Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 982: Refining the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol

Chapter 982: Refining the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol


Chapter 982: Refining the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol

The ancient lightning symbol flickered with lightning as it silently hovered in front of Lin Dong. Even with the latter’s usual calm, his body had involuntarily trembled from excitement as he looked at the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol in close proximity.

Although he was excited, Lin Dong did not reach out his hand. This was because he knew that obtaining the acknowledgement of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol did not mean that he had succeeded…

There was still the Devouring Ancestral Symbol within his body. If the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol was absorbed into his body, the power of the two Ancestral Symbols would definitely reject each other. The result of this mutual rejection was something that Lin Dong would not be able to endure no matter how powerful his physical body had now become.


Lin Dong could only look upon this Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol which was just a grasp away. After which, he cried out within his mind. It was likely that he was clearly aware that the coexistence of the two Ancestral Symbols involved some risk.

“Oh… you have obtained its acknowledgement. What a lucky fellow.” Yan’s lazy voice was once again emitted. This voice caused Lin Dong to grind his teeth a little.

“What should I do now?”

“The power of the Ancestral Symbol is exceptionally overbearing. If an ordinary person was to obtain just one of them, he would possess an extremely powerful strength. It is naturally impossible to have a second one.” Yan said.

“Of course, if you are able to reach the strength of my owner, the Symbol Ancestor, it will not be difficult for you to simultaneously wield all eight Ancestral Symbols.”

Lin Dong could not help but laugh bitterly upon hearing this. Only one Symbol Ancestor had appeared since ancient times. How could he compare with the latter…

“You are lucky to have obtained the Devouring Ancestral Symbol first. Devouring Power is considered the greatest accommodating power amongst the eight great Ancestral Symbols. Although, there is still substantial risk in attempting to accommodate the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, it is fortunate that you are also in possession of the Ancestral Stone…”

“Ancestral Stone?” Lin Dong was startled. He quickly asked in surprise, “Does the Ancestral Stone also have such a function?”

“The reason for my creation back then was to create balance between the powers of the eight great Ancestral Symbols.” Yan’s faint voice contained a pride that could not be hidden.

“Although I have yet to recover all of my power, there is only the Devouring Ancestral Symbol and the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol inside your body. It should not be impossible to maintain a balance between them.”

Lin Dong’s eyes revealed some joy after he heard these words.

“Allow your mind to sink into your Niwan Palace. After which, accept the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol. We will act together to maintain the equilibrium between these two great Ancestral Symbols.

“Additionally, your Mental Energy, which has not progressed much previously can also use this opportunity to grow.”

The joy within Lin Dong’s eyes became even denser. “My Mental Energy can also be strengthened?”

The cultivation of Lin Dong’s Mental Energy was quite strange. Although even Little Marten had nothing but praise for his Mental Energy talent, it seemed to have entered a bottleneck after the huge leap back then, hence it had been difficult for him to have another breakthrough. This caused Lin Dong to feel a little awkward. After all, he already possessed the strength of an advance Profound Life stage expert. However, his Mental Energy was still at the Heavenly Symbol Master level. That was merely equivalent to the Nirvana stage…

“The reason that your Mental Energy has not progressed is because it is supporting the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. However, it does not simply devour your Mental Energy without remuneration. It is more akin to a kind of accumulation. Once the time is ripe, it will return all of it to you. Furthermore, the returned Mental Energy will be even more powerful.”

“I understand.”

Lin Dong ceased hesitating as he nodded his head. His body sat in the air as both he tightly shut his eyes. Soon after, light scattered from his brow while the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol floating in front of him also turned into a lightning glow that charged into his head.

Lin Dong quickly followed as the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol entered his Niwan Palace.

The interior of his Niwan Palace was like its own small world. Majestic Mental Energy rippled within it while a black hole quietly floated at its centre. It continuously devoured all the Mental Energy that filled the place as it rotated.


A lightning glow suddenly broke the peace of this small world. It was just like a falling lightning star that had barbarically charge into this tiny world. In the end, it slowly stabilised itself in the sky.


Thunderbolts appeared as this Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol entered the small world. Lightning spread across the sky in an attempt to dominate everything in an overbearing fashion.

The overbearing manner of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol was naturally unacceptable to the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Immediately, the black hole rotated as black light swept out in all directions.

Two enormous powers interweaved in the sky. Quickly after, wild and violent energy fluctuations spread. The entire place seemed to have been turned upside down by the power of these two forces.

Lin Dong was speechless as he observed this mess. He was finally aware of why Mo Luo had objected to him wanting to refine the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol while being in possession of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol…

“Yan, do it.”

Lin Dong helplessly said. If these two big fellows were to continue on like this. His Niwan Palace would be forcefully shattered.


Yan’s voice sounded within Lin Dong’s mind. Soon after, a gentle white light unfurled in the small world. After which, the Ancestral Stone appeared between the two great Ancestral Symbols.

“Seal of equilibrium!”

Yan’s body had also appeared from within the Ancestral Stone. Both of his hands formed a seal. A low roar resounded.

Swish swish!

After Yan’s cry was emitted, it was possible to see two threads of white light suddenly rush out from his palm. One connected to the Devouring Ancestral Symbol while the other connected to the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol. An extremely complicated and obscure light seal slowly formed where the two threads of light intersected.

The light seal looked like a scale as it gently swung. However, it ultimately reached an equilibrium. The two ends of the equilibrium seemed to be the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol and the Devouring Ancestral Symbol.

Unique fluctuations travelled along the threads of light and finally poured into the two great Ancestral Symbols. Soon after, the Ancestral Symbols trembled as the two grappling powers in the sky began to slowly blend together.

Lin Dong looked at the two powers in the sky which had finally ceased opposing each other. Only then did he heave a sigh of relief. Yan was indeed right. It did possess a magical power that could balance the powers of the Ancestral Symbols. Of course, Lin Dong could also sense that much of the credit belonged to the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. If it was not because its energy possessed an accommodating aspect, even Yan would have great difficulty maintaining the two Ancestral Symbols at such a subtle equilibrium.

After the two great Ancestral Symbols gradually calmed down, Lin Dong suddenly sensed that the Devouring Ancestral Symbol had suddenly begun rotate even more rapidly. Wave after wave of majestic sea like Mental Energy crazily surged out from within as it rotated.

Vast Mental Energy surged into this small world as the size of this world immediately began to expand. Even lightning storms had begun to form.

Lin Dong spread his hands as he watched this scene. He could sense that his Mental Energy was soaring at a shocking speed at this moment.

The stagnant feeling from before had completely disappeared at this moment. Layer after layer of obstructions were easily broken like hot knife through butter under the majestic ocean like Mental Energy.


The entire small world seemed to be welcoming a huge change at this moment.

While Lin Dong’s Mental Energy was soaring, extremely vigorous Yuan Power also began to surge within his body like floodwaters. There was an additional silver lustre within his Yuan Power. Lightning flickered within his Yuan Power as it flowed, filling it with a tyrannical offensive strength.

Hu hu!

As Yuan power whistled, astonishing fluctuations started to erupt from Lin Dong’s body making him appear similar to a recently awakened lion.


Lin Dong silently sat in the empty space while majestic Yuan Power gathered around his body like a storm. Besides Yuan Power, mighty Mental Energy also rotated with a whistling sound.

Lin Dong peacefully sat between the two energies as his aura began to climb little by little.