Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 956: Three Great Divine Objects

Chapter 956: Three Great Divine Objects


Chapter 956: Three Great Divine Objects

A hoarse and unclear voice slowly emerged from the black light figure’s mouth in a shaky manner. Upon hearing those words, Lin Dong was immediately startled, before an astonished expression surfaced on his face. At this moment, the sharpness in his eyes had weakened substantially.

‘You consciousness hasn’t dissipated?” Lin Dong stared at the black light figure wrapped in an evil Yimo aura. After hesitating for a while, he asked.

The black light human figure stood in the air as bright light continuously flickered within those black eyes of his. Lin Dong could see the intense struggling taking place within them. Obviously, the former seemed to be battling with the Yimo Qi inside his body, causing him to awaken from his mindless killing state.

“Heeelp me…” A hoarse voice containing intense feelings of beseechment rang out once again from the black light figure.

“Yan, what’s going on? How can he maintain this sliver of clarity?” Lin Dong quickly asked in his mind. In the past, he had met quite a few demonic corpses that had been corroded by Yimo Qi. However, all of them had turned into mindless killing puppets without a single exception. There was simply nothing that could retain its mind under the corrosion of the Yimo Qi.

“Due to the lightning energy permeating his body for thousands of years at the bottom of this lightning lake, the Yimo Qi within his body was somewhat suppressed. Furthermore, the Yimo which had killed him back then had intentionally sealed a sliver of his consciousness within his body. Perhaps that sliver of consciousness has now managed to find a small chink in the balance between the lightning energy and the Yimo Qi, thus preventing him from completely entering a mindless killing state.” Yan replied.

“Then… how can I help him?” Lin Dong muttered.

“He’s able to sense the Devouring Ancestral Symbol within your body. You should know that Yimo Qi is extremely evil and sinister. Normal energy is simply unable to dispel it. Only the eight great ancestral symbols as well as some extremely supreme divine treasures possess such power…”

“He needs you to help him dispel the Yimo Qi within his body.”

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong instantly felt as though a huge and thorny problem had been dropped on him. He knew that both the Ancestral Stone and Devouring Ancestral Symbol had the ability to dispel Yimo Qi. However, the Yimo Qi present in the corpse before him was obviously abnormal. Therefore, it would be extremely difficult even for him. If by some chance that Yimo Qi was to invade his body, it would truly be a headache.

However in this situation, if he was to reject, there was no guarantee the demonic corpse would not go crazy once again. At that time, he would be faced with an advance Profound Death stage demonic corpse that had lost all sense of reason and only knew how to kill. Lin Dong would have an even greater headache.

“This truly is troublesome…:”

Lin Dong laughed bitterly. Obviously, he did not expect that things would progress to such a stage. This demonic corpse had unexpectedly asked for his help. Furthermore, it seemed that there was no other choice for him but to help, if not…

“The Yimo Qi within his body is indeed considerably powerful. Even if you want to dispel it, I’m afraid that you will need to use the three great divine treasures.” Yan said.

“Three great…”

The corners of Lin Dong’s eyes twitched. He naturally knew what Yan was talking about the Ancestral Stone, the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, and the Ancient Universe Formation within his body… this was the first time after so many years that he needed to utilise these deepest secrets hidden within his body.

“Please please… help free me.”

As the the expression within Lin Dong’s eyes wavered, the demonic corpse started to tremble increasingly intensely. Faint fluctuations sparkled within its black eyes, while thick feelings of beseechment filled its words.

Thinking about it, being seal for hundreds and thousands of years was practically the most frightening torture in the world for him. His sliver of consciousness had to watch his body being slowly corroded bit by bit, before finally turning into a mindless killing demonic corpse. Such helplessness and sorrow would cause absolute despair.

Seeing the endless sorrow and misery gushing out from the eyes of the demonic corpse, Lin Dong’s tightly clenched fists slowly relaxed. Finally, gently sighing, he replied while nodding his head, “I’ll try my best.”

Although he knew that this would likely be quite risky for him, he understood that the current him could no longer reject.

“Thank you!”

Hearing Lin Dong’s response, gratitude immediately erupted from the eyes of the demonic corpse.

“Lingshan, please help protect me. Do not let anyone disturb me.” Lin Dong tilted his head and spoke to Mu Lingshan.

“Okay!” Mu Lingshan nodded her head firmly, her small hands tightly grasped the Life Death Coffin Cover in her bosom.

Upon seeing this, Lin Dong waved his sleeve as the Burning Sky Cauldron flew out, before heading towards the demonic corpse in front of him. “Follow me into the cauldron. I’ll try my best to attempt to dispel the Yimo Qi within your body.”

As Lin Dong’s voice rang out, the demonic corpse instantly shot forward. It entered the Burning Sky Cauldron without the slightest bit of hesitation. Next, Lin Dong also transformed into a streak of light that flew into the cauldron.

Upon seeing the two enter the Burning Sky Cauldron, Mu Lingshan proceeded to sit down in the air, her large eyes wide open as she vigilantly watched the surroundings.


Within the Burning Sky Cauldron, Lin Dong looked at the demonic corpse standing before him. The rich and powerful Yimo Qi rising from the latter’s body caused his eyelids to tremble uncontrollably. With a thought, a black streak of brilliance howled out from his crown, before transforming into a black hole like ancient symbol.

Strong Devouring power radiated from the symbol, causing all the surrounding energy that came into contact with it to be devoured.

“Devouring Ancestral Symbol…”

As the demonic corpse stared at the black hole like symbol floating in the air, emotions welled up and surfaced within his black eyes. His senses were indeed correct.

“Elder, the Yimo Qi within your body is too strong. This young one is too weak, and cannot only rely on the Devouring Ancestral Symbol to dispel it.” After summoning the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, Lin Dong explained the current situation in a deep voice.

“Your best is enough. I’ll do my utmost to resist the urge to hurt you.” The demonic corpse replied in a hoarse voice. Every time he spoke, his body would tremble intensely, while sinister and evil intent and clarity continuously swapped around within his eyes. Obviously, he was suppressing the killing urge within his body, stopping himself from attacking Lin Dong.

Faintly nodding his head, Lin Dong said, “ However, I have other things that can dispel the Yimo Qi. If nothing unforeseen occurs, I should be able to accomplish this task.”

After speaking, with a flip of his palm, a bright glowing array surfaced from within it. In a blink of an eye, gales started to form as it transformed into a gigantic glowing array a thousand feet large. Floating in the air, waves of unique fluctuations started to slowly radiated from it.

Having retrieved the Ancient Universe Formation, Lin Dong opened his mouth as gentle white streak of brilliance shot out from within, before transforming into a stone talisman. Astonishing and unique fluctuations similarly radiated from it.

As the three great divine treasures appeared simultaneously, waves of distortion started to appear in the space within the Burning Sky Cauldron. One could faintly feel the Yuan Power present start to churn and flare up.

“These are… divine treasures….”

Raising its head to look at the gigantic glowing array as well as the stone talisman, a vacant expression appeared within the demonic corpse’s eyes. He did not recognize these two objects. However, this did not prevent him from sensing their might.

“Elder, please bear with it. If you put up any resistance, I’m afraid that I cannot restrain you.”

Lin Dong spoke in a deep voice as his expression turned grave. This demonic corpse possessed the strength of the advance Profound Death stage. If he was to turn crazy, even with the three great divine treasures in his hands, it would still be extremely difficult for him to restrain it.

Upon hearing Lin Dong’s words, the demonic corpse nodded his head, before sitting down in the air. Suddenly, muffled thunder seemed to ring out from within its body. In the next instant, Lin Dong noticed that much of the Yimo Qi that pervaded its body had unexpectedly been withdrawn. At the same time, the demonic markings that covered his entire body had dimmed.

Obviously, he was relying on the lightning energy within his body to suppress the Yimo Qi to his utmost ability.

Upon seeing this, Lin Dong softly sighed in relief. With a thought, the Ancient Universe Formation in the sky started to revolve. However, this time, it was revolving in the counterclockwise direction. Instantly, a rather unique energy started to condense at the centre of the array.

This was the disintegration power of the Ancient Universe Formation. Back then in the Unique Devil Region, Lin Dong had relied on this power to kill hundreds of elite disciples from the Yuan Gate, and had even used it to kill the Yuan Gate’s three little kings.

The current Lin Dong’s strength could not compare to before. The might of the Ancient Universe Formation displayed by him now far exceeded the past.

As the Ancient Universe Formation revolved, the Ancestral Stone also started to tremble. In the next moment, waves of brilliance which gentleness and whiteness had reached the extremity started to surface.

The Devouring Ancestral Symbol had also started to revolve. Within the black hole, black light pervaded by Devouring Power rapidly gathered.


Lin Dong’s expression was taut. Tapping the space before him with a finger, a soft roar emerged from his mouth.


Following Lin Dong’s roar, light exploded in the sky. Three distinctly coloured energy pillars containing astonishing fluctuations shot forth. Rumbling as they descended, they smashed down onto the body of the demonic corpse sitting in the air.

Hiss hiss!

As the power of the three great divine treasures descended on the demonic corpse, white smoke instantly started rising from the demonic markings that covered its body. In the next instant, a fierce and hair raising shriek rang out!