Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 981: A Hundred Thousand Thunderbolts to Create the Lightning Body

Chapter 981: A Hundred Thousand Thunderbolts to Create the Lightning Body


Chapter 981: A Hundred Thousand Thunderbolts to Create the Lightning Body

Within the world filled with the glow of lightning, a hundred thousand feet large thunderbolt tore through the sky like a lightning dragon. It seemed to contain the power that could destroy the world as it ruthlessly descended, before striking the thin figure seated in the air.

Lightning glow seemed to fill the sky as it spread in all directions while countless arcs of lightning seemed to pour down like swimming snakes and thunder boomed continuously.

However, that skinny figure was a still as a statue in the face of this terrifying bombardment. His body was like a boulder that had taken root in the air. No external force was able to move him at all.

Lin Dong’s body was currently extremely shrivelled. Silver light surfaced on his skin, causing him to appear like those silver corpses in the lightning cave dwelling. Fortunately, there was still a faint trace of life in his body.

Chi chi.

Lightning arcs leaped on the surface of Lin Dong’s body and constantly shuttled in and out of the pores all over his body. His originally black hair had turned silver from bathing under the lightning glow.

The current Lin Dong was in an unusual unconscious state. He could clearly sense that his physical body was about to fall apart. However, he relied on his willpower to forcefully maintain his physical body at the boundary between being destroyed and maintaining its integrity.

As he maintained his body within this boundary, a somewhat mysterious change seemed to be quietly brewing.

If one could peer into Lin Dong’s body, one would discover that his body was covered in countless silver lightning patterns. These lightning patterns covered every bone and muscle within his body. At a glance, it appeared like a fine lightning net that tightly connected Lin Dong’s body together. Each time lightning struck Lin Dong’s body, this lightning net would become a little brighter…

On the whole, some strange changes seemed to be gradually happening to Lin Dong as he continued to be blasted by several hundreds and thousands of thunderbolts…

Moreover, this strange change seemed to be stealthily intensifying following the flow of time.


The concept of time was extremely vague to the unconscious Lin Dong within this Thunder World. He did not know how long he had remained in this state. At times it seemed like a year, while at other times it might be ten…

Lin Dong’s mind drifted within this unconsciousness state, however, he firmly retained his will. This was because he was clearly aware that if this will was destroyed by the lightning, there would truly be no hope left for him.

There were still many things that he needed to do…

He needed to become stronger and return to the Eastern Xuan Region.

He needed to tell that girl, who appeared cool and proud on the surface while a tender heart lay beneath, that he would sooner or later become strong enough that she would have to look up to him.

He needed to tell that lively as a pixie like girl that he would protect her innocent and worry-free smile.

He needed to tell that girl, whose heart ached as he tried his best alone, that his shoulders were able to support everything for her.

Hence, he could not die!

A furious roar that was filled with unwillingness suddenly resounded from deep within Lin Dong’s soul. His blurry consciousness braced itself as a trace of sunlight shot through the layers of black clouds and shone onto his murky mind.


Lin Dong’s tightly shut eyes suddenly opened at this moment. Bright lightning light shot out from within his eyes as a thunderous roar suddenly resounded.

“Ninety nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine!”

Lin Dong suddenly lifted his head with the return of his consciousness. Those eyes contained a lightning glow as they looked at the lightning filled sky. He roared, “Descend final thunderbolt!”


Countless thunderbolts slowly wiggled in the distant sky as if in reply to Lin Dong’s roar. Finally, a huge hundreds of thousand feet large thunderbolt began to agglomerate.


A deafening dragon like roar suddenly sounded. One could only watch as the huge thunderbolt in the sky transformed into a lightning dragon that was hundreds of thousand feet in size.

The lightning dragon’s huge body was entrenched in the air. Those enormous lightning eyes flickered with lightning as it stared at Lin Dong below. This sight was sufficient to shock one to the point of feeling a chill within one’s heart.

However, Lin Dong was without fear as his gaze met the lightning dragon’s. Moments later, the corners of his mouth lifted as a crazy smile appeared. Soon after, he slowly extended both of his hands as though he was welcoming the lightning’s final fury.


The lightning dragon appeared to have sensed Lin Dong’s provocation. Lightning danced crazily over its huge body before it suddenly descended.

Boom boom boom!

The lightning dragon whistled downwards. This world seemed to tremble as its body shot out. Its momentum seemed to be able to destroy the world.

Lin Dong extended his hand as the smile on his lips grew even crazier.

The enormous lightning dragon was accompanied by a huge shadow. In the end, it ruthlessly smashed onto the defenceless body of Lin Dong like a falling meteorite.


A deep sound echoed in the sky. Lin Dong’s body was practically shattered at the instant of collision. Foamy blood spread and not even bones remained.

The lightning dragon whistled past. Only when it made contact with the land did the dragon roar finally fade. As it returned to the land, a cluster of bloody mist slowly drifted behind it.

The bloody mist quietly drifted in the sky. This state lasted for an unknowingly long time. Suddenly a lightning glow flashed and appeared within the bloody mist as many densely packed lightning arcs appeared before swiftly spreading. At the same time, the bloody must began to shrink. Finally, it completely entered the silhouette that the lightning patterns had formed.

Blood and flesh gathered in a mysterious fashion. At the end, silver light flashed and an almost perfect body directly rose from the flickering lightning.

The appearance of this figure was exactly the same as Lin Dong. However, there was a kind aura that was difficult to describe being quietly emitted. It felt as though one was facing the divine might of lightning.

Lin Dong lowered his head. He looked at this physical body which was created from experiencing a hundred thousand thunderbolts. Initially, a dazed look flashed across his eyes. Soon after however, both of his palms were slowly clenched.

Bang bang!

Lin Dong clenched his fist as a terrifying power immediately whistled out from Lin Dong’s limbs like ferocious prehistoric beasts. This strength was even more ferocious and overbearing than before.

It felt as though it was limitless.

Lin Dong lifted his head and looked at the thunderbolts whistling across the sky. At this moment, he no longer felt the slightest fear towards these thunderbolts that contained wild and violent energy. Instead, he felt a strange intimacy towards them.

A lightning glow flickered within Lin Dong’s eyes. He slowly extended his hand and grabbed at the thunderbolt that had fallen in front of him.

The thunderbolt did not cause him any harm when it came into contact with Lin Dong’s hand. The originally proud and untamable energy appeared as gentle as sheep as it quietly swirled in his hand,

Lin Dong watched the quietly swirling thunderbolt on his palm as a smile emerged from the corners of his mouth. After which, he looked at the lightning covered sky.

Humm humm!

The lightning in the sky rippled. Soon after, it turned into a huge maelstrom of thunderbolts. A bolt of lightning shot down from the middle of the maelstrom. At its centre was an ancient symbol. It descended and finally appeared in front of Lin Dong.

Lin Dong gazed at the ancient lightning symbol that had appeared before him. He could no longer hide the wild joy and excitement in his eyes. An extremely happy and hearty laughter resounded across this world along with thunder.

Because he knew; after experiencing a hundred thousand thunderbolts that led to the creation of the lightning body, he had now finally obtained the acknowledgement of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol!