Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 991: Murder

Chapter 991: Murder


Chapter 991: Murder


An unusually powerful ripple spread across the area. The violent scorching energy contained within the cauldron diminished greatly at this moment. This was because of the pressure created by the two great Ancestral Symbols.

Lin Dong stood in the air while a black hole rotated above his head. Above it was a churning thundercloud. Terrifying thunder rumbled and echoed, causing one’s heart and soul to tremble.

“Devouring Ancestral Symbol… Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol…”

The Huo Yuan trio’s expressions were twisted as they looked at the two Ancestral Symbols emitting ancient, vast and mighty fluctuations in the sky. They could not help but be terrified as they howled, “Impossible! How can you possess two Ancestral Symbols!”

The Huo Yuan trio could not be blamed for losing themselves because of their fear. There were only eight Ancestral Symbols in this world. If an ordinary person was to obtain even one of them, he would definitely be a peak level expert when he matured. For example, Mo Luo controlled the Blazing Ancestral Symbol and was currently an overlord of the Chaotic Demon Sea that no one dared to easily provoke.

It was precisely because the Ancestral Symbols were rare and powerful, that the emotions within the Huo Yuan trio’s hearts churned like wild ocean waves when they saw that Lin Dong possessed two Ancestral Symbols.

Lin Dong lowered his head. At this moment, a pitch-black colour had surfaced in one of his eyes. Black light rotated within it like a black hole that could swallow even one’s sight. The other eye was as bright as silver. Lightning flashed within it, and it appeared as if was an ever changing world of lightning.

A black and a silver eye quietly stared at the distorted expressions of the Huo Yuan trio. Under the attention of his flat gaze, the Huo Yuan trio felt their scalps turn numb while the dread within their hearts surged out in waves like floodwaters.

They were well aware just how the Ancestral Symbols were able to restrain the Yimo. At present, Lin Dong, who wielded the power of two Ancestral Symbols, was clearly able to easily kill them…


Huo Yuan’s eyes flashed and cried out decisively. Although the strength of the three of them far exceeded that of Lin Dong, they understood in their hearts that if Lin Dong really used the power of the two great Ancestral Symbols, it would be difficult for them to escape alive.

The Li Lei duo revealed frightened expressions after hearing Huo Yuan’s cry. Their bodies moved with the intentions of separating.

“Since I have exposed the Ancestral Symbols, how can I possibly allow you to escape.” Lin Dong looked at the trio who wanted to flee and merely faintly smiled. Lin Dong had not even dared to use the power of the Ancestral Symbol when he was pushed to such a state by the three great sect masters of the Yuan Gate back then. One reason was because he understood the huge gap between them was not something that the Devouring Ancestral Symbol could not make up for. The second was that Lin Dong did not wish to expose the matter of him being in possession of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Otherwise, if the news were to spread, Lin Dong would be targeted by countless people even in this Chaotic Demon Sea.

The reason that Lin Dong had now exposed the two great Ancestral Symbol was naturally because he had absolute confidence in killing the Huo Yuan trio. Otherwise, if news spread, he would really end up attracting an insanely huge trouble.

“Devouring Ancestral Symbol, devouring chains!”

Lin Dong’s slender hand was extended. It was suddenly clenched as a flat voice was emitted from within his mouth.


After his voice sounded, one could only watch as countless black light threads suddenly burst out from the rotating black hole in the sky. The black light gathered together, transforming into numerous black chains. Devouring Power quickly surged from the chains. Any energy that the chains came into contact with would be forcefully swallowed to strengthen themselves.

Black chains shot out in all directions. Their speed was so quick that it was somewhat terrifying. In a flash, they appeared above the Huo Yuan trio. After which, they ruthlessly pierced towards the ground.

Swoosh swoosh!

The sorry figures of the Huo Yuan trio hastily dodged the black chains formed by Devouring Power. The Devouring Power from the chains caused them to feel extremely terrible. After all, the Ancestral Symbol’s power greatly restrained the Yimo Qi.

The trio had clearly raised their speed to the limit. However, the speed at which those devouring chains gave chase was even faster. Within a short period of time, traces of blood had began to appear on the three of them. This caused them to appear relatively miserable.

Lin Dong’s expression was indifferent as he looked at the Huo Yuan trio, who had become rather miserable under the attacks by the countless devouring chains. Although his current self could not possibly reach Mo Luo’s level of mastery over the Blazing Ancestral Symbol where he could incinerate the sky and boil the sea, it was not too troublesome for Lin Dong to deal with the Huo Yuan trio.

No one dared to underestimate the strength of the Ancestral Symbol. However, the Lin Dong of the past simply did not dare to use it so casually.

“Devouring vortex prison!”

Lin Dong’s hand seals suddenly changed and the devouring chains zipping past the Huo Yuan trio suddenly froze. Black light dispersed, directly turned into swirling black holes. Powerful Devouring Power emerged from within them, forming a relatively strange devouring magnetic field. The Huo Yuan trio were at its centre. Their bodies had completely come to a stop because of the Devouring Power which came from all directions.

The current situation of the trio was quite comical. Hundreds of black hole vortexes surrounded them. As the black holes rotated, Devouring Power was dispersed in all directions. It was just like a prison which restrained them until they could not move.


This strange scene caused the expressions of the Huo Yuan trio to change drastically. However, regardless of how they mannered their Yuan Power, their bodies were unable to move.

Lin Dong’s expression was indifferent as he looked at the now restrained trio. With a clench of his hand, the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol within it suddenly rose into the air. After which, it rushed into the thunderclouds in the sky.


The thunderclouds began to churn wildly after the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbols shot into them. Terrifying rumbling thunder spread while accompanied by a frightening fluctuation.

“Lightning Judgement!”

The lightning light within Lin Dong’s right eye suddenly intensified. His ice-cold voice was just like the judgement of divine beings as it resounded across the area.

Thunderbolts crazily gathered within the thunderclouds as Lin Dong’s ice-cold voice reverberated. Subsequently, a titanic lightning spear was slowly revealed from within the thunderclouds like an weapon that could destroy the world. Quickly after, it shot straight at the Huo Yuan trio.

Bang bang bang!

The ice-cold lightning spear whistled past the land as the ground below split apart at this moment. The Huo Yuan trio had terrified faces as they looked at the rapidly magnifying lightning spear in a hopeless fashion. They could feel a rich scent of death from it.


Li Lei’s body was first to be struck by the lightning spear. The horror on his face had only just appeared before it suddenly stilled. In the next moment, his body exploded with a ‘bang’…

Black light spread. The miserable cry of Li Lei swiftly disappeared amidst the spreading lightning light and Devouring Power.

Chen Ling soon followed after Li Lei was destroyed in an instant. The ice-cold lightning spear was akin to the the judgement spear of the lightning god that brought death to them.

“Lin Dong, you possess two great Ancestral Symbols. Sooner or later, you will end up dying a miserable death!” Huo Yuan roared. Those eyes of his still contained rich horror.

Lin Dong’s face did not have any emotion. His hand was slowly swung downwards and the lightning spear ruthlessly penetrated Huo Yuan’s body.

“Even if I die, I will not let you off!”

Huo Yuan was drenched in blood. His skin had split open, revealing bloody lines as he roared in maniacally. Suddenly, his head exploded and a unique ripple appeared.

“Lin Dong, Lin Dong… he has…”

That unique ripple was extremely strange. Once it appeared, it carried a sliver of Huo Yuan’s Yuan Spirit and attempted to penetrate through space to escape.


However, that ripple was just about to split space and escape when a thousand feet large thunderbolt suddenly descended from the sky and ruthlessly smashed onto it. That trace of Yuan Spirit from Huo Yuan had also been completely blasted apart. The Yuan Spirit message that was placed on it was also destroyed.


Huo Yuan’s Yuan Spirit was destroyed, but that unique ripple did not disappear. It continued to carry the unfinished message from Huo Yuan as it penetrated through space and swiftly disappeared.

Lin Dong frowned as he looked at the ripple that had escaped. He was aware that it was a certain method of sending a message. However, he did not know whether Huo Yuan was sending the message to the Yuan Gate or those Yimo.

Fortunately, Huo Yuan was only able to transmit an incomplete and unclear message…

Lin Dong let out a deep breath as the black light and lightning glow in his eyes began to disappear. Fatigue quickly rose within him but was quickly forcefully suppressed. Clearly, using the two great Ancestral Symbols was greatly exhausting to the current Lin Dong.

Swish swish!

Lin Dong waved his hand and the two great Ancestral Symbols once again returned to his Niwan Palace. He coldly looked at the now empty space below. The result of him using the two great Ancestral Symbols this time was satisfactory.

The previous generation of the Yuan Gate three little kings had finally died in Lin Dong’s hands, just like the Yuan Cang trio…

It was likely that another great commotion would occur if this news spread to the Eastern Xuan Region.