Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 975: Competition

Chapter 975: Competition


Chapter 975: Competition

Lightning flickered within the Thunder World, as the atmosphere seem to have solidified at this moment.

Lin Dong tightly pursed his lips. He had invested so much in order to obtain the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol. Now that he had finally arrived at this place, it was impossible for him to simply give up.

Even if the one stopping him was Mo Luo!

Mo Luo placed his hands behind him. His red eyes had an unknown light flickering in them. Similarly, he also has some designs on the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol.


The Lightning Emperor looked at the both of them and smiled. He said, “This little fellow possess the Devouring Ancestral Symbol and his body is able to accommodate several Ancestral Symbols. However, your Blazing Ancestral Symbol is exceptionally domineering by nature and it has the same characteristics as the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol. If you try to forcefully refine it, it is likely that you will be unable to handle it, despite your current strength.”

“I am aware of this.”

Mo Luo did not deny this. He spoke in a faint voice, “I want the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol for another reason. Moreover… even if I am unable to refine the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, I can find a suitable owner for it.”

“Does senior Mo Luo believe that I am unsuitable?” Lin Dong frowned gently and asked.

“You already possess the Devouring Ancestral Symbol and you have a bright future ahead of you. Although the Devouring Ancestral Symbol’s devouring properties allows you to accommodate other Ancestral Symbols, there will still be great risks involved. No one can guarantee that you will succeed.” Mo Luo replied in a deep voice.

“Moreover… you are far too weak. Just possessing the Devouring Ancestral Symbol alone has already placed you in an extremely precarious position. Should you obtain the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, once the Yimo learns about it, you will definitely be hunted down by them.”

“I hope that the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol will go to a top tier expert, who has already matured instead of a growing bud. This is because there is far too much risk involved when it comes to the latter.”

“No one can guarantee whether that person will be targeted by the Yimo while he is still maturing. Moreover, the Ancestral Symbols are divine objects that guards this plane. If another world war erupts in the future, the owners of the Ancestral Symbols will be the main pillar of strength opposing the Yimo. Hence, we cannot afford to lose any of them.”

Lin Dong remained silent. It seems like, ultimately, Mo Luo simply did not trust that he would be able to control this many Ancestral Symbols and to keep them in safe hands…

“I believe that nothing I say will help to ease elder Mo Luo’s doubts. However… though I am not as powerful as elder Mo Luo, when I first obtained the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, I was merely at the Qi Creation Stage. I do not have an powerful background and the only reason I was able to survive till today, is because of my cautious nature. Perhaps, elder Mo Luo is unable to understand this with your status.”

Lin Dong inhaled a deep breath of air and spoke in a deep and soft voice, “Nonetheless, regardless of whether you believe in me or not, I will obtain the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol and refine it!”

“I have confidence in myself. Perhaps in the future, I will end up becoming much more useful than senior Mo Luo ever imagined.”

Lin Dong’s eyes looked directly at Mo Luo. His eyes did not show any signs of submission or avoidance because of the latter’s immense strength. His toughness was his usual style.

“Haha… a bold little fellow indeed.” The lightning emperor laughed. His eyes had a tinge of admiration which could not be concealed.

Mo Luo glanced at the Lightning Emperor and slowly said, “You should be aware of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol’s domineering characteristics. What is the likelihood that it will accomodate his body?”

The Lightning Emperor was startled. He immediately replied, “Although he possess the Devouring Ancestral Symbol… his chances of success should not exceed forty percent. After all, the powers of the Ancestral Symbols are far too great, and it is extremely difficult for them to co-exist in one body.”

“Hence, if you fail… not only will you be unable to obtain the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, your body will also self-destruct as it is unable to withstand the backlash from that frightening strength.” Mo Luo’s eyes turned towards Lin Dong and warned solemnly.

“Little fellow, one should always know one’s limit. You are extremely fortunate to obtain the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Trying to reach for too much might end up costing you more in the end!”

Lin Dong’s eyes stared directly at Mo Luo. A moment later, he shook his head in a determined fashion.

Both parties were extremely stubborn. Neither of them showed any signs of backing off.

“Ugh… this is truly a conflict that gives one a headache.”

A helpless voice was suddenly emitted while both parties were arguing. After which, a white light was emitted from within Lin Dong’s body. A light figure appeared in front of the stunned Mo Luo and the Lightning Emperor.

“Yan.” Lin Dong looked at this light figure, which had revealed itself and was startled.

“Who are you?” Mo Luo’s eyes stared at Yan in surprised. He could sense a relatively strange and ancient aura from the latter. This ancient feeling was actually comparable to an Ancestral Symbol.

“All of you can address me as Yan… of course, you can also call me the soul of the Ancestor Stone.” Yan laughed and said.

“Ancestor Stone?”

The Lightning Emperor’s eyes suddenly hardened. He revealed some shock in his eyes as he looked at Yan, “Are you referring to the Ancestor Stone, that item that was created by the ancient Symbol Ancestor after gathering numerous divine objects, and is ranked second on the ranking board of ancient divine objects?”

“He is indeed my first owner.” Yan gently nodded.

This time around, even the eyes of Mo Luo revealed a grave expression. Only after reaching their stage, was one able to appreciate just how powerful the Symbol Ancestor is. He is the most powerful and greatest person in the history of this plane. Those divine objects that he had spent a great amount of effort to create, would likely be comparable to natural divine objects like the Ancestral Symbol…

“Of course, my current owner is this little fellow.” Yan’s hand pointed towards Lin Dong and laughed.

“It is unexpected that you, who is ranked second on the ranking board of ancient divine objects …would actually choose this little fellow as your owner.” The Lightning Emperor involuntarily exclaimed.

“Haha, it is because I believe that he will be able to reach a stage that no one can imagine in the future.” Yan replied.

“Isn’t it a little too hasty to come to such a conclusion?” Mo Luo frowned and asked. He did not put up any airs in front of Yan. This was because he clearly understood that though he was at Samsara Stage, he posed little threat to the extremely experienced Yan. In fact, the other party had followed that great Symbol Ancestor into war and slain many powerful Yimo during the ancient world war…

“This little fellow is quite good indeed. However, can he really match up to the Symbol Ancestor?” The Lightning Emperor mused. He had always admired Lin Dong. However, even he did not imagine that Lin Dong would be able to reach that shocking level. After all, over all these years, there was no one who was able to reach the level that the Symbol Ancestor reached…

“There is a lingering spirituality that the Symbol Ancestor placed within my body… instead of saying that I am confident, it is more appropriate to say… that the Symbol Ancestor is confident in him. Hence… that’s why I chose him.” Yan softly replied.

“The decision made by the Symbol Ancestor?” The Lightning Emperor and Mo Luo had a change in their expressions. Their expressions were a little strange, the next time they looked at Lin Dong. It was likely that the only person in this world who was chosen by that man was Lin Dong.

Lin Dong was also startled as he looked at Yan. This was also the first time that he had heard of this. Could this be some random story that Yan actually made up? If that was truly the case, he was quite good at it. He actually managed to stunned two great owners of the Ancestral Symbols.

“If the great Symbol Ancestor had somehow chosen him through fate, perhaps he is extraordinary indeed…” The Lightning Emperor looked at Lin Dong in a strange fashion and laughed, “It is unexpected that I am actually able to meet the little fellow chosen by the Symbol Ancestor before my death…”

Lin Dong was embarrassed. He did not know what to say.

“Hence, I hope that you let Lin Dong have the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol. He is perhaps the most suitable person for it.” Yan looked at Mo Luo and said,

Mo Luo knitted his brow. He did not expect that this fight would actually involve the Symbol Ancestor from the ancient times. However, in terms of seniority and experience, Yan clearly outranked him.

Yan and the Lightning Emperor looked at a quiet Mo Luo. They were clearly aware that even though they were his seniors, the most powerful expert present was Mo Luo. They were simply an Ancestor Stone soul, which had yet to be fully healed, and an expert who is about to die. In a real fight, they were naturally no match for Mo Luo…

“Since you have such confidence in him…”

Mo Luo inhaled a deep breath of air in front of their eyes. His voice turned a lot deeper, “I am unable to oppose the Symbol Ancestor’s decision. Henceforth, I shall give him an opportunity.”

Mo Luo’s bright red eyes swept over Lin Dong after he spoke.

“Receive three strikes from me and the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol is yours. Do you dare to accept this challenge?”

Lin Dong’s dark black eyes revealed a heated expression. He nodded without any hesitation while his voice was filled determination and courage.

“I do!”