Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 959: Absorption

Chapter 959: Absorption


Chapter 959: Absorption

Thud thud!

A low and deep thunder roar reverberated within the Burning Sky Cauldron. Bright and resplendent silver halos were emitted in a circular ripple. They resembled waves and looked exceptionally brilliant.

Zuo Fei’s body gradually faded away as he stood within the light circle. However, a ten feet large thunderbolt core slowly took shape as his body slowly faded away. Meanwhile, there was an extremely frightening fluctuation being vaguely emitted.

“Young friend, please accept my final gift. Haha, thanks for freeing me…”

Zuo Fei’s fading figure smilingly looked at Lin Dong. His eyes were filled with gratitude and joy. He was aware that he would completely disappear from this world the moment his body disappeared.

“Elder, rest in peace.”

Lin Dong respectfully bowed towards Zuo Fei, as someone from the younger generation ought to. Although he had only known Zuo Fei for an extremely short period of time, the carefree and suave fashion in which the latter faced death, was indeed worthy of his respect.

“Young friend, if you can obtain all the silver tower keys, you should be able to control the lightning realm. Hence, if you want to obtain the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol, you must obtain the complete set of keys.”

Zuo Fei’s hoarse voice stealthily sounded out just as his body was about to completely vanish within the lightning glow.

“I understand.”

Lin Dong nodded gently. He looked at Zuo Fei’s body as he vanished and felt a sense of loss. However, he quickly braced his attention. The dead have already left the world, however he was still alive and had to live on properly. That was because there were still things that he must protect.

In order to protect those things, he would require an even greater amount of power. The incident in the Unique Devil City allowed Lin Dong understand just how powerless he was…

He did not wish for a similar incident to occur again.

The feeling of being hunted down like a homeless stray was truly terrible.


Lin Dong inhaled a deep breath of air and suppressed the fluctuating emotions within his heart. After which, he turned his attention towards the thunderbolt core filled with lightning glow, in front of him. The size of this thunderbolt core was at least over a dozen times larger compared to those that he had obtained before. Moreover, the lightning energy contained within was even purer and more potent.

It was so powerful that it even Lin Dong’s expression to change.

“It is indeed worthy a thunderbolt core that was agglomerated by a Profound Death stage expert…” Lin Dong sighed. Zuo Fei’s body had been refined over thousands of years at the deepest part of the lightning lake. Every muscle and skin on his body had likely merged completely with the lighting energy. Now that his body had been completely reduced into a thunderbolt core, the strength of that thunderbolt was likely quite terrifying.

“Let’s first try and see how much I can absorb…”

Lin Dong’s eyes were searing hot as he stared at the thunderbolt core. He immediately sat down in mid-air. A thought passed through his mind before his Devouring Ancestral Symbol turned into a black hole above his head. After which, the black hole rotated slowly. Waves after waves of devouring force spluttered out.


A low and deep thunder roar was emitted from within the thunderbolt core after having seemingly sensed the devourment of the devouring power. There seemed to be a vague resisting force being emitted. This thunderbolt core was clearly even more powerful compared to the rest and it was actually able to put up resistance, when it knew that it was about to be devoured.

However, its resistance clearly did not pose much problems for Lin Dong. The Devouring Ancestral Symbol increased its rotating speed. Following which, the rate in which the devouring power surged out also grew.

Buzz buzz!

The thunderbolt core trembled intensely in the face of this increasingly powerful and overbearing Devouring Power. Soon after, many bright lightning glows turned into resplendent rays that escaped and flowed continuously towards the black hole.


Lightning sparks cackled within the black hole and there was thunder being vaguely emitted. However, these wild and violent Lighting Power were clearly helpless in the face of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, which could devour everything in this world.

The black hole lingered over Lin Dong’s head. Suddenly, it paused. A lightning glow whistled out from it and directly wrapped around Lin Dong, who was sitting below.

The lightning glow contained an extremely pure lightning energy. Moreover, this type of lightning energy had already tamed by the Devouring Power after passing through the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Hence, it did not cause any discomfort to Lin Dong’s body.

Therefore, Lin Dong was able to fearlessly absorb this type of pure lightning energy!

A smile rose on the corner of Lin Dong’s mouth. He slowly shut his eyes while his hands formed a training seal. Green light surged on his body and he was just like a massive bottomless beast, that continuously absorbed the lightning energy into his body.

Bang bang!

Lin Dong’s body trembled intensely after these majestic lightning energy entered his body. A low and deep thunder continued to be emitted from within his body.

However, only Lin Dong was able to clearly feel that after an explosive thunder roar, waves of pure lightning energy were beginning to merge with his limbs, meridians and bones.

These pure lightning energy caused his body to feel vaguely numb. In the face of this numbness, the cells, bones, muscles within his body emitted a greedy cry. They could feel that after absorbing this power, they would grow increasingly powerful…

Green light was spread across Lin Dong’s body. The Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill had also detected the benefits of the lightning energy and it actually began to circulate by itself. Green light surged and greedily absorbed all the lightning energy that surged onto his body.

With the thunderbolt continuously being emitted from within his body, many green dragon light tattoos began to form at a shocking rate…

Back at the Chaotic Tower, Lin Dong’s physical body had already reached a certain stage. However, it was clear that the current him was about to break this limit.

The sound of thunder roars spread in a wave like fashion inside the Burning Sky Cauldron. Lin Dong quietly sat under the black hole. At this moment, the Devouring Ancestral Symbol and the thunderbolt core had clearly formed a half-cycle with Lin Dong. The Devouring Ancestral Symbol would devour and tame the energy within the thunderbolt core. After which, it would continuously pour it into Lin Dong’s body, allowing the meridians and bones within Lin Dong’s body to absorb it perfectly…

The green light over Lin Dong’s body grew denser at a shockingly fast pace under this continuously absorption. The green dragon light tattoo on his body also became increasingly resplendant.

However, it seems like regardless of how much Lin Dong absorbed, the size of the thunderbolt core in front of him remained the same and it only looked slightly dulller. From this, it was possible to tell just how frightening the lightning energy contained within it was.

The Thunderbolt roar continued to ricochiate within the interior of the Burning Sky Cauldron. Around half a day passed before the green light flickering over Lin Dong’s body slowly diminished. The black hole above his head also gradually stopped rotating.


Lin Dong’s tightly shut eyes were suddenly opened at a certain moment. Both his eyes were filled with lightning glow. A green light scattered, causing them to appear somewhat mysterious.

A breath of white vapour was slowly being spat out from Lin Dong’s mouth. Within that white vapour, tiny lightning arcs flashed. He extended both his palms and it was possible to see that there was even tiny electric currents running across his skin.

A joy flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. He quickly shut his eyes and sensed the situation within his body. The joy within his eyes abruptly grew richer when he next opened it.


At this moment, Lin Dong discovered that the green dragon light tattoos within his body had actually reached thirty-five!

Back at the Chaotic Tower, the maximum number of green dragon light tattoos that his physical body could form was ten. The other thirteen tattoos were a gift from having devoured the purple-gold skin. However, those could only be used once. Lin Dong had already used all of them when fighting Pang Hao previously. Now… Lin Dong realized that after only a few days of training, the number of green dragon light tattoos in his body had reached thirty-five!

This rate at which he was improving was almost god-like!

Currently, Lin Dong was confident that if he was to directly use these thirty five green dragon light tattoo, it was likely that he could cripple Pang Hao with a single punch!

“This is really good stuff!”

Lin Dong parted his mouth and laughed. His eyes looked at the thunderbolt core in front of him. At this moment, it had become slightly dimmer. However, it was still filled with a surging lightning energy. Clearly, it was still sufficient for his training.

Just like Lin Dong had predicted, the lightning energy contained within this thunderbolt core had surpassed all the other thunderbolt cores combined!

It seems like he did not lose out even though he was a good samaritan this time around!

“Currently, I am in the middle of the cave. It is not apt to train here for long…”

Lin Dong waved his sleeve. He kept the thunderbolt core in front of him into the Qiankun Bag. Although he was aware that his strength would increase if he continued to train, he did not have so much time to do so now. The Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol was his main goal.

“Let’s get the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol first.”

Lin Dong ceased lingering any further the moment this thought crossed his mind. He disappeared from the Burning Sky Cauldron. After he disappeared, the thunder roar within the cauldron also stealthily vanished…