Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 978: I Win

Chapter 978: I Win


Chapter 978: I Win


The enormous red light hurtled past like a fire dragon. In a split second, it had already appeared in front of Lin Dong. The scorching hot energy it radiated grilled Lin Dong’s skin until it turned searing hot.

Lin Dong stared intently at the red light which appeared in front of him. The silver symbol in his hand was suddenly flung forward.


Silver light that seemingly covered the sky erupted after the silver symbol was thrown forward. Immediately, the entire Thunder World began to tremble. The numerous hundred thousand feet large thunderbolts whistling within the Thunder World penetrated through space at this moment and appeared in front of Lin Dong.


Hundred thousand feet large thunderbolts entrenched themselves in front of Lin Dong like lightning dragons, forming the most powerful defence.

The tremendous red light suddenly arrived with a loud bang the instant the lightning light gathered.

Red light and the bright lightning glow ruthlessly collide. Earthshaking thunder resounded and a shockwave that consisted of thunderbolts and flames crazily swept outwards, encompassing a hundred thousand feet radius.

“This power… it looks like that little fellow actually obtained the key…”

The Lightning Emperor was slightly startled as he stared at the source of this energy shockwave. His expression was somewhat strange. This Thunder World was created by him. Since Lin Dong had used the power of the Thunder World, it was natural that he would be able to detect it.

Mo Luo’s attention focused on the area in front of him as his brows also knitted slightly. Clearly, he had similarly sensed the enormous amount of energy that Lin Dong had utilised previously. That power far exceeded what he was capable of unleashing…

The lightning glow and the flame entwined with each other. A long time later, it gradually disappeared and Lin Dong’s body once again appeared in front of the Mu Lingshan trio.

Although the current Lin Dong was drenched with fresh blood and appeared quite miserable, it seemed like the previous attack by Mo Luo, which was even more powerful than the first, did not cause him much harm.

A silver symbol slowly flickered in the air in front of Lin Dong. Wave after wave of unique fluctuation continued to be emitted. At the same time, it continued to resonate with the entire Thunder World.

“So it is the power of the Thunder World…” Mo Luo looked at the silver symbol. Only then did he realise the source of Lin Dong’s power. He immediately frowned and looked at the Lightning Emperor.

“Haha, this has nothing to do with me. It is this little fellow’s good fortune to have obtained the Thunder World key.” The Lightning Emperor laughed. However, there was a gloating feeling in his laughter.

Lin Dong glanced at the Lightning Emperor in gratitude from a great distance away. If he had not relied on the silver symbol to activate the strength of the Thunder World previously, it was likely that he would be unable to handle the second attack from Mo Luo.


As the silver symbol flickered with a lightning glow, a crack suddenly appeared. Finally, it emitted a crack sound and shattered without warning…

Lin Dong’s expression immediately changed when he saw the silver symbol shatter.

“Little fellow, the power of the Thunder World is not as terrifying as you imagine. Mo Luo and I are individuals of the same level. Being able to rely on the power of this place to block one attack is already the limit.” The Lightning Emperor chuckled after seeing this and was not surprised.

Lin Dong laughed bitterly upon hearing this. Looks like it was indeed extremely difficult to use the Thunder World’s power to fight Mo Luo. Was the strength of a Samsara stage expert Ancestral Symbol controller truly so frightening…

“Are you going to receive the third strike?” Mo Luo stared at Lin Dong. For some unknown reason, his tone had became a lot gentler. Two failed attacks were sufficient to astonish him.

“It has already come to this. I cannot simply give up.” A stubborn smile was revealed on Lin Dong’s bloody young face as he softly said.

“Your three great divine objects have been rendered useless. The Thunder World key has also broken. There is perhaps no longer a need for this third strike.” Mo Luo spoke in a low voice.

“Elder Mo Luo, please attack.” Lin Dong firmly stared at Mo Luo. His voice was also quite low and revealed no intention of retreating.

Mo Luo looked at the tough and unyielding young man. A moment later, the warmth on his face once again turned back into indifference. He nodded slowly and said, “It will be as I said before. I will not hold back.”

Crimson red flame swiftly surged out from within his body after Mo Luo’s voice sounded. The soaring temperature caused space itself to distort.

“The Blazing Ancestral Symbol’s power? Isn’t this too much? How can this little fellow endure such an attack given his current strength?” The Lightning Emperor finally frowned and commented in a deep voice after seeing this.

“I will protect his Yuan Spirit.”

Mo Luo spoke in a faint voice. Soon after, he clenched his hand gently. Crimson flames that seemingly covered the sky gradually rose. Finally, it turned into a raging burning sun above his head.

“Lin Dong, it is not too late for you to change your mind now.” Mo Luo placed both of his hands behind his back. His eyes were indifferent as he stared at Lin Dong in the distance and said.

Lin Dong’s mouth parted into a smile. He slowly shook his head in a determined manner.

Mo Luo seemed to sighed softly after seeing this. Immediately, his eyes turned cold as the scorching ten thousand feet large sun instantly swept forth.

Bang bang bang!

The thunderbolts within the Thunder World were immediately scattered and destroyed wherever the scorching sun passed. The overbearing Blazing Ancestral Symbol had directly pushed back the lightning energy.

Lin Dong lifted his head and gazed at the rapidly approaching scorching sun which contained a terrifying power. The Yuan power within his body seemed to have started to burn at this moment.

The blazing sun instantly neared. Lin Dong did not seem to have put up any defence as the flames exploded and devoured him…

Bang bang!

A hundred thousand feet large cluster of flames enveloped Lin Dong. The entire area seemed to have been turned into a sea of fire. Even space itself was distorted under the scorching flames.

“You… this is too ruthless…” The Lightning Emperor looked at the sea of flames in the distance as he frowned and said.

“You bastard!”

Mu Lingshan observed this scene from nearby as her eyes immediately turned red. After which, she directly grabbed the Life Death Coffin Cover and viciously smashed it at Mo Luo.

Mo Luo waved his sleeve. A fiery red light cluster surrounded Mu Lingshan. Regardless of how she swung, it was impossible for her to break the barrier.

“It should be over. I will find his Yuan Spirit. As for his physical body, I will help him to refine one after I bring him back to my Flame Divine Hall.” Mo Luo spoke in a faint voice. Soon after, he looked towards the sea of fire as he prepared to extract Lin Dong’s Yuan Spirit from it.


However, he was just about to act when the Lightning Emperor suddenly exclaimed in shock. His eyes turned towards the middle of the sea of fire. At the same time, Mo Luo also sensed it as a trace of disbelief appeared within his eyes.

“How is this possible…”

Mo Luo was stunned as he mumbled to himself. A skinny figure slowly appeared from within the sea of flames which filled the area. After which, he stepped on the flames which could incinerate a Profound Death stage expert into ashes as he slowly walked out.

Inside the light barrier, Mu Lingshan also stopped moving. Her large eyes were filled with astonishment as she looked at the figure within the sea of fire.

Rustle rustle.

The entire Thunder World descended into silence. Only the faint sound of footsteps from that figure stepping out from the flames slowly echoed.

The figure gradually walked out, becoming increasingly clear as he finally appeared within the sights of the three individuals. At this moment, they finally discovered that a bright red light covered that human figure. At the middle of the light barrier was a crimson palm sized ancient tablet. A fluctuation spread from within it. This fluctuation seemed to be from the same source as the power of the Blazing Ancestral Symbol!

“That ancient tablet… is actually able to guard against an attack from the Blazing Ancestral Symbol!” The Lightning Emperor immediately cried out in surprise after seeing this scene.

Mo Luo’s expression was ugly. His eyes stared intently at the bright red palm sized ancient tablet. He could feel the Blazing Ancestral Symbol within his body emit a strange humming sound when the ancient tablet appeared.

Lin Dong finally exited the sea of flames as the bright red light barrier around him slowly disappeared. At the same time, he extended his hand and the crimson ancient tablet landed in it. Soon after, he lifted his head and smiled slightly at the somewhat rigid Mo Luo.

“Elder Mo Luo, I win.”