Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 995: Fiery Flame City

Chapter 995: Fiery Flame City


Chapter 995: Fiery Flame City

“Faceless person…Xu Xiu…”

Lin Dong looked at the peculiar nickname given to the top ranked individual on the rookie list, before he involuntarily raised his eyebrows. Seems like a rather strange and mysterious fellow, huh.

With regards to the strength of this so-called Faceless Person, Lin Dong did not have doubts at all. To have gained the approval from everyone in the Chaotic Demon Sea, where countless experts and monstrous geniuses lurked, there was no way he could have accomplished this feat by luck.

“Xu Xiu is extremely powerful…Furthermore, it is reputed that he does not belong to any sect. Moreover, he hardly leaves any clues about his whereabouts and despite the Fate Pavilion’s superior information gathering capabilities, they were only able to glean some superficial information on him.”

Sticking her tiny head over, Mu Lingshan took a glance at the spot where Lin Dong was staring at, before giggling while saying, “ That fellow’s the same as big brother Lin Dong. He suddenly appeared out of nowhere. It was one year ago that he appeared for the first time. Then, he fought and finished off an advance Profound Death stage expert. That subsequently caused quite a big commotion during that period of time.”

“After that incident, there were other rumors circulating about him as well. It was rumoured that the Flame Divine Hall’s Tang Xinlian, as well as the Thousand Elephant Mountain’s Zhou Ze, both fought against him. However, they didn’t seem to fare so well.”

“Hence, the first place on the rookie list is firmly secured by him. Hehe, if big brother Lin Dong bumps into him, I wonder who will be stronger?”

Lin Dong could not help but chuckle as he rubbed Mu Lingshan’s head and replied, “He is a vicious individual. I do not wish to provoke him unless I have to.”

A year ago, he had just entered the Chaotic Demon Sea. At that time, he had just broken through to the Profound Life stage. As for Xu Xiu, he had already possessed the strength to kill an advance Profound Death stage expert back then. His capabilities even caused Lin Dong to feel shock and dread within his heart. It seems like there are indeed many crouching tigers and hidden dragons in this Chaotic Demon Sea. If such an individual participated in this lightning competition, Lin Dong, who wanted to retrieve the trace of lightning essence, might have to face off against the former in the end.

As for the eventual result, even Lin Dong was curious to find out.

“Let’s go. We’ve got to rush to the Flame Sea Region first. Looking at the time, the so-called lightning competition should be starting very soon…” Lin Dong tossed the scroll within his hand over to Mu Lingshan with a smile on his face. However, his smile was slightly more solemn than before.

Others might be unaware of the reason why the Flame Divine Hall chose to organize the lighting competition. However, Lin Dong was absolutely clear about it. Using the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol as bait, Mo Luo and his Flame Divine Hall wanted to lure out those Yimo hiding in this world.

This was an massive and daring plan. Lin Dong could only imagine the upheaval that would result from this matter. Lifeforms like Yimo were something alien to the people. However, to those experts whom had some understanding of the past, they would know how frightening these Yimo were. Furthermore, what brought a chill to people’s hearts, were that Yimo were unable to coexist with any other lifeforms in this world…

The reason they came over, was to devour everything in this world.

Hence, they were the common enemy of every human living in this world.

As to whether Mo Luo’s plan would succeed, Lin Dong was unable to make a concrete judgment. Although it’s said that Mo Luo had gathered quite a few top-tier experts, those Yimo…were the scourge of the disaster in the ancient times…

As he thought of this point, Lin Dong shook his head gently, restraining those complicated thoughts and moods in his mind. He knew that he was currently unqualified to participate in such matter. However, as an Ancestral Symbol owner, he knew that he definitely had to play a part in supervising the development of this matter.

Exhaling gently, Lin Dong raised his head to look at the line created by the sea and the sky in the far distance. Looking at the sky over there, storm clouds seemed to converge together, pressurizing down on the ground below…


The Flame Sea Region was a considerably large stretch of sea region in the Chaotic Demon Sea. Within this sea region, there wasn’t any other factions. In this place, there was only one overlord, the Flame Divine Hall.

They were undeniably the ruler and overlord of this sea region.

Numerous powerful experts akin to the number of the clouds, were converging in the Chaotic Demon Sea. Compared to the Eastern Xuan Region, the large powers here were clearly locked in an even more complicated relationship. Occupying such a gigantic sea region alone was no easy feat. The main reason why the Flame Divine Hall was able to do so, was because of Mo Luo.

Samsara stage. Wielder of the Blazing Ancestral Symbol.

Two simple titles. Yet, even those top-tier Reincarnation stage experts would not dare to show the slightest bit of disrespect towards him.

In this sea region, there had hardly been anyone who dared to challenge the authority of the Flame Divine Hall. Even those big factions would uncharacteristically choose to retrain themselves when they reach this sea region.

When Lin Dong and Mu Lingshan arrived at the Flame Sea Region, it was already five days later.

Standing on the top of a giant whale, Lin Dong gazed towards the sea region before him, which was dyed a faint red colour, while shock and astonishment flashed uncontrollably within his eyes. Upon entering this sea region, he was able to sense that there was an extremely berserk and fiery energy contained beneath the sea.

“There’s an continuous chain of volcanoes under the Flame Sea Region. Don’t assume that this sea region is calm by judging it by its surface. Below the surface, you’ll see countless volcanoes erupting and spewing lava. If one reckless rushes about, even experts at Profound Death stage will wound up in an extremely miserable state.” As a member of the Immortal Sage Whale Clan, Mu Lingshan was clearly exceedingly familiar about the underground structure of the sea.

Nodding his head faintly, Lin Dong proceeded to smile while replying, “Let’s go. We’ve got to head straight to the Fiery Flame City in the centre of the sea region.”

As his voice rang out, Lin Dong took the lead and rushed forward. Patting the giant whale gently, Mu Lingshan followed behind. Wagging its giant tail, it rapidly submerged into the sea.

As the giant whale submerged, Lin Dong and Mu Lingshan transformed into two streaks of light, rapidly shooting straight towards the deepest part of the sea region.

As of now, this Flame Sea Region was exceeding lively. Countless streaks of light shot across the sky, covering the skies as all of them headed in a unified direction. This sight appear rather glorious and magnificent.

As they gradually headed into the deepest part of the Flame Sea Region, Lin Dong was able to see large groups of people wearing fiery red armor scuttling around time to time. Wearing helmets, their eyes were sharp and acute as they continuously scanned their surroundings.

Looking at these army like groups in his vicinity, Lin Dong was able to spot the flame insignia on their chests. That was the emblem of the Flame Divine Hall. Obviously, they were the enforcement units of the Flame Divine Hall.

Looking at those highly trained guards, Lin Dong could not help but to nod his head. The Flame Divine Hall is undeniably one of the giants in the Chaotic Demon Sea…

The Flame Sea Region was rather vast and expansive and it comprises a dense network of islands. Where Lin Dong and Mu Lingshan wanted to go, was the Fiery Flame City, the headquarters of the Flame Divine Hall. That was incidentally the location of the lightning competition.

When Lin Dong and Mu Lingshan approached the Fiery Flame City, it was already dusk. Upon reaching, a scarlet red continent appeared in the distance. On the continent, a enormous and seemingly endless gigantic city, akin to an ancient fire dragon sitting on the land, stood above the sea region.

A gigantic scarlet red light barrier, akin to an flipped bowl enveloped the entire city. Considerably frightening energy fluctuations radiated out from its surface. Due to this energy, even the surrounding space showed subtle signs of warping and distorting.

Countless streaks of light rained down from the surroundings of the city akin to a torrential rain. Finally, they passed through the light screen and entered into that mega city.

Lin Dong and Mu Lingshan slowly descended from the sky, before entering that gigantic and majestic city. The instant they entered, a noisy din that rushed towards the sky, greeted them, causing Lin Dong’s head to ring for a while. Promptly, he proceeded to bitterly laugh at the frightening sea of people in the city. Could it be that all the famed experts in the Chaotic Demon Sea have all gathered here?

“Big brother Lin Dong. It’s said that Fiery Flame City has a guest welcoming pavilion. Anyone that’s participating in the lightning competition will be there. Shall we head over there?” Looking at this lively city, excitement surfaced within Mu Lingshan’s eyes as she spoke out with a smile.


Lin Dong nodded his head. As of now, various local tyrants and bullies have already gathered at that place. When those rowdy people were gathered together, it might lead to a rather interesting sight.

With that in mind, the two of them didn’t linger around as they directly headed for the so-called guest welcoming pavilion, which was rather eye catching even in this Fiery Flame City. After approximately ten minutes, the two of them appeared right before the guest welcoming pavilion.

Within the gigantic and extensive pavilion, there were quite a few guards wearing scarlet red armor with intrepid auras radiating out of them. Those guards looked rather strict and solemn. It seems like the Flame Divine Hall had had spent quite a bit of effort for the sake of maintaining order, especially in this location. There were various young experts from the Chaotic Demon Sea gathered here and none of them were pushovers.

Entering the guest welcoming pavilion did not require much complicated checks. Hence, the two of them were able to enter successfully. Upon walking past the large doors, a scorching hot atmosphere instantly greeted them. What greeted their eyes was a wide and spacious hall, with people scattered in every corner, and an extraordinary atmosphere.

Scanning his surroundings, Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed faintly, while slight shock appeared within his heart. With just a cursory glance, he was able to sense quite a few powerful and intrepid aura fluctuations radiating out from around him. It seems like his competitors are all pretty skilled.

“Lin Dong?!”

Just as Lin Dong was surveying the various experts in his surroundings, a familiar and sweet sounding voice that brought along with it slight surprise and happiness, rang out suddenly from his back. After gawking slightly before panning his head back, he was greeted by a few familiar faces.