Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 953: Yimo

Chapter 953: Yimo



Lin Dong’s attack was extremely fast and furious. At the moment, due to the previous head-on confrontation, the Yuan Power within Pang Hao’s body had been jolted and shook, causing his responses to become rather clumsy and awkward. Therefore, he could only open his eyes wide and stare blankly as Lin Dong charged towards him with a face brimming with murderous intent. At the moment, dread erupted within his eyes as he finally understood how vicious the young man in front of him was.

“Brat, how dare you!”

However, just as the swift and fierce palm wind from Lin Dong filled with rich killing intent, was about to land on Pang Hao’s crown, a furious roar akin to a thunder clap rang out abruptly from within the Nine Serene Gate members. Promptly, like a spectre, a figure appeared beside Pang Hao in a flash. Straightening his two fingers, he sudden tapped out.


Extremely boundless Yuan Power instantly condensed around those two fingers. Encased by Yuan Power, his fingers were wrapped with an extremely destructive black air. It was Death Qi.

“A Profound Death Stage expert?!”

This finger attack caused Lin Dong’s pupils to instantly contract. In particular, the Death Qi fluctuations caused his expression to turn gloomy. There is indeed an expert at Profound Death Stage hidden within the Nine Serene Gate members!

His killing move blocked, the chilling intent within Lin Dong’s eyes grew increasingly thick. However, he unexpectedly chose not to dodge or to evade the incoming attack. Instead, his swift and fearsome palm attack continued its path and collided head on with that finger attack.


In this head on collision, Lin Dong’s attack instantly collapsed as a wave of intense pain radiated out from his palm. However, a vicious shade flashed across his jet black eyes. Without the slightest hesitation, his right foot swung out in a crafty arc. Like the the edge of a blade, it violently landed on Pang Hao’s chest.

Berserk fluctuations radiated out as Lin Dong and Pang Hao flew out seemingly at the same time. While flying out, Lin Dong gave a muffled snort, what a miserable cry rang out of Pang Hao’s mouth, followed by a spurt of blood from his mouth…

A petite figure rapidly appeared behind Lin Dong before a little hand supported his back. Blue light erupted forth, causing his retreat to come to a halt.

“Big brother Lin Dong, are you alright?” upon noticing that Lin Dong’s backpedalling had stopped, Mu Lingshan proceed to ask promptly.

“I’m alright.” Lin Dong replied while shaking his head, before looked towards his front. Right now,there was a withered and thin old man with deep, sunken eyes and a head full of grey hair by Pang Hao’s side. At the moment, this old man was staring right at Lin Dong with gloomy and chilling intent.

“You shameless old tortoise! You actually dare to launch a sneak attack!” Mu Lingshan had also saw the grey haired old man. Flames of fury erupted within her big eyes as she swore at him without the slightest bit of respect.

After glancing at a gloomy looking Mu Lingshan, the grey haired old man turned to Lin Dong before smirking, “Brat, you have a vicious heart indeed. This is merely a duel, is there a need to be so vicious?”

“Old man, you are not making sense. This is an individual fight between him and me, and the fight will have to go on until we reach a conclusion. As long as he refuses to admit defeat, this fight will go on. Moreover, this is the Chaotic Demon Sea and we are not members of the same sect comparing notes. Don’t tell me that you expect me to wait for his Yuan Power to recover before we fight again?” Lin Dong mocked, his voice brimming with ridicule.

Upon hearing Lin Dong’s reply, some of the experts in the surrounding started to chuckle. They were all veterans who have lived in the Chaotic Demon Sea and they were no kind hearted individuals. All of them knew how to pulverise an already defeated enemy. If they were put in Lin Dong’s shoes, all of them would have attacked him as well. However, they might not be as firm and decisive as Lin Dong was…

Therefore, when the old man started criticising his vicious methods, it made a few people sneer silently in their hearts. In the Chaotic Demon Sea, if one wasn’t vicious, wouldn’t one have already been devoured by others?

“What a sharp tongue!” gloomy flames of fury flashed within the eyes of the grey haired old man as he roared with a sneer.

Too lazy to bother about him, Lin Dong’s eyes fluttered towards a pale looking Pang Hao. His aura had visibly declined and it was obvious that the latter had sustained severe injuries. With a grin, Lin Dong spoke out, “ So, what the outcome for our fight, brother Pang Hao? If there isn’t one, let’s go on? After all, there are many friends eagerly waiting for the results, you know…”

Hearing Lin Dong’s words, Pang Hao’s face involuntarily twitched, while his expression turned somewhat ashen. From the looks of it, his heart must be brimming with rage.

“That’s right, it only takes a word to determine the results. If you’re able to fight, just go on…”

“That’s right, that’s right. We are all waiting.


At this moment, quite a few agreeing and hooting laughter rang out from the surroundings. Although these experts might not dare to make such comments under normal circumstances, the thunderbolt cores at stake also involved them. Therefore, they would naturally care more about this fight.

Hearing the hoots of laughter coming from the surroundings, Pang Hao’s ashen expression grew even richer. Never could he have imagined that his plot against Lin Dong would now result in his downfall.

Furthermore, he was clearly overwhelmed in the previous exchange. As of now, he had sustained pretty severe injuries. If he was to continue the fight with that vicious Lin Dong, given the latter’s temperament, he would definitely unleash a killing move should he spot an opportunity. At that time, perhaps even the elder by his side might be unable to save him.

Pang Hao’s rippled, while his expression fluctuated indefinitely. After quite a while later, with extreme unwillingness, he clenched his teeth while replying, “This match, is your win.”

Hearing his reply, the expressions of the Nine Serene Gate experts immediately changed. Just as they were about to speak up, they were immediately stopped by Pang Hao. Staring sinisterly at Lin Dong, the viciousness and savagery present in the latter’s eyes appeared as though he wanted to devour the former up.

“Haha. Brother Pang Hao is surely magnanimous. Since you’ve admitted defeat, please surrender the thirty thunderbolt cores. Our friends over here are still waiting to get them.” turning a blind eye towards Pang Hao’s ashen expression, Lin Dong grinned as he spoke to the former.

Pang Hao’s expression instantly went back to being gloomy. Thirty thunderbolt cores. This hefty price caused a considerable amount of pain even for someone of his stature. However, the numerous experts before him were staring greedily at him. If he were to back out, there was no guarantee that these vicious individuals would not plot against him. After all, although their Nine Serene Gate was powerful, it was unable to reign over the whole the Chaotic Demon Sea.

“Lin Dong, when you eat something from our Nine Serene Gate, be careful not to get choked to death!” taking a deep breath, a shiver shook through Pang Hao’s palm. Thirty thunderbolt cores came flying out from his Qiankun bag, before shooting towards Lin Dong.

Upon seeing this, Lin Dong gave a faint smile. With a wave of his sleeve, half of the thirty thunderbolt cores were received and kept by him into his Qiankun Bag. As for the remaining fifteen, they flew straight towards those surroundings experts.

“Everyone, just like what we agreed on. Haha, everyone can share in the spoils.”

Upon seeing the fifteen thunderbolt cores fly out, the eyes of those experts instantly turned red. In the next instant, intrepid and strong Yuan Powers erupted out as figures shot forward akin to lightning bolts.

Fifteen thunderbolt cores seemed like quite a lot. However, to those experts, that was akin to pouring a cup of water on a burning cart. Therefore, for the sake of snatching and obtain the fifteen thunderbolt cores, quite a few massacres and chaotic fights erupted naturally.

Towards their massacres, Lin Dong was too lazy to care about it. He was only in charge of giving out fifteen thunderbolt cores, and the matter of who was going to receive them was not on his list of concerns.

Looking at the thirty thunderbolt cores that was very quickly being divided up, Pang Hao’s eyelids twitched, before he cast his gloomy gaze towards Lin Dong. Grinning sinisterly, he spoke out, “ Everyone, what’s going to happen next will be a private matter between our Nine Serene Gate and Lin Dong. If you don’t wish to become enemies with our Nine Serene Gate, please do not get involved.”

As Pang Hao’s words rang out, malicious intent instantly surfaced within the eyes of the Nine Serene Gate experts. Previously, Pang Hao had suffered a huge loss. Now, it was time for payback…

Upon hearing that, the gazes of those experts fluctuated for a while, before retreating away. Based on their personality, they’ll naturally not take the risk of offending the Nine Serene Gate just to help Lin Dong. Even though they had gained a small benefit from Lin Dong previously…

Similarly, Lin Dong naturally did not count on any of them. Narrowing his eyes faintly, he squinted at the experts of the Nine Serene Gate, who were radiating with murderous intent. The was especially the case for the grey haired old man. That man was at the Profound Death Stage. Thinking about it, he was not the slightest bit weaker than the old freak Mo Xie from the Demonic Wind Cave. To deal with such an expert, the only thing he could do was to activate the Burning Sky Cauldron. However after that, he would definitely be very weak. Furthermore, entering into a period of weakness now was clearly not an intelligent thing to do…

As for the Nine Serene Gate, after suffering the earlier loss, they would clearly not propose a game like a solo fight once again.

“This is indeed somewhat troublesome…”Lin Dong muttered.

“I’ve told you before. You cannot afford to eat the things from our Nine Serene Gate!”

A sinister and gloomy expression was present on Pang Hao’s face. In the next instant, brandishing his palm, he shouted out, “Kill him for me!”

Upon hearing his words, ten over Nine Serene Gate experts shot forwards explosively. Covered in thick killing intent, boundless Yuan Power and fierce martial arts hid the skies and covered the earth as they rushed towards Lin Dong.

Standing together, Lin Dong and Mu Lingshan looked towards the attacking Nine Serene Gate experts. On their bodies, boundless Yuan Power had similarly erupted out.

However, just as everyone assumed that both parties were going to be engaged in a life or death struggle, a black ray of light furiously rushed up from the lightning cliff gorge below. Some of the Nine Serene Gate experts were hit by the black ray of light. As a gigantic bang resounded out, dozens of people simultaneously spurted blood as they flew backwards.

This sudden change of event caused everyone present to gawk and stare vacantly, before turning their gazes frantically towards the lightning cliff gorge below. As they did, black rays of light that blotted the skies suddenly erupted out from the depths. Within the central location of the black rays of light, was a figure that stood a few metres tall. Slowly walking out, fluctuations that were extremely evil and sinister radiated forth, making it seem as though some demon god had just crawled out from hell…


Upon seeing the figure, horror and shock erupted from within Lin Dong’s eyes.