Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 974: Eliminating The Yimo King

Chapter 974: Eliminating The Yimo King


Chapter 974: Eliminating The Yimo King

Three rays of resplendent light tore through the Thunder World. Finally, they were accompanied by an indescribable destructive fluctuations as they charged into the hundred thousand feet large swirling vortex. Next, theyruthlessly slammed against the evil black sun, that was being continuously pushed back.


A terrifying loud sound directly ricochiated across this Thunder World the moment the collision occurred. Due to that impact, the lightning sea region below was actually shattered into pieces and turned into many large lakes, that floated in the Thunder World.

The black sun collapsed almost instantaneously in the face of this attack and the evil black Qi swiftly disappeared. With the collapse of the black sun, the Yimo king below was also exposed to the attacks of the three great Ancestral Symbols…


The Yimo king stared at the three great Ancestral Symbols whistling towards him, while rich horror spread across his eyes. This time around, it had truly felt the threat of impending death.

“This king does not want to die here!”

The Yimo king roared. Its voice was filled with reluctance. However, no one cared about its screams at this moment. The three great Ancestral Symbols continued to rush over before they mercilessly struck its body.


The body of the Yimo king shattered almost immediately upon collision. Black Qi spread in all directions and began to flee.

Sizzle sizzle.

However, the silver, red and black light quickly scattered after black Qi escaped. Moreover, whenever those black Qi met these three different rays of light, they were just like snow that came into contact with the sun, as they quickly vanished.

“Ah, you despicable humans. How dare you kill this king. Just you wait. One day, my clansmen will definitely flatten your plane and all of you will be our slaves forever!”

A sharp miserable screech richochiated across the Thunder World along with an extremely evil curse as the black Qi disappeared.

“I refuse to accept this!”

“I refuse!”

The extremely violent energy began to slowly disappear from the bottom of the lightning sea. The Yimo king’s body also disappeared along with it…

This Yimo king, which had once destroyed this lightning cavern, was finally vanquished thanks to the combined effort of three great Ancestral Symbols.


Lin Dong was finally unable to hold on any further after the Yimo king was exterminated. Both his hands fell weakly while a pae expression gushed onto his youthful face. Although his body felt feeble, there was some excitement surging within his eyes. After all, who would have imagined that he could actually help Mo Luo and the Lightning Emperor to eliminate an Yimo king… that was a peak expert comparable to a Reincarnation Stage expert!

The black hole in the sky also became much smaller at this moment. Finally, it transformed into a black beam of light and directly flew into Lin Dong’s head.

“Brother Lin Dong, are you alright?” Mu Lingshan hurriedly approached and asked in a worried voice.

Lin Dong waved his hand. At this moment, the Yuan Power within his body was completely exhausted. His exhausted Yuan Power even caused the Yuan Spirit in his Dantian to turn feeble.

“Haha, you are the first person I have seen, who is bold enough to participate in the hunt of an Yimo king, with only the strength of advance Profound Life stage.” The Lightning Emperor smilingly looked at a feeble Lin Dong and said.

Lin Dong laughed bitterly upon hearing this. He immediately said, “As the owner of an Ancestral Symbol, it is impossible to avoid such matters.”

When Lin Dong obtained the Ancestral Symbol back then, he also understood that he would have to shoulder some responsibilities in return for obtaining this strength.

The Ancestral Symbol were created to protect this world. Anyone who controlled them would also have to undertake the role of being a guardian of this world.

The Lightning Emperor nodded as he looked at Lin Dong. His bright silver eyes seemed to contain a trace of admiration. Immediately, he pressed his finger forward. A lightning glow escaped from the tip of his finger and flew towards Lin Dong.

“These are some items left on my body. Since we are fated to meet, I shall give them to you.”

Lin Dong was startled. He extended his hand and received the lightning glow. The lightning flashed and appeared like a lightning crystal. Within it, he could sense an extremely mysterious fluctuation.

“These are some revelations that I obtained after I broke through to the Samsara Stage back then. Perhaps it might be of use to you after you enter the Profound Death stage.”

Lin Dong became excited. A Profound Death stage expert could be considered as a top tier expert in this world. However, if one truly wanted to become a giant, one must step into the Samsara Stage. However, it was not easy to do so. Countless Profound Death stage experts had spent their entire lives trying to do so, only to end up in failure.

Clearly, the final step was not an easy one to take. It was precisely why this lightning crystal was so precious. If those Profound Death stage old demons in the outside world were to learn about it, they would definitely covert it tremendously.

“Thank you elder.”

Lin Dong solemnly cupped his hands together towards the Lightning Emperor and said.

“I am already a dead person. Rather than allowing these things to vanish from this world along with me, I rather give them to you.” The Lightning Emperor laughed in a faint voice.

“Moreover, you are still quite weak. Once the Yimo learns that you possess the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, they will definitely come looking for you.”

Lin Dong nodded his head. He was aware that those Yimo seemed to be quite afraid of the Ancestral Symbols. If given an opportunity, they would definitely attack and eliminate the owners of the Ancestral Symbols. Furthermore, he was not as powerful as Mo Luo. The latter also had an enormous Flame Divine Hall backing him, which he did not have. Hence, he didn’t dare to flaunt his Ancestral Symbol like Mo Luo, who has seemingly told the entire world that he owns the Blazing Ancestral Symbol.

“What is the Yimo situation currently in this world.” The Lightning Emperor glanced at Mo Luo and asked.

“They are hiding far deeper than before…” A dim expression flashed over Mo Luo’s face as he spoke. “Moreover, they are increasingly behaving like an organisation. According to the information that I obtained, there exist a terrifying organisation currently on this plane. Moreover, this mysterious organisation is established by Yimo.”

“Moreover… the Yimos which attacked your lightning cavern back then, might have been dispatched by this organisation.”

The Lightning Emperor frowned slightly. Scattered Yimo forces were not terrifying. What was truly frightening was when they gathered together and had a common goal…

“During these past hundreds of years, there were incidents whereby some lucky individuals, who had obtained some ancient divine objects, ended up being attacked by some mysterious individuals. Even certain top tier experts were surrounded and attacked…”

Lin Dong focused his eyes. Little Marten, who had obtained the Ancestral Stone back then, seemed to have encountered a similar situation. Could it be that the ones who attacked him back then were the Yimo?

“What are they trying to do?” The Lightning Emperor asked.

“They are doing all they can to reduce the fighting prowess of the elite humans and the number of Ancestral Symbol owners.” Mo Luo replied in a faint voice.

“Their eventual goal… should be to tear open a crack on this plane and allow their Yimo army to once again invade this plane…”

The expression of the Lightning Emperor was altered slightly. He asked, “The humans were barely able to win the great world war during the ancient times, and it was only because the great Symbol Ancestor sacrificed himself. If this great war restarts again, who in this world will be able to step up and fill the shoes that the great Symbol Ancestor left?”

Mo Luo slowly nodded. A moment later, he thought for a moment and remarked, “However, based on what I am aware of, there is one person amongst the eight great disciples of the Symbol Ancestor, whom the Symbol Ancestor thought may have a good chance to reach that stage…”

“Who?” The Lightning Emperor asked in shock.

“It should be the one called the Ice Master. She is the Symbol Ancestor’s most outstanding disciple.” Mo Luo voiced his thoughts. “After that world war back then, she also entered into reincarnation. I wonder just when she will awaken…”

“Ice Master?” Seated beside them, when Lin Dong heard this somewhat familiar name, his pupils involuntarily shrunk. The hand under his sleeve also tightened at that moment. Huanhuan… she was the reincarnation of the Ice Master.

“What is it?” Mo Luo looked at Lin Dong and asked in a puzzled manner.

“Nothing…” Lin Dong shook his head. He did not wish to reveal information about Ying Huanhuan. Whether she would awaken or not would entirely depend on her fate. From his perspective, he did not wish to see that lively and energetic young girl turn into another person…

This was even if the awakened Ice Master may become the saviour of this world.

Mo Luo did not inquire any further upon seeing this. He continued, “We do not know much about that mysterious organisation. However, an increasing number of super experts are beginning to notice them. We will begin our investigation.”

The Lightning Emperor nodded and laughed, “I am unable to lend you a helping hand with regards to this matter. Hopefully, this world will be able to avoid the fate of being enslaved by the Yimo.”

The Lightning Emperor’s eyes suddenly stared at Lin Dong and Mo Luo after speaking until this point. There was an unknown expression flashing across his eyes. He immediately pointed towards the sky. That nine headed lightning snake once again turned into a lightning sun.

“Both of you… your reasons for coming here should be because of this, am I right?”

Lin Dong’s and Mo Luo’s eyes hardened after hearing the Lightning Emperor’s words.