirit Tribe ancestral land.

A bone piercing chill enveloped the land. Countless Ice Spirit Tribe experts were positioned at various spots in the sky, forming an extremely enormous spirit array.

An indescribable pressure spread from this spirit array, causing even space itself to tremble.

However, even though with such a serious setup, the numerous Ice Spirit Tribe experts still felt their hearts thud a little harder when they watched the figure slowly walking over from the distant entrance to the ancestral land.

Even in the face of practically the entire Ice Spirit Tribe’s power, they could see that there was still no fear on the figure’s face. His calm and emotionless eyes gave them a feeling of unease.

Some distance behind the great array, Ice Spirit Ancestor’s pupils tightened slightly as he watched the figure. Soon after, his icy voice abruptly rang out, “Stop trespasser!”

His voice contained boundless Spirit Power, and rang out like a great bell. As it echoed, the fear in the hearts of all the Ice Spirit Tribe experts vanished. After all, their ancestor was a Heavenly Sovereign!

“Stop trespasser!”

Hence, all of the Ice Spirit Tribe experts loudly shouted at this moment. Countless voices gathered together and thundered across the area. It was a magnificent scene.

The figure finally halted, and lifted his head. His gaze penetrated the enormous array in front of him, and directly looked towards Ice Spirit Ancestor. He cupped his fists and said, “Martial Realm’s Lin Dong has come to this noble tribe in hopes of borrowing the Ice Spirit Tablet! This huge debt will not be forgotten!”

Ice Spirit Ancestor’s face remained impassive when he heard this. His eyes faintly lowered as he replied, “This old man already knows of the intentions of your honored self. However, the Ice Spirit Tablet is the ultimate treasure of my tribe. Every use will cause great damage to it. Hence, this old man cannot lend it to outsiders.”

His voice was unsympathetic, and his tone was not very courteous. However, his rejection was rather clear.

Upon hearing Ice Spirit Ancestor’s response, disappointment flashed across Lin Dong’s face. Soon after, he lightly inhaled and said, “Then I’ll have to commit an offense against you!”

Perhaps, Ice Spirit Tribe did have its difficulties, but this was not something he cared about. The only thing he knew, was that the Ice Spirit Tablet was the only chance to revive his wife.

He could make up for the damage to the Ice Spirit Tablet through other means, but he definitely needed to borrow it!

It did not matter if the Ice Spirit Tribe was willing or not!


When his final word sounded, seemingly endless lightning exploded from the Lightning Emperor Scepter in his hand. Berserk lightning coiled around his body. Every bolt was brimming with the power of destruction.


The cold light in Ice Spirit Ancestor’s eyes flared as he sneered, “My Ice Spirit Tribe has stood tall in the Great Thousand Worlds for millions of years. What kind of storms have we not seen before. To think that an ignorant person from the lower planes like yourself actually dares to break into my Ice Spirit Tribe and take my Ice Spirit Tablet?!”

“People of my tribe, drive out this intruder!”


Upon hearing Ice Spirit Ancestor’s bellow of rage, the countless Ice Spirit Tribe experts immediately responded. Their voices was like a giant hundred thousand feet tall wave that swept across the area. It brought with it an endless pressure that as it crashed onto the frail lone figure in the distance.

However, the overwhelming pressure completely faded like smoke when it was a hundred thousand feet from Lin Dong. It was incapable of approaching him.

The hearts of the Ice Spirit Tribe experts shivered when they saw this. They did not dare to be careless, and quickly formed seals with their hands. Immediately, terrifying Ice Spirit Power dashed towards the sky.

The vast Ice Spirit Power converged together due to the enormous array. Several breaths later, it transformed into over a thousand giant ice dragons. Every dragon gave off an endless aura of coldness that froze even space itself.


The roars of over a thousand giant dragons rumbled at this moment. In the next instant, the dragons swarmed forth. Tremendous dragon breaths seemed to cover the sky and land as they blasted towards Lin Dong.

Lin Dong lifted his head and gazed upon this magnificent sight, but his expression did not change. Subsequently, he lightly stamped his foot.


Dazzling lightning frantically unfurled with Lin Dong as the epicenter, and countless lightning bolts swept forth like torrential rain. In the end, they clashed head on against the numerous giant ice dragons.

Boom! Boom!

Lightning and ice crazily collided. The ice dragons continuously disintegrated one by one, while lightning seemed to stream out endlessly. Violent Spirit Power shockwaves devastated the area, causing pockets of space to crumble.

Lin Dong did not even glance at the explosions occurring between the ice and lightning, as he walked straight towards the enormous array in front of him.

In a short span of several breaths, his figure had already appeared within the array formed by numerous Ice Spirit Tribe experts. However, his gaze only looked towards Ice Spirit Ancestor.

Although this array was formidable, it was clearly lacking with regards to stopping him. The only thing he needed to pay a little attention to was this Ice Spirit Ancestor.

The faces of the numerous Ice Spirit Tribe experts turned grim when they saw Lin Dong easily pass through. This man was really a little too powerful.

Such power was definitely that of a true blue Heavenly Sovereign!

The eyes of Ice Spirit Ancestor narrowed slightly when he saw this. Soon after, he stood up on the ice lotus. With his sharp gaze fixed on Lin Dong, he slowly spoke, “To have dared to barge into my Ice Spirit Tribe, it looks like you do indeed have some ability.”

“However, you will pay a price for underestimating my Ice Spirit Tribe!”

The temperature instantly plummeted the moment Ice Spirit Ancestor words faded, and ice blue Cold Qi pervaded the area. This Cold Qi was emitted from the bodies of the Ice Spirit Tribe experts, causing the place to turn in to a frozen world.

Ice Spirit Ancestor’s power would be greatly enhanced if he did battle in this frozen world. This was the advantage of a favorable location.

Cold Qi frantically converged towards Lin Dong, causing even space itself to be frozen and trapping Lin Dong within it like a prison.

“To show how seriously we regard you, I shall let you experience today one of the three famous ultimate techniques of my Ice Spirit Tribe!”

Ice Spirit Ancestor knew that normal techniques were no use against a Heavenly Sovereign. Thus, he had no hesitation in using a trump card the moment he attacked!

“Ultimate technique, Eternal Frost Art!”

As Ice Spirit Ancestor’s shout thundered, millions of ice beams suddenly shot out from the endless Cold Qi. These beams penetrated space, and shot onto Lin Dong’s body.

The many Ice Spirit Tribe experts watched ice-blue ice rapidly spread on Lin Dong’s body at a speed that could be seen by the naked eye. In mere moments, it completely froze Lin Dong.

The ice gathered and transformed into a several hundred thousand feet large giant ice mountain. Lin Dong’s body was frozen at the depths of this mountain.

The Ice Spirit Tribe experts secretly heaved a sigh of relief when they saw this. This ultimate technique of their Ice Spirit Tribe was a sealing technique. Once one was sealed, his body and Spirit Power would instantly be frozen. It would be difficult for even a Heavenly Sovereign to escape.

Over the years, it was unknown how many pinnacle experts had suffered due to this sealing technique of their Ice Spirit Ancestor. This time, Martial Realm’s Lin Dong was no exception.

Ice Spirit Ancestor looked upon the majestic ice mountain and said in a solemn voice, “This seal will last for a year, and will automatically be broken after that. You will stay here for a year as punishment for barging into my Ice Spirit Tribe.”

After speaking, he intended to leave.


However, just as he was about to turn around, Ice Spirit Ancestor suddenly heard faint cracking sounds from the depths of the ice mountain. He immediately lifted his head, and his pupils tightened when he faintly saw lightning flashing at the depths of the ice mountain.

“His Spirit Power has not been sealed?!” Upon seeing this scene, Ice Spirit Ancestor’s expression instantly changed. He was in disbelief. Even a Heavenly Sovereign’s Spirit Power would be sealed, and would be unable to make contact with the outside world. Yet, why was this Lin Dong’s Spirit Power not completely sealed?

Ch ch! Ch ch!

While shock filled Ice Spirit Ancestor heart, the lightning in the depths of the mountain grew increasingly violent. In the next instant, the sound of a muffled explosion slowly spread from the depths of the ice mountain.

“Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, Divine Lightning Technique Breaker!”

In an instant, indescribable lightning crazily unfurled from the depths of the ice mountain in an overwhelming and wild manner as if it had transformed into lightning that heralded the end times.

Every obstruction or hindrance was completely destroyed in a tyrannical manner wherever it spread.

Under such power, countless cracks appeared on the giant ice mountain. In the end, it exploded with a loud bang.

Ice fragments danced in the sky as countless Ice Spirit Tribe experts sucked in a cold breath of air.

The Eternal Frost Art of their ancestor had actually been forcibly broken?!

What kind of monster was this fellow!

As Ice Spirit Ancestor gazed upon the devastation caused by the lightning, his expression turned completely grave, while dread flitted across his eyes.

“To think that the Lightning Spirit Power cultivated by this person has actually reached such a tyrannical level.”

Under Ice Spirit Ancestor’s heavy gaze, lightning coiled and twisted around a lightning scepter welding figure, as it slowly walked out from the remains of the ice mountain.

As their eyes fell upon this figure, regardless of whether it was the numerous Ice Spirit Tribe experts or Ice Spirit Ancestor, each and every one of them started to feel a great pressure at this moment.

Because they finally began to understand just how powerful the man who had dared to barge into their Ice Spirit Tribe alone was.