Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 955: Help

Chapter 955: Help


Chapter 955: Help


The sound of something breaking out from the water was suddenly emitted from the lightning lake. Lightning liquid shot apart while accompanied by a deep thunderous rumble.

There were many experts hovering around the lightning lake and from their stance, they were clearly planning to charge into the lake. They were a little surprised for a time when they saw the Lin Dong duo charge out of the lake.

However, Lin Dong did not pay any attention to them. He merely looked at the lightning lake below with a grave expression. A terrifying fluctuation seemed to have erupted below soon after they had exited the lake,

It was likely that a bitter battle had already erupted at the bottom of the lightning lake.

Nevertheless, Lin Dong did not think that those people at the bottom of the lake would be able to cause any harm to the demon corpse whose strength had reached the advance Profound Death stage. This was in spite of the parties from the Nine Serene Gate and the Mysterious Sky Hall each possessing an expert who had reached the initial Profound Death stage.

“Brother Lin Dong, are we simply going to leave?” Mu Lingshan’s large eyes were a little regretful as she looked at the lightning lake and said.

“Regardless of how good a treasure is, one can only enjoy it if one is alive.” Lin Dong flicked Mu Lingshan’s forehead and said, “That thing is very powerful. If it goes crazy, those numerous experts will suffer an extremely miserable loss even if they manage to defeat it in the end. Why should we get implicated in such a fight?”

“Alright then.” Mu Lingshan could only mutter and nod her head upon hearing this. She was aware that given Lin Dong’s cautious character, he would definitely not take such a huge risk.

“We should first…”

Lin Dong’s eyes swept around him. Just as he was about to bring Mu Lingshan and leave, his eyes suddenly hardened. Countless giant ten thousand feet high waves had suddenly erupted from the lightning lake below. Loud rumbling sounds accompanied by an extremely wild and violent energy fluctuation swept outwards.

The giant waves shot towards the sky before crashing down. It was as though the area within a hundred thousand feet of the lightning lake was raining lightning.

This sudden scene clearly caused those experts planning on entering the lightning lake to be stunned. Soon after, they saw many human figures miserably flying backwards from the lightning pillars that had shot out. In the end, all of them landed heavily at the edges of the lake. Many of them spat out a mouthful of blood as they did so.

The surroundings of the lightning lake immediately became chaotic. Those experts who had yet to enter the lightning lake watched this scene with a lost expression. Clearly, they did not understand why all of these people had suddenly fled from the lake.

“Quickly withdraw!”

The experts who had landed on the ground in a miserable fashion looked at the giant waves on the lightning lake with frightened eyes as they cried out in piercing voices.


The lightning lake suddenly blasted apart after the exclamation sounded as a towering hundred thousand feet tall wave rose. There was a sturdy black light figure standing indifferently at the top of the wave. An evil black aura lingered around his body, causing even the sky to become a little dim.

“What is that? Such a powerful fluctuation…”

Many pairs of eyes around the lightning lake contained some shock as they looked at the black light figure at the top of the wave. Surprised voices spread swiftly.

Lin Dong’s expression was grave as he watched this scene. This demon corpse was indeed powerful. Even so many experts were unable to suppress it. Looks like choosing not to fight it was the right choice.

At this point, Lin Dong glanced at a spot nearby where those from the Nine Serene Gate and the Mysterious Sky Hall had exited the lightning lake. All of them were currently wearing grave expressions as they stared at the black light figure standing on the giant wave. It was likely that they felt that the situation was quite difficult to deal with.

“What should we do now?”

Pang Hao’s expression was gloomy as he watched this scene. They had also attacked earlier, only to end up with some injuries and deaths. If it was not because the grey haired elder beside him had intervened, it was likely that they would have suffered even more miserable losses.

“The strength of this silver corpse has likely reached the advance Profound Death stage…” The grey haired elder watched the silver corpse with a dark expression as he said.

“Advance Profound Death stage huh…” Pang Hao frowned. He immediately clenched his fist and gritted his teeth as he said, “It is not impossible to deal with it if we use everything we have…”

“We have yet to reach the deepest part of the cave. It is will not be to our benefit to use all our tricks here.” The grey haired elder shook his head and said. “Even though the thunderbolt core agglomerated by its body will be exceptionally powerful, its value will definitely not be comparable to the treasures deep within the cave. Hence, we cannot clash with it here.”

Some unwillingness flashed across Pang Hao’s eyes after hearing this. However, he was also quite shrewd and naturally understood that the grey haired elder was right. After musing for a moment, he finally nodded.

“We’ll leave.”

Relaxed expressions emerged on the experts from the Nine Serene Gate around him after hearing Pang Hao give the order. It was naturally best that they did not need to clash with such a troublesome thing in this place.

“The Nine Serene Gate plans to withdraw.”

Lin Dong had been paying attention to the activity of the Nine Serene Gate. He understood their intentions after seeing their stance. These people did not dare to engage in a head on clash with the demon corpse either.

“Is the Mysterious Sky Hall also planning to withdraw?”

While the Nine Serene Gate was showing signs of retreating, Lin Dong also discovered that the experts from the Mysterious Sky Hall nearby were also showing the same signs. Evidently, the result of their discussion was the same.

“We should also leave.”

Lin Dong was decisive upon seeing this situation. Without waiting for the Nine Serene Gate and the Mysterious Sky Hall to leave, he took the lead and led Mu Lingshan to quickly rush towards the deeper parts of the cave.


However, the demonic aura around the black light figure above the lightning lake suddenly rose just as Lin Dong was about to leave. Ripples appeared in those completely emotionless eyes. Those black eyes shot towards the direction that Lin Dong was headed towards.

“Everyone, let’s join hands and kill it. If the lightning energy within its body forms a thunderbolt core, it will definitely be an ultimate treasure!”

Even more experts had gathered around the lightning lake. After which, loud cries were emitted. These cries were filled with greed.

“That’s right, we have the numbers advantage. There is no need to fear it!”


As shouts emerged one by one, hundreds of bright lights began to shoot forward. Powerful attacks covered the black light human figure like a storm.

Lin Dong quietly shook his head after hearing the sounds of battle behind him as his speed became even quicker. The were just about to disappear into the horizon when he suddenly sensed waves of frightening energy fluctuations behind him. Soon after, miserable cries spread in the sky. Those voice were filled with thick horror.

Clearly, the black light human figure had once again began its massacre…

“A group of fools.” Lin Dong quietly cursed in his heart. His body moved and he increased his speed once again as he attempted to hurriedly escape this troublesome place.

“Lin Dong, it is chasing after you!”

However, Yan’s voice suddenly sounded while Lin Dong was rejoicing at the decisiveness in which he had fled. This caused his face to quickly turn ashen. After which, he turned around and sure enough, he saw a black light cutting through the sky far behind him, speeding towards his location at lightning speed.


Lin Dong’s expression was extremely ugly when he saw the black light rushing towards him. He was aware that the reason this had occurred was most likely due to the Devouring Ancestral Symbol in his body.

“Hurry and leave.”

Lin Dong was anxious. He urged Mu Lingshan as he abruptly increased his speed to the limit. In a flash, he had disappeared into the horizon.


The surroundings of the lightning lake was a complete mess. Fresh blood and corpses floated on the lightning lake, causing the colour of the lake to become much darker. Those surviving experts looked in the direction where the black light figure had headed towards with terrified expressions. None of them dared to give chase.

“That thing seems to be chasing after Lin Dong…” The grey haired elder peered into the distance before speaking in a surprised voice.

Pang Hao was initially startled upon hearing this. Joy quickly rose within his eyes as he laughed coldly, “What an unlucky brat. But it’s just as well. Using the silver corpse to finish him off will save us the trouble of doing so.”

“Let’s go.”

He waved his hand after his voice sounded. After which, he led the group from the Nine Serene Gate and quickly headed towards the deeper parts of the cave from another direction.

The other experts around the lake began to follow them one after another upon seeing this. However, no one dared to have any funny ideas with respect to the silver corpse like they did earlier. They understood that the thing was far too difficult to deal with…

One’s life was ultimately the most important thing.


Two ray of light flashed through the sky at lightning speed. Their high speed created deep sonic boom sounds.

Lin Dong’s expression was grim. His speed had been unleashed to its limit. He could sense that the black light human figure behind him was steadily closing the gap. Clearly, it was even faster than them.

“Brother Lin Dong, be careful!”

Mu Lingshan suddenly exclaimed while Lin Dong was thinking of how to escape. He suddenly lifted his head and saw the space in front of him distort. A strong looking human figure that gave off an evil demonic aura appeared at that spot in a strange manner.

“Lingshan, leave first if anything goes wrong!”

Lin Dong gazed at the demon corpse which had appeared in front of him. His heart sunk as he slowly said.

Mu Lingshan bit her lips. Her small hand tightly grabbed the Life Death Coffin Cover in her embrace as blue light rapidly flickered within those large eyes.

“Prepare for an all out fight…”

Lin Dong inhaled a deep breath. His eyes gradually turned ice-cold and as sharp as a blade. Regardless of how difficult it was to deal with this thing, it was impossible for Lin Dong to simply surrender.

The black light figure stood in the air. Those black eyes stared intently at Lin Dong. A moment later, fluctuations appeared in those completely emotionless eyes. His body trembled slightly as though he was struggling. Soon after, he slowly extended his hand as an unusually hoarse trembling voice emerged from his mouth.

“Devouring… Ancestral Symbol… help… help me…”