Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 992: Dealt With

Chapter 992: Dealt With


Chapter 992: Dealt With

Many figures floated in the sky above the Sky Lightning Island. There were also many figures on the surrounding mountains and large trees. At the moment, their eyes were all locked on a huge crimson cauldron, seated quietly in the sky in front of them. Waves after waves of majestic and hot energy ripples continuously radiated out from within it.

Half an hour had passed since Lin Dong and the Huo Yuan trio entered the Burning Sky Cauldron. However, not a single person had left the cauldron. This aroused the curiosity of everyone present. They really wanted to find out who had gained the upper hand in this fight.

“It has been such a long time… however, the victor has yet to be decided…” The middle-aged man from the Mysterious Sky Hall knitted his brow slightly as he stared at the Burning Sky Cauldron before he softly said.

“The trio from the Yuan Gate are extremely powerful. It is likely that they have reached the peak of initial Profound Life stage. If it is a one on one fight, it is likely that we will not be able to defeat anyone of them.” The other initial Profound Death stage expert slowly said.

“Right now, the three of them have joined forces. Even though Lin Dong is extremely powerful, it would be quite difficult for him to defeat them.”

“If we had joined forces with them, it should not be difficult for us to finish Lin Dong off.” The middle-aged man glanced at Liu Xiangxuan by the side. It was obvious that he did not understand why she had stopped them previously.

Though Liu Xiangxuan did not reply after hearing their words, her red lips were curled slightly. She was also aware that the trio from the Yuan Gate were extraordinary individuals. However, her sharp senses detected a danger that drilled deep into her bones, radiating from Lin Dong’s body. This dangerous sensation caused a chill to vaguely appear in her heart.

She was unaware of the exact source that this sensation stemmed from. However, she had a great deal of confidence in her intuition. It was precisely this reason why she chose to step in and stop the Mysterious Sky Hall from attacking Lin Dong at the very last moment.

Hence, Liu Xiangxuan did not rebut while she was being questioned by the middle-aged man. She was aware that the results would appear very soon.


The Burning Sky Cauldron floating in the sky, which had been quiet for a long time, finally emitted a humming sound while Liu Xiangxuan’s pretty eyes flickered gently. Crimson light swept from it before many pairs of eyes on the island rotated immediately. Their eyes were filled with curiosity and anxiousness.

A light suddenly shot out from within the Burning Sky Cauldron under the many pairs of excited eyes. It quickly turned into a skinny figure in front of their sight.

All eyes gathered on that figure. The young man had a tall and slightly lean body. His young face did not have an overly sharp aura. However, it was the emergence of this ordinary-looking man that caused everyone to be stunned…

“Lin Dong…”

Traces of shock quietly climbed out from many pair of eyes. Everyone knew what had occured after witnessing this young man emerge unscathed.

“Big brother Lin Dong!”

Mu Lingshan, who was a little impatient from waiting, revealed a joy within her large eyes after she saw Lin Dong emerge. She quickly approached him. After which, she glanced at the Burning Sky Cauldron in a somewhat stunned fashion and asked, “Where are the three of them?”

“I’ve dealt with them.”

Lin Dong grinned. His smile appeared gentle, but the words he spoke caused the atmosphere in the Sky Lightning Island to solidify. Some gulping noises continuously sounded out.

This outcome had clearly exceeded everyone’s expectations. Everyone present were clearly aware of the strength of the Huo Yuan trio. Strictly speaking, the three of them were definitely stronger that the two Elders from the Nine Serene Gate. In their opinion, regardless of how powerful Lin Dong was, he would at the very most, only be able to force a draw against the Huo Yuan trio. As for killing them… it would be nearly impossible.

However, this seemingly impossible scenario had currently occured in front of them. The shock that it caused could not be described with words.

The Sky Lightning Island was completely quiet. Those people, who were originally targeting the treasures in Lin Dong’s hand, finally began to suppress the greed in their hearts as they stared at the seemingly gentle smile from the young man. Although the experts present in this place were fairly skilled, it was impossible for them to remain calm in front of this ruthless person, who managed to kill five initial Profound Death stage experts in half a day.

The middle-aged expert from the Mysterious Sky Hall also had a stunned expression as he looked at the young man. Half a moment later, a tinge of fear surged out from deep within his eyes.

“Are you still doubting my words now?” Standing beside him, Liu Xiangxuan gently inhaled a breath of air at this moment. Her voluminous chest rose and fell as she spoke in a faint voice.

The middle-aged man’s mouth was a little dry. Immediately, he turned his head and exchanged glances with the other initial Profound Death stage expert. They could both see a shock that could not be concealed from the other party’s eyes.

They were three peak initial Profound Death stage experts… if those three were to join forces, it was likely that they could even rival an advance Profound Death stage expert. However, all of them were actually killed by Lin Dong, who was only at perfect Profound Life stage ?

Just what terrifying techniques did he use?

“We should avoid provoking Lin Dong in the future.” Liu Xiangxuan softly said.

The middle-aged man nodded with great difficulty. Given the fighting strength that Lin Dong had displayed, even some of the older generation experts would have difficulties matching up to him. It was likely that with his abilities, he was a demon-like existence who could definitely match or even surpass the top ten individuals on the Chaotic Demon Sea rookie list.

If it was not possible to eliminate a person with such potential, having him as your acquaintance is definitely better than having him as your enemy…

Hovering in the sky, Lin Dong waved his sleeve. Following which, the Burning Sky Cauldron transformed into a bright red light and rushed into his body. After which, he turned his head and looked at the many experts on the Sky Lightning Island.

Those experts did not dare to exchange glances with him in the face of his calm eyes. All of their eyes flickered as they hurriedly looked away.

“Everyone, is there still anyone else who wants to fight with me?” Lin Dong laughed as he calmly asked.

Some of the experts laughed dryly upon hearing this. The greed in their eyes were wisely suppressed by them. After having witnessed the shocking techniques that Lin Dong had displayed, they clearly understood that this young man in front of them, whom they thought that they could easily deal with, was someone far beyond their control.

Lin Dong slowly lowered his hands upon witnessing this scenario. It seems like the deterrence that he had created previously was sufficient. This was what he desired. Otherwise, even his current self could only withdraw and hide when dealing with so many opponents.

“Haha, brother Lin Dong is truly shocking. If our Mysterious Sky Hall has offended you in any way previously, I hope that you will forgive us.” A lark like lovely delicate laughter spread from below. After which, Liu Xiangxuan led a group of people from the Mysterious Sky Hall and rose into the air. She smiled and spoke sweetly towards Lin Dong.

Liu Xiangxuan had an extremely beautiful appearance and her frown and smile possessed a shocking temptation. Together with her smile, it was likely that any great fury within a man’s heart would quietly dissipate.

Lin Dong glanced at Liu Xiangxuan. His heart had actually skipped a beat because of her beauty. Immediately, he spoke with a faint smile, “Why is Miss Liu saying so? I am not such a narrow-minded person. The previous incidents were all just a misunderstanding. It is fine now that they have been resolved.”

Although Liu Xiangxuan’s appearance was quite outstanding, it was still insufficient to affect Lin Dong’s firm character. However, Lin Dong did not wish to offend a large faction like the Mysterious Sky Hall. Hence, he was naturally happy to bury their grudges with a smile. Of course, he also understood that he could not forge a deeper relationship with them.

Liu Xiangxuan is an extremely sensitive person and she could detect Lin Dong’s indifferent tone. She quickly realized that her previous actions had left a bad impression and it was likely a little difficult for them to have a deeper relationship with him. She felt somewhat helpless in the face of this. However, being a diplomatic and quick-witted lady, she naturally did not want a bad relationship between them. Hence, she quickly laughed and said, “Brother Lin Dong’s strength has soared. You are likely able to squeeze into the top ten rankings on the Chaotic Demon Sea rookie list. It is likely that you would achieve solid results if you join the lightning competition held by the Flame Divine Hall.”

“Flame Divine Hall… lightning competition?”

Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed after hearing these two terms.

“Haha, it a grand martial arts competition organised by the Flame Divine Hall. It has already caused a great commotion in the Chaotic Demon Sea. It is rumoured that the champion will be able to obtain the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol…”

Lin Dong frowned. He recalled what Mo Luo mentioned back then and came to a sudden comprehension. This was likely part of the latter’s plan. As for that so-called Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, Lin Dong naturally knew that it was a fake that was created from a Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol’s essence strength. After all, the real Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol was quietly sitting inside his body.

“If brother Lin Dong is interested, you can head over there and join the fun. It is rumoured that the top ten individuals on the rookie list of the Chaotic Demon Sea have all headed over there for this competition. There would likely be a great fight that would shake the entire Chaotic Demon Sea…”

“I will head over and take a look if I have the time.” Lin Dong nodded in an indifferent fashion.

Liu Xiangxuan knew that she should not keep talking to Lin Dong for long after witnessing his indifferent attitude. She continued to chat with him for awhile before leading her people away. The other experts on the Sky Lightning Island also left one after another after they did so…

As Lin Dong observed the crowd slowly leaving the noisy Sky Lightning Island, he stretched his lazy waist. The problems here have finally been dealt with…

“Big brother Lin Dong, what do you plan to do next?” Mu Lingshan smilingly asked.

Lin Dong smiled and tugged the little girl’s cute pigtail. After which, he lifted his head and looked towards the southern sky. His dark black eyes had a lightning flashing across them.

“To take back what belongs to me.”

He was aware of Mo Luo’s plans. Hence, he knew that subsequently, the Flame Sea Region would definitely become the most eye-catching region in the entire Chaos Sea Region.

News about the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol would definitely attract all sorts of people. Not only would various experts hurry over, but also those Yimo hidden in this world…

Regardless, for a such a grand event, he must go and take a look.