Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 966: Tussle

Chapter 966: Tussle


Chapter 966: Tussle

Swish swish!

Many figures swiftly crossed the spacious large hall with lightning like speed as powerful Yuan Power swept forth. Their eyes were all locked onto the silver scepter in the hand of the stone statue. Clearly, all of them wanted to obtain this treasure!

Even Lin Dong was no exception!

He could sense that this so-called Lightning Emperor Scepter was definitely a treasure that was not inferior to his Burning Sky Cauldron!

The Lin Dong duo were the first to arrive at the main hall. Hence, they were also in the lead currently. Within ten breaths’ time, they had crossed the hall and appeared in front of the stone statue. However, just as they were about to reach the stone statue, two extremely sharp wind suddenly ruthlessly struck towards the fatal spots on their back.

The wind contained a death Qi fluctuation. Clearly, the ones who have attacked were actually two Profound Death stage experts. Moreover, the only ones here who were at Profound Death Stage were the two experts from Nine Serene Gate and Mysterious Sky Hall respectively.

Lin Dong’s eyes sunk as he faced the combined attacks from these two individuals. However, he did not turn around. He shook his sleeve before a black shadow rushed forward. After which, it violently collided against those two powerful attacks.


Wild and violent Yuan Power swept apart in the sky. After which, many experts were stunned when they saw that the black figure, which had forcefully received the attack from the two initial Profound Death stage experts, merely trembled for a moment before forcefully stabilizing its body.


The grey haired old man and the middle-aged man, who saw this scene, had a change in their expressions. Clearly, they did not expect that their combined attack would actually be blocked.

“Is that a puppet?”

Some experts were so shocked that they let out an exclamation. This was because they realized that the black figure was actually a puppet that was as black as ink. However, this puppet seemed exceedingly peculiar.


The Devouring Sky Corpse rushed towards the grey-haired old man while the crowd was in an uproar. It caused waves after waves of furious cries to be emitted.

Lin Dong acted as though he did not hear the chaos behind him. Using his Devouring Sky Corpse as a temporary obstacle, he leapt forward and appeared on the arm of the massive stone statue.

“Brother Lin Dong, you have already obtained plenty of treasures since you entered this cave dwelling. Allow Xiangxuan to obtain this item.”

A gentle voice was suddenly transmitted into Lin Dong’s ear after he landed on the arm of the stone statue. This voice caused Lin Dong to be a little absent minded. However, he quickly focused his mind. He surveyed his surroundings before he promptly saw that Liu Xiangxuan was leading the experts from Mysterious Sky Hall and heading over.

“I’m sorry. This item has caught my eye as well. Let our abilities determine who shall obtain it.”

Lin Dong smiled faintly. Liu Xiangxuan seemed to be well versed in Mental Energy as well. Just her words alone could affect one’s heart. Fortunately, Lin Dong was fairly skilled in this field as well. Hence, he did not fall for her charms.

“Brother Lin Dong, I will stop them.”

Mu Lingshan’s small body shot forward. The Life Death Coffin Cover in her hands directly formed a black light as it ruthlessly smashed towards Liu Xiangxuan’s group.

Lin Dong’s body rushed forward at almost the same time. In a flash, he appeared on the right arm of the stone statue. After which, he grabbed the silver scepter.

“Haha, after watching all of you quarrel for such a long time, it is finally time for us to make a move.”

Snatching this silver scepter was likely not an easy task. Just as Lin Dong was about to grab the silver scepter, a laughter suddenly sounded. After which, Lin Dong suddenly braced his attention. Bright lights suddenly flashed at the corner of his eye before three figures mysteriously surfaced in a ghost like fashion.

“The trio from Yuan Gate?”

Lin Dong looked at the three figures, who had appeared in a strange fashion. His eyes quickly turned icy cold. Are those three fellows finally going to attack?

The moment these three individuals appeared, the silver haired man and the man with the white jade-like skin threw their palms forward. Two majestic Yuan Power smashed towards Lin Dong with lightning-like speed. Moreover, there was actually death Qi surging within their Yuan Power.

The two of them were actually Profound Death stage experts!

This attack caused Lin Dong’s expression to be slightly altered. He had never expected that the three of them would actually maintain such a low profile. Even though they were clearly at Profound Death stage, they had never revealed their capabilities at all.

Lin Dong did not dare to slight the attack from these two individuals. He shook his sleeve before his Burning Sky Cauldron flew out. After which, it violently collided against the two Yuan Power pillars filled with Death Qi.


A clear metallic sound reverberated throughout the large hall. The bright red light over the Burning Sky Cauldron swiftly flickered. Immediately, he flew backwards. Although he managed to block the attack, Lin Dong’s was also stopped.

“Allow me to enjoy this treasure.”

The man with the dangling hair, who had not attacked, merely smiled. He extended his hand and grabbed the silver scepter.


However, a deafening thunder suddenly resounded over the hall the moment the man grabbed onto the silver scepter. It was possible to see tens of thousands of lightning flickering over the silver scepter. An extremely wild and violent lightning power radiated forth.

The lightning collapsed and the man with the dangling hair, who was grabbing onto the silver specter, was directly blown off. In fact, that air wave caused his entire body to fly backwards.

“Big brother!”

The other two had a change in expression upon seeing this scene. Clearly, they did not expect that the silver scepter would actually possess such a powerful retaliation force.

The man with dangling hair steadied his body in mid-air. Immediately, his expression gradually turned gloomy. One of his hands was currently completely charred black, while fresh blood dripped down from his fingers.


The silver scepter trembled violently at this moment. It was as though it had been awoken from a deep slumber. A moment later, a thunder sounded. Following which, the silver scepter suddenly flew away from the stone statue before it subsequently transformed into a huge thunderbolt. From a distance away, it looked just like an enraged lightning dragon.


The thunderbolt flashed. After which, it crazily charged towards the many experts within the large hall. Some of the experts attempted to grab it, but all of them were miserably punished by that wild and violent lightning energy.

The entire hall turned chaotic because of the silver scepter’s action. Many wild and violent Yuan Power erupted. However, all of them cried and flew backwards after they collided with the thunderbolt.

“Brother Lin Dong, there is an extremely powerful energy on the silver scepter. It is impossible for us to stop it.” Mu Lingshan also fell back to Lin Dong’s side at this moment. She had grabbed the object earlier, only to be thrown backwards.

Lin Dong’s eyes flickered. He had also sensed an extremely strange fluctuation from the silver scepter. That fluctuation… was the energy from the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol.

That energy was not something that could be easily tamed by others.

After an increasing number of experts in the hall hall were severely wounded by the silver scepter, no one dared to act hastily once again. Even the grey haired old man and the trio from the Yuan Gate had temporarily stopped. Their eyes stared coldly at the raging thunderbolt.

The atmosphere in the hall seemed to resemble that of a strange statemate.

Lin Dong observed this stalemate. Suddenly, a glint flashed across his eyes. Immediately, his body rushed forward. In a flash, he had approached the lightning dragon like silver scepter.

This time around, no one tried to stop Lin Dong. Instead, a mocking expression flashed across their face. Even an initial Profound Life stage expert was reduced to such a miserable state. What more could one expect from Lin Dong?

Lin Dong suddenly extended his hand in front of the many pairs of eyes. After which, he suddenly grabbed the Lightning Emperor Scepter.

Wild and violent thunder once again sounded. A wave of shocking lightning strength crazily spread.

“You merely possess a tiny portion of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol’s strength. I do not believe that I cannot subdue you with the Devouring Ancestral Symbol!”

Waves of pain were transmitted to Lin Dong’s hand. However, a bright redness flashed across his eyes. The Devouring Ancestral Symbol within his Niwan Place shook before Devouring Power crazily gushed into the Lightning Emperor Scepter.