Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 983: Significant Improvement in Strength

Chapter 983: Significant Improvement in Strength


Chapter 983: Significant Improvement in Strength

In a world cackling with thunderbolts, Lin Dong sat in mid-air. The aura emitted from within his body was growing day by day. The rate in which he was improving was truly amazing.

His aura continued to strengthen for five whole days. Only then, did the majestic Yuan Power and Mental Energy lingering over him gradually display signs of weakening.

Seated in mid-air, after the final trace of Yuan Power and Mental Energy entered Lin Dong’s body, his eyes, which had been tightly shut for several days, abruptly opened. A brilliant glow flashed across his pitch-black pupils, before they quickly scattered into nothingness.


Using his hands to push against the empty space, Lin Dong slowly stood up. After he stood up, there was actually a clear cracking sound being emitted from within his body. An extremely ferocious fluctuation accompanied those clear cracking sound. It was as if an ancient and ferocious beast was finally awakening from its slumber.


Lin Dong detected the surging strength within his body before he involuntarily inhaled a deep breath. The corner of his mouth was also lifted into an arc. The sensation of being filled with power, was something he had never experienced before.

“Currently, you should have stepped into the perfect Profound Life stage and you are only one step away from the Profound Death stage.” Yan appeared, looked at Lin Dong and said.

“Perfect Profound Life stage, huh.” Lin Dong clenched his hands tightly. A satisfied smile appeared on his face. It was clear that he was fairly pleased with the results of his training.

“Of course, your Mental Energy cultivation obtained the greatest improvement…”

Lin Dong nodded slightly. He did not do anything, but wild gales suddenly began to rage around him. Majestic Mental Energy swept out from his Niwan Palace before they transformed into a Mental Energy storm beside him. The storm emitted shocking fluctuations and even a perfect Profound Life Stage expert was unable to do anything about it.

“The peak of initial Divine Symbol Master.”

Lin Dong smiled. His Mental Energy mastery had improved by a larger extent, when compared to the previous time. Not only did he directly leap past Heaven Symbol Master, but he also stepped right into the peak of initial Divine Symbol Master.

The Divine Symbol Master level was divided into the initial and advance stages. However, just these two stages alone, were comparable to the Profound Life and Death stages respectively. Normally, if one’s Mental Energy reached the peak of the initial Divine Symbol Master, one would be comparable to a perfect Profound Life stage practitioner. If one stepped into the advance Divine Symbol Master, it would be possible to fight against a Profound Death stage expert.

The Divine Symbol Master called Xu Yun, whom Lin Dong met on the Mysterious Spirit Island, had barely stepped into the Divine Symbol Master level…

In other words, not only did Lin Dong reach the Perfect Profound Life stage, his Mental Energy cultivation had also reached the peak of the initial Divine Symbol Master. Both of his powers were equally matched.

By combining these two powers, Lin Dong was confident that no one in the Profound Life stage could match up to him. He was even able to fight head on with an initial Profound Death stage expert!

“Moreover, my body has grown tougher once again…”

Lin Dong clenched his fist tightly. He could vaguely see several green dragon light tattoos lingering under his skin. Based on a rough estimate, there were at least fifty glowing tattoos. Moreover, Lin Dong could feel that this was not his limit. Currently, there was a huge amount of energy still hidden deep within his body.

Right now, Lin Dong felt as though his body was just like a fearsome prehistoric beast. The explosive strength within him, seemed capable of destroying every obstacle in front of him.

After enduring one hundred thousand thunderbolts, Lin Dong’s physical body was strengthened. On the whole, his current strength was completely different from when he had first entered this place!

The Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol was indeed a great item!

Lin Dong parted his mouth and laughed. After all, the increase in his strength was the mere icing on the cake, compared to obtaining the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol.

“I should have spent around two months’ time in this place. It is time to go…” Lin Dong stretched his waist lazily. He was extremely relaxed as he calmly observed this Thunder Realm. A thought passed through his mind and a fluctuation was formed on the space beside him. His body also slowly disappeared after being wrapped by this fluctuation.


Thunder World.

The originally ten thousand feet large lightning sun had disappeared. Thunderbolts filled the interior of the Thunder World. However, it seemed like the energy within this Thunder World had turned a lot more chaotic.


The space rippled and a human figure slowly appeared. Lin Dong looked around him and realised that the current Thunder World was empty. Moreover, the chaotic energy within the Thunder World caused him to frown slightly.


Just as Lin Dong furrowed his brows, a silver light suddenly flashed past him. Finally, it transformed into a glowing figure. It was the Lightning Emperor.

“Lin Dong, when you see this message, it means that you have successfully gained control of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol. Congratulations. Haha, I really wish to see what your future holds, now that you own two great Ancestral Symbols. Unfortunately… I do not have any time left.

“Currently, I am about to completely disappear from this world. The energy of this Thunder World is also vanishing and this has made it unstable. Hence, I have sent the little girl out first. This is the Yuan Spirit Soul Scale that she left for you. You can use this to look for her once you leave.”

The Lightning Emperor’s voice had only just sounded out when a blue light shot towards Lin Dong. After which, it turned into a blue scale that appeared in front of Lin Dong.

“Although you possess two great Ancestral Symbol, you are still quite weak. Remember not to expose yourself easily. Otherwise, there will definitely be Yimo hunting after you. It would be quite difficult for you to protect those two great Ancestral Symbols with your current strength.

“Haha, I shall not say anything more. Hopefully, you will be able to turn things around when the world faces another calamity in the future. I believe in the choice of the great Symbol Ancestor…”


The image in front of Lin Dong slowly turned into spots of light and vanished. The former owner of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, who was once renowned across the entire world, had completely disappeared.

Lin Dong’s expression was complicated as he stared at the scattering light spots. Immediately, he respectfully bowed at him, giving him the due respect that a younger generation member should pay to an elder.

“Elder Lightning Emperor, may you rest in peace.”

Lin Dong lifted his head a moment later. He controlled his emotions and once again glanced at this chaotic Thunder World. With a wave of his sleeve, the space became distorted and his body also quickly disappeared.

This Thunder World was once again devoid of life after Lin Dong disappeared. Chaotic strength waited for its eventual destruction.

Lightning Hall.

There was no longer anyone here when Lin Dong returned to this place. Clearly, all the treasure seekers had left this place after the two months.

“I should look for Lingshan first.”

Lin Dong’s body moved upon seeing this. He hurried out from the Lightning Hall and was about to exit, when storm clouds suddenly gathered in the sky. Wild and violent thunder roars resounded over the place.

“Wind Lightning Trial?”

Lin Dong was immediately startled upon witnessing this familiar sight. Promptly, he broke into a smile. Given the improvements in his Mental Energy cultivation, there ought to have been a Wind Lightning Trial. However, in that mysterious space, no Wind Lightning Trial could appear. Now that he had left that place, the trial came looking for him immediately.

“Just how many Wind Lightning Trials are stacked together?”

Lin Dong revealed a strange expression. He had leapt from the four seal Heaven Symbol Master directly to the peak of the initial Divine Symbol Master. Just how many Wind Lightning Trial would he would have to experience?

Lin Dong smiled and shook his head after he thought of this. However, he completely ignored the stacked Wind Lightning Trials in the sky. His body moved as he directly rushed out of the Lightning Hall.

Bang bang!

Countless wild and violent thunderbolts came whistling downwards after Lin Dong rushed out. All of them came chasing after him.

“Get lost!”

Lin Dong paused before he suddenly turned around. Lightning glow flashed within his eyes before a cry was suddenly emitted from within his mouth.


A strange scene immediately occurred after Lin Dong’s cry escaped from his mouth. One could see that the thunderbolts, which were whistling downwards, suddenly froze before they flew back at a shocking speed. From the looks of it, it was as though they had witnessed an extremely terrifying creature.

Various Wind Lightning Trial wiggled through the sky. Finally, they strangely scattered in a bitter fashion…

All of these so-called divine wrath thunderbolts, were just like subordinates whom did not dare to show disrespect to Lin Dong, who was the owner of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol.

Lin Dong looked at those disappearing storms cloud before he lifted the corner of his mouth. Perhaps, he was the only person in this world who could undergo the Wind Lightning Trial in such a fashion?


Lin Dong smiled as he thought of this. Following which, his body swiftly rushed forward. A moment later, he charged out of the Lightning Cave and resurfaced in the Sky Lightning Sea Region.

Hum hum!

His mind was suddenly jolted the moment he left the Lightning Cave. He clenched his fists as the Yuan Spirit Soul Scale, that Mu Lingshan had given him, began to shake. Soon after, her somewhat anxious voice was emitted from within it.

“Brother Lin Dong, do not come to the Sky Lightning Island outside of the Sky Lightning Sea Region. The Nine Serene Gate, Mysterious Sky Hall and those three fellows from Yuan Gate are waiting for you there. I have been trapped by them. Moreover, they have even stronger reinforcements along the way. Do not come!

The smile on Lin Dong’s face slowly disappeared when he heard the clear voice emitted from within the scale. A cold and stern murderous expression replaced it instead.

“Are they all together? It’s just as well. Saves me the trouble of looking for them.”

Lin Dong muttered to himself before his expression suddenly turned cold. After which, he moved and transformed into a green light, rushing towards the sky and swiftly heading towards the Sky Lightning Island.

Murderous intent surged towards the clouds at this moment.