Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 972: Eliminating The Demon Together

Chapter 972: Eliminating The Demon Together


Chapter 972: Eliminating The Demon Together

The ten thousand feet lightning sun was suspended in the sky. Resplendent lightning sparks arced and danced on it, while a loud thunder roar ricocheted across the sky. The terrifying strength that it contained caused Lin Dong’s skin to involuntarily turn numb.

“That is the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, huh…”

Lin Dong’s eyes were searing hot as he stared at the ten thousand feet lightning sun. Promptly, his devouring power surged while a black glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. He felt as if he was able to see through the lightning glow on the lightning sun. Faintly, he saw an ancient symbol. That symbol was distorted, appearing just like the first thunderbolt that had been born in this world.

Ancient and mighty.

It possessed the might of the god’s punishment.

Lin Dong’s and Mo Luo’s eyes focused on the lightning sun in the sky. They finally withdrew their gazes after a long time later. After which, they exchanged glances with each other and both of them could see an inexplicable intention in the other party’s eyes.

“Senior Mo Luo, where is the king grade Yimo?” Lin Dong smiled and suddenly asked.

Mo Luo glanced at the lightning sea below. Promptly, he suddenly clenched his fist. Suddenly, a monstrous flame swept out from his palm. Waves after waves of shocking heat waves spread, causing the surrounding space to be a little distorted.

Lin Dong’s eyes stared intently at the rising flames in Mo Luo’s hands. He could see a flame symbol that appeared to be as ancient as the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol…

“Blazing Ancestral Symbol.”

Lin Dong curled his lips. Clearly, Mo Luo had summoned his Blazing Ancestral Symbol. It should be one of the eight great Ancestral Symbol, the Blazing Ancestral Symbol…


Mo Luo flicked his finger. Immediately, the flames went sweeping down. After which, they charged into the lightning sea region. A howl erupted after the flames charged into the lightning sea. Suddenly a hundred thousand feet giant swirl appeared within the lightning sea.


An extremely evil roar suddenly resounded from the deep regions of the spatial swirl. Monstrous black Qi suddenly surged.


However, the lightning sun in the sky suddenly emitted an extremely loud sound after the monstrous black Qi shot out. Soon after, Lin Dong saw that the air above the lightning sea became distorted. Many ten thousand feet large lightning chains slowly appeared.

These lightning chains were like interconnected lightning dragons that were connected with each other until the lightning sun. On the other end, they extended to the deepest part of the spatial swirl.

Lin Dong’s eyes followed the lightning chains as he stared at the deepest part of the spatial tunnel. Some lightning appeared from it. By making use of the lightning sparks, Lin Dong was finally able to see a thousand feet large black shadow at the bottom of the lightning sea. This figure was firmly restrained by those lightning chains. Meanwhile, a monstrous and evil aura continuously radiated from its body, as it attempted to erode the lightning chains that were binding it…


The black shadow seemed to have detected something as Lin Dong looked at the former’s body, which was wrapped by lightning. It suddenly lifted his head before its fearsome and sinister eyes directly locked onto that of Lin Dong.

Lin Dong suddenly felt like his mind was about to explode when their eyes met. Without any warning, an incomparably brutalness rose from deep within his heart. It was even about to overwhelm his mind.


However, Lin Dong suddenly recovered just as the brutalness was about to assault his mind. He immediately cursed out. The Devouring Ancestral Symbol, Ancestral Stone and the Ancient Universe Formation were activated in unison. Only then, did he manage to dispel that brutal sensation.

“Be careful, these Yimo specializes in corrupting one’s heart.” Standing beside him, Mo Luo said. A tinge of admiration flashed across his eyes when he saw that Lin Dong was actually able to awaken without his assistance.

Lin Dong’s expression was grave as he spoke with some lingering fear, “It is indeed worthy of being a king grade Yimo. It is actually this frightening.”

“Humans, you damn humans!”

The enormous black shadow at the bottom of the lightning sea roared. The roar was filled with a rich hatred, “My Yimo race will flatten this plane sooner or later!”

“After being sealed for thousands of years, it is still so arrogant.” Mo Luo chuckled.

“Tsk tsk, don’t think that you have won this war. There are more Yimo in this plane than you know of. The next time a crack in torn between the planes, all creatures on this plane will be subjugated by my clan!” The enormous black shadow roared sharply.

“My clansmen knows that this king has been sealed in this place. They will definitely come and rescue me!”

“Rescue you? I’m afraid that they won’t have the opportunity to do so.” Mo Luo laughed faintly.

“Despicable human. Even though this king has been sealed, none of you are able to kill me! Tsk tsk, even though that foolish Lightning Emperor sacrificed his life, he is only able to seal me!”

Mo Luo revealed an expression of ridicule as he looked at the Yimo king who was still acting tough at this moment. He waved his sleeve before a monstrous flame became distorted. After which, it turned into a firestorm. “Can you sense this familiar energy?”

At the bottom of the lightning sea, when the Yimo King saw the crimson red flames that rose above the silvery sea, his eyes suddenly revealed an expression of shock. Promptly, he exclaimed in shock: “Blazing Ancestral Symbol?”

“Hehe, that is not all.”

Lin Dong involuntarily parted his mouth as he stared at the Yimo king, who had a change in its expression. He immediately took a step forward before black light surged out from his head. After which, it turned into a black hole that was suspended in the sky.

“Devouring Ancestral Symbol?”

The Yimo king once again exclaimed in shock after it saw the emerging black hole. There was actually an additional trace of fear in its voice. It did not expect that three Ancestral Symbols would actually appear in this place!

There were only eight Ancestral Symbols in the entire world. Yet, three of them had appeared in front of him…

“I have long been aware that there are still some remnants Yimo in this plane. They are likely thinking of ways to rescue kings like you, who have been sealed…”

Mo Luo rode on his flames. His indifferent voice reverberated across the sky. “The reason I came is to completely eliminate you and break their schemes!”

“You!” The Yimo king’s voice was filled with shock and fury.

“Lin Dong, activate the Devouring Ancestral Symbol with all your strength. I will use the Blazing Ancestral Symbol and activate the strength of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol to completely eliminate this monster!” Mo Luo inhaled a deep breath and spoke in a deep voice.


Lin Dong nodded with a solemn expression. With his current strength, he did not dare to make any contact with this Yimo king even though the latter was sealed. The main attacker would have to be Mo Luo.

All Lin Dong had to do was to assist him from the side.

Lin Dong sat in the air after thinking of this. After which, he began to circulate the Yuan Power within his body. Following which, he used all his strength to activate the Devouring Ancestral Symbol in his body.

Buzz buzz!

The black hole above Lin Dong’s head suddenly swelled after Lin Dong activated the symbol with all his strength. A terrifying devouring power spread. Even the surrounding wild and violent lightning strength were forcefully devoured after making contact with the devouring power.

Mo Luo glanced at the black hole before a shocked expression flashed across his eyes. He was the owner of the Blazing Ancestral Symbol and he had a much deeper understanding of the Ancestral Symbols as compared to any ordinary individual. The Devouring Ancestral Symbol was the most mysterious of the eight Ancestral Symbols. Although it did not specialize in offence, its devouring power was able to accommodate the other Ancestral Symbol’s strength.

“Blazing Ancestral Symbol, destroy this demon together with me!”

However, Mo Luo did not have much time to think at this moment. He swiftly recovered his senses. Both of his hands formed many seals. His originally scarlet red eyes actually turned crystal clear at this moment. It appeared as though there was magma flowing within.


Terrifying flames soared in the sky. After which, there seemed to be a clear cry being emitted from within the flames. Soon after, Lin Dong could see that the flames that filled the sky had actually transformed into a fire phoenix, that was tens of thousands of feet in size above Mo Luo’s head.

There was a terrifying strength radiating from the fire phoenix.

Just this fire phoenix, which came from the Blazing Ancestral Symbol, waslikely be able to match dozens of Samsara stage experts!

Lin Dong’s eyes were shocked. This was the true strength of an Ancestral Symbol… He wondered when he would finally be able to unleash the full strength of his Devouring Ancestral Symbol.

“Lightning Emperor, I am aware that a sliver of your consciousness still lingers within the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol. Unleash your remaining strength now. Let us eliminate this demon together!”

Mo Luo suddenly lifted his head. His eyes were searing hot as he stared at the human figure on the throne and cried out.

“That Lightning Emperor isn’t completely dead?”

Lin Dong was suddenly startled after hearing Mo Luo cry. He suddenly lifted his head. It was possible for him to see that the lightning sun actually had a lightning light shooting from it. Finally, it shone onto the throne.

The eyes of the skinny figure, which had been shut for thousands of years, actually slowly opened up under the illumination of the lightning light…

Lightning whistled across the sky. It was as though they were welcoming their king back.

Lightning Emperor, awaken.