Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 998: Fight

Chapter 998: Fight


Chapter 998: Fight

Dong dong.

Wine cup fragments fell onto the ground as a clear sound spread across the building, causing the crowd’s hearts to jump. Several pairs of eyes twitched slightly as they looked at Huang Ling’s bloody face. After which, they glanced at the calm looking Lin Dong who appeared as though he had done nothing as all of them secretly gulped. He was indeed a fearsome individual who had killed five Profound Death stage experts. He showed no mercy when he attacked…

Huang Ling’s expression was slightly distorted at this moment. Although his face was covered in blood, he was not seriously wounded. However, his appearance made him seem a little miserable.

“You bastard, I will definitely kill you today!”

Given Huang Ling’s identity, he had never suffered such treatment before. Immediately, the expression in his eyes became ferocious as murderous intent involuntarily surged from within his heart like floodwaters.


Extremely majestic Yuan Power suddenly swept out from within his body after Huang Ling’s sinister voice sounded. Faint Death Qi lingered within it, causing it to be extremely deadly.

The fact that this Huang Ling had been able to climb to the ninth position on the rookie list was testament to his skills. His aura alone far surpassed that of an ordinary initial Profound Death stage expert. Those who could enter the top ten on the rookie list had defeated others of the same cultivation stage. In fact, Huang Ling had also killed initial Profound Death stage experts before.

It was clear that he had suffered because he was caught off-guard previously. After all, he had never expected that Lin Dong was actually bold enough to attack him even with his two good friends backing him.


Huang Ling’s eyes were dark and cold as his body suddenly shot forward. Majestic Yuan Power gathered in his hand and actually faintly took the shape of a tiger’s head. The tiger head opened its ferocious and bloody mouth. Its sharp teeth were formed from boundless compressed Yuan Power, and an unusual sharp Yuan Power fluctuation spread from within them.

“Tiger Teeth Force!”

A low and deep cry was emitted from Huang Ying’s mouth as a tiger’s roar was heard. Several people present felt a terrible aura pounce at their faces and even the air itself emitted a sharp sonic explosion.

Clearly, Huang Ying was extremely furious. He did not bother probing Lin Dong. Instead, it seemed like he wanted to take Lin Dong’s life immediately.

“Lin Dong, be careful!”

The Gu Mengqi trio hurriedly warned when they saw Huang Ying aggressively charging forward.

Huang Ying’s body was like lightning. Within a short period of time, he had arrived in front of Lin Dong. His eyes were sinisterly cold as he threw a punch forward. The surrounding tables and chairs were all turned into dust by the resultant force.

The Tiger Teeth Punch was ruthlessly thrown forward. Just as it was about to strike Lin Dong, green light suddenly blossomed. Promptly, a clear dragon roar resounded. After which, a green light fist rushed forward and slammed heavily against the Tiger Teeth Punch.


A low and deep sound spread within the building in a deafening manner while ripples visible to the naked eye also swiftly unfurled. The surrounding experts hurriedly retreated upon witnessing this sight. It was likely that they were afraid of being dragged into this matter.

Two ferocious fist forces were locked in a stalemate. Huang Ling’s expression suddenly changed after a couple of breaths, only to find that his Tiger Teeth Punch was actually being defeated at a shocking rate. As the force was dispersed, a hand penetrated through his defence in a ghost like fashion and landed on his chest with lightning speed.


A low and deep sound of flesh hitting flesh spread. Soon after, everyone was stunned to see that Huang Ling’s body was actually blown backwards. After which, he landed heavily on the ground. His body skidded against the ground and left a dozen metre long mark before he came to a miserable stop.

Everyone looked at Huang Ling, who had once again been pushed back in defeat as their pupils shrunk. During the previous exchange, it could be said that Huang Ling was caught off-guard. However, he no longer had any excuses this time…

There was a reason why Lin Dong had replaced Huang Ling’s and taken the ninth spot. It was very likely that the incident which occurred at Sky Lightning Sea Region was true.

“Like I said, do not provoke me.”

Lin Dong slowly stood up after forcing Huang Ling back with a punch. An icy aura rose within his pitch-black eyes while resplendent green light surged around his body. Huang Ling’s aggressive attitude had clearly roused Lin Dong’s killing intent.

“Lin Dong, you dare wantonly in this place?!”

The expressions of Chen Qing and Li Lin’s changed when they saw that Huang Ling had actually been forced back by Lin Dong in a head on exchange. They immediately stepped forward with gloomy expressions and stood in Lin Dong’s way.

Lin Dong stared at these two unfriendly individuals. He continued to walk forward, directly heading towards the two of them.

“You are courting death!”

Anger rose within the eyes of the Chen Qing duo when they saw Lin Dong’s actions. As they stepped forward together, majestic Yuan Power pressed onto the surrounding space until it exploded. Both of them threw their palms forward which directly headed towards Lin Dong.


Green light flashed on Lin Dong’s body as he shot towards them in a straight line. He allowed the sharp palm winds the duo to land on his body amidst a series of exclamations.


However, the low and deep sound of flesh hitting flesh did not appear when the palm winds landed on Lin Dong’s body. Instead, the Chen Qing duo’s palm attacks directly went through Lin Dong’s body.


The Chen Qing duo’s expressions changed drastically after they saw their palm attacks pass through Lin Dong. They suddenly turned around, only to see that Lin Dong had already appeared behind them in a phantom like fashion.

“What swift speed!”

There were no lack of observant individuals in the building. Hence, many of their expressions quickly turned grave. Lin Dong’s speed had clearly increased to a rather terrifying level. In fact, he was so fast that even the Chen Qing duo were unable to detect him.

“I’m afraid that this fellow strength should be higher than the ninth position!”

Several people were secretly shocked. From the current situation, the strength that Lin Dong possessed had clearly surpassed his ranking. At the very least, even the sixth ranked individual, who was above Chen Qing, was definitely unable to easily pass through the both of them.

“Truly interesting.”

One storey above, a blue clothed man leaned against a pillar and observed the fight below with great interest. This man’s hands were sparkling white and there was a strange glowing symbol on his wrist. If one was to take a closer look, it seemed to be a white myriad manifestation seal.

“He is quite powerful. Moreover, he is also proficient in Mental Energy.”

Beside the blue clothed man was a grey clothed man. He looked ordinary, but his eyes were exceptionally bright. One would become dazed and giddy if one looked at them for too long.

“Even if the Chen Qing trio joined forces, it is unlikely that they will have any advantage in a fight against Lin Dong. They have met a tough one this time.” The blue clothed man laughed.

The grey clothed man nodded. His gaze turned towards a corner of the building. “However, that fellow will mostly likely intervene. He has a decent relationship with Huang Ling’s group and he will not allow Lin Dong to kill them.”

“Also, that fellow seems to coveting your position right? It is likely that he will challenge you today.”

The blue clothed man casually nodded. “That fellow is about to breakthrough to the advance Profound Death stage…”

“Oh?” The grey clothed man lifted his brow as surprise flashed across his eyes.

While the two were chatting, Lin Dong appeared beside the miserable looking Huang Ling. He flicked his finger as an unusually sharp spiralling wind shot towards Huang Ling’s forehead at lightning speed.

Huang Ling’s palm slammed against the ground and his body rapidly shot backwards. A couple of palm attacks were unleashed as he tried to block that incoming attack.


Huang Ling’s body had shot a hundred feet backwards when his pupils suddenly shrunk. His eyes scanned the area and he was stunned as he realised that Lin Dong had mysteriously appeared behind him.

Lin Dong’s eyes were indifferent as his hand formed the shape of a blade. Green light surged as he slashed the air and mercilessly chopped at Huang Ling. That formidable stance did not allow Huang Ling to dodge.

Lin Dong’s palm blade was about to cut Huang Ling’s body when his eyes suddenly hardened. An extremely shocking force was shooting towards a fatal spot on his back at lightning speed.

Lin Dong’s footsteps paused. Immediately, he turned around and threw a punch. Green light flashed and his punch dispersed the force while his body shook slightly. Soon after, he slowly lifted his head and looked towards a corner of the building where a figure holding a jar of wine was seated on the railing. The man had an indifferent expression as he looked at Lin Dong.

The surrounding gazes turned towards the figure holding the wine jar at this moment. Their expressions changed as the noisy building suddenly became quiet.