Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 961: The Gathering Of Experts

Chapter 961: The Gathering Of Experts


Chapter 961: The Gathering Of Experts

“Big brother Lin Dong, what’s the matter?”

The suddenly gloominess and slightly malevolent expression coming out from Lin Dong startled Mu Lingshan, who hastily asked.

Lin Dong slowly shook his head. However, his eyes were still firmly locked onto the three people within the distant storm clouds. Never did he imagine that he would actually meet Yuan Gate disciples here…

Furthermore, from the way that they looked at him, Lin Dong knew that they should have known his identity a long time ago.

“The arms of Yuan Gate have actually extended to the Chaotic Demon Sea, huh…” a chilling glint flashed within Lin Dong’s eyes. This was the first time that he had bumped into people from the Eastern Xuan Region ever since he arrived at the Chaotic Demon Sea.

“However, since we’ve met, I can’t just pretend that I didn’t see them, right?”

A shred of killing intent flashed across Lin Dong’s face. He had a deep grudge with Yuan Gate. Furthermore, from the trio’s appearance, it was obvious they were up to no good. Therefore, Lin Dong did not mind collecting some payback from Yuan Gate for the time being.

Lin Dong was faintly able to sense powerful fluctuations radiating out from their bodies. These fluctuations appeared to be even more overbearing than Pang Hao’s. Obviously, the three of them should be fairly outstanding members of Yuan Gate.

“Does big brother Lin Dong have a grudge with those three fellows?” Mu Lingshan had also discovered the three people at this moment. Immediately, she asked Lin Dong softly.

Lin Dong gently nodded his head.

“Are we going to fight?” Mu Lingshan asked, as her little hands grasped the Life Death Coffin Cover. A eagerness glint flooded out of her big eyes.

“There’s no need for now. Currently, the most important thing is to enter the Thunder Hall.”

Lin Dong replied while faintly shaking his head. Although discovering the presence of Yuan Gate members had stirred the killing intent within his heart, he understood the gravity of the situation. Regardless, the Lightning Ancestral Symbol was the most important thing now.

Upon hearing this, Mu Lingshan resentfully withdrew the excitement within her eyes.

Lin Dong’s gloomy gaze was similarly withdrawn at the same time, while the malevolent expression on his face was replaced by a calm and expressionless one. At this moment, no one could tell what Lin Dong was thinking in his heart.

“Oh no, we’ve been discovered…”

“What a scary glare… he must be skilled…”

As Lin Dong retracted his gaze, the three figures within the storm clouds started to chuckle. It was obvious that there were teasing him and they were hardly nervous or scared at all.

“When do we make our move, boss?” A male with bright and resplendent silver hair gave a faint smile. Looking towards a man with a lock of white hair drooping over his forehead, he asked with a smile.

Hearing his words, the man with his hair drooping down, only gave a faint smile. His pupils were so black that they looked quite bizarre, almost as though they didn’t have any focal depth to them. “There is no rush. Let’s enter the Thunder Hall first. We’ve came here to execute our mission…”

Upon hearing his reply, a strange black glint suddenly flashed across the depths of the silver haired male’s eyes. In the next moment, he asked quietly, “Is that lord…truly at this location?”

“The information should be correct.” The man with drooping hair replied with a faint nod. Turning to look at Lin Dong, the Nine Serene Gate and the Mysterious Sky Hall, he continued speaking softly, “In addition, we have to get all three silver tower keys.”


The other two men started smiling. While chatting, they appeared exceedingly relaxed. It was as if obtaining the keys from Lin Dong and the rest was a simple feat.

Upon witnessing their reactions, the man with drooping hair didn’t continue talking anymore. With his hands behind his back, his indifferent gaze turned towards the lofty Thunder Hall floating in the storm clouds, as a black glint sparkled within his eyes.

At the same time, above another storm cloud, a figure covering completely in red robes was scanning his surroundings as he observed the various powerful experts that had gathered in the surroundings of the Thunder Hall. After doing so, he started to laugh.

“Looks like quite a few stray dogs and cats have arrived…this is somewhat interesting…”

As the laughing voice rang out, his gaze turned towards the Thunder Hall. In the next moment, spatial fluctuations radiated out from his body, before he mysteriously disappeared.


“Big brother Lin Dong, why is no one heading into the Thunder Hall?” After observing her surroundings, Mu Lingshan noticed that there were quite a number of experts already here. However, what surprised her the most, was that none of them had taken the initiative to enter the Thunder Hall.

“The Thunder Hall is wrapped up by a lightning shroud. However, this lightning shroud is gradually becoming weaker. Everyone is waiting for it to dissipate.” Lin Dong replied with a smile.

Upon hearing his reply, Mu Lingshan understood in a flash. Upon closer inspection, she finally realized that the surroundings of the Thunder Hall were wrapped with glowing lightning bolt markings, that were hard to be discerned by the naked eye. At this moment however, those glowing markings were gradually dissipating akin to ripples on a water surface.

As time elapsed, whooshing sounds would ring out from time to time in this stretch of land. Some experts would rush over here from behind. After a period of time, more figures started appearing within the storm clouds, causing this place to become quite lively.

As the number of experts that had rushed over grew, under the scorching gazes coming from the surroundings, the lightning shroud around the Thunder Hall started to turn weaken. This lasted for approximately ten minutes, before a faint cracking sound rang out. Currently, the lightning shroud had completely dissipated.

The split second the lightning shroud disappeared, the originally noisy storm clouds abruptly turned quiet. In the next instant, unconcealable greed erupted from the eyes of quite a few experts.

“Let’s go!”

Suddenly a roar brimming with greedy rang out rang out from someone’s mouth, causing the taut and quiet atmosphere within the storm clouds to instantly collapse. Unable to suppress the greed in their hearts anymore, a few experts took the lead and charged into the Thunder Hall.

Looking at those impatient experts, Lin Dong’s gaze remained rather indifferent. He continued standing at his original position, not budging an inch. People who were unable to control their greed were usually the ones who died first.

Whoosh Whoosh!

Hundreds of figures streaked across the sky, charging towards the Thunder Hall at an astonishing speed. Within a short span of a few breaths, they had already arrived at the giant doors of the Thunder Hall.


Boundless Yuan Power transformed into hundreds of light rays. Splitting the air apart, they rained down on the giant doors of the silver Thunder Hall. In the next instant, loud bangs and rumbling resounded across the horizon.

Facing all-out attacks from various experts, the giant silver door instantly exploded. An ancient smell gushed out from within the busted open Thunder Hall. This hall, that was shut tightly for thousands of years, had finally seen the light of day once again.

After they saw that the giant doors of the Thunder Hall were broken open, the eyes of some experts were filled with even more ecstasy, as they shot forwards. Although their hearts and minds were consumed by greed, they still activated Yuan Power with all their might, forming powerful defenses around their bodies.

Lin Dong looked indifferently at this spectacle taking place before his eyes. Just as the person in the lead was about to rush into the Thunder Hall, Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly narrowed.

An astonishing clap of thunder furiously exploded out from within the Thunder Hall. Three rays of silver, akin to lightning bolts, were brimming with a destructive force as they rushed out from the Thunder Hall. Intertwining and turning into a killing shape, they pierced straight through hundreds of experts. Their speed was such that it even made Lin Dong’s pupils contract.

“Bang Bang Bang!”

The three silver rays shattered the skies as they rushed towards those hundreds of experts. Wherever the silver rays went, bodies would explode instantly, turning into clouds of bloody mist.

In a short span of ten over breaths , hundreds of experts that were in front were completely wiped out. Thick clouds of bloody mist hung around the entrance of the Thunder Hall. The thick reek of blood in the air cause the eyes of quite a few experts to be overwhelmed with shock.

“What are those creatures?!” A few people cried out in terror as they instantly began to revolve the Yuan Power within their bodies.

Graveness filled Lin Dong’s eyes as he started at the three silver light rays. After killing over a hundred experts at an astonishing rate, the three silver light rays slowly began to unveil themselves in front of the Thunder Hall.

Those were three completely silver figures. Demonic markings akin to those found on Zuo Fei covered their entire bodies. Sinister and powerful black qi continuously radiated out from them, causing the temperature of the land to drop by quite a bit.


Lin Dong gently exhaled a breath of air. The three demonic corpses should be the three great Thunder Kings that Zuo Fei previously mentioned…When they were alive, the three of them were at perfect Profound Death Stage. As of now, even after death, they still possessed strength comparable to an advanced Profound Death Stage expert.

Previously, it only took one demonic corpse at advanced Profound Death Stage to force numerous experts into such a miserable state. However, as of now, there was three of them standing in front of them.

“Looks like it’s not going to be so easy to enter the Thunder Hall…”

Looking at the three figures blocking the entrance of the Thunder Hall, Lin Dong muttered to himself.