Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 963: Luring the Corpses

Chapter 963: Luring the Corpses


Chapter 963: Luring the Corpses

When Pang Hao saw that Lin Dong had actually nodded his head, a startled look clearly flashed within his eyes. Never did he imagine that the latter would actually agree in such a straightforward manner.

“Ha ha, brother Lin Dong is truly someone who understands the big picture.”

However, this startled expression very quickly disappeared as a smile reappeared on Pang Hao’s face. However, no matter how one looked at it, it appeared to be filled with a coldness and maliciousness.

However, Lin Dong turned a blind eye towards this. He merely smiled at Pang Hao and replied, “Then I’ll have to invite brother Pang Hao to activate the array.”

Pang Hao faintly smiled. With a wave of his hand, resplendent light erupted from the glowing disc in his hand. In the next moment, those rays of light started to interweave in the air. One could faintly see an extremely gigantic array being formed. However, only the silhouette had emerged and the rest of it had yet to completed.

“Everyone, please pour your Yuan Power into the array.” Turning his head, Pang Hao looked towards the numerous experts and spoke with a smile.

Upon hearing his words, these experts nodded their head slightly. Boundless Yuan Power howled out, transforming into streaks of light that shot directly into the array.

Humm Humm!

Following the influx of Yuan Power, dazzling light instantly erupted from the array. As boundless Yuan Power surged and and swell within it, the originally somewhat illusory array started to rapidly turn corporeal as astonishing energy fluctuations started to slowly radiate from it.

“This array is indeed rather fantastic.”

As Lin Dong took in the spectacle before him, his eyes faintly narrowed. This so called Nine Serene Guarding Spirit Formation that was able to become the great sect protection array of the Nine Serene Gate was indeed somewhat wondrous.

As the array gradually took shape, the three silver corpses in front of the Thunder Hall seemed to have sensed the incoming danger, and fluctuations started to surface within their black Qi filled eyes.

“Please do you part.” Upon seeing this, Pang Hao spoke with a faint smile.

As his voice rang out, the grey haired old man from the Nine Serene Gate as well as the middle aged man from the Mysterious Sky Hall rose into the sky. Formidable Yuan Power erupted and surged around them while Death Qi that was faintly discernible started to radiate out. Obviously, these two were genuine experts at the Profound Death stage.

As the experts in the surroundings stared at the two Profound Death stage experts from the Nine Serene Gate and the Mysterious Sky Hall, the brows of quite a few people were raised. Those powerful factions truly had solid foundations. Such Profound Death stage experts were not so easily summoned…

“Brother Lin Dong.” Pang Hao grinned as he stared at Lin Dong.

Lin Dong shot an apathetic glance at Pang Hao, but did not say anything. His body moved and rose into the air. The grey haired old man as well as the middle aged male also looked at him but similarly did not remark. In the next moment, their figures shot forth, each lunging towards a silver corpse.

Bang Bang!

As the two Profound Death stage experts clashed with two silver corpses, extremely astonishing Yuan Power fluctuations instantly rippled in the sky. Four figures crossed hands at lightning speed. The degree of viciousness in their attacks caused one to tremble in fear.

However, from this exchange, anybody could tell that the grey haired old man as well as the middle aged male were mostly at a disadvantage. They were only initial Profound Death stage experts. If they were to truly fight, they were naturally not a match for the advance Profound Death stage silver corpses. However, their current mission was not to defeat the silver corpses, and they only needed to temporarily delay the silver corpses.

As everyone took in the spectacle in the sky, a few sympathetic gazes were cast towards Lin Dong who had shot towards the third silver corpse. The grey haired old man as well as the middle aged male were practitioners at the initial Profound Death stage, and yet they were on the losing end in their battle against the silver corpses. Lin Dong’s strength was only at advance Profound Life stage. The disparity between him and the silver corpse was truly tremendous…

Lin Dong ignored these gazes. Sweeping forward, he appeared before the third silver corpse. Noticing the demonic markings that covered the latter’s entire body, a grave look surged within his eyes. This foe was truly not easy to deal with.


When it saw that someone had came forward to obstruct it, the silver corpse did not bother with any pleasantries as bestial roar rang out from its mouth. In the next moment, black Qi the blotted the skies erupted, transforming into a dozen black chains. Like vipers, they proceeded to encircle Lin Dong.

Upon seeing the silver corpse’s incoming attack, Lin Dong’s eyes hardened. The green dragon wings on his back unfurled. On their surface, one could faintly discern ten stealthily swimming green dragon light tattoos. With a furious beat of his wings, his body trembled.


The black chains pierced towards him at lightning speed, before violently ripping apart Lin Dong’s body.


Upon seeing that Lin Dong had been struck, an uproar instantly emerged from the crowd. Was this brat unable to receive even a single attack?

However, the noise did not persist for long. They had very quickly noticed that the figure that had been pierced by the black chains had slowly faded away.


Several extremely perceptive individuals narrowed their eyes. In a flash, they turned to look at a certain spot ten thousand feet away, only to see a figure appear in a flash. It was Lin Dong.

“Such speed!”

Some experts exchanged a look and saw the shock that flashed within each other’s eyes. Previously, even they were unable to discover exactly how Lin Dong retreated from his original position. Such speed was truly astonishing.

Upon seeing this scene, the smile on Pang Hao’s face froze. Soon after, a gloomy look flashed within his eyes. He was able to sense that after a short period of half a day, Lin Dong’s strength seemed to have risen substantially. At the very least, in their exchange earlier, he had been unable to detect the latter’s astonishing speed.

“His strength seems to have risen again. Although he’s still at the advance Profound Life stage… the feeling I get from him has grown even more dangerous.” As she gazed at Lin Dong in the distance, Liu Xiangxuan remarked in a soft voice.

“How could his strength have increased so much in such a short time?” Unable to hold it in, a Mysterious Sky Hall expert asked.

Liu Xiangxuan gently bit her red lips. Her current appearance was extremely alluring. Her beautiful eyes sparkled. Soon after, she seemed to have grasped something. At this moment, astonishment erupted from the depths of her eyes.

“Could… that fellow have obtained the thunderbolt core condensed from that silver corpse?”



In the sky, the silver corpse suddenly shot forth explosively. Black Qi that blotted the skies erupted as it pursued Lin Dong like lightning.

Facing the pursuit of the silver corpse, Lin Dong did not have the slightest intention of fighting it. At this moment, the green dragon wings on his back gradually extended. From a distance, it looked as if they had extended to a length of approximately a hundred feet. The entire wingspan was over ten times taller than Lin Dong, an extremely spectacular sight.

When this transformation happened, Lin Dong’s speed had also clearly risen to a rather overbearing level. For a time, he was able to gradually achieve the same speed as even the silver corpse. After all, the silver corpse’s speed was clearly not one of its strengths.

While Lin Dong retreated in this cunning manner, the three battles in the sky continued for a time. Although Lin Dong’s situation appeared to be dangerous, he had yet to truly cross hands with the silver corpse since the start of the fight. On the other hand, the grey haired old man and the middle aged man were forced to occasionally confront the silver corpses head on. This confrontation would obviously result in the silver corpses obtaining a superior position. If they were not also Profound Death stage experts, they would be in a rather miserable state.

This situation had clearly exceeded the expectations of numerous people. No one would have imagined that Lin Dong, whose strength was merely at advance Profound Life stage, would actually be in a more comfortable position than the two initial Profound Death stage experts.

While they continued to delay the corpses, the array in the sky gradually took form as three glowing halos quietly condensed and formed.

When Pang Hao saw the array gradually form, his expression grew even gloomier. The spectacle before him was not the one that he wanted to see the most…

“Brother Pang Hao, the array should be more or less done right?”

Just as Pang Hao was considering if he should delay the formation of the array, a few of the sharper experts spoke out all of a sudden. There were no fools here. Therefore, it would obviously be quite difficult for Pang Hao to play any tricks.

When he heard these voices, the corners of Pang Hao’s mouth twitched. The only thing he could do was to suppress the flames of fury in his heart as he smiled and nodded his head. His hand seals change and the speed at which the light halos were forming abruptly increased.

“The three of you, please lure the silver corpses into the halos!” Pang Hao shouted in a low voice.

Upon hearing his shout, the grey haired old man as well as the middle aged male, who were already in a somewhat miserable condition for some time, hastily shot towards the halos. As they pass through them, the two silver corpses followed suit, rushing into the halos.


When the two silver corpses rushed into the halos, two perfectly straight beams of light suddenly shot out from the halos. Next, they expanded in a circular fashion within the halos at lightning speed. When the grey haired old man and the middle aged male finally rushed out of the halo, the beams of light suddenly closed, transforming into pillars of light that were a thousand feet wide. The two silver corpses had been sealed within the pillars of light.

As the two silver corpses were sealed, Lin Dong lured the last silver corpse as he suddenly shot towards the third halo.

Upon seeing this, a sinister look suddenly flashed across Pang Hao’s eyes. With a change of his hand seal, the closure of the beam of light abruptly quickened.

An uproar emerged from the crowd. Obviously, anyone could see that this Pang Hao was actually planning to lock Lin Dong and the silver corpse within the array.

Lin Dong gazed at the rapidly closing beam of light as an ice-cold look flashed within his eyes. As expected, this Pang Hao had malicious intentions.

Lin Dong’s speed was raised to its limit at this moment. Nevertheless, the speed at which the beam of light closed was not slow at all. When the two ends were only about ten feet away, Lin Dong body suddenly forcefully twisted in the air. Facing the silver corpse pursuing him from behind, he unleashed a ferocious punch.


A powerful force viciously slammed into the space before him, causing it to suddenly explode. As the fist rumbled out, a rebounding force emerged on his fist. With that rebounding force, Lin Dong transformed into a streak of light. Finally, under the astonished cries of the crowd, he flew out through the narrow gap between the two ends of the beam of light.

The beam of light closed, forming a perfect light pillar prison. The pursuing silver corpse violently smashed into the pillar of light, but was unable to cause even the tiniest tremble.


The green dragon wings on Lin Dong’s back slowly disappeared. He looked at the silver corpse locked within the pillar of light as he gently exhaled a breath of air. Turning his head to look at Pang Hao, whose face had turned somewhat stiff, he sent a faint smile to the latter.

However, that smile was malevolent to the point of causing one to tremble in fear.