Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 970: Expel

Chapter 970: Expel


Chapter 970: Expel

The grey haired old man’s sharp voice spread throughout the hall in a piercing manner, causing thick shock to be revealed on everyone’s faces. Many pairs of eyes contained fear as they looked at the red robed man standing in front of the spatial vortex.

Mo Luo

An extremely well known name within the Chaotic Demon Sea. This Mo Luo was definitely one of the strongest existences amongst the peak experts of the Chaotic Demon Sea. His Flame Divine Hall was the undisputed overlord of the Flame Sea Region and was a famous hegemon like existence within this Chaotic Demon Sea.

From a certain point of view, the Flame Divine Hall was even stronger than the Nine Serene Gate and the Mysterious Sky Hall. There was hardly any factions in the entire Chaotic Demon Sea which dared to offend the Flame Divine Hall.

All of this was because the Flame Divine Hall had an overlord called Mo Luo.

Mo Luo’s strength was at the Samsara stage. This strength was something that most of the leaders of the various large factions in the Chaotic Demon Sea had. However, there was not a single Samsara stage expert in this Chaotic Demon Sea who dared to be insolent or domineering in front of Mo Luo. This was because… Mo Luo controlled of one of the eight great Ancestral Symbols…

The Blazing Ancestral Symbol.

It was only possible to fully unleash the strength of the Ancestral Symbol after reaching their level. When such power was displayed, its might would shake the world.

This was something that could be seen from that Lightning Emperor. He also possessed the strength of the Samsara stage. However, those Yimo had to dispatch a king level Yimo and three general level Yimo in order to deal with him.

In human cultivation levels, this would be equivalent to a Reincarnation stage and three Samsara stage experts!

Even though this was the case, the three general level Yimo were directly killed by the Lightning Emperor, while the king level Yimo was also sealed. From this, it was possible to see just how terrifying a Samsara stage expert controlling an Ancestral Symbol was.

Back then at the Unique Devil City, even the three great sect masters of the Yuan Gate did not dare to offend the master of the Darkness Palace when he appeared. This was partly because they did not wish to offend the Darkness Palace, but a bigger factor was because the master of the Darkness Palace controlled one of the eight great Ancestral Symbols, the Darkness Ancestral Symbol.

The Tian Yuanzi trio clearly understood that even if they were to join hands, their chances of defeating the master of the Darkness Palace, who possessed the Darkness Ancestral Symbol, was extremely low.

Mo Luo of the Chaotic Demon Sea was an existence similar to the master of the Darkness Palace.

Within the Chaotic Demon Sea, one would hardly meet these ultimate Samsara stage experts. All of them were titans in their own right. Someone like Mo Luo, who was a Samsara stage expert in possession of an Ancestral Symbol, existed merely in legends. However… such a legendary person had actually appeared before everyone within this large hall.

Such shock was indeed incomparable.

The entire hall had become completely silent in the face of Mo Luo’s tyrannical words. Even the grey haired old man did not dare say anything. This was because they clearly understood that what Mo Luo said was correct. Forget about these people here. Even if the chiefs of the two great factions had come… they still would not dare to say no to Mo Luo.

“I never imagined… that he is actually Mo Luo…”

There was also shock in Lin Dong’s eyes, and it was a long while later before he gradually recovered as his hands involuntarily clenched. This was the first time he had met another Ancestral Symbol after so many years.

However, the reputation of this Ancestral Symbol owner was far from what Lin Dong could compare with… he involuntarily laughed bitterly upon thinking of this. However, determination surfaced from the depths of his eyes. He ultimately believed that sooner or later, he would also be able to reach this stage. However, he still required time!

“Lord Mo Luo…”

The silence within the hall continued for a moment, before the grey haired old man finally moved his somewhat dry mouth and respectfully said, “Great one, our Nine Serene Gate has paid a great price to search for treasure this time. I hope that on the account of our chief your esteemed self…”

This old man possessed quite a high status within the Nine Serene Gate. His Profound Death stage strength allowed him to have quite a high position in the Chaotic Demon Sea. However, he appeared unusually humble in front of Mo Luo. This was because he clearly understood that this man before them would have an extremely easy time killing him…

“The object within the Thunder World is not something that any of you can touch. Recklessly barging in will only bring about a great disaster to your sect.” Mo Luo glanced at the grey haired old man and spoke in a faint voice.

Horror surged out from within the eyes of the grey haired old man and the others after these words sounded. Given Mo Luo’s status, there was naturally no reason to lie to them. In that case, just what was within the Thunder World that even the faction behind them could not handle?

“May I ask lord Mo Luo just what is inside the Thunder World?” Huo Yuan’s eyes flashed as he asked.

Mo Luo’s eyes swept over Huo Yuan as he knitted his brows slightly. There was a feeling that he did not like from the latter’s body. However, he was unable to detect the origin of this feeling at this moment.

Huo Yuan felt Mo Luo’s gaze slowly sweep over his body as cold sweat appeared on his back. His face was lowered and the black light deep within his eyes was also firmly suppressed.

This observation merely lasted for a couple of seconds. Huo Yuan’s felt as though he was lucky to escape alive after Mo Luo’s eyes shifted away. He clenched his hand which was drenched in perspiration.

“Do not ask questions that you should not.”

Mo Luo withdrew his gaze from Huo Yuan. Although he was unable to detect the source of that feeling, Mo Luo did not give Huo Yan any face at all. He waved his hand somewhat impatiently and said, “Alright, I do not have time to waste with all of you. This treasure seeking journey will end here. All of you will immediately leave the cave dwelling.”

The grey haired old man, Liu Xiangxuan, Huo Yuan and the others immediately had an unnatural expression upon hearing this. However, they did not dare to voice any objection. The strength that the person before them was far from what they could fight against. Nevertheless, they were also a little unwilling to simply withdraw at this moment…

Lin Dong also knitted his brow tightly at this moment. He tightly grasped the silver symbol which was flickering with a lightning glow. This turn of events had far exceeded his expectations. He never imagined that such a frightening individual would suddenly appear just as he was about to see the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol.

He had put in many years of effort in order to obtain this Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol. It was impossible for him to simply give up!

“Hey, aren’t you a little too overbearing. This place doesn’t belong to you. What right do you have to ask us to leave?” While Lin Dong was frowning, Mu Lingshan opened her mouth and spoke in a displeased manner. Others might be afraid of Mo Luo, but she was not too fearful of him. Her Immortal Sage Whale clan background allowed her to have such boldness.

After all, the strongest faction within this Chaotic Demon Sea would always be the Sea Demon tribe.

The grey haired old man quietly gloated after seeing that Mu Lingshan dared to speak in such a manner towards Mo Luo. He quietly cursed this death seeking girl…

While they were anticipating Mo Luo to display his fury, Mo Luo however merely glanced at Mu Lingshan before immediately curling his mouth as he replied, “Little girl, you should go home and obediently stay there. Don’t come out and cause chaos. I did not bully anyone.”

The grey haired old man and the others were flabbergasted. Why did the usually overbearing Mo Luo, who always did things his way, speak in such a manner?

Upon seeing this, Lin Dong understood that this Mo Luo had clearly discovered Mu Lingshan’s Immortal Sage Whale clan identity. However, when he saw that Mu Lingshan was about to retort, he quickly stopped her. After which, he cupped his hands together and said, “Lord Mo Luo, I am aware of what is inside this Thunder World…”

The grey haired old man, Liu Xiangxuan and the others were startled after hearing these words. Their eyes were thrown towards Lin Dong. Clearly, they did not expect that the latter actually possessed such information.

“Oh?” Mu Luo’s eyes flashed for a moment. Soon after, his eyes paused on Lin Dong. After which, he moved and appeared beside the latter as his hand landed onto Lin Dong’s arm.


An incomparably hot energy suddenly charged into Lin Dong’s body like a wild beast after the hand landed on Lin Dong’s arm. That feeling was as though magma had entered his body!

“The power of the Blazing Ancestral Symbol?!”

Lin Dong was greatly startled when the energy invaded his body. The Devouring Ancestral Symbol in his Niwan Palace instantly began to rotate. Devouring power swept out and devoured the hot energy that had invaded his body in a somewhat miserable fashion.

“I see.”

Mo Luo released Lin Dong’s arm when the latter activated the Devouring Power. Those somewhat crimson eyes revealed an extremely rich shock and an indescribable look.

Lin Dong cautiously stared at Mo Luo. He understood that the latter had detected the Devouring Ancestral Symbol from their momentary contact earlier…

“You are Lin Dong?”

Lin Dong was slightly startled upon hearing Mo Luo’s words. The latter’s tone was extremely strange. It was as though he had heard of Lin Dong’s name long before this…

“Yes.” Lin Dong nodded slightly.

“No wonder you are able to remove the Yimo Qi…”

Mo Luo’s expression was strange. Soon after, he turned towards the spatial vortex. After musing for a moment, he nodded his head and declared in front of the stunned eyes of the grey haired old man and the others. “Follow me into the Thunder World.”

Wild joy immediately appeared within Lin Dong’s eyes after he heard this. He did not know why Mo Luo would agree to allow him to enter the Thunder World. However, it was fine as long as he could enter. Only by entering the Thunder World would it be possible for him to control the place. This would subsequently allow him a small leverage against this Mo Luo.


Hence, Lin Dong nodded without hesitation after Mo Luo’s words sounded.