Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 988: Demonic Traces

Chapter 988: Demonic Traces


Chapter 988: Demonic Traces

Atop the mountain peak, the smile on Huo Yuan’s face slowly stiffened. An extremely sinister fluctuation seemed to surge in the depths of his eyes. The Li Lei duo beside him also gently clenched the hands hidden within their sleeves. A black aura lingered swirled at their fingertips.

“Hehe, Yimo? What is that?” The smile on Huo Yuan’s face stiffened for a moment before it slowly disappeared. He stared at Lin Dong and laughed in a faint voice.

Lin Dong was also staring at the Huo Yuan trio without blinking. At this moment, a black glow and a lightning glow were surging from the depths of his eyes. However, outsiders could not see even a trace of it.

Since Lin Dong first saw the Huo Yuan trio, he had felt an uneasy sensation in his heart. Initially, he thought that it was because the three of them were disciples of the Yuan Gate. However, that feeling had instantly swelled substantially after meeting them again.

This time around, Lin Dong had also detected that the feeling did not originate from him. Instead, it came from the two great Ancestral Symbol within his body…

That sensation was filled with repulsiveness and even hatred.

Other than the Yimo, Lin Dong was unable to think of another creature in this world that could cause the Ancestral Symbols to feel such repulsiveness.

Lin Dong was clearly quite shocked by this. He could not fathom the relationship between the Huo Yuan trio and the Yimo. From their appearance, they were indeed human. However, the ripples from the Ancestral Symbols were definitely real.

In that case, the only answer was that the bodies of the Huo Yuan trio likely contained something strange, or, they were disguised Yimo…

It must be said that these Yimo had concealed themselves extremely successfully. If it was not because Lin Dong had two great Ancestral Symbols in his body that were detecting and giving him feedback simultaneously, it was likely that even he would not have discovered the Huo Yuan trio’s secret…

“It seems like the Yimo have thoroughly infiltrated the human world…” Lin Dong deeply inhaled. His eyes were burning as he stared at the Huo Yuan trio and slowly said.

Huo Yuan’s expression remained indifferent. However, Lin Dong could still detect the dark and insidious expression that flitted across his eyes.

“If you really believe that we will let you escape alive after uttering such words, I’m afraid that you are gravely mistaken.” Huo Yuan laughed faintly.

“We will definitely take your life today!”

“Oh, killing to silence me huh…” Lin Dong smiled. However, his smile also contained thick murderous intent. From the looks of it, the Huo Yuan trio should be related to the Yimo. Coincidentally, if he could finish them off, he might be able to obtain some information related to the Yimo.

Although Lin Dong was aware that it was currently not a wise decision for him to come into contact with the Yimo, as an owner of the Ancestral Symbol, especially someone like himself who possessed two of them, this meant that there were responsibilities that he could not evade. Even if he continued to hide, the Yimo would look for him eventually.

In that case, it would be better to find an opportunity and take the initiative. Given Lin Dong’s character, he refused to simply sit back and wait for his death.

The others around Sky Lightning Island were lost as they listened to the conversation between the two parties. Even Liu Xiangxuan and the rest slightly frowned. Other than special exceptions like Lin Dong, the only ones who knew about the existence of the Yimo were mostly peak experts in this world. Hence, it was no surprise that Liu Xiangxuan and the rest did not know about it.

“Brother Lin Dong, the three of them are very strange.” Mu Lingshan hurriedly warned as she watched Lin Dong and the Huo Yuan trio face off.


Lin Dong nodded and softly said, “Lingshan, do not intervene. I will deal with them.”

Mu Lingshan hesitated for a moment upon hearing this. However, she still ended up nodding her head. She could sense that Lin Dong’s strength seemed to have greatly improved. The Huo Yuan trio before them might be powerful, but Lin Dong was no pushover either.

“Are you planning on dealing with the three of us alone? Do you think that we are like the hairless little Yuan Cang trio?” The silver haired Li Lei’s expression was filled with ridicule as he looked at Lin Dong and said.

“Your eventual fate shall all be the same.”

Lin Dong held the Lightning Emperor Scepter in his hand as he slowly walked forward while intense green light swiftly surged out from within his body. A faint deep dragon roar was emitted. The sound was filled with the feeling of tyrannical power.

“Since he has such courage, let us oblige him.” Huo Yuan laughed. However, his expression appeared exceptionally dark and solemn. He had a cautious character and clearly understood that Lin Dong’s strength had soared greatly compared to two months ago. Although it might be dishonourable for the three of them to attack him together, Huo Yuan evidently did not care about such matters.

He was the type of person who would do anything to achieve his goal. All the so-called rules did not hinder him at all. In his opinion, being stubborn and insisting on a fair one on one fight was an extremely foolish deed.

“It’s just as well.”

Chen Ling, whose skin flickered with a jade like lustre, also smiled a little and nodded.

Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the trio. The Yuan Power within his body suddenly whistled while majestic Mental Energy started to howl in his Niwan Palace like a gale. He was aware that the Huo Yuan trio was definitely more difficult to deal with than the grey haired old man duo. Moreover, there was no telling what level Yimo was hidden within their bodies…

Everything must be faced with prudence.

Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly hardened as the Yuan Power within his body galloped. He had seen that the Huo Yuan trio on the mountain had actually strangely vanished.

When Lin Dong saw this strange scene, his eyes faintly flickered. However, he did not panic. Instead, he slowly shut both of his eyes as majestic Mental Energy began to spread. They appeared like layers of invisible web that extended as they monitored even the slightest fluctuation in the area.

Many experts watched the scene in the sky. The expressions in their eyes were somewhat grave. Clearly, they were able to detect the dangerous hidden current within.

An enemy which was hidden in the dark was clearly rather terrifying.

This almost frozen silence enveloped the sky. Lin Dong held the Lightning Emperor Scepter as he stood there with both of his eyes shut. Majestic Yuan Power whistled and gathered around his body.

“Disappeared huh…”

Lin Dong softly muttered to himself in his heart. He discovered that even though his Mental Energy had spread, he was still unable to discover any signs of the Huo Yuan trio. The three of them seemed to have strangely disappeared like smoke at this moment.

Although the situation was somewhat strange, Lin Dong’s mind was instead becoming increasingly calm. The noise around him had been cut off at this moment. To him, he was the only person left standing in the sky.

In this state, Lin Dong’s mind seemed to have transformed into a clear mirror that reflected everything in the area. Through this reflection, three smoke like ethereal figures finally appeared in Lin Dong’s mind.

However, by the time Lin Dong had discovered these three smoke like figures, they were already only ten feet from him.


Lin Dong’s eyes abruptly opened. Darkness emerged within one of them while the other was filled with lightning and thunder. An extremely bizarre sight.


Three indescribably sharp black lights suddenly cut through the air at this moment. They contained an extremely lethal fluctuation as they spread apart and targeted Lin Dong from three directions. One at this throat, one at his heart from the front and the final one also at his heart but from the back.

These three attacks were unimaginably quick. They reached Lin Dong’s body the split second they appeared. After which, they directly penetrated Lin Dong’s body amidst many exclamations.

“He’s been hit!”

A series of shocked exclamations spread. Who could have imagined that the Huo Yuan trio had actually attacked in such a fashion. There was practically no way to defend against this.

“Something’s wrong!”

However, several alarmed exclamations quickly sounded. This was because they had discovered that no blood had spluttered out when the three black lights cut through Lin Dong’s body. Lin Dong’s body was also gradually fading.


Three shocked exclamations echoed in the sky. Immediately, three human figures appeared. The Huo Yuan trio were clearly momentarily stunned. They similarly did not expect that their target was actually only an afterimage. Leaving behind an afterimage and escaping from right under their eyes. What kind of astonishing speed was this?


Huo Yuan’s eyes were dark and solemn as he suddenly let out a stern cry.


Just as his cry was heard, a rumbling sound suddenly appeared in the sky. An enormous dark shadow covered the area and turned into a giant cauldron. The mouth of the cauldron was just like a huge beast as it descended and directly swallowed the Huo Yuan trio.

The Burning Sky Cauldron swallowed the trio while Lin Dong’s body also appeared with ghost like speed. At this moment, a pair of huge dragon wings were unfurling behind him. The dragon wings flapped, causing even space itself to be slightly distorted.

“Senior Wang Yan, your sister shall be avenged by me today.”

Lin Dong’s eyes were ice-cold as he looked at the Burning Sky Cauldron. Immediately, his body moved and he swiftly charged into it.

He was aware that it was extremely difficult to deal with the Huo Yuan trio. If he wished to finish them off, it was likely that he would have to use both of the great Ancestral Symbols together…