Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 964: Destroying an Arm

Chapter 964: Destroying an Arm


Chapter 964: Destroying an Arm

The corners of Pang Hao’s mouth twitched slightly as he gazed at the faintly smiling Lin Dong who wore a malevolent look. Quickly after, Pang Hao forced a smile and said, “Brother Lin Dong is truly capable. With the strength of the advance Profound Life stage, you were able to restrain a silver corpse at the advance Profound Death stage.”

“My capability can’t be compared to the great methods of brother Pang Hao.”

Lin Dong chuckled. However, the killing intent within his eyes could no longer be concealed. This Pang Hao had continuously made things difficult for him ever since they met. Now, he had even intended to lock Lin Dong up in a sure death situation. These actions were sufficient for Lin Dong to place the latter’s name on his must kill list.

“You shameless bastard!”

As killing intent erupted from Lin Dong’s eyes, a voice bridled with fury rang out abruptly behind him. In the next instant, a petite little figure shot out. Swinging the Life Death Coffin Cover in her hands, she violently swatted down furiously at Pang Hao.

Upon seeing this, Pang Hao’s expression changed slightly. However, he did not do anything. As the attack was about to descend on him, the grey haired elder shot out in a flash and swung the back of his withered and skinny hand. Black light was faintly discernible with the boundless Yuan Power, an astonishingly imposing sight.


The Life Death Coffin Cover smashed head on against the hand of the grey haired elder. A loud sound resounded as astonishing fluctuations swept out, before the petite little body was sent flying backwards.

“Humph. This little girl’s upbringing is lacking.” The grey haired elder’s face was ice-cold as he watched Mu Lingshan being sent flying backwards and roared in a cold voice.

“Whether her upbringing is lacking or not, it’s not up to an old dog like you to discipline her!”

Lin Dong’s gaze grew completely gloomy and sinister at this moment. In the next instant, green light suddenly erupted from his body as a fierce roar rang out, “Lingshan!”

Hearing Lin Dong’s roar, Mu Lingshan immediately nodded her head and tossed the Life Death Coffin Cover towards Lin Dong. The latter caught it with a single grab. Boundless Yuan Power surged and with a vicious swing, black waves of light howled out from the coffin cover, sweeping towards the grey haired elder.

“Death Qi fluctuations?”

The grey haired elder’s eyes hardened as he gazed at the black light waves that were sweeping towards him. Soon after, he sent a fist rumbling out. A thousand feet large fist imprint congealed in the air, before heavily smashing against the black waves of light.

A loud sound of impact rang out as an incomparably berserk energy ripple spread outwards, causing the thunder clouds to be torn apart.

Not a trace of emotion was present on Lin Dong’s face, and he showed no intentions of retreating. In the next instant, the Life Death Coffin Cover in his hand suddenly flew. Like a giant axe, his right leg was lifted before being ruthlessly flung onto coffin cover.


With this kick, the Life Death Coffin Cover instantly transformed into a ray of black light. It tore through space at an astonishing speed, rumbling explosively towards the grey haired elder.


Seeing that Lin Dong had actually thrown the Life Death Coffin Cover, a greedy look as well as a sneer appeared within the eyes of the grey haired elder. This Life Death Coffin Cover was obviously an extremely powerful soul treasure. The Death Qi released by Lin Dong earlier that only Profound Death stage experts could utilise was clearly one of the coffin cover’s abilities.

As for Lin Dong who had lost the Life Death Coffin Cover, was that not equivalent to a tiger that has lost its teeth?

“Since you’re gifting this treasure to me, I’ll not be disrespectful!” With a clench of his hand, boundless Yuan Power transformed into two giant thousand feet hands. Upon appearing, they instantly grabbed at the black ray of light that was shooting towards the grey haired elder.

When the giant hands grabbed the black ray of light, astonishing fluctuations started to radiate out as the Life Death Coffin Cover struggled furiously, forming a deadlock with the giant hands.

Lin Dong watched this scene with indifference. However, he ignored it as his gloomy and sinister gaze abruptly turned towards Pang Hao. His body moved and disappeared.

Upon seeing Lin Dong disappear, the expression on those Nine Serene Gate experts instantly changed. At this moment, they finally realised that Lin Dong’s goal all along was not the grey haired elder but Pang Hao!

He had purposefully tossed the Life Death Coffin Cover for the sake of restraining the grey haired elder.

“Brat, You dare!”

The grey haired elder also discovered that something was amiss, leading him to instantly roar out fiercely. However, at this moment, he was being restrained by the Life Death Coffin Cover. An extremely strange energy was pervading out of it, causing him to not dare to reckless dislodge himself for a time.

As though he did not hear the roar of the grey haired elder, Lin Dong’s body flashed and appeared in front of the grim faced Pang Hao. In the next instant, a malevolent smile surfaced from the corners of Lin Dong’s mouth.

Without any hesitation, Lin Dong immediately sent a fist rumbling out. As the fist force erupted, a total of thirty green dragon light tattoos suddenly surfaced around his arm, causing astonishing dragon roars to instantly resound.

As the thirty green dragon light tattoos grew in size, the energy radiating from them caused distortions to appear in the surrounding space. Upon seeing this, shock and terror surfaced in the eyes of the surrounding Nine Serene Gate experts.

“Do you truly think that I’m afraid of you?!”

Pang Hao had been truly enraged by Lin Dong, and an ominous glint erupted in his eyes. In the next instant, boundless Yuan Power gushed out from the former’s body without any restraint.

“Nine Serene White Bone Palm!”

An explosive roar rang out from Pang Hao’s mouth. In the next instant, his palm suddenly turned as lustrous and white as jade, like an arm made of white bone. Fluctuations that caused a chill to run through one’s heart pervaded the surface of that lustrous and white colour.

Obviously, the so called Nine Serene White Bone Palm was an extremely formidable martial art.

In the next instant, under the attention of numerous gazes from the surroundings, the fist wrapped by green dragon light tattoos violently slammed against the white bone arm.

At the split second of impact, a deep ear piercing sound instantly rang out, and even the thunder clouds in the area were scattered by the resulting force.

As the loud noise echoed, an explosive sound as well as a miserable shriek followed suit. In the next moment, the pupils of the people in the surroundings faintly shrunk as they saw Pang Hao’s white bone arm explode, turning into a bloody mist. Like a kite with a broken string, his body flew backwards. A number of Nine Serene Gate experts attempted to prevent this from happening, but were sent flying back while spurting blood by the astonishing force.


Upon seeing this result, shock and astonishment erupted uncontrollably in everyone’s hearts. Who would have guess that this Lin Dong would actually be able to blow up the perfect Profound Life stage Pang Hao’s arm with a single punch.

This level of strength was undoubtedly much more tyrannical than their exchange half a day ago.

Furthermore, the decisiveness and viciousness of Lin Dong caused their hearts to faintly tremble. The former appeared extremely young, but his actions were abnormally firm and decisive.

Perhaps, even the grey haired elder would never have expected that Lin Dong would be able to injure Pang Hao to such a degree even when faced with the obstruction of an initial Profound Death stage expert.

“Youngster, you’re courting death!”

Seeing the heavily injured Pang Hao, the grey haired elder roared in anger. His body abruptly turned as a swift and fierce claw wind slashed towards Lin Dong.

The green dragon wings on Lin Dong’s back unfurled, sending him retreating back explosively, easily evading the attack from the grey haired elder. As the tip of his foot landed on the Life Death Coffin Cover, he gazed apathetically at the furious grey haired elder as well as Pang Hao, who had lost an arm, before speaking out in an indifferent voice, “I’ve just taken back a little interest. Since you scheme against others, you naturally need to be prepared to be plotted against.”

“Ha ha. I do not mind if your Nine Serene Gate plans to be entangled with me here. However, you will perhaps miss out on the treasures within that thunder hall.”

Lin Dong’s smile and indifferent words instantly caused the grey haired elder who had lunged towards him again to abruptly freeze.

At this moment, the three silver corpses had been sealed and the great doors of the thunder hall were wide open. Such a treasure trove that was no longer guarded was undeniably an enticement that was hard to ignore for the experts present. At this moment, everyone’s eyes were already permeated by redness.

“When this is over, I will make sure that you’ll beg for me to kill you brat!” The grey haired elder solemnly declared.

“I’ll accompany you anytime.”

Lin Dong replied with a faint smile and no longer bothered with him. With a wave of his sleeve, the Life Death Coffin Cover below his feet shot towards Mu Lingshan, who caught it with a single grab.

“Let’s go!”

Lin Dong shouted as his body shot forth. Like a giant peng, it whizzed towards the wide open doors of the thunder hall.

Behind him, a great number of experts also reacted. Immediately, figure after figure charged into the thunder hall that had been sealed for a thousand years.

*peng – A giant mythical bird, refer to ED