Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 965: Lightning Emperor Scepter

Chapter 965: Lightning Emperor Scepter


Chapter 965: Lightning Emperor Scepter


Lin Dong took the lead and charged into the spacious lightning hall. The moment he did so, he was able to clearly detect an extremely ancient smell rushing right at his face. It felt as if he had went back in time thousand of years ago…

The first objects that entered Lin Dong’s vision after he entered the lightning hall, were the numerous crisscrossing complicated maze-like giant tunnels. Meanwhile, there were several tightly sealed stone rooms on both sides of the tunnel and no one knew what there was within.

Lin Dong’s eyes swept across those complicated tunnels. Immediately, he turned his attention to one of them. He knew that there might be many treasures located at other parts of the lightning hall. However, he could not be bothered about them at the moment. All he wanted to do was to obtain the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol as quickly as possible!

According to what Zhou Fei mentioned, the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol was in the lightning world. The entrance to the lightning world is situated in the lightning hall, and the most likely spot is the main hall.

The main hall was exactly where Lin Dong wanted to go now.

“Lingshan, follow me.”

Lin Dong did not dawdle any longer after making up his mind. He quickly let out a low cry towards Mu Lingshan, who had quickly caught up to him. After which, his body turned into a ray of light as he swiftly rushed towards the deepest part of the lightning hall with lightning-like speed.

After the both of them charged forward, a large wave of rushing wind sound immediately appearing behind them. Many individuals rushed into the lightning hall like a locust swarm, breaking the silence, which had lasted for thousands of years.

The place suddenly turned noisy following the surge of experts into the lightning hall. Those experts stared greedily at the various tunnels within the lightning hall. After which, they rushed forward and began roaming the ancient stone hall.

“Head to the main hall!”

A pale looking Pang Hao also led his team of experts from Nine Serene Gate into the hall. At the moment, his arm was no longer bleeding. However, the intense pain still caused his face to twitch. With a venomous expression in his eyes, he stared at the spot where the Lin Dong duo had disappeared. Following which, the malicious expression in his eyes grew increasingly dense.

“Elder, after this trip to the lightning hall is over, I must shred Lin Dong into thousands of pieces!” Pang Hao looked at the grey haired old man beside him before he roared.

“Relax, he won’t be able to escape!” The grey haired old man’s expression was sinister as he nodded. Lin Dong had crippled Pang Hao’s arm in front of him. Although, after one advances to the Profound Life Stage, life Qi will be produced in one’s body and it will allow one to regenerate one’s lost limbs, this incident still caused him to lose a great amount of face.


Pang Hao’s expression was ferocious. His body rushed forward and he similarly did not head anywhere else to hunt for treasures. Instead, he headed straight to the main hall.

The group from the Mysterious Sky Hall quickly followed behind them. There was also a continuous stream of fairly powerful experts following behind them. Clearly, they also knew that the prized treasures were at the main hall.


Two light figures swiftly passed through the various tunnels. Both Lin Dong and Mu Lingshan did not pause along the way. Even though there were peculiar fluctuations being given off by some stone halls, their allure was not sufficient to entice Lin Dong to stop.

Currently, his only aim was the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol!

After approximately ten minutes of nonstop travelling, their bodies suddenly paused. After which, their eyes were fiery hot as they looked in front of them.

A ten thousand step stone stairs stood in front of them. At the end of the flight of stairs, stood a large silver hall. It appeared majestic and grand.

This large hall was the most majestic one in the entire lightning hall!

Clearly, this was Lin Dong’s target destination, the lightning hall’s main hall!


Lin Dong’s eyes were fiery hot. His body did not even pause slightly as his toes tapped against the flight of stone stairs. His body was like a large bird as he leapt forth. After a couple of ups and downs, he crossed the stone stairs and landed on the silver coloured large hall.

The large hall was extremely spacious. At a first glance, it appeared as though it was a hundred thousand feet in size. A person was as tiny as an ant when standing in it. Its majesty and grandeur appearance caused one to involuntarily feel some fear and respect.

There were many large stone pillars within the large hall. A light cluster with a lightning glow flickering on it was suspended above all the stone pillars. It was vaguely possible to see some scrolls, weapons etc within these light clusters. Moreover, the fluctuations emitted by these items were pretty powerful.

These items were all powerful spiritual treasures and martial arts. In fact, some of them deserved to be ranked on par or even above Pure Yuan Treasure.

The interior of the hall was the place where the essence of this cave was located.

“There are so many treasures.” Mu Lingshan opened her eyes and commented, while she stared curiously at the light clusters above the large stone pillars.

Lin Dong nodded. He was just about to speak when a thought passed through his mind. After which, he heard a large cluster of rushing wind sound coming from behind. Many figures flashed and appeared. Finally, they landed in the large hall.

Lin Dong tilted his head and took a glance. He could see that the Nine Serene Gate, Mysterious Sky Hall and some other experts had arrived as well.

These experts had also discovered the light clusters within the main hall upon entering it. Immediately, their eyes lighted up in excitement. It seems like they made the right decision to head for the main hall.

“Brother Lin Dong, look over there.”

Mu Lingshan’s voice suddenly sounded out in surprise after Lin Dong noticed these experts, who had hurried to the main hall.

Lin Dong turned his head and looked in the direction which Mu Lingshan had indicated, only to find that there was a thousand feet large stone statue at that spot.

The stone statue appeared to be sitting on a throne. He wore a battle armour and had a stern expression on his face. Meanwhile, there was a shocking aura vaguely being emitted from within his body. This aura did not appear to exist in reality. Instead, it was carried by the stone statue.

Moreover, the stone statue’s eyes were as bright as silver and the lightning world seemed to be hidden within. Furthermore, there were some thunder roars being vaguely emitted.

Lin Dong’s breathing became slightly sluggish under the aura of the stone statue. Immediately his eyes turned grave. Just a stone statue alone possessed such a majestic aura. Hence, one can only imagine just how shocking the actual lord’s body would be.

Clearly, beside the Lightning Emperor that Zhou Fei had spoken of, which other person in the cave dwelling could possess such a majestic aura?

Lin Dong’s eyes scanned the huge stone statue. Suddenly, he turned his attention towards the right hand of the statue. At the moment, the right hand of the statue was holding onto a silver scepter. There was a continuous lightning glow flowing out from the scepter, giving it an extremely brilliant appearance. Moreover, Lin Dong was able to sense an fluctuation radiating from this scepter, that was so powerful that his expression began to change.

This scepter was no decorative object. Instead, it was an extremely domineering Pure Yuan Treasure!

Lin Dong observed the silver scepter before his heart involuntarily shrunk. He could sense that this silver scepter was an extremely powerful spiritual treasure that did not lose out to his Burning Sky Cauldron!

Those treasures hidden within the light cluster of the entire large hall were far inferior compared to the silver scepter held by this stone statue!

Lin Dong’s eyes exchanged glances with Mu Lingshan. They could sense a tinge of joy flashing across each other’s eyes. It was likely that the both of them knew that this was something extraordinary.

“Lightning Emperor Scepter?”

However, right after Lin Dong and Mu Lingshan discovered this unique scepter, a dense and surprised cry suddenly sounded from behind them.

Lin Dong’s eyes flashed as he heard these words. The person who spoke was Pang Hao and Liu Xiangxuan. It seems like they knew quite a bit about this silver scepter…

From their rare and joyous tone, Lin Dong also understood the importance of this silver scepter.

“Snatch it!”

A low cry was suddenly emitted from Lin Dong’s mouth. The both of them rushed forward simultaneously. After which, they directly charged towards the silver scepter in the right hand of the stone statue.

“Stop him. We must obtain the Lightning Emperor Scepter!” Pang Hao cried out sternly with a slight change in expression after hearing this.

“Attack!” Liu Xiangxuan gave a decisive order as well.

The experts from the Nine Serene Gate and the Mysterious Sky Hall all charged forwards simultaneously. After which, they pounced towards the silver scepter on the stone statue.

Swoosh swoosh!

Their actions naturally attracted the attention of the other surrounding experts. Immediately everyone came to a comprehension. It was likely that the silver scepter in the hand of the stone statue was the most prized treasure in the hall. Immediately, the eyes of the crowd turned heated as they rushed forward as well.

The entire large hall descended into complete chaos at this moment.