Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 976: Using Every Means Possible

Chapter 976: Using Every Means Possible


Chapter 976: Using Every Means Possible

Lin Dong clearly knew that it was going to be a difficult task, for his current self to take three strikes from a Samsara stage super expert, notwithstanding the fact that he also had an Ancestral Symbol.

However, regardless, the only thing he knew was that he must not give up on the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol in front of him.

Even if there was only a slim chance that he could endure three strikes from Mo Luo, he did not want to give up!

The Lightning Emperor was in shock as he stared at Lin Dong, who did not show any signs of fear despite being pressured by Mo Luo. He immediately nodded. The latter’s tenacity was something that even he admired.

Mo Luo saw Lin Dong nod, but did not continue speaking anymore. He spoke in a faint voice, “I will give you an hour to recuperate.”

Upon hearing his words, without further ado, Lin Dong immediately sat down and circulated his Devouring Power, swallowing all the lightning energy that surrounded him. After which, he turned it into churning Yuan Power that surged throughout his meridians and limbs.

He knew that the subsequent fight would be the most intense one that he ever had. Mo Luo was likely more powerful than the three great sect chiefs in Yuan Gate. Moreover, it was unlikely that the latter would hold back, since he wanted to obtain the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol as well…

Standing beside him, when Mu Lingshan saw that Lin Dong was being forced to fight with Mo Luo, she glared at the latter angrily before she clearly said: “Bully. How shameless.”

Mo Luo curled his lips. Given his status, it was naturally impossible for him to engage in an argument with Mu Lingshan. He could only turn his head around and act as if he had not heard the little girl’s protest.

“Three strikes… it is not easy to receive them.” The Lightning Emperor laughed as he stood at the side. Mo Luo is a genuine Samsara stage expert and an Ancestral Symbol owner. Even an ordinary Reincarnation stage expert would have difficulty dealing with him, much less someone like Lin Dong, who was only at advance Profound Life stage. The gap between the two could not be measured.

“There is no objective justice in this world.” Mo Luo spoke in a faint voice. “I have given him an opportunity. Even though it is a slim one, whether he is able to grab hold of it would be determined by his own abilities. Since he has been chosen by the Symbol Ancestor, I think that he should have the ability to create a miracle.”

“Hopefully… however, this has gone a little too overboard… it seems like you are bullying a younger generation member.” The Lightning Emperor nodded.

Mo Luo helplessly glanced at the Lightning Emperor and said, “When are you going to disappear?”

“Soon. But who speaks as outrageously as you. ” The Lightning Emperor smiled. He glanced at his body, which was gradually becoming paler and sighed. “Those damned Yimo…”

“I will destroy all the Yimo in this plane.” Mo Luo stated in a faint voice. His voice contained a trace of extreme fanaticism.

“It seems like you have an major grudge with them?” The Lightning Emperor looked at Mo Luo in surprise and remarked.

“When I first obtained the Blazing Ancestral Symbol, I was also around his age…” Mo Luo glanced at Lin Dong, who was recuperating. The hands under his sleeves slowly clenched up.

“However, I was unable to control myself and did not keep a low profile like him. The Blazing Ancestral Symbol was exposed and that ultimately drew the Yimo. My entire family was completely wiped out while my father had to sacrifice himself to aid my escape…”

“From that moment on, I finally learnt how to endure. Only after I stepped into the Samsara stage and established the Flame Divine Hall, did I expose the existence of the Blazing Ancestral Symbol. If I had learnt this lesson early on, perhaps… my family members would still be alive.”

The Lightning Emperor nodded slightly. It turns out that this Mo Luo also had such a past. The Ancestral Symbol might bring one strength, but it would also bring a great danger along with it.

Subsequently, the Lightning Emperor ceased speaking while Mo Luo also descended into his memories. His expression changed while there was quite a great fluctuation in his emotions.

An hour passed in the blink of an eye amidst this silence. Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly opened at that moment. His dark black eyes had a glow surging within them. Majestic Yuan Power whistled and flowed throughout his meridians, filling him with strength that spread throughout every part of his body.

Lin Dong lifted his head and suddenly stood up. Yuan Power surged around him as his sharp eyes looked at Mo Luo. Immediately, he cupped his hands together and said, “Elder Mo Luo, I will be seeking your guidance!”

Mo Luo’s eyes looked at the heated eyes of Lin Dong. His face twitched a little before he ultimately nodded in silence. “I will not hold back.”

“I will do my best.”

Lin Dong parted his mouth into a smile. His body abruptly pulled back before majestic Yuan Power suddenly erupted. The aura around his body also swelled to his limit at this moment.

Mo Luo’s expression was indifferent as he looked at Lin Dong. Though he did not make any visible moves, the space within a hundred thousand feet radius gradually turned hotter.

Crimson light gathered around Mo Luo at a shocking speed. Within a short couple of breaths’ time, it had turned into a ten thousand feet large red beam. The red beam was filled with a terrifying ripple.

Lin Dong watched the ten thousand feet red beam that Mo Luo had casually formed, before a grave expression surged within his eyes. Was this the strength of a Samsara stage expert? One was actually able to create such a terrifying attack with a simple wave of one’s hand…

“Ancient Universe Formation!”

Lin Dong inhaled a deep breath of air before a cry suddenly sounded from within his body. Bright light spluttered out from within his body and subsequently turned into a thousands feet large light formation in the sky in front of him.

The light formation was extremely mysterious. It slowly rotated as waves after waves of unique energy ripple spread from it, causing the space itself to become a little distorted.


The Lightning Emperor was a little surprised when he saw the formation that Lin Dong had summoned. With his eyesight, he was naturally able to detect the powers of this formation. Clearly, this item was extraordinary.

“What an interesting little fellow. He actually possess so many divine objects…”

The Lightning Emperor muttered. The curiosity in his eyes increased. He really wanted to find out how Lin Dong was going to block the three attacks from Mo Luo.

“Ancestor Stone!”

Lin Dong once again let out a low cry. A warm white light whistled out and formed a light curtain behind the formation. The middle of the light curtain was an ancient stone talisman suspended inside. Meanwhile, Yan sat quietly on the stone talisman.

“Devouring Ancestral Symbol!”

Some red light vaguely rose from within Lin Dong’s dark black eyes. Right now, he knew that this fight would likely going to be the toughest fight that he ever had. Hence, he did not conceal any of his trump cards.

Majestic black light once again whistled out from above Lin Dong’s head. After which, it turned into a thousand feet large black spiral hole behind the light curtain.

The swirl rotated slowly while a devouring power was emitted from it. It continued to devour the energy surrounding it to increase its own strength.

“Three great divine objects… however, I’m afraid that you are still lacking…” The Lightning Emperor looked at the formation that Lin Dong had put up. He muttered and nodded slightly. If a Samsara stage expert was to use these three great divine objects, it was likely that even Mo Luo would end up bruised and battered. Unfortunately, Lin Dong was merely at the advance Profound Life stage currently and there was still a massive gap between him and Mo Luo.

Lin Dong summoned the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. He inhaled a couple of deep breaths before the red light within his eyes became even more intense. With a wave of his sleeve, twenty thunderbolt cores came whistling out. After which, all of them were directly thrown into the Devouring Ancestral Symbol.

Bang bang!

Wild and violent energy exploded within the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, while the devouring power circulated crazily in an attempt to devour and refine those wild and violent Thunderbolt Force. Currently, he desperately needed these external boosts to increase his defences. Otherwise, it would be impossible to block Mo Luo’s attack.

“Buzz buzz!”

After twenty over thunderbolt cores were quickly devoured, the black hole also swelled abruptly. Moreover, there was also a majestic energy charging out from it, before it directly rushed towards the light curtain and the light formation in front.

“Using the Devouring Ancestral Symbol’s devouring power to absorb the energy of these thunderbolt cores, then using it to strengthen the other two divine objects huh… it is a good plan indeed.” The Lightning Emperor praised quietly. With his sharp and experienced eyes, he was naturally able to see through Lin Dong’s plans immediately. Even he had to admit that this was the only method Lin Dong had to block Mo Luo.

“It still isn’t enough!”

The wild and violent energy that was formed from the twenty over thunderbolt cores whistled throughout the layers of defence. However, Lin Dong still let out a deep roar within his heart. He clenched his teeth before a huge thunderbolt core once again appeared. It was the thunderbolt core that Zuo Fei had left behind.

“This thunderbolt core… it is formed from Zuo Fei huh…”

The Lightning Emperor looked at the huge thunderbolt core and was startled. His eyes revealed a complicated expression. He was naturally extremely familiar with the fluctuation from his former subordinate.

“Mo Luo has really forced this little fellow into a tight corner…”

The huge thunderbolt core was directly thrown into the Devouring Ancestral Symbol the moment it appeared. After which, the black hole trembled intensely. Waves after waves of terrifying energy spread in a wild manner. After which, they poured into the defences in front.

After this move by Lin Dong, one could see that his three layer of defences, namely the black hole, light curtain and light formation, had spread to a ten thousand feet radius. They appeared extremely spectacular when looking from afar.

Both of Lin Dong’s eyes had turned red. As he looked at this formation that was created with all his might, the smile on his lips contained a trace of insanity. He suddenly lifted his head and looked at Mo Luo, who was watching him with an indifferent expression.

“Elder Mo Luo, please attack!”

Lin Dong’s cry, which was accompanied by a trace of madness that caused one’s expression to change, reverberated over this lightning realm in a low and deep fashion.