Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 990: Two Great Ancestral Symbols

Chapter 990: Two Great Ancestral Symbols


Chapter 990: Two Great Ancestral Symbols

Evil black Qi that could cover the sky and land swept out from under the volcano. Under the corrosion of this black Qi, the volcano created from the eight Burning Sky Gates started to dissolve at an astonishing rate.


This continued for several minutes before three black rays of light shot out from the base of the volcano, directly piercing through the volcano itself. Three figures slowly surfaced within the black rays of light.

A grave expression appeared on Lin Dong’s face as he stared at the three figures within the black light. These figures were the Huo Yuan trio. However, at this moment, the trio was completely different from before.

The eyes of the trio had sunk in quite a bit while evil black Qi filled their pupils. In addition, black patterns extended across their faces and any uncovered skin like spiderwebs. When seen from afar, it gave the trio a strange and sinister feeling.

Following the appearance of these to their bodies, the auras of the Huo Yuan trio also became extremely dark and evil. At the same time, the power radiating from them grew much stronger than before.

“Heh heh, Lin Dong. To have forced us to activate the devil seed, you truly have some ability…”

Black patterns covered Huo Yuan’s face as he stared at Lin Dong in a ghastly and eerie manner. A strange chilling smile rose from the corners of his mouth as he slowly spoke.

Lin Dong indifferently gazed upon the transformed trio. Although he did not know what the devil seed Huo Yuan spoke about was, the level of vigilance within his heart was raised to a higher level. He felt danger from the bodies of the current Huo Yuan trio.


Lin Dong extended his hand and suddenly clenched it. The eight Burning Sky Gates in the sky slowly started to revolve once again as scorching and rampaging fluctuations continuously surged from them.


The eight Burning Sky Gates violently jerked. Scarlet red light blossomed as eight scarlet red rays abruptly shot out from within each gate. Akin eight streams of lava that linked the heavens to the earth, they shot towards the Huo Yuan trio at lightning speed.

Looks of amusement appeared on the faces of the trio as they looked at Lin Dong’s attack. Curled fingers were thrust forward as three rays of black light instantly shot out, before transforming into a black light net in the air.

Chi Chi!

As the fiery lava pillars smashed against the black light net, ear piercing sounds instant rang out. White smoke rose into the sky, and one could see that the berserk fiery lava pillars were unexpectedly unable to break the black light net.

“Since you have forced us to use our greatest secret, do you think that you will still be able to live past today?”

Li Lei grinned at Lin Dong. His smile was sinister and eerie. Soon after, he stepped forward as numerous afterimages appeared in a flash. His body had pierced through the scarlet red light screen in a ghost like manner and appeared in front of Lin Dong as he grabbed at the latter.

As Li Lei’s palm swept forth, Lin Dong discovered that the hands of the former seemed to have grown a size larger. His five slender fingers were like blades and black light swirled at his fingertips. It seemed as if even space itself was sliced apart…

Looking at this spectre like attack from Li Lei, Lin Dong clenched his hand as the Lightning Emperor Scepter appeared in a flash. Tilting his body forward, he sent it smashing heavily against Li Lei’s incoming claw.


A low and deep sound resounded. Lightning bolts erupted berserkly from the Lightning Emperor Scepter, continuously defending against the corrosive black Qi from Li Lei’s palm.


The gigantic force transmitted from the body of the scepter caused Lin Dong’s eyes to slightly harden. With a jerk of the scepter, it left behind an afterimage as it swiftly thrust at Lei Li’s fatal points.

However, in the face of Lin Dong’s attack, Li Lei didn’t show any signs of evading. His slender blade like hands directly clashed against the Lightning Emperor Scepter, causing sparks to fly as they shot out in all directions. The berserk force caused space to become somewhat distorted.

After activating the so-called devil seed, the strength of this Li Lei had already exceeded the boundary of an ordinary initial Profound Death stage expert. In fact, it had already touched the advance Profound Death stage. Due to this, even the current Lin Dong was unable to be as calm as before.

Swish swish!

Moreover, while Lin Dong was busy with Li Lei, the remaining two had completely destroyed the array that previously enveloped them. Their bodies swept forth and appeared on the left and right of Lin Dong. Their eyes were filled with mockery and cold maliciousness.

“Lin Dong, just dealing with one of us is already your limit. If the two of us were to also enter the fight, how will you survive?” Huo Yuan softly spoke in a mocking tone as he grinned at Lin Dong, who was engaging in a bitter fight with Li Lei.


Lin Dong’s gaze turned grim as he suddenly took a step forward. Thirty Green Dragon Light Tattoos burst out from his body while resplendent lightning flickered on the Lightning Emperor Scepter. The thirty Green Dragon Light Tattoos adhered themselves to the Lightning Emperor Scepter and with the sound of deafening thunder, it smashed against the black Qi crossed arms of Li Lei at lightning speed.


A low and deep sound resounded out as an energy wave that was visible to the naked eye rippled outwards. Li Lei was sent flew dozens of metres backwards while fresh blood dripped from his arms that were as tough as steel.

After pushing Li Lei back with a swing of his scepter, without being about to follow and pursue him, piercing whoosh sounds suddenly emerged from Lin Dong’s back. Two exceedingly swift and fierce forces headed straight for his vitals. Obviously, the other two had already attacked.

Sensing the swift and fierce attacks from behind, Lin Dong’s expression instantly sunk. He swung the Lightning Emperor Scepter in a wide arc as a lightning dragon scepter image flew out, viciously clashing against the two incoming forces.

Lightning rampaged while Lin Dong took the chance to retreat. In the next instant, the Huo Yuan duo floated out from the lightning. Mocking looks were revealed on their faces as they stared at Lin Dong and said, “Stop your meaningless resistance. Yimo Qi isn’t something that ordinary Yuan Power can defend against. These attacks of your are simply unable to break through the Yimo Qi within our bodies…”

“Since you know about the existence of Yimos, you should also that to completely wipe out Yimos, besides absolute strength, you also need to have either divine objects or the Ancestral Symbols. As for the Burning Sky Cauldron and the Lightning Emperor Scepter in your hands, they do not seem to have reached that level.” A strange laughter rang out from Li Lei as he spoke.

Lin Dong coldly stared at the Huo Yuan trio. Soon after, he nodded his head as an arc appeared from the corners of his mouth, “Indeed, I am weaker than the three of you. If I want to kill you, I will have to rely on the power of divine objects…”

Huo Yuan crossed his arms in front of his chest. His gaze was playful as he stared at Lin Dong and said, “Surrender. This way your death will not be too painful.”

“Do you want to know why Mo Luo permitted me to enter the Thunder World?” Raising his head, Lin Dong’s pitch-black eyes seemed to have become even deeper at this moment.

A faint frown appeared on the foreheads of the Huo Yuan trio while a sliver of unease unknowingly rose within their hearts.

“That’s because… I’m also an Ancestral Symbol controller.”

When these words gently rang out from Lin Dong’s mouth, the faces of the Huo Yuan trio instantly contorted violently.

As their faces contorted violently, black light that blotted the sky suddenly swept out the crown of Lin Dong’s head. As it shot into the sky, it transformed into a gigantic slowly revolving black hole. Darkness surfaced from the depths of the black hole while an ancient symbol was faintly discernible.

“This is… the Devouring Ancestral Symbol?!”

The Huo Yuan trio gazed upon the black hole vortex in front of them. Shock and horror finally appeared on their faces for the first time. Even their voices had suddenly turned much more piercing at this moment.

With the devil seed protecting their bodies, ordinary experts would practically be unable to kill them. This was the reason why they acted so domineering. However, they knew extremely well that the eight great Ancestral Symbols that existed in this world was more than capable of completely annihilating them…

“How is this possible?! How can the Devouring Ancestral Symbol be in your hands!” Shock and horror appeared on Huo Yuan’s contorted face. In the next moment, he could not help but roar in a low voice. His current appearance no longer had any trace of the calmness and maliciousness he had displayed before.

“It is not only the Devouring Ancestral Symbol..”

Lowering his head, Lin Dong revealed a bone chilling smile at the Huo Yuan trio. In the next instant, with a clench of his hand, a resplendent lightning glow suddenly erupted from his palm.

As lightning surged out, the area immediately turned dark. Thunderclouds started to strangely appear in the sky while a frightening pressure stealthily spread.

The lightning glow in Lin Dong’s hand grew increasingly bright, before cluster of lightning surfaced appeared. Within the cluster of lightning was a faintly discernible ancient thunderbolt.

The boundless and ancient fluctuations radiating from it was exactly the same as the Devouring Ancestral Symbol!

“Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol?!”

Seeing the cluster of lightning in Lin Dong’s hand, terror and dread finally gushed out from the depths of the Huo Yuan trio’s hearts…