Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 969: Mo Luo

Chapter 969: Mo Luo


Chapter 969: Mo Luo

As the spatial vortex near the chest of the stone figure slowly took shape, upon closer inspection, one would be able to see lightning sparks dancing within it. In the next instant, an indescribably ancient and boundless aura faintly appeared as it radiated out. Under its encompass, everyone within the great hall could feel a shiver deep within their souls.

“What exactly…is inside that space… It can actually produce such frightening fluctuations…” Some experts exclaimed in shock as they stared at the vortex.

“This aura…”

Lin Dong was also staring at the spatial vortex with a fiery expression. Right now, even a man as dignified as him, involuntarily felt an overwhelming wave of excitement swelling in his heart. Meanwhile, after detecting the fluctuations radiating from it, he could clearly feel his Devouring Ancestral Symbol emit a clear humming sound.

After so many years, this was the first time that the Devouring Ancestral Symbol had produced such a joyous and reminiscing noise.

Evidently, besides the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, one of its eight fellow great Ancestral Symbols, which other object could incite such a reaction from the Devouring Ancestral Symbol?

As the boundless aura radiated across the entire great hall and shocked everyone, the great hall remained deathly silent for a while. Even those experts that have scattered to hunt for other treasures stopped in their tracks, casting their shocked gazes towards the spatial vortex that had just appeared…


After quite a while, Lin Dong gradually regained his senses. Gently exhaling a breath of air, he turned his sparkling eyes towards the three silver towers that had fused together. At the moment, they had transformed into a unusual silver rune. Lightning patterns covered the rune while lightning bolts arced and danced around it.

Lin Dong gently clenched his fist. The information he obtained from Zuo Fei told him that besides unlocking the Thunder World, whoever controlled the silver tower keys would also be able control the so-called Thunder World…. Furthermore, only by controlling the Thunder World, can one obtain the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol!

Therefore, he had to obtain this silver rune.

Lin Dong didn’t know if others were aware about this piece of information. Nonetheless, if there were others who were aware, it would make it much more difficult for him to obtain this silver rune.

Regardless, Lin Dong will take action to obtain it.

With this thought flashing in his mind, Lin Dong’s eyes turned sharp and fierce instantly. A pair of gigantic green dragon wings appeared and unfurled from his back. Transforming into a streak of green light, he flew straight towards the silver rune.

The instant Lin Dong made his move, everyone noticed it instantly. However, upon noticing that Lin Dong’s goal wasn’t to head straight into the Thunder World, but towards the silver rune instead, everyone gawked for a moment.

Right now, the Thunder World was already open. Hence, those silver towers keys should be useless. However, why did Lin Dong chose to make a move on them first?

Nevertheless, everyone present here were not idiots. With some quick thinking, they were able to decipher some clues as well. It seems like this silver rune wasn’t as useless as they had thought…

“Your greed is insatiable, brat!”

The grey haired old man took the lead and roared out in fury. Although he did not know what the silver rune could be used for, his years of experience told him that it was best to prevent Lin Dong from obtaining it.

Therefore, after his roaring voice rang out, a fist rumbled out from him. Berserk gales mixed with dense death Qi swept towards Lin Dong.


As his attack rumbled straight towards Lin Dong, a petite little figure immediately shot out. With a loveable roar, the Life Death Coffin Cover in her hand violently rumbled out, stopping the grey haired old man’s attacks right in its tracks.

“You damned lass!” When he saw that Mu Lingshan had taken action to obstruct his attacks, the grey haired old man was so furious that he clenched and gnashed his teeth. Although the former’s strength was only at perfect Profound Life stage, thanks to her formidable coffin cover, she did not have to fear him at all.

With Mu Lingshan blocking the way, Lin Dong was able to reach the silver rune one step before anyone else.

“You will stop!”

As a roar rang out once again from behind, Lin Dong didn’t bother turning his head around. This time, the person who made a move was Huo Yuan. From the fury contained within his roar, everyone now knew how important the silver rune was.


With a wave of his sleeve, the Heavenly Devouring Corpse shot out, rushing straight towards Huo Yuan to obstruct him. Extending his palm out, Lin Dong’s hand pierced through the lightning, before he grabbed onto the silver rune.

Obtaining the silver rune wasn’t as hard as he had imagined. Obviously, it was because the rest did not know about its value. Therefore, the foreheads of some people only started to wrinkle and knit up when they saw that he had obtained the silver rune.

“Lin Dong, that silver rune is formed by the three silver towers. Do you dare to claim it for yourself?” Pang Hao roared out, furious to the point of his face turning green.

“Brother Lin Dong. Your actions are a little too overbearing. ” Liu Xiangxuan added, while knitting her eyebrows slightly, her gentle voice containing some displeasure.

“Lin Dong, hand over the silver rune. If not, I’m afraid that you’ll become the public enemy.” Huo Yuan chimed in with his indifferent tone.

Upon hearing their words, the majority of the experts in the great hall stared at Lin Dong with ill intent. After entering the cave dwelling, Lin Dong’s had a pretty bountiful harvest. Previously, he even obtained the Lightning Emperor Scepter, which had invoked their greed and jealousy of quite a number of onlookers. Hence, with a primer in place, it might be possible to tug at the greed in their hearts and incite them to attack him.

However, a blind eye was cast to those gazes by Lin Dong, who replied in an apathetic tone. “If anyone here can afford the time to tango with me, I’ve got nothing to say. However, wouldn’t all of you regret if something were to happen to the treasures in that space, right?”

From the previous words being shouted out, Lin Dong could faintly discern and guess that no one was aware of the properties of the silver rune, which could control the Thunder World. If not, their reactions would definitely be countless times more intense than this.

After hearing Lin Dong’s words, the expressions on Pang Hao and the rest’s faces change faintly, as they involuntarily turned their attention to the spatial vortex. The boundless fluctuations radiating out of it was countless times stronger than the Lightning Emperor Scepter… Obviously, what was inside that space was the most precious treasure in this cave dwelling.

“Go, let’s go!”

Exchanging gazes with one another, Pang Hao and the other experts shot forwards, heading straight towards the spatial vortex. Regardless, they had to see what’s exactly inside that space first.

The majority of the experts within the great hall seemingly shot forth simultaneously, causing Lin Dong to smile faintly upon seeing it. With the silver rune in his hands, he could control that space. Once he entered that space, he no longer had to fear any of them… Even if they were to gang up on him, Lin Dong was still able to deal with them.

Pang Hao and the other experts were extremely fast, appearing before the spatial vortex in a flash. However, just as they were about to rush into it, a helpless sigh resounded across the great hall.

Upon hearing the sigh, Lin Dong’s eyes instantly contacted. He immediately turned his gaze around, only to see a figure wrapped in red robes suddenly appearing mysteriously in front of the spatial vortex.

“The treasure hunt in this cave dwelling ends here. Gentlemen, you can all leave now.”

Upon his appearance, an indifferent voice rang out. His voice contained an authoritative tone.

“You’re courting death!”

The sudden appearance of the red robed figure shocked Pang Hao and the other experts. However, after hearing his words, great rage and fury erupted in them, resulting in numerous experts simultaneously taking action. In the next instant, swift and fierce attacks violently howled as they shot straight at the red robed figure.

Facing the incoming attacks, the red robed figure showed no signs of evasion. Raising his head faintly, the silhouette of a face appeared within the shadows of his mantle.

“A bunch of ignorant fellows.”

Raising his hand, the red robed man flicked his finger, causing a flame halo to erupt abruptly from it. Upon making contact with it, the numerous fearsome attacks instantly dissipated into thin air.

As the fiery wave swept forth, the faces of Pang Hao and all the other experts instantly turned deathly pale. In the next instant, with a loud bang, all of them were sent flying back miserably. This time, even the grey haired old man, who was Profound Death stage expert, was sent flying back.

Shock filled Lin Dong’s face as he stared at the scene unveiling before him. This red robed man was obviously the fellow that he had met previously… However, never did he imagine that the latter actually possessed such strength.

With a flick of his wrist, he was able to send every expert here flying. Just how powerful is he? Wasn’t it said that people who were too powerful were unable to enter the Heavenly Lightning Sea Region?

After a crushing defeat, Pang Hao, Liu Xiangxuan, Huo Yuan and the rest of the experts stabilised their bodies, before they stared in shock at the red robed man.

“May I know who exactly you are, esteemed sir? This cave dwelling is the goal of our Nine Serene Gate and the Mysterious Sky Hall. Could it be that this esteemed gentleman wants to upset both our factions with your actions?” The grey haired old man fiercely shouted.

“If you want us to leave the cave dwelling, you’ll have to show us that you possess the qualifications!” The middle aged male from the Mysterious Sky Hall spoke out in a deep voice.

“Qualifications, huh…”

Hearing those words, the red robed man seemingly started smiling, before extending his hand. In front of everyone, the red mantle covering him was slowly lifted back, before his face appeared in front of everyone.

“Even if those two old fogies from your Nine Serene Gate or the Mysterious Sky Hall are present, if I ask them to scram, they’ll scram!”

The face that appeared was rather boorish looking, with a thick set of eyebrows present on his forehead. An overbearing spirit that could seemingly burn the entire world was present, while a symbol of a flame sparkled with a particular brilliance at the centre of his forehead.

Upon seeing that face with a flaming symbol, the faces of the grey haired old man and the everyone else instantly turned miserably pale. Dread and terror erupted from their eyes, as their sharp and incisive voices changed as they rang out within the great hall.

“Master of the Flame Divine Hall, Mo Luo?!”