Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 977: Bitter Struggle Till The End

Chapter 977: Bitter Struggle Till The End


Chapter 977: Bitter Struggle Till The End

Three layers of solid defence proudly stood in the air. Shocking energy fluctuations were continuously emitted, causing space itself to become somewhat distorted.

“Though you are merely at the advance Profound Life stage, you are actually able to set up such powerful defenses. It must be said that you are indeed quite incredible.”

Mo Luo stood in the air. Red light that spanned ten thousand feet circulated around his body like a lake. He looked at the defences that Lin Dong had set up by using everything he had, before he nodded slightly. Finally, he uttered those words in a faint voice.

“However… I am sorry to inform you that your defences cannot stop me.”

Mo Luo’s eyes suddenly turned stern after his final word sounded as the entire place immediately turned scorching hot. In the next instant, Mo Luo extended his finger and pressed it onto the empty air.


This entire world seemed to explode the moment Mo Luo pressed downwards with his finger. The lightning energy, which originally permeated the area within a hundred thousand feet radius of Mo Luo, was actually forcefully scattered at this moment as an unusually hot and violent Yuan Power replaced it…

The ten thousand feet red light that lingered around Mo Luo seemed like an awakened red dragon at this moment. As it slowly rose up, its body began to bend like a strung bow.


Mo Luo’s faint voice was emitted as that ten thousand feet large red light suddenly rushed forward. Space itself was directly shattered the moment it rushed forward.

“It is coming!”

The red light was reflected in Lin Dong’s eyes while the smile on his youthful face turned increasingly crazier.

The red light was indescribably fast. Lin Dong merely saw a flash, before he noticed that the ten thousand feet red light had already appeared outside of his Ancient Universe Formation. After which, it mercilessly crashed onto the latter like a falling meteorite!


An indescribable loud sound suddenly resounded within the Thunder World. Monstrous bright red light swept apart like magma and filled the horizon.

Buzz buzz!

The Ancient Universe Formation trembled intensely. Wave after wave of disintegration force poured forth in an attempt to disintegrate that frightening red light.

However, the formerly unstoppable disintegration force had met an extremely troublesome opponent this time around. The energy within the red light had agglomerated until it reached a fairly terrifying extent. Therefore, despite the miraculous property of the disintegration force, it was helpless against the red light.


The Ancient Universe Formation defence merely lasted for about a dozen breaths time, before Lin Dong’s pupils suddenly shrunk. He had seen that many cracks were swiftly spreading across it.


The cracks rapidly extended. After which, red light flickered and a loud sound rang out. The entire Ancient Universe Formation was immediately shattered!

This was the first time that his Ancient Universe Formation had been shattered ever since Lin Dong had obtained it!

The strength of a Samsara stage expert so terrifying!

However, the current Lin Dong did not have the time to think about this. This was because the fire dragon like red light was ruthlessly charging towards the second layer, the Ancestral Stone defence, without a decrease in momentum after having broke the Ancient Universe Formation.

Yan’s expression was solemn as he sat on the Ancestral Stone. Gentle white light overflowed and rushed out, causing that light barrier layer to become as sturdy as a ten thousand feet tall iron wall. The current Ancestral Stone had yet to completely recover from its injuries. Additionally, Lin Dong was only at Profound Life stage. Otherwise, with its ability to slay devils back then, even Mo Luo would be no match for it in a head on fight.

The red light whistled as it arrived. Finally, it landed on the light barrier. Another earthshaking loud sound appeared as the light barrier grew fainter at a shockingly rapid speed…


A helpless sigh was emitted from within the now faint light barrier. In the next instant, the light barrier abruptly crumbled and the light from the Ancestral Stone dimmed. Finally, it shot back into Lin Dong’s body.

The second layer, the Ancestral Stone defence had crumbled!

Lin Dong’s eyes were red. He did not expect that the two layers of powerful defences that he had used all his strength to set up, would actually turn out to be so useless against Mo Luo.

“Since I have to fight, I will do so until the end!”

At this moment, Lin Dong was just like a gambler who had staked his entire fortune. His eyes were scarlet red and a low roar was emitted. That final black hole layer began to rotate at an even faster rate.


The red light continued to mercilessly gallop towards him. Finally, it viciously slammed into the final line of defence that Lin Dong had set up.


The enormous black hole frantically rotated. Devouring Power was unleashed at full strength as it continuously swallowed the wild and violent energy that permeated the red light.

The two forces were locked in a stalemate at this moment.

Lin Dong stared intently at the wildly rotating black hole. Although the stalemate continued, his heart suddenly sunk. This was because he sensed that the effect of the Devouring Power was rapidly weakening.

The energy within the red light was too vast and mighty. With the Devouring Power that he was currently able to utilise, it was impossible to completely devour this energy!

Sizzle sizzle!

Traces of bright red light suddenly shot out from within the black hole as the rotating speed of the black hole rapidly fell. Clearly, its devouring had already reached the limit.

However, after these three layers, the ten thousand feet red light had also shrunk to a thousand feet. Clearly, it had also exhausted a great amount of energy along the way.

The red light that seeped out from within the black hole grew increasingly dense. After ten breaths, wild and violent bright red energy suddenly swept out from within it as the black hole was directly blown apart.

His three mighty defences had been completely shattered at the moment!

Lin Dong’s body was completely exposed under the preying red light.

“You have lost.” Mo Luo spoke indifferently.

“Even if I no longer have any defences, I still have my body!”

Red light flashed within Lin Dong’s eyes. Soon after, he roared at the sky. Bright green light erupted from his body as thirty five green dragon light tattoos flew out and danced around him.


Thirty five green dragon light tattoos swirled around Lin Dong. Lin Dong took the initiative and charged forward, ruthlessly slamming against the red light which had shrunk to a hundred feet in front of Mu Lingshan’s stunned eyes.

Wild and violent energy unfurled in the sky. The charging green light was directly sent flying while Lin Dong wildly spurted fresh blood as he was flung backwards. The thirty five green dragon light tattoos had been blown apart.

“What a ferocious little fellow.” The Lightning Emperor looked at the green light figure whose bloody body had been sent flying a hundred thousand feet. After which, he looked at the red light which had shrunk until it was annihilated as a shocked expression involuntarily appeared in his eyes.

The first attack from Mo Luo was actually withstood by Lin Dong.

“Cough… cough…”

Lin Dong was covered in blood as he stood in the distant sky. He could feel the intense pain within his body. However, his eyes appeared exceptionally excited. He quickly wiped off the blood on his face. He knew that he had managed to receive Mo Luo’s first attack…

A momentary silence appeared in the sky. Mo Luo was stunned as he watched this scene. However, he quickly recovered his senses and spoke in a faint voice, “My first attack has already broken all your tricks. Is there really a need to continue in your current state?”

“Elder Mo Luo, there is no need to say such useless words at this moment.”

Lin Dong lifted his head. His eyes were bright red as he stared at Mo Luo. Promptly, he grinned. Blood involuntarily flowed out from the corners of his mouth as he spoke.

Mo Luo nodded. He waved his hand and another red light appeared. This time around, this red light was even stronger than before. There were even some wisps of flames lingering over it.

“Isn’t this a little too vicious?” The Lightning Emperor could not help but remark upon seeing this.

Mo Luo ignored him. He waved his hand as the several tens of thousands feet large red light once again shattered space and blasted towards Lin Dong with lightning speed.

He wanted to find out how Lin Dong, who had lost his three great divine objects, was going to block this attack.

Lin Dong spat out a mouthful of bloody foam. When he stared at the wild and violent red light that was charging towards him, he suddenly grinned. Promptly, he clenched his fist as a silver symbol appeared in his hand.

Even Mo Luo will not be able to make Lin Dong admit defeat!