Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 986: Kill

Chapter 986: Kill


Chapter 986: Kill

Right now, the atmosphere mid-air above the Sky Lightning Island was a little awkward. Several onlookers were shocked as they stared at Lin Dong, who had shattered the formation with a single punch. No one expected that the latter was actually able to easily bypass two initial Profound Death stage experts and smash the formation set up by another two equally powerful experts with just a single punch…

This fearsome feat was something that even an initial Profound Death stage expert was unable to accomplish. However, Lin Dong was able to do so…

“He… has become stronger…”

Liu Xiangxuan’s pretty eyes carried a grave expression as she stared at the figure hovering in the sky. The previous show of strength clearly indicated that Lin Dong was much more powerful as compared to when he was at the lightning hall.

“That bastard! He must have obtained a chance encounter in the Thunder World. Else, it is impossible for his strength to soar by such an extent!”

Pang Hao gritted his teeth as envy as dissatisfaction filled his eyes. He could sense that Lin Dong’s current cultivation had reached the perfect Profound Life stage and he was not weaker than him. Moreover, Lin Dong’s Mental Energy had also reached the peak of the initial Divine Symbol Master. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to block a martial arts attack from an initial Profound Death stage expert by simply relying on his Mental Energy.

With Lin Dong’s current perfect Profound Life stage’s and peak initial Divine Symbol Master’s strength, he possessed the qualifications to fight head on with an initial Profound Death stage expert. Additionally, all of them were clearly aware that Lin Dong had many tricks up his sleeve. If the latter used them, it was likely that even with their current lineup, they would find him a pain to deal with him.

“Big brother Lin Dong!” Mu Lingshan rushed out from the light rays and hurried to Lin Dong’s side.

“Are you hurt?” Lin Dong glanced at Mu Lingshan and asked.

Mu Lingshan shook her head. After which, her eyes furiously looked at Huo Yuan trio in the distant mountain. She said, “It is all because of those three bastards. I had just left the lightning hall and was planning to wait for you outside, when they came looking for me. In the end, they trapped me and forcibly brought me here.”

Lin Dong nodded slightly. His eyes were indifferent as he looked at the trio on the mountain. He said, “It is just as well that all of you are here. I was afraid that all of you have left and I will need to spend some time looking for you guys.”

“Haha, it seems like you have gained much from within the Thunder World… you seem much more confident.” Huo Yuan laughed. He stretched his lazy waist and said, “Relax. Like I said before, I will bring your corpse back to the Eastern Xuan Region and deliver it to the Dao Sect.”

“I’m afraid that none of you have the qualifications to deliver my corpse.”

Lin Dong laughed faintly. He immediately turned his head and looked at the experts from the Nine Serene Gate and Mysterious Sky Hall. He said, “The three of them and I have a life and death grudge. If you intervene today, I will not forgive any of you. I am stating this beforehand. If you intervene, you will have to bear the price for doing so.”

Liu Xiangxuan’s pretty eyes flashed. On the other hand, Pang Hao furiously laughed, “Lin Dong, who do you think you are? With your puny strength, you actually dare to threaten my Nine Serene Gate?”

“Elders, kill him!”

The grey haired elder duo’s eyes suddenly turned dark and cold after Pang Hao’s stern cry sounded. They were already furious after being forced back by Lin Dong previously. Naturally, they wanted to regain their dignity.

“Lingshan, pull back a little and be careful.”

Lin Dong stared at the grey haired old man duo, who wore dark and cold expressions. Promptly, he inhaled a deep breath of air before murderous intent surged from deep within his eyes. Since the Nine Serene Gate was so unforgiving, there was no need for him to hold back anymore.

“Big brother Lin Dong, be careful. Do you need the Life Death Coffin Cover?” Mu Lingshan nodded and said.

“There’s no need.”

Lin Dong shook his head. As he clenched his hand, thunder reverberated. The Lightning Emperor Scepter flashed and appeared. Immediately, a shocking ripple was scattered. This Lightning Emperor Scepter had an extremely overbearing offensive strength and it was not inferior to the Life Death Coffin Cover. Additionally, the Life Death Coffin Cover was also relatively mysterious. Other than Mu Lingshan, no one else could completely unleash its innate powers. Hence, instead of using that, it was better for him to use the Lightning Emperor Scepter that completely belonged to him.

“Lightning Emperor Scepter!”

Uproar sounded over the air above the island the moment this scepter appeared. Some eyes were filled with excitement and greed.

“Kill that brat!”

The grey haired old man duo stared at Lin Dong, who held his Lightning Emperor Scepter in his hand. Their eyes hardened and they quickly became solemn. They had witnessed the might of the Lightning Emperor Scepter back at the lightning hall. Now that Lin Dong was even more powerful than before, the previous scene would likely repeat itself if they dared to underestimate him, despite them having an advantage in terms of numbers.

“Attack together!”

The grey haired old man duo exchange glances. Chill surged within their eyes. They clenched their hands and before a black longsword with a chilling aura, appeared in their hands respectively. Based on the fluctuations given off by the blades, they were evidently powerful treasures.


The two of them shot out almost instantly. Majestic Yuan Power fluctuation appeared. Two sharp sword light penetrated through the empty space with lightning like speed. They intersected before they cut towards Lin Dong’s throat.


However, the Lightning Emperor Scepter in Lin Dong’s hand merely trembled for a moment in the face of the sharp attacks from those two. He allowed the sword light to ruthlessly hack onto the scepter. Sparks shot out. However, his body did not move.

“Since the both of you covert the Lightning Emperor Scepter, I shall allow you to witness its true powers.”

With a chill in his eyes, Lin Dong clenched the Lightning Emperor Scepter tightly. One could see a bright lightning glow flickering over it. This Lightning Emperor Scepter was created from the strength of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol. Now that Lin Dong had refined the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, it was only fitting that he could easily unleash its full strength.


After the lightning glow flashed over it, the nine lightning dragons at the top of the Lightning Emperor Scepter seemed to have turned alive as they released a thunder like roar towards the sky.

“Lightning Dragon Sealing Sky Scepter!”

A cold cry suddenly sounded from within Lin Dong’s mouth. Immediately, the lightning glow came pouring down from all over the place. One could see two lightning dragons suddenly struggling before they flew off the scepter. They transformed and turned into a thousand feet large lightning scepter. Thunderbolts crazily descended from the sky and it was an extremely shocking sight.


The instant the two lightning scepters appeared, they did not hesitate as they directly struck furiously and ruthlessly smashed towards the grey haired old man duo. The space became distorted wherever they passed. Deafening explosions sounded continuously.

“Be careful!”

When the grey haired old man duo saw the lightning scepters smashing towards them, their faces turned exceedingly grave. They could sense a wild and violent force from them.

Majestic Yuan Power swiftly surged out from within their bodies. Immediately, the black long swords in their hands swelled with the wind. Accompanied by a monstrous sword glow, both their blades struck against a lightning scepter respectively.

The swords and scepters clashed. A deafening noise, along with wild and violent energy ripples, swiftly swept across the sky. Soon after, everyone saw that the two sword lights had rapidly collapsed at the point where they clashed. Following which, the grey haired old man duo flew backwards miserably. Meanwhile, the black longswords in their hands were completely shattered.

Everyone’s expressions changed. The lightning scepter was actually this terrifying!

Lin Dong’s expression was cold and indifferent as he stared at the two flying backwards in a miserable fashion. Their auras were both a little chaotic and it was clear that they were both wounded by the previous strike. Evidently, this was the best opportunity to deliver the killing blow.

At this moment, being merciful was an extremely foolish deed.

When this thought in mind, bright lightning glow suddenly surged from within his body. Soon after, a lightning glow wiggled and surfaced on his brow. Immediately, a demon eye with lightning glow flashed and appeared mysteriously. An extremely overbearing energy fluctuation was emitted.

The lightning eye contained the thunderbolt world. However, there was no human emotions inside. It was as though it was the fury of the lightning.

“Divine Lightning Exterminating Demon Eye!”

An icy cold cry sounded within Lin Dong’s heart. Suddenly, a thunder resounded within the lightning eye. Two dim lightning beams suddenly shot out.

The lightning beams were dim and inconspicuous. However, a terrifying extermination like ripple was present within them.

It was evident that Lin Dong’s Desolated Demon Eye was substantially upgraded after being tempered by the thunderbolt cores and the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol…


The dim lightning beams were so quick that they could not be described with words. Some people merely heard the sound of thunder resound in the sky before a bloody fog suddenly exploded over the grey haired old man duo in the distance. Two fist sized blood hole had mysteriously appeared at the position where their hearts were…

The grey haired old man duo lowered their heads in pain. Their eyes were shocked as they stared at the bloody hole on their chest. Rich horror surged on their faces. None of them had expected that Lin Dong had actually became this terrifying within two short months…

The horror on their faces grew increasingly intense until eventually, it looked as if they wanted to say something, but their throats were being firmly choked. As their faces grew increasingly pale, their bodies finally stilled. Following which, lifeforce left their bodies like floodwater

Within a dozen minutes, two Profound Death stage experts were killed!

The entire island was deathly quiet.