Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 985: Rescue

Chapter 985: Rescue


Chapter 985: Rescue

Lin Dong’s feet were stepping on the air. His expression was icy cold as he stared at the figures that were rising from the Sky Lightning Island. After which, he turned his head and looked at the light formation in the middle of the island. Following which, he spotted Mu Lingshan, who was furiously smashing against the light pillars within the array.


Lin Dong sighed in relief after he saw that nothing untoward had happened to Mu Lingshan. Back then, Mu Lan had asked Lin Dong to take care of Mu Lingshan. Hence, if anything amiss happened to Mu Lingshan, he would have difficulties answering to him.

“Lin Dong, after hiding for such a long period of time, you finally show yourself, huh?” In the distance, Pang Hao rose into the air. His expression was vicious as he stared at Lin Dong, before he chuckled.

“It seems like you refuse to learn even after I broke one of your arms.” Lin Dong glanced at Pang Hao, who had once again turned lively, and spoke in a faint voice.

“Relax, I will collect everything back along with owed interest.” Pang Hao’s expression was steely-green as he spoke in a dense voice, “How about I chop off all your limbs and stuff you into a tin, what do you say?”

“Not a bad idea. I can consider creating one for you.” Lin Dong laughed.

“Lin Dong, are you still in the mood to be making such wisecracks?” The grey haired old man from the Nine Serene Gate spoke in a sinister fashion. He stared at Lin Dong and laughed strangely, “Do you know that there are a total of seven Initial Profound Death stage experts waiting for you…”

“Seven initial Profound Death stage experts.”

Lin Dong narrowed his eyes. His gaze swept over the entire island and he did indeed discover seven extremely powerful auras. He nodded slightly and commented, “What a grand scene.”

“Lin Dong, my Mysterious Sky Hall does not wish to create trouble for you. As long as you surrender what you obtained in the Thunder World, my Mysterious Sky Hall will leave immediately.” The middle-aged man from the Mysterious Sky Hall spoke in a deep voice.

Lin Dong glanced at him and asked in an indifferent manner, “With the great Mo Luo beside me, do you think that a younger generation member like me will have a shot at obtaining the treasure?”

The middle-aged man was stunned. He quickly said, “It seems like you do not intend to cooperate. In that case, do not fault my Mysterious Sky Hall.”

“You should stop speaking nonsense and quickly capture him. My Nine Serene Gate is quite skilled at getting information out of people. Once he lands in our hands, he will no longer be able to decide whether he wants to tell us or not.” The grey haired old man chuckled.

“What the both of you need to do, is to keep the formation stable. Leave this brat to the both of us.”

He exchanged glances with another shady old man from the Nine Serene Gate after his voice sounded. Majestic Yuan Power swept out almost instantly. After which, the two of them shot forward at the same time and headed for Lin Dong.

“Brat, I watch to see how you plan to escape this time!”

The grey haired old man’s cry, which was filled with rich murderous intent, suddenly resounded over the sky as his body flashed past.

Lin Dong lifted his head. His eyes were indifferent as he stared at the two initial Profound Death stage experts rushing over. If this took place before he entered the Thunder World, it was naturally impossible for him to fight against the both of them. Unfortunately for them… he had currently became much stronger as compared to before.

His initial Profound Life stage’s and the peak level initial Divine Symbol Master’s strength allowed him to fight against experts from the initial Profound Death stage, even without using any other techniques.


A resplendent green light erupted from within Lin Dong’s body. His body moved and there was actually a wind-thunder sound accompanying it. A couple of afterimages floated in the empty space quickly with ghost like speed.


Lin Dong’s current speed was undoubtedly much faster as compared to before. His body moved and he appeared in front of the grey haired old man, amidst a chorus of shocked exclaims.

“What rapid speed!”

The grey haired old man felt his heart skip a beat, when he saw Lin Dong’s phantom-like speed. It turns out that even he could not match up to Lin Dong’s speed. Although he had already witnessed Lin Dong’s shocking speed after unleashing his green dragon wings, back at the thunder hall, the current Lin Dong had already surpassed himself even without using his wings.

“You are courting death!”

Although he was startled by Lin Dong’s speed, the eyes of the old grey haired man quickly turned icy cold. Regardless, he was a genuine initial Profound Death stage expert and Lin Dong should have no advantage in a head on fight with him.

This thought flashed across the grey haired old man’s mind. Curling two of his fingers, they became just like razor sharp blades. As his majestic Yuan Power swept forth, they instantly turned into a ten feet long glowing sword. Death Qi lingered over the sword, which emitted a shockingly lethal force.


The sword turned. It drew a tricky arc as it pierced towards Lin Dong’s throat.

A green light flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes in the face of this sharp attack by the grey haired old man. He did not dodge. Instead, he extended his arm. Green light lingered over it and it seems like he was actually planning to block that attack with his body.


The grey haired old man laughed coldly. Yuan Power once again surged mightily. Immediately, he ruthlessly pierced Lin Dong’s palm. The sword turned and he tried to slice Lin Dong’s palm.

Creak creak!

The sharp sword aura ruthlessly cut Lin Dong’s palm. However, no blood spurted forth. Instead, a deafening voice was being emitted. It was as though he was cutting on metal.

This reaction also caused the grey haired old man to be startled. He hurriedly withdrew his sword and tried to retreat. However, his blade refused to budge. After lifting his head, he promptly saw an icy cold smile surfacing on Lin Dong’s face. Soon after, Lin Dong’s hand, which gripped onto the glowing sword, suddenly clenched.


The glowing sword, which contained the grey haired old man’s majestic Yuan Power, was directly shattered by Lin Dong.

The glowing sword shattered and the grey haired old man’s pupils shrunk. An uneasy sensation surged within his heart as his body withdrew instinctively.

“Too slow.”

However, the space in front of him became distorted as his body was pulling back. A phantom like figure quickly approached him. Lin Dong’s icy cold smiling face appeared a little strange in the eyes of the grey haired old man.


A palm that was covered with green light cut through the air. It was accompanied by an extremely heavy force as it landed on the chest of the grey haired old man with lightning like speed.

A low voice spread and a muffled moan was emitted from the grey haired old man. The latter staggered backwards and it caused an uproar in the sky.

No one had expected that Lin Dong was actually able to injure a Profound Death stage expert in a head on clash.

“Young brat, how dare you!”

“Death Dark Palm!”

After pushing back the grey haired old man with his palm attack, Lin Dong was just about to give chase and deliver the killing blow, when a furious cry was transmitted from his right. Immediately, he saw the other Nine Serene Gate’s initial Profound Death stage expert hurrying over. The later threw his palm forward from across the distance.

A huge palm, that was hundreds of feet in size, was suddenly formed and rich death Qi lingered over it. Clearly, this initial Profound Death stage expert no longer dared to underestimate Lin Dong, after he saw the setback that the grey haired old man experienced. Hence, when he made his move, he immediately used a powerful martial arts.

Lin Dong glanced at the black palm rushing over, but he chose to ignore it. He waved his sleeves and majestic Mental Energy swept out like a storm. It turned into a large Mental Energy hand that grabbed that black palm. Finally, with a violent clench of his fist, the latter was forcefully shattered.

Lin Dong’s Mental Energy was already at the peak of the initial Divine Symbol Master. Additionally, some of the overbearing strength from the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol was mixed within it. Therefore, he could even block the attacks from an initial Profound Death stage expert.

“Such powerful Mental Energy!”

This attack immediately stirred up the crowd and many onlookers were a little shaken. This situation was completely different from what they had expected. No one knew that the already formidable Lin Dong, would actually have such accomplishments in his Mental Energy cultivation.

Lin Dong ignored the crowd’s exclamations. He pressed his toes on the ground before his body flashed. After which, he appeared in front of the light array. Finally, he clenched his hand. Three green dragon light tattoos flew out from his arm and appeared. These green dragon symbols that Lin Dong had refined were vaguely mixed with a trace of silver light. The ripples from them were even more violent and overbearing than before.

Clearly, after refining the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, its overbearing and offensive strength had also affected everything that Lin Dong had, including his Yuan Power and Mental Energy…


A fist was thrown forward. After which, thirty green dragon light tattoos whistled out. An earthshaking dragon roar resounded. Soon after, they directly slammed against the light rays.

Crack crack!

The light rays trembled wildly where the fist landed. Soon after, many cracks actually began to spread from under Lin Dong’s palm like a spider web. Soon after, they spread across the entire light ray.


Cracks spread until they reached their limits. Finally, with a loud bang, the array exploded in front of many shocked pairs of eyes.

No one could have foreseen that not only was Lin Dong able to use his body to overpower two initial Profound Death stage experts, but he even blew apart the formation that was maintained by two other initial Profound Death stage experts with a single punch…

He had clearly grown much, much more powerful as compared to when he was at the thunder hall!

“It seems like he had quite a chance encounter during these two months…”

On top of a mountain, Huo Yuan observed this scene before his expression turned gloomy. Even he felt a trace of danger from the current Lin Dong.

Evidently, within these two months, Lin Dong had grown to a point whereby he could threaten them.

“This is getting interesting…”

Huo Yuan slowly stood up. At this moment, Lin Dong’s icy cold eyes had turned to face them as well. Both of them stared at each other. Murderous desire and conflict was vaguely emitted from their interlocking eyes.