Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 973: Three Great Ancestral Symbols

Chapter 973: Three Great Ancestral Symbols


Chapter 973: Three Great Ancestral Symbols


Countless huge thunderbolts suddenly rained down from every direction in the sky at this moment. In contrast, the altar quietly sat amidst the tens of thousands of thunderbolts.

The man seated on the throne opened his eyes, which had been shut for a thousand years, as a resplendent silver glow emerged from his eyes. It was as though there was a lightning realm within them. The frightening fluctuations from them caused one’s heart to tremble with fear.

Lin Dong could clearly feel the lightning, which permeated the Thunder World, turn increasingly wilder and violent when that man opened his eyes. It was as though they were cheering… welcoming their king back.

The silver eyed man opened his eyes before he slowly took a look at Lin Dong and Mo Luo. He was not very handsome, but if one was to observe carefully, he had a unique charm of his own. Meanwhile, a faint smile seemingly appeared on his face.

“Blazing Ancestral Symbol, Devouring Ancestral Symbol… my wait of a thousand years has finally bore fruit.”

“We should not waste any time. You cannot remain in this state for long.” Mo Luo’s eyes paused on the Lightning Emperor. A moment later, he cupped his hands together. Clearly, despite his overbearingness, Mo Luo still paid respect to the owner of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol. This was despite him not showing it through his words.

The Lightning Emperor smiled and nodded. After which, he glanced at Lin Dong. A trace of doubt flashed across his eyes, “The strength of the owner of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol…”

“This little fellow has only just obtained the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. However, it is sufficient.” Mo Luo explained.

“You still haven’t grown huh… in that case you should be extra careful.” The Lightning Emperor slowly said.

“Many thanks to elder for your advice.” Lin Dong cupped his hands together and spoke respectfully. He had gained a lot in this lightning cave dwelling. It was only right for him to pay the Lightning Emperor some respect.

“The Ancestral Symbols provide us with power that far exceeds that of an ordinary person. However, it has also brought us dangers that we are unable to anticipate.” The Lightning Emperor laughed while he slowly sat up on his throne. Bright lightning glow erupted from within his body.

“This soul fragment of mine is indeed unable to survive for long. Let’s fight together while I am still able to control the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol.”

“Lightning Emperor, you pathetic thing who has dragged out an ignoble existence. You actually hid inside the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol for a thousand years because you were afraid of taking me on alone right?!” The Yimo king looked at the Lightning Emperor on the throne from deep within the sea of lightning and involuntarily roared. His roar was filled with fury.

“If you did not suddenly launched a sneak attack while I was undergoing the Reincarnation tribulation, it would have been too easy for me to kill all of you!” The Lightning Emperor’s silver eyes looked towards the roaring Yimo king and spoke in an indifferent voice.

“However, since you are unable to endure being sealed, this emperor shall help free you today.”

The Lightning Emperor abruptly stepped forward after his voice sounded. One could see the ten thousand feet large lightning sun in the sky suddenly release a clap of thunder. After which, the lightning sun began to distort. Promptly, countless lightning bolts came raining down like a waterfall.


Resplendent lightning glow distorted in the sky while an ancient roar faintly echoed. Soon after, Lin Dong saw that the lightning sun had actually turned into a huge creature that was tens of thousands of feet in size.

This was a creature that looked like a giant snake. Its body was as bright as silver while lightning liquid continuously dripped from its body. When it swept across the sky, the lightning liquid transformed into thunderbolts that came raining down. That snake-like creature possessed nine giant heads. Its enormous body entrenched itself in the sky while it gave off a frightening pressure, causing even space itself to become a little distorted.

“When an Ancestral Symbol is activated to its maximum extent, it is possible to summon the Ancestral Symbol spirit. Such power is sufficient to destroy the world. However, the current you has not yet reached that level.” Yan’s voice suddenly sounded out within Lin Dong’s mind.

“Ancestral Symbol spirit…”

Lin Dong slightly narrowed his eyes and quickly clenched both his fists tightly. Sooner or later, he will be able to summon the Devouring Ancestral Symbol spirit. Hence, he was extremely curious to find out what the Devouring Ancestral Symbol spirit would look like.

“Let’s do it.”

Mo Luo nodded slightly and spoke in a deep voice after he saw that the Lightning Emperor had summoned his Ancestral Symbol spirit.


The fire phoenix above him, which seemingly blotted the sky, let out a clear cry towards the heavens. A pair of ten thousand feet long fire wings suddenly flapped as a sea of fire swept forth. After which, it shrunk at a shocking speed. In the end, it transformed into a couple of thousand feet large glowing fire pillar.

The glowing pillar seemed almost solid and was as translucent as gemstones. However, a destructive fluctuation was contained under this gorgeous colour.


The nine-headed lightning python also released a hiss at this moment. Their ferocious large mouths opened as lightning was spat out like a waterfall. Finally agglomerating into a lightning glowing pillar that was filled with destructive force.

Lin Dong sat down in the air. The Yuan Power within his body was pushed to its limits as the black hole above his head crazily rotated. Finally, it also turned into a black glowing pillar. However, his glowing pillar was clearly substantially inferior when compared to that of Mo Luo and the Lightning Emperor.


Low cries was simultaneously emitted from the mouths of the trio. Immediately, the entire Thunder World started to tremble wildly. The lightning sea below completely collapsed as ten thousand feet large waves unfurled. That wild and violent manner caused one to be scared witless.

“It won’t be so easy to kill this king!”

The Yimo king was also astonished by this attack. Immediately, craziness surged in his eyes. He clearly understood that although the lifeforce of an Yimo was strong, in the face of the combined power of three Ancestral Symbols, he had finally felt the threat of death.

“Great Demon Erosion!”

Evil black Qi that seemed to cover the land swept out from within the body of the Yimo king. In the end, it formed a ten thousand feet large black light cluster above his head. From a distance, it appeared just like a black sun which was filled with evil!

Clearly, in order to block the Mo Luo trio’s killing blow, this Yimo king had begun desperately fight back.


The three glowing pillars tore through space like three meteorites streaking across the sky. Finally, they ruthlessly crashed into the black sun with an extremely shocking momentum.

An indescribable energy ripple frantically spread. The originally tens of thousands of feet large area was directly torn till it became several hundred thousand feet large. The entire lightning sea was turned into complete chaos as a result.


A moan was emitted from Lin Dong’s throat while his face turned much paler. After all, he was far weaker than Mo Luo and the Lightning Emperor. Hence, it was truly a stretch for him to fight this peak expert that was comparable to a Reincarnation stage expert.

“Brother Lin Dong.”

Behind him, Mu Lingshan hurriedly cried out upon seeing this. However, she was stopped by Lin Dong with a wave of his hand. No matter what, he cannot screw up at this moment!

“Lin Dong, are you still able to manage?” Mo Luo shouted. He was similarly aware that this fight had put a great strain on Lin Dong. However, in order to guarantee that they would be able to kill this Yimo king, it was best that they also had the Devouring Ancestral Symbol.

“I can.”

Lin Dong clenched his teeth and replied in a low voice. Soon after, a ruthless expression flashed across his eyes. With a thought, an emerald green crystal began to flicker within his Dantian as wave after wave of majestic Life Qi surged out like floodwaters.

This Life Qi crystal was a gift from Mu Lan. However, the energy contained within it was far too tremendous. Hence, Lin Dong had simply placed it in his Dantian in order to use it in the future after he had advanced to the advance Profound Life stage. Now, it was exactly what he needed.

As majestic Life Qi entered his body, Lin Dong’s previous exhaustion was practically gone in an instant. Bright light surged within both of his eyes. With a low cry, the black hole above his head began to rotate at even more frantically.

“Good kid. His will power is pretty good.”

Mo Luo and the Lightning Emperor slightly nodded when they saw that Lin Dong was actually able to endure that terrifying energy. The latter’s strength might not meet the mark for the time being, but he was remarkably tenacious. No wonder he had been chosen by the Devouring Ancestral Symbol.

Bang bang bang!

Deafening energy explosions continued to reverberate across the sky. The aftershocks caused even the Thunder World to tremble slightly.

Three light pillars interweaved. The full power of all three Ancestral Symbols was unleashed. Under this combined power, the evil black sun was continuously pushed back. The frightening and angry roar of the Yimo king resembled that of a trapped beast as it sounded out continuously.

After all, it had been sealed for a thousand years. Hence, it was without a doubt extremely difficult for it to fight against three great Ancestral Symbols.

“Your days of being sealed are over!”

Dazzling light flashed within the Lightning Emperor’s eyes. His cry was like thunder as he threw a punch forward. The nine-headed lightning snake in the sky whistled down and headed straight for the Yimo king.


After the nine-headed lightning snake charged forth, the fire phoenix let loose a piercing cry at the heavens. Promptly, it flapped its wings, carrying the power of destruction as it shot forth.

A fierce glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. His finger thrust into empty space as the wildly rotating black hole tore through the air like a circular saw and ruthlessly shot out.

The three great Ancestral Symbols attacked at the same time. It was earthshaking!