Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 997: Conflict

Chapter 997: Conflict


Chapter 997: Conflict

A rustling voice spread within the building. The Gu Mengqi trio stared at Huang Ling, who was walking towards them before a trace of anxiousness flashed across their eyes. In fact, they even involuntarily clenched their hands. After which, they turned to look at Lin Dong. At the moment, the latter’s head was lowered, while his fingers gently played with his winecup. His expression was as calm as an old well.

The three ladies, who were originally a little worried, felt the anxiety in their hearts quietly dissipate after witnessing Lin Dong’s calm demeanour.

“Haha, Miss Mengqi, I wasn’t expecting to bump into you here again. It seems like we are fated.”

The sound of footsteps paused beside the table, while a laughter was transmitted. Gu Mengqi looked at the winecup, which she was holding in her hand. Huang Ling’s handsome face contained a warm smile, but his expression seemed ready to turn cold. Subsequently, as if he quickly recalled something, he clenched his silver teeth while his exquisite and handsome face revealed a somewhat forceful smile.

“It seems like I had a misunderstanding with Miss Mengqi on the sea previously. Please accept my apologies. After Miss Mengqi leaves, I will arrange for someone to return the merchant vessels.” Huang Ling’s somewhat heated eyes looked at Gu Mengqi. It looked as if he did not notice anyone else.

“In that case, thank you very much.” Gu Mengqi softly replied.

“You’re welcome…” Huang Ling smiled. He immediately asked, “Is Miss Mengqi currently available? I have some friends that I wish to introduce to you. The merchant ships of the Gu clan might need their assistance when sailing outside in the future and there are no drawbacks for you.”

“Perhaps now is not a convenient time.” Gu Mengqi replied awkwardly. She clearly felt a headache towards Huang Ling’s pestering.

Huang Ling smiled faintly when he heard this. He asked, “Miss Mengqi should at least give me some face, right?”

A fury flashed across Gu Mengqi’s face after she heard the chill that once again surged into Huang Ling’s words.

Many experts within the building were looking at their direction. They clearly understood what was going on. It was obvious that Huang Ling was interested in that lady, however, judging from her actions, it seemed like she was not interested in him.

Of course, no one made any comments about this. Most of them simply adopted the mood of a casual observer, who was simply watching a show. After all, Huang Ling was no ordinary individual. Instead, he was a powerful person ranked within the top ten rankings of the rookie list. Although he was a little domineering, given his strength and talent, there was nothing anyone could say. In fact, Huang Ling was quite famous even across the entire Chaotic Demon Sea…


The young man seated in the corner, who had his back facing everyone, gently placed his winecup down while everyone watched the show. A clear sound appeared as the winecup landed on the table.

“Face should be definitely be given. However, at times, people also voluntarily choose to throw their face.” ”

An indifferent voice was emitted after the winecup landed on the table. The din within the building died down. Many pairs of eyes contained some surprise as they stared at the back of the skinny figure. If this fellow was not skilled, he would have to be a fool to utter those words in front of Huang Ling…

Huang Quan narrowed his eyes into a pair of dangerous arcs. At this moment, his eyes contained a playfulness as he looked at Lin Dong, whose back was facing him. He casually remarked, “Your tone is a little arrogant.”

“You should know who I am, right?” Lin Dong turned around, smiled at Huang Ling and said.

This fellow had directly made contact with Wei Zhen the moment he entered. It was impossible that the latter did not tell him about Lin Dong’s identity. Hence, Huang Ling should be aware that Lin Dong was the person who had pushed his ranking from ninth on the rookie list to tenth. The reason why Huang Ling walked over was partly because of Gu Mengqi. However, a deeper reason was likely because of Lin Dong.

“Ah, the ninth on the rookie list, Lin Dong… I am indeed aware. However, that name does not possess as strong of a deterrence to me as you imagine.” Huang Ling started at Lin Dong. The corner of his mouth was curled as he mocked.

“Lin Dong?”

“He is that Lin Dong? That ruthless individual who killed five Profound Death Stage experts in the Sky Lightning Sea Region?”

“No wonder he dares to speak in such a manner to Huang Ling… Hee, there is going to be a good show to watch. It is rumoured that Huang Ling was already displeased that Lin Dong had pushed him down by a rank.”

“If he is really that Lin Dong, it is likely that even Huang Ling would find it difficult to deal with him. Although it is practically impossible to find a initial Profound Death stage expert that could match up to the top ten individuals on the rookie list, Lin Dong relied on his own strength to slaughter five initial Profound Death stage experts…”

“Hee, there are many individuals in the top ten rankings of the rookie list in this building. Some of them have quite a good relationship with Huang Ling… It is difficult to conclude who will gain the upper hand in a fight…”


Quite a big commotion was stirred within the building after Huang Ling’s words sounded. Many pairs of eyes were filled with surprise as they looked at Lin Dong. It was likely that this name was no longer foreign to them after this period of time.

Gu Mengqi trio were somewhat anxious as they looked at the tension between the two. Their eyes were filled with worry.

Lin Dong waved his hand towards the trio. He immediately said, “Let’s leave. I do not wish to fight.”

Everyone around were involuntarily speechless when they heard his words. Everyone knew that Huang Ling was haughty. However, Lin Dong acted in an even more overbearing fashion. However, as they recalled the merciless massacre in the Sky Lightning Sea Region, their hearts ended up tightening slightly. This seemingly friendly young man standing in front of them, was definitely no kind-hearted buddha.

However, in the face of Lin Dong’s attitude, how could someone as arrogant as Huang Ling possibly endure it?

Some people who thought of this turned towards Huang Ling. Indeed, they saw that the latter’s face was gradually revealing a cold smile. “I really want to find out whether the person who could push me down on the rankings list, possess the ability to do so or is merely a phony?”

Everyone lifted their brows. It seems like Huang Ling was indeed after Lin Dong.

“Haha, brother Huang Ling, it seems that you have ran into trouble…”

A laughter suddenly sounded while the atmosphere slowly grew increasingly tense. The crowd behind parted before two figures casually walked out.

These two people had ordinary appearances, but the aura that was vaguely emitted from them caused one’s heart to pound. Some of the knowledgeable individuals even exclaimed out loud.

“Chen Qing from the Ice Spirit Sect and Li Lin from the Sky Shark Sect. Tsk tsk, they are powerful individuals ranked seventh and eighth on the rookie list…”

“The Overflowing Sea Sect, Sky Shark Sect and the Ice Spirit Sect are extremely close and the three of them have a extremely close relationship. Tsk tsk, with the three of them together, even Lin Dong will feel greatly pressured.”

Huang Ling’s eyes revealed a gloating expression after seeing those two. He quickly spoke in a faint voice, “It is no big deal. It is just that I want to exchange blows with brother Lin Dong, who has recently squeezed ahead of me in the rankings.”

“Lin Dong, huh… I have heard of him. It seems like he is quite skilled indeed. I am also quite curious about him.” Li Lin, who was covered in shark skin, glanced at Lin Dong. His eyes had a somewhat strange smile in them.

“It isn’t ideal for someone not from the Chaotic Demon Sea to act so arrogantly here.” Chen Qing grinned. However, that smile of his was filled with a cold blade like aura.

The words that the both of them uttered clearly did not pay Lin Dong any respect. Moreover, they were also not fearful of the latter. After all, both of them had fairly powerful backgrounds in the Chaotic Demon Sea. Additionally, they also possess shockingly great talent and there was hardly anyone in the Chaotic Demon Sea who dared to provoke them. Meanwhile, they had also heard about Lin Dong. However, they were not fearful of his Dao Sect background. After all, this was the Chaotic Demon Sea and a super sect in the Eastern Xuan Region did not have such a long reach.

The Gu Mengqi trio looked at the three individuals with frightening auras before their expressions turned a little ugly. Promptly, they clench their fists. Nonetheless, it was impossible for them to remain calm in the face of three individuals from the top ten of the rookie list. Moreover, the three great factions supporting them were even more powerful than the Gu clan.

“You’d better not randomly interfere in the matter between me and Miss Mengqi. Others might be afraid of you, Lin Dong, but I am not!” Huang Ling felt a lot more confident with his two good friends supporting him. He glanced at Lin Dong with iciness in his eyes as he spoke in a low and deep voice.

“Miss Mengqi, please come with me.”

Huang Ling took a step forward after his voice sounded. Following which, he unceremoniously grabbed Gu Mengqi’s wrist. After all, he did not believe that Lin Dong would dare to do anything to him when against three ruthless individuals from the top ten of the rookie list.

Although he had this thought in his heart, he suddenly detected a violent and ferocious beast like aura erupting the moment his hand landed on Gu Mengqi’s wrist.


A palm was extended with lightning like speed like a pincer. It grabbed onto Huang Ling’s arm before heavily smashing him onto the table. The entire table immediately turned into dust.


Huang Ling was outraged as he let out a stern cry. After which, he saw Lin Dong suddenly lifting his head. His dark and black eyes, which still looked fairly peaceful, had a ferocious and chilling aura rising from it.

“A brat who doesn’t know how to appreciate kindness.”

A somewhat dense voice slowly emerged from Lin Dong’s mouth. He waved his sleeve before the wine jar rose into the air. After which, it was accompanied by a shocking wind as it ruthlessly smashed against Huang Ling’s face in front of many stunned pairs of eyes.

The wine jar was shattered before wine splashed in all directions. The jar fragments cut Huang Ling’s face, leaving many bloody scars. Meanwhile, a powerful force shook Huang Ling until he staggered over a dozens steps backwards in a miserable fashion.

Many experts in the building looked at a blood covered Huang Ling, whose face had become distorted, and the gloomy faces of Chen Qing and Li Lin by the side. Their mouths were parted. It seems like this incident would not end in a peaceful manner…