Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 980: I Stand Unbending

Chapter 980: I Stand Unbending


Chapter 980: I Stand Unbending

It was a completely chaotic world. The sky and land seemed to be co-existing in an undefined state.

Lin Dong’s body drifted amidst this chaos. His eyes were a little lost as he blindly observed his surroundings. Following which, he clenched his hand and muttered to himself, “This is… inside the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, right?”

Having understood the reason, Lin Dong gradually calmed down soon after. Having experienced the trial of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, he understood that if he wanted to obtain the strength of an Ancestral Symbol, he must first be acknowledged by that Ancestral Symbol.

It was likely that this step was taking place right now.

In the past, in order for Lin Dong to be acknowledged by the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, he spent half a year within the lonely darkness. Only then, did he manage to find an exit and obtain the acknowledgement of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol.

Lin Dong collected himself. Following which, he sat down in mid-air, while his eyes calmly observed the changes of this chaotic world.

Chaos rose. There seemed to be a vast and mighty energy gathering within the mess. Soon after, an extremely low and deep thunder roar was suddenly emitted within the quiet chaos.

The thunder roar was not loud initially and it felt just like a newborn baby. Meanwhile, that soft sound was accompanied by a curiosity towards this world.

Bang bang!

With the flow of time, the thunder roar gradually became louder. In the end, it actually reverberated throughout this entire chaotic world. It was possible for Lin Dong to see a ray of silver light surfacing from the source of the lightning roar. An ancient yet powerful fluctuation quietly spread.

“Is this the birth of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol…” Lin Dong looked at the lightning glow born within the chaos and pondered.


The chaotic world suddenly changed while this thought flashed past Lin Dong’s mind. The surrounding chaos immediately turned into a lightning world. Hundred thousand feet large thunderbolts continuously descended onto the world like lightning dragons. The rumbling noise was simply deafening.

Lin Dong’s skin was numb as he looked at this lightning world. This sight even caused his soul to stir. The outside Thunder World was nothing compared to this place.

“Yan, how exactly do I pass this test?” Lin Dong involuntarily inquired in his heart.

“It seems like you will have to suffer in order to obtain the acknowledgement of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol.” Yan’s feeble voice sounded out. However, Lin Dong could hear a gloating tone from within it.

“Suffer?” Lin Dong carefully asked.


However, just as Lin Dong was planning to ask for more answers, a ten thousand feet large lightning suddenly cut through the sky. It penetrated through the air and ruthlessly smashed against Lin Dong.

Lin Dong lifted his head in shock. Silver light filled his jet-black pupils. Due to that thunderbolt’s frightening speed, he was unable to dodge it in time. All he could do, was simply watch as that thunderbolt smashed against his body.


A low and deep voice spread. Lin Dong’s body felt as though it had suffered a heavy blow as he directly flew off ten thousand feet. Following which, he spat fresh blood wildly while a lightning glow flashed over his body. After which, it crazily drilled into his body.


An indescribable intense pain spread across Lin Dong’s body. It felt as though every bone in his body was shattered by that thunderbolt. Cold sweat covered his body and even with Lin Dong’s tenacity, he involuntarily let out a sharp and miserable cry due to that intense pain.

“The Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol has an domineering character. It is not as mysterious and unfathomable as the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Trying to gain its acceptance is not a difficult process. All you need to do is to survive after it strikes you a hundred thousand times.” Yan casually mentioned.

“A hundred thousand times? Damnit, are you trying to play with me?”

Lin Dong’s expression changed drastically as he involuntarily cursed. Just the first lightning strike had already left him in such a miserable state. If a hundred thousand thunderbolts struck him, it was likely that there would be nothing left of him!

“You have already entered this place and it is impossible for you to leave now. Hence, try your best.” Yan’s faint voice directly caused Lin Dong’s expression to turn pale.

“There is not much I can do to help you in this place. A hundred thousand thunderbolts. Forget about you. Even a Profound Death stage expert would be reduced into ashes. However… there are times when the perseverance of a person is even stronger than one’s physical body.”

“With a mountain-like perseverance, I shall stand unbending. Only through repeated tempering, will I become great.” Yan’s voice became increasingly softer. In the end, it completely disappeared.

“Yan! Yan!”

Lin Dong hurriedly cried out loud within his heart. However, there was no longer any response. Immediately, he felt his face turn green.Was this fellow simply going to abandon him and leave?

While Lin Dong was hurriedly shouting out loud, one could see that there was another ten thousand feet large thunderbolt suddenly whistling downwards. It was like a ferocious lightning dragon that ruthlessly shot over.


Lin Dong’s face was green as he furiously cursed. However, he had only cursed out loud when that ten thousand feet large thunderbolt landed on his body. A thunder resounded before fresh blood spurted forth. At this moment, Lin Dong’s physical body had been blasted into mincemeat, appearing quite miserable.

“Damn you!”

Lin Dong’s body was blasted until it was charred black. With his hair straightened, he promptly clenched his teeth, lifted his head and roared towards the sky.

“Bang bang!”

The roar sounded. Another thunderbolt quickly followed. It directly sent Lin Dong flying ten thousand feet.

“Damn you, come at me again!”

An intense shattering pain rose from within Lin Dong’s body. It gradually caused Lin Dong’s eyes to turn scarlet red. The stubbornness nature deep within his bones surged forth. He staggered to his feet and cried out furiously towards the sky.

These thunderbolts clearly did not give in to Lin Dong. One after another, huge and terrifying thunderbolts continuously poured down and ruthlessly smashed against Lin Dong’s body.

“Damn you…”



“I’m greater than your mother!”

“I’ll slaughter your whole family!”


Countless lightning dragon like thunderbolts whistled within the lightning world. Finally, they continuously smashed towards that tiny human figure. Loud rumbling noises reverberated across the entire place.

This wild and violent explosion continued for a long period of time. Initially, Lin Dong would still keep count of the number of times that he was struck. As time went on however, the injuries within his body became increasingly serious and his mind began to turn blurry. It made him forget the number of times that he was struck. All he could feel was the intense pain, which was spreading across every inch of his body and the countless number of times he lingered between life and death.

Under the explosive force from those thunderbolts, the bones and meridians within his body seemed to have completely turned into dust…

Lin Dong’s mind was turning blurry, but his body did not collapse. The stubbornness and strength drilled deep within his bones, made him as strong as a rock, and did not allow him to completely lose himself amidst the thunderbolt strikes.

“My heart is like a rock… persevere like a mountain…”

A muttering sound continued to resound within Lin Dong’s heart. It had become the only thing that he could rely on under this terrifying thunderbolt attack.

Lin Dong’s body appeared terribly weak in front of the lightning. However, his mind was unafraid of the lightning!


The lightning in the sky continued to rain down in a merciless fashion…

From some unknown moment, Lin Dong’s body had began to float in mid-air. His body was completely damaged by the lightning strikes. Even the Yuan Power flowing within his medians had completely disappeared.

The three great divine objects within his body had hid to the deepest part of his body and were unable to provide any assistance to Lin Dong.

Lin Dong, who had lost all protection, was completely exposed to the lightning that covered the sky. However, he was surprised to find that despite the fact that his physical body was almost ruined, it did not turn into ashes and scatter off.

A trace of determination and desire made Lin Dong just like an obstinate stone. Regardless of how the wind blew, he continue to persevere and preserve his heart.

Bang bang bang!

The lightning continued to rain down wildly from the sky.

One thousand… five thousand… ten thousand…

No one knew just how many thunderbolts had struck him. However, Lin Dong, who should have been turned into ashes, appeared just like a boat on the monstrous shocking waves,. It swayed wildly but it ultimately did not capsize.

Time slowly went by. A naked young man quietly sat on the empty space. His shrivelled body gradually began to emit a faint lightning glow. Both his hands formed certain seals while he wore a solemn expression. There seemed to be an majestic aura similar to that of the Lightning Emperor’s, quietly radiating from him.