Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 967: Subdue

Chapter 967: Subdue


Chapter 967: Subdue

Bang bang!

The resplendent and huge lightning glow continued to struggle wildly within Lin Dong’s hand. Waves after waves of wild and violent energy, which caused one’s expression to change, came raging forth. It even caused the surrounding space to distort.

Meanwhile, Lin Dong’s hand was covered in fresh blood due to that wild and violent lightning energy. However, his hand had already became numb and even that intense pain could not spread.

However, Lin Dong’s eyes became increasingly sharp in the face of this intense resistance from the Lightning Emperor Scepter. The Devouring Ancestral Symbol in his Niwan Place turned into a huge black hole. Waves after waves of Devouring Power flowed along the meridians of Lin Dong’s body before they passed through his hand and poured into the Lightning Emperor Scepter.

Bang bang bang!

A continuous stream of explosions occurred within the thunderbolt formed by the Lightning Emperor Scepter. The moment Lin Dong’s Devouring Power surged into the scepter, the lightning energy within it began to expel this external force that had entered.

These lightning energy originated from the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol and they were quite domineering. Therefore, there was no way they would allow any other energy to occupy their territory!

However, the domineering Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol’s energy seemed to have met an opponent that was extremely difficult to deal with. Their wild and uncontrolled violence lost its edge in the face of the devouring power. Every time they clashed, the Devouring Power would invade from every directions. After which, it devoured their strength bit by bit…

This Lightning Emperor Scepter might possess the strength of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, but it was not the actual Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol. However, the interior of Lin Dong’s body held the actual Devouring Ancestral Symbol, that was comparable to the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol.

This fight was on two completely different levels.

Hence, with the flow of time, the resistance within the Lightning Emperor Scepter grew increasingly feeble. The Devouring Power quietly spread and began to gradually take control of the Lightning Emperor Scepter.

Lin Dong hovered in midair. At this moment, he was grabbing onto a thousand feet large Thunderbolt in his hand. His body was relatively small compared to this thunderbolt. Moreover, there were some lightning sparks occasionally cackling on the thunderbolt. Hence, it was possible that his body could be directly shattered into dust by that spreading energy…

Many experts within the hall watched on with cold and uncaring eyes. They naturally did not believe that Lin Dong could subdue the Lightning Emperor Scepter, which had thwarted everyone else.

However, the cold expression in their eyes gradually changed after some time. This was because they realized that the originally wild and violent thunderbolt had actually become a little… gentler?

This transformation caused everyone’s pupils to suddenly shrink. After which, shock rose from within their heart. Could it be that Lin Dong could actually subdue the Lightning Emperor Scepter?

How is that possible? That was something that even a Profound Death stage expert was unable to accomplish!


Lin Dong’s tightly shut eyes slowly opened in front of the many shocked pairs of eyes. There was an arc being slowly being lifted at the corner of his mouth.


A low and deep cry was suddenly emitted from within Lin Dong’s mouth. After which, everyone were shocked to see that the lightning dragon like thunderbolt began to shrink rapidly. The lightning glow was withdraw before it finally transformed back into a ten feet long silver scepter.

Lin Dong’s bloody hand gripped tightly onto the scepter. Both his eyes contained a wild joy that could not be concealed. His eyes were searing hot as he stared at the scepter in his hand while a tinge of shock flashed across his eyes.

This Lightning Emperor Scepter was made of some unknown materials. It was completely bright silver in color. Countless obscure and complicated lightning symbols were carved on it. These lightning symbols flashed, appearing like numerous majestic lightning bolts.

There were eight lightning dragons roaring towards the sky at the top of the scepter. In the middle of these dragons, stood a palm sized silver thunderbolt. Traces of lightning arcs flashed from it before pouring through the eight lightning dragons that covered the entire scepter.

An aura that left one speechless was being radiated from the scepter. It felt as though whoever held this scepter could control the lightning in this world.

“Lightning Emperor Scepter…”

Lin Dong was tightly clenching onto the scepter. He involuntarily parted his mouth and smiled. By relying on the Devouring Ancestral Symbol within his body, he had finally successfully tamed this treasure!

“He has actually tamed the Lightning Emperor Scepter?!”

At this moment, those experts, who had turned absent minded, finally recovered their senses. Immediately, someone involuntarily cried out loud. His voice was filled with jealousy.

The Yuan Gate trio, who were standing a short distance away, had somewhat ugly expressions on their face upon witnessing this scene. The three of them had acted in, but the Lightning Emperor Scepter had ultimately landed in Lin Dong’s hands.

Liu Xiangxuan also gently clenched her teeth while her eyes were filled with dissatisfaction. After all, this treasure was considered a top-tier treasure even within their Mysterious Sky Hall.

The atmosphere in the hall clearly turned a little tensed. The eyes of many individuals flashed while a greed and murderous intent was present within them.

In the face of a treasure, it was obvious that any deterrence would be weakened.

Lin Dong had naturally sensed the greedy expression in their eyes. His face immediately turned cold and indifferent. Tightly clenching onto the Lightning Emperor Scepter, lighting sparks vaguely cackled.


Mu Lingshan had also rushed over to Lin Dong’s side at the moment. The Life Death Coffin Cover in her hand also had a black light fluctuating from it.

“Lin Dong, hand me the Lightning Emperor Scepter. That is the target of my Nine Serene Gate!”

The tense atmosphere in the hall did not continue on for long. Many vicious and unwilling cries suddenly resounded. Pang Hao and the three demon generals of the Nine Serene Gate beside him rushed out together. After which, their sharp attacks were directly targeted at Lin Dong.

“You are asking to die!”

Chill suddenly surged within Lin Dong’s eyes when he saw that Pang Hao actually dared to attack him. Moreover, Lin Dong did not show any signs of retreating even when up against a perfect Profound Life stage expert and three advance Profound Life stage experts. Instead, his body rushed forward. A thunder roar suddenly radiated from the Lightning Emperor Scepter in his hand.


As he swung and maneuvered the Lightning Emperor Scepter, thousands of thunderbolts whistled past Lin Dong’s body. At the moment, he looked just like the thunder emperor, walking amongst the lightning.

An extremely wild and violent thunderbolt directly whistled out from the Lightning Emperor Scepter. After which, it tore through space and ruthlessly slammed against Pang Hao’s men with a shocking speed.


A shockingly loud sound reverberated within the hall. After which, everyone noticed that the faces of Pang Hao’s group had turned completely red. Blood was spat out wildly from their mouths as their bodies flew backwards miserably.

A mere strike and Pang Hao’s group was completely defeated!

Within the large hall, many surrounding experts shrunk their eyes. Although Lin Dong was able to defeat Pang Hao when they were having a fight outside of the lightning hall, he was unable to do with in such a decisive manner… Clearly, it was the might of the Lightning Emperor Scepter!

“Brat, you are courting death!”

The Nine Serene Gate’s grey haired old man had a completely furious expression. He cried out furiously and suddenly threw a punch forward. A majestic Yuan Power pillar with death Qi lingering over it ruthlessly flew towards Lin Dong.

Lin Dong pressed his toes on the air. His body rose and the Lightning Emperor Scepter in his hand swung down violently. Immediately, a thunder resounded. Dozens of whistling lightning collided head on with that Yuan Power pillar.


Wild and violent fluctuation erupted within the hall. Air waves swept over and Lin Dong’s body flew backwards by hundreds of feet. After which, he stabilized himself. It turns out he was actually able to forcefully receive that ferocious attack from that grey haired old man.


Lin Dong steadied his body before he involuntarily laughed heartily. With his current strength, facing a Profound Death stage expert head on was no easy task. However, with the help of the Lightning Emperor Scepter, he was able to keep up fairly well.

If one was to simply look only at its offensive strength, this Lightning Emperor Scepter was superior to the Burning Sky Furnace. Of course, the Burning Sky Furnace was able to form its own realm. This was something that the Lightning Emperor Scepter could not accomplish.

The two of them were powerful in their own ways.

Obtaining this Lightning Emperor Scepter had clearly allowed Lin Dong’s combat strength to soar once again!

Just as Lin Dong was laughing heartily, the grey haired man had an extremely gloomy expression on his face. The might of the Lightning Emperor Scepter struck fear in his heart as well. When they were exchanging blows previously, Lin Dong did not dare to fight head on with him. All the latter could do was to rely on his speed to pester the grey haired old man. However… with the Lightning Emperor Scepter in his hand, it gave Lin Dong the qualifications to fight head on with him.

Now, even he could not help but feel a headache.