Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 993: Awestruck

Chapter 993: Awestruck


Chapter 993: Awestruck

Eastern Xuan Region, Yuan Gate

The huge sect was still as magnificent as before. High up and surrounded by clouds, it had a grand and majestic atmosphere. Countless figures flew and shuttled in the air as rushing wind sound rose and fell.

There was a huge hall deep within the Yuan Gate. Countless golden light spots flickered within the hall. They were the Yuan Spirit imprints left behind by Yuan Gate’s elite disciples. Through these Yuan Spirit imprints, the Yuan Gate was able to know if these elite disciples were dead or alive.

This huge hall was also heavily fortified by the Yuan Gate. There were disciples constantly taking care of this place and whose duties were to observe the various changes of the Yuan Spirit imprints.

There were three golden light clusters floating near the centre of the huge hall. The ripples emitted from within were quite powerful. Clearly, the owners of these Yuan Spirit imprints were quite powerful.

A couple of Yuan Gate’s disciples were slowly walking within the hall as they observed those Yuan Spirit imprint. Suddenly, they halted. They lifted their heads somewhat in doubt and looked at those three clusters of golden light. Soon after, a trace of shock surged within their eyes. That was because they noticed that tiny cracks had actually appeared on those three golden light clusters.


The three golden light clusters suddenly exploded in front of these disciples. At the same time, a panic stricken voice filled with fear sounded out.

“Lin Dong, Lin Dong… he has…”

The terrified voice came to a sudden halt. However, that sound of terror and despair contained within caused those Yuan Gate’s disciples in the hall to quickly turn pale.

“Those are the Yuan Spirit imprints left behind by the senior Huo Yuan trio!”

“Quick, go and inform the chief!”

The quiet hall quickly became chaotic. Many disciples staggered and turned around before they subsequently charged out hurriedly.

After a few disciples left, a strange and unknown panic continued to linger within the hall. The remaining Yuan Gate’s disciples faced each other with dim and uncertain expressions.

“Did that previous Yuan Spirit message mention Lin Dong?”

“Which Lin Dong? Don’t tell me that it is the same fellow from the Dao Sect a year ago? How is it possible that he is still alive?”

“I’m afraid that it is most likely referring to that fellow. Heavens, it has only been a year. How could he possibly be a match for senior Huo Yuan’s group? Based on what I know, senior Huo Yuan’s group has stepped into the Profound Death stage. This is sufficient for them to take on the position of an Elder in our sect!”


Many stealthy whispers spread within the hall. The eyes of those Yuan Gate’s disciples were filled with shock and disbelief. Who could have imagined that this young man, whom they had chased away like a homeless stray a year ago, was not only still alive but also growing at such a shocking pace…


“Lin Dong, Lin Dong, he has…”

Three figures were seated on the top of a mountain, deep within the Yuan Gate. The space around them was slightly distorted. Vast and mighty Yuan Power churned as they breathed. It was even vaguely accompanied by the sound of thunder.

Within the Yuan Gate, who else beside the three giant chiefs could possess such a mighty aura?

At the moment, Yuan Gate’s three hegemons were wearing a grave expression as they observed the weak golden light hovering in front of them. That terrified voice was constantly repeated.

“It is indeed Huo Yuan’s voice… from the looks of it, his Yuan Spirit had been completely crushed…” Ren Yuanzi lowered his eyes and spoke faintly.

“That little brat called Lin Dong… is still alive.”

Di Yuanzi slowly said. His voice contained some doubt, “Ha, he has grown by such an extent after just one year. The Huo Yuan trio are peak Profound Death stage experts and there are demon seeds within their bodies. Even an advance Profound Death stage expert is unable to deal with them if they joined forces. That Lin Dong… did he really do it?”

“That brat is no ordinary individual.”

Seated in between them, Tian Yuanzi slowly opened his eyes. His deep and sunken eyes had an obscure expression flashing across them. “The loss of the Huo Yuan trio is inconsequential. However, there are demon seeds within their bodies. If others were to learn of it, it would bring quite a great deal of trouble for us.”

“Right now, there are peak level experts in this world who have begun to notice the Yimo…”

“What should we do then?” Ren Yuanzi narrowed his eyes while a black glow flashed across them.

“Start the plan.” Tian Yuanzi mused for a moment and replied indifferently.

“Oh? Are we going to bring forward our plans? In that case, the Eastern Xuan Region will become very lively. This place has been quiet for far too long during the past thousand year.” Di Yuanzi laughed softly.

Tian Yuanzi’s baby like fair face also revealed a gentle smile. However, his smile was filled with an endless chill.

“The current situation, in which the Eastern Xuan Region is dominated by several equally powerful factions, will come to an end. Our Yuan Gate shall be the only king. Haha, of course, our ambitions will not halt here.”

“What about that Lin Dong? He will likely be a major source of trouble if we do not eliminate him.” Ren Yuanzi said.

“Hua Chen is heading over to the Chaotic Demon Sea. Send a message to him and instruct him to eliminate this brat in the Chaotic Demon Sea.” Tian Yuanzi softly said.

“Mm, with Hua Chen dealing with him, it will be near impossible for Lin Dong to escape…”

Tian Yuanzi laughed faintly. Promptly, he lifted his head and looked towards the distant sky. The vicious words that the skinny young man left behind as he fled, still lingered in his heart.

“The day where your sect is destroyed…”

A merciless icy chill ridicule flashed across Tian Yuanzi’s eyes. He was a mere ant. By the time Lin Dong returned to the Eastern Xuan Region, he would only see the ruins of his Dao Sect…

The matter that had occurred in the Yuan Gate’s Yuan Spirit Hall also spread throughout the Yuan Gate like a virus. That name, which had disappeared for over a year, remained like a thorn within Yuan Gate’s heart, causing those who heard it to suffer.

Although the upper echelon of the Yuan Gate had quickly stepped in to block the news, it was only natural that there were many spies from other sects in such a huge faction. Hence, this information was accompanied by some shock as it quietly spread across the Eastern Xuan Region at a rapid rate…

Dao Sect.

Ying Xuanzi sat on the leader’s seat within a huge hall. In one year’s time, additional strands of white hair have appeared on the chief’s head, causing him to look exceptionally old.

“Lin Dong… has appeared in the Chaos Sea Region huh… he has even killed the Huo Yuan trio from the Yuan Gate… those three fellows are rumoured to be at the initial Profound Death stage. The previous three little kings of the Yuan Gate…”

Ying Xuanzi placed his hand on the back of the chair while he gently rubbed them. After which, he glanced at the head of the Desolate Hall, Chen Zhen, who was standing in front of him. His usually deep and indifferent eyes currently had a light flickering within them.

Behind Ying Xuanzi, stood a lovely Ying Xiaoxiao. Right now, she had a shocked and bewildered expression on her face. Half a moment later, her shock slowly turned into excitement. In fact, due to her overwhelming feelings, tear droplets actually appeared in her beautiful eyes. After one year’s time, they had finally received news about Lin Dong…

“Aye, this information is indeed true and it has come from the Yuan Gate. There is definitely no one else with the same name. That boy Lin Dong is still alive. Moreover, from the looks of it, his powers have soared! Even I, would not be able to deal with three initial Profound Death stage experts.” Chen Zhen’s elderly face was filled with excitement. This emotion had not appeared on his face for quite a long time.

“That boy…”

Ying Xuanzi exhaled gently. The expression in his eyes were a little complicated. Finally, he muttered, “I am glad that he is alive; glad that he is alive…”

“This news has currently spread across the Dao Sect. Those little rascals are all incredibly excited. It has been a long time since they have acted like this…” Chen Zhen laughed.

Ying Xuanzi nodded slightly. Promptly, as if he seemed to have remembered something, the expression in his eyes dimmed. He turned towards Ying Xiaoxiao and asked, “Is that lass Ying Huanhuan… still in retreat?”

Ying Xiaoxiao hesitated for a moment before nodding. Since the incident at the Unique Devil City one year ago, Ying Huanhuan went into a retreat after returning to the sect and she seldom surfaced. Even Ying Xuanzi rarely saw her. Of course, this was partially because that lass was deliberately avoiding him.

Ying Xuanzi sighed. He quickly waved his hand helplessly. “Go and tell her the news.”

Ying Xiaoxiao felt her nose turn sour when she saw at Ying Xuanzi’s lethargic expression. She nodded gently, turned around and left the hall. After which, she rushed towards the deep parts of the Dao Sect and only landed on a quiet deep mountain over ten minutes later.

This large mountain was extremely cold. A chilling aura spread from its deeper parts. This caused a frost to hang over all the trees within the mountain.

There was a clear lake deep within the huge mountain. However, the lake was currently covered by a layer of cold air and the surface of the lake had turned into blue hard ice.

Ying Xiaoxiao landed on the lake. Lifting her head up, she saw a delicate figure seated on an ice lotus in the middle of the lake. Her icy blue long hair was scattered and looking from a distance away, she appeared like a crystal clear fairy sitting on ice.

Ying Xiaoxiao looked at this icy cold lady, who was a saucy and lively girl one year ago, before her expression dimmed.

“Elder sister, what happened?” The young lady on the ice lotus gently opened her eyes. Her originally dark black crystal like eyes had currently turned into an icy blue colour. Her long hair draped down from the side of her face and there was also a clear icy blue symbol on her brow. It gave her an cold ice queen esque beauty.

In merely one year’s time, the girl from back then seemed to have became prettier and more mature. Her childlike beauty from back then, had gradually developed to the point whereby she was able to mesmerize the crowd.

However, her beauty also contained a faint unfamiliarity. It was like an iciness that she was born with.

Ying Xiaoxiao sighed softly in her heart. She smiled and said, “We have news about Ling Dong.”

When she uttered those words, Ying Xiaoxiao saw the cold, rippleless icy lake like eyes of that young lady, suddenly becoming a little chaotic.