Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 987: Ruthless

Chapter 987: Ruthless


Chapter 987: Ruthless

A deathly silence enveloped the Sky Lightning Island. The din that was originally present had suddenly disappeared. Many pairs of eyes were somewhat downfallen as they stared at the two corpses falling from the sky, that were slowly turning colder. Before this took place, none of them had expected this outcome. After all, the two of them were genuine Profound Death stage experts…

Two strikes.

Lin Dong did not use any probing attacks when he fought. Instead, he directly used two signature killing moves. Evidently, the results were quite terrifying.

From the time that Lin Dong first arrived at the Sky Lightning Island, the fight between him and the grey haired old man duo only lasted for slightly more than ten minutes. However, the victor was already decided in that time.

The Lightning Emperor Scepter and the “Divine Lightning Exterminating Demon Eye”, which was an upgraded version of the Desolated Demon Eye… Both their debuts had clearly impressed and startled the crowd, even including Lin Dong himself.

“How is this possible…” Pang Hao’s expression was pale as he stared at the grey haired old man duo, who were just killed by Lin Dong. A wild and violent lightning glow flashed within their bodies. Clearly, even the Yuan Spirit within their bodies were destroyed by that lightning glow after they were killed.

The speed in which Lin Dong had delivered the killing blow had exceeded Pang Hao’s expectations.

The experts from the Nine Serene Gate all had faces filled with shock and horror, and they no longer had the same haughtiness as they did before. After two Profound Death stage experts were killed, they finally understood that this murderous god in front of them, was not someone that cannon folder like them could deal with.


A cluster of white vapor vaguely mixed with lightning was slowly spluttered out from Lin Dong’s mouth. The two signature killing strikes from before caused the Yuan Power within his body to boil. He did not expect the Lightning Emperor Scepter and the “Divine Lightning Exterminating Demon Eye” to be this powerful. It was likely that even the grey haired old man duo did not expect that. Otherwise, they would not have been defeated so miserably despite having put in so much effort.

“Unfortunately, there is no medicine for regret in this world.”

“I gave all of you a chance…”

Lin Dong slowly lowered his head and looked at Pang Hao’s group in an expressionless manner. The Lightning Emperor Scepter in his hand once again formed a brilliant lightning glow that hurriedly danced on it. It emitted a wild and violent fluctuation.

“Lin Dong, what do you want?” Pang Hao looked at Lin Dong’s eyes, which were void of emotions. He suddenly felt a chill in his heart as he cried out sternly.

Those experts from the Nine Serene Gate hurriedly clustered around Pang Hao. Their eyes were filled with caution as they stared at Lin Dong.

“If you dare to kill me, my Nine Serene Gate will definite hunt you till the ends of the world!”

“It has already come to this… why are you still saying such foolish words…”

Lin Dong looked at a somewhat pale Pang Hao. A mocking arc was lifted on the corner of his mouth. In the next moment, an icy chill suddenly rose in his eyes before he suddenly disappeared.

“Be careful!” Those experts from the Nine Serene Gate had a drastic change in expression after they saw Lin Dong vanish.


Lightning suddenly resounded above their heads the moment their cry sounded. A bright lightning once again turned into a thousand feet large lightning scepter. After which, it was accompanied by an unusually wild and violent strength as it smashed downwards ruthlessly.

The many experts hurriedly combined their powers. Majestic Yuan Power surged. However, it had only came into contact with the lightning scepter, before an indescribable overbearing strength crazily came eroding downwards. Immediately, many of their defences collapsed.

Boom boom boom!

Many human figures spat out blood and flew backwards in a miserable fashion. Pang Hao was also completely exposed under the lightning in midair.

“Lin Dong, do you really think that I am afraid of you?” Pang Hao’s face was ashen. However, his eyes revealed a violent and brutal expression. An explosive cry sounded. Clenching his hand, a savage black long spear appeared. A sharp ripple was emitted.

“Nine Serene Earth Demon Spear!”

Pang Hao held a black spear in his hand. Majestic Yuan Power surged. A thousand feet spear glow looked just like a charging ferocious beast, as it carried a monstrous evil aura and shot directly towards Lin Dong’s head.

“To me, the current you is weak and worthless!”

There was a cold chuckle emitted within the lightning. Immediately, the lightning was suddenly torn apart. The lightning scepter, with flashing lightning came exploding downwards, smashing on the thousand feet spear glow in a ruthless fashion.

The two made contact and thunder resounded. The seemingly ferocious and sharp spear glow collapsed immediately. Meanwhile, the Lightning Emperor Scepter hacked downwards with ease. Finally, it mercilessly smashed against Pang Hao’s head, in front of his startled eyes.


A low and deep voice spread. Pang Hao’s head was just like a shattered watermelon that suddenly exploded. Blood spurted out in every direction and the entire scene was extremely bloody.


A golden light suddenly shot out from his body the moment Pang Hao’s head exploded. It fled into the distance with all its might. A vicious and sharp roar was vaguely emitted.

“Lin Dong, remember this. My Nine Serene Gate will never forgive you!”

Lin Dong wore a cold and indifferent expression and he did not move. Majestic Mental Energy swept out before they transformed into a large hand that penetrated through space and grabbed that golden light.

“Ah, noo!” Pang Hao screeched miserable.


However, his miserable cry had only just sounded when the large Mental Energy hand clamped down and directly crushed that Yuan Spirit.


A miserable scream spread far into the sky. As those experts above the Sky Lightning Island stared at that skinny figure, a chill involuntarily rose in their hearts. He was simply far too vicious. He actually refused to even let that Yuan Spirit off…

“That fellow is truly ruthless.”

Some people exchanged glances with each other. A desire to withdraw rose in their hearts. The treasure might be tempting, but it was only worthwhile if one was alive to enjoy it. The strength that Lin Dong displayed had clearly far exceeded what they were told. He had only fought for a short while, but he had already killed two Profound Death stage experts. Moreover, his attacks were extremely decisive…

Liu Xiangxuan observed this scene from a short distance away. Her pretty face had also turned exceptionally grave. The two Profound Death stage experts from the Mysterious Sky Hall had also landed beside her. Their expressions were no longer as calm as it was at the start.

“Does the Mysterious Sky Hall wish to intervene in this matter?” Lin Dong’s eyes glanced at Liu Xiangxuan and softly asked.

Liu Xiangxuan looked at Lin Dong, whose expression was so calm, that it seemed as if the deaths of those two Profound Death stage experts had nothing to do with him. Her heart felt a little chill. She was aware that if she was to attack Lin Dong, the latter would definitely show no mercy, despite her heart stirring beauty.

The man in front of her had a heart as firm as stone. He was someone she could never contend with.

The eyes of those two Profound Death stage experts beside Liu Xiangxuan sunk as they prepared to step forward.

“Hold it!”

Their bodies had only just moved when Liu Xiangxuan suddenly cried out. She stared at Lin Dong as she said, “I apologise for what happened previously. Our Mysterious Sky Hall will no longer intervene.”

“Young miss!” The middle-aged man duo had a change in expression.

Liu Xiangxuan waved her hand and said, “I will report this matter to our top brass. Our troops here are unable to threaten him. Why the need to make pointless sacrifices?”

“We can join forces with the Yuan Gate members.” The middle-aged man said.

Liu Xiangxuan gently exhaled. Her voluminous chest rose and fell gently as she muttered, “It’s pointless… Listen to me…”

Her instincts were always extremely sharp. Ever since Lin Dong showed himself, she could feel an extremely intense threat from him. It felt as if there was a terrifying creature hidden within the latter’s body.

The middle-aged man duo hesitated for a moment upon hearing this. Finally, all they could do was to nod their heads reluctantly.

Lin Dong glanced at Liu Xiangxuan and softly said, “In that case, let all our bygones be bygones.”

Although Lin Dong did not fancy the Mysterious Sky Hall, he also understood that the trio from the Yuan Gate were the most troublesome ones to deal with. This was because in their bodies…

Lin Dong slowly lifted his head. His eyes were locked onto the Huo Yuan trio from afar. An indifferent voice sounded, “There seems to be something strange about your bodies… It’s… the Yimo right?”

Huo Yuan, who was wearing a smile while he observed Lin Dong’s massacre, finally froze up when Lin Dong’s words sounded.