Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 999: Tang Xinlian

Chapter 999: Tang Xinlian


Chapter 999: Tang Xinlian

The brown clothed man sat on the railing in an indifferent fashion, while holding onto a jar of wine. He swayed gently and looked at Lin Dong nonchalantly. Although he did not utter a single word, there was an aura that caused one’s heart to palpitate radiating from him.

Everyone in the building turned to look at that man. The expressions in some of their eyes changed gently while their expressions turned grave. All the above signs indicated that this man was no ordinary individual.

“Big brother Qing Teng.”

A somewhat miserable looking Huang Ling looked at the man. There was a wild joy surging in his eyes as he hurriedly called out.

“Qing Teng?”

Lin Dong’s heart shook slightly upon hearing this. Only then, did he realize the other party’s background. Fourth on the rookie list, Illusion Demon Qing Teng.

At this moment, some low exclamations had also began to spread softly across the building. Clearly, Qing Teng was quite famous. In fact, even in here, a place filled with numerous powerful experts, his name still carried quite a shocking deterrence.

“Friend, you know your limits even if you wish to teach others a lesson.” Qing Teng stared indifferent at Lin Dong and spoke in a faint voice.

“I do not like to look for trouble. However, I don’t mind eradicating problems if they comes knocking on my door.” Lin Dong’s tone was equally indifferent and he did not feel the slightest bit of fear because of the other party’s identity.

“A little arrogant. But then again, you possess the ability to do so.” Qing Teng turned his head to look at a bloody and miserable looking Huang Ling. He shook his head and said, “Initially, I did not want to get involved in this matter. However, I do have a relationship with him. Why don’t you apologise to him and we can pretend nothing has happened. What do you say?”

Lin Dong smiled upon hearing this. He immediately shook his head and softly replied, “I don’t think so.”

“Let’s rely on our own abilities then.” Qing Teng muttered to himself. Clearly, he was not surprised by Lin Dong’s reply. Immediately, he stood up in front of many pairs of eyes. His body trembled slightly and there seemed to be a shocking sharpness slowly spreading from him.

Everyone lifted their brow upon seeing this. It seems like Qing Teng was planning to intervene and help Huang Ling exact revenge. That fellow truly had a wide network…

Qing Teng walked towards Lin Dong. A majestic aura rose and swept from within the former’s body like a storm.

Lin Dong’s expression was calm as he looked at Qing Teng, who was slowly approaching him. A green light had also swiftly surged from deep within his eyes. He could sense that Qing Teng was quite powerful.


Qing Teng’s footsteps paused around ten feet or so from Lin Dong. It seemed like even the surrounding air had solidified when his footsteps sounded.

“It seems like you are quite fast. Coincidentally, this is also something that I specialize in. I wonder who is faster if we were to compare the both of us?” Qing Teng laughed towards Lin Dong.

Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly hardened the moment Qing Teng’s laughter sounded. His body suddenly trembled.

A sharp palm suddenly appeared behind Lin Dong. After which, it slammed down ruthlessly and struck his back with lightning like speed.


The palm once again missed. After which, Lin Dong’s body slowly vanished. He was already behind the palm when he next appeared. After which, his leg ruthlessly swung forward in a mountain splitting manner.


An arm appeared and blocked Lin Dong’s sharp kick. A shocking wind spread and both figures took a couple of steps backwards.

“What swift speed.”

The many experts within the building watched the two experts exchanging blows in a phantom like fashion before their eyes became a little more grave. That was because they did not manage to spot the attacks from those two previously.

“You are actually able to keep up with my speed. Impressive.” Qing Teng’s eyes contained a strange expression as he stared at Lin Dong. His speed was considered quite outstanding even amongst the top ten on the rookie list. However, it seems like Lin Dong also specialized in this aspect as well.

“I am getting even more curious now.”

Qing Teng laughed as an excitement rose within his eyes. He quickly took a stride forward. Mighty Yuan Power surged. Clearly, he intended to use his true abilities.

Lin Dong’s hands slowly tightened after seeing this. A sharp expression also rose in his eyes as he stared at Qing Teng.

“You two, this place is used by my Flame Divine Hall to welcome various powerful individuals from all over the world. Isn’t it a little inappropriate for the both of you to fight here…”

However, a lovely silver bell like voice suddenly sounded within the place, as those two were about to attack again amidst a tense atmosphere.

Many pairs of eyes within the building quickly shifted in the direction of the voice. They subsequently saw a large group of guards wearing bright red armour, suddenly surging over from the direction of the main entrance to the building. A well proportioned beauty stood in front of those guards.

The lady was wearing a red soft armour, which firmly adhered onto her body. It outlined her sexy curves, causing a bright glint to flash across the eyes of many in the building.

Her slightly curvy red hair reached her waist, causing her to appear somewhat enchanting. She also had an extremely pretty face, with her eyebrows like a picture and her skin like snow. This lady was truly attractive. However, there was a heroic aura that was not inferior to that of a man, on her brow. The temptation brought about from the mixture of her heroic aura and enchantment clearly caused the hearts of many men to pound.

“Ah, an important person has appeared…”

The blue clothed man on the upper storey smilingly looked at this fiery red figure, who had attracted the attention of everyone present. Feelings of attraction flashed across his usually indifferent eyes.

“This little grandaunt is not someone to be trifled with.” The grey clothed man at the side also parted his mouth. His tone contained wariness.

After a brief silence in the place, many private conversations quickly began to spread. This time around, it seemed like the topic of conversation was centered on the red armoured beauty.

“Hehe, she must be the Flame Fairy, Tang Xinlian from the Flame Divine Hall? She is indeed a great beauty. It is rumoured that she is the first disciple of Mo Luo and he is extremely pleased with her. Who knows, she might even become the successor of the Flame Divine Hall in the future.”

“That’s right, whoever is fancied by this beauty would basically reach the top in a single step.”

“How can any ordinary man tame such a woman…”

Lin Dong was a little surprised as he looked at that hot and beautiful lady, after hearing the conversations around him. It was unexpected that the second individual on the rookie list was actually this gorgeous.

“Haha, it is unexpected that even Miss Tang has appeared…” Qing Teng quickly laughed. His expression was slightly altered in the face of Tang Xinlian’s appearance.

“Qing Teng, this is not a place whereby you can act wantonly. That’s right, are you done fighting?” Tang Xinlian glanced at Qing Teng and laughed in a delicate voice.

Qing Teng laughed dryly after seeing Tang Xinlian’s smile. He said, “Since Miss Tang has spoken, the matter today will naturally end here.”

He turned towards Lin Dong as he said. He shrugged his shoulder. “We will likely have the opportunity to meet in the upcoming competition. At that time, I shall have a taste of your full strength.”

“I am always ready for a fight.” Lin Dong smiled but he did not give in.

Qing Teng stared at Lin Dong. A moment later, he smiled faintly and waved his hand towards an extremely dissatisfied Huang Ling. The latter could only nod upon seeing this. Since even Tang Xinlian had appeared, it was natural that he had better not cause any more trouble.

“Lin Dong, are you alright?”

At this moment, Gu Mengqi and the other women surrounded Lin Dong. Their beautiful eyes were filled with worry.

Lin Dong smiled and waved his hand. He was just about to speak when he saw out of the corner of his eyes, Tang Xinlian gently shifting her footsteps and walking towards him.

Tang Xinlian was undoubtedly the focus of attention within this building. Hence, everyone lifted their brows when they saw that not only did she fail to leave after stopping the fight, she had chosen to walk towards Lin Dong. Hence, their faint voices died down as their eyes glanced partially in that direction.

Tang Xinlian paused in front of Lin Dong. Her bright eyes were focused on the latter.

“Miss Tang, what is the matter?” Lin Dong felt a little uneasy because of her unrestrained glare. He quickly laughed dryly and asked.

“Are you that Lin Dong?” Tang Xinlian lifted her beautiful brow and inquired.

“I am indeed Lin Dong. However, I do not know if I am the person you speak of…” Lin Dong narrowed his eyes. Why is it that he could detect an unfriendly tone in this lady’s voice? Isn’t this the first time that they met?

“Master says that you are quite powerful.” Tang Xinlian’s eyes scanned across Lin Dong as she spoke in a somewhat jealous tone, “However, I don’t see it.”

Lin Dong was speechless. It seems like this lady was unhappy about the evaluation that Mo Luo had given him.

“Follow me. Master wants to see you.”

Tang Xinlian stretched her waist, which could cause one to salivate. She gave Lin Dong a bewitching smile before turning around to leave. At the same time, she left Lin Dong an image of her tall narrow and alluring back.