Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 951: Intense Battle against Pang Hao

Chapter 951: Intense Battle against Pang Hao


Chapter 951: Intense Battle against Pang Hao

Ferocious and majestic Yuan Power rippled from Pang Hao’s body in pulses, pushing away the lightning liquid around him.

Pang Hao’s strength had already reached the perfect Profound Life stage and was already considered rather famous in the Chaotic Demon Sea. Compared with this leader of the four demon generals of the Nine Serene Gate, Zhou Gan and the rest from the Heaven Wind Sea Region were completely overshadowed.

At this moment, Pang Hao was standing in a proud manner with a long black halberd in his hand. The shape of the halberd was exceptionally sinister. Cold light flowed over the blade while an extremely sharp fluctuation was vaguely emitted. Anyone could tell that this halberd was a lethal weapon and was very clearly a relatively powerful Pure Yuan treasure.

To have become the leader of the four demon generals of the Nine Serene Gate, it was obvious that Pang Hao’s ability was not just hot air.

“Tch tch, what a powerful aura. He is indeed worthy of being the most outstanding disciple of the Nine Serene Gate…”

“That halberd in his hand is that Sky Splitting Ghost Halberd right? It is rumoured to be a middle grade Pure Yuan Treasure and its offensive strength cannot be underestimated. Lin Dong has really picked a tough opponent this time around.”

“Pang Hao might be powerful but that Lin Dong is no ordinary individual either. Not just anyone has the ability to snatch a silver tower key from the hands of a Profound Death stage expert.”

“That’s right. If the both of them were to fight, it will truly be a battle of the titans. We’ll have to wait and see the result for the fight to know just who will emerge victorious…”


Lin Dong’s face revealed a grin as he looked at the ferocious aura of Pang Hao. He softly said, “Since this is the case, you have agreed with the condition I have mentioned earlier?”

Pang Hao’s eyes were ice-cold as they glared at Lin Dong. His hand tightly gripped the halberd as he spoke in a malicious voice, “We’ll do as you say. The bet will be thirty thunderbolt cores!”

The eyes of those experts from the Nine Serene Gate behind Pang Hao twitched but they did not say anything. From the looks of it, they seemed to have quite a lot of confidence in Pang Hao’s strength. After all, given the latter’s strength, it was difficult for him to find any opponents within the perfect Profound Life stage if he went all out. Although this Lin Dong was somewhat famous, it was obvious that Pang Hao had a higher chance of victory if they were to fight.

“In that case, I will like to invite everyone present to be the judges. The distribution of the thirty thunderbolt cores will also be as I have said earlier. What do you say?” Lin Dong looked at the many surrounding experts and said.

“Hee hee, we will naturally do so. Since both of you have placed such a condition, you will naturally have to obey it. The Nine Serene Gate is extremely well known. I believe that they will also not do anything that will cause them to lose face. Everyone, am I right?” An expert laughed in a strange fashion. There was no lack of intelligent people amongst the crowd. Naturally, they understood that Lin Dong had purposefully dragged them in. In this way, the Nine Serene Gate would not dare to go back on their words in front of the many experts who were eyeing them…

“Ha ha, that’s right. With so many of us as judges, we will not simply allow anyone to break the rules.”

Loud laughter was heard as people continued to voice their agreement. Although they understood that Lin Dong was currently borrowing their strength, no one was opposed to it. As for who would emerge victorious, they could not care less. Everything was fine as long as they could obtain the thunderbolt cores.

Pang Hao had an indifferent expression. His eyes stared at Lin Dong in a sinister manner. Given his intelligence, he naturally understood just what Lin Dong was planning.

“The current you should just worry about whether you can take out thirty thunderbolt cores when the time comes!”

Lin Dong merely smiled after hearing this. Icy murderous intent seeped out from his smile. Since the very beginning, this Pang Hao had continuously caused trouble for him. Hence, he had already found the latter to be an eyesore. There was nothing better than to have the opportunity to engage in a fair and square fight.

“Brother Lin Dong, why don’t I deal with him instead?” Mu Lingshan hugged the Life Death Coffin Cover. Her large eyes were a little hostile as she stared at Pang Hao and said.

“There is no need to. All you need to do is to pay attention to those from the Nine Serene Gate.” Lin Dong shook his head. Mu Lingshan was of similar strength to Pang Hao. The latter would not agree so readily if she was to fight.


Lin Dong curled his fingers as some clear bone cracking sounds appeared. That faint sound seemed to contain a majestic strength.

Green light slowly spread from within Lin Dong’s body as he slowly stepped forward as a deep dragon roar quietly reverberated within his body. His eyes were clearly excited as he looked at the cold and indifferent Pang Hao in front of him and laughed, “Please give me pointers!”

“I’m afraid that you will no longer be able to smile soon!”

Pang Hao gazed at the smile on Lin Dong’s face as rage involuntarily surged from within his heart. In his eyes, Lin Dong’s smile was really somewhat loathsome.


A fierce glow rushed through Pang Hao’s eyes. Immediately, the long halberd in his hand shook as a sharp howl was emitted. It was a sound that was filled with a dense bloody scent.


Pang Hao’s body abruptly moved the moment the sharp howl sounded. It was possible to see the the lightning liquid in front of him being torn apart as a human figure rushed towards Lin Dong in a ghost like fashion. The long halberd was darted like a viper as dozens of sharp afterimages came pouring down like a storm. In an instant, it covered all of the fatal spots around Lin Dong’s body.

This attack by Pang Hao was relatively ruthless. Moreover, he did not have any plans on holding back. Even the lightning liquid exploded apart wherever the halberd images passed.

The halberd images that filled the sky rapidly magnified in Lin Dong’s eyes. Quickly after, he lifted his hand and a scarlet red light suddenly shot out. After which, it directly turned into a scarlet red large cauldron that directly collided against those sharp halberd images.

Clang clang!

Clear metallic sounds echoed as sparks flew. The sharp halberd images were directly destroyed as the huge crimson cauldron rotated.


The moment those sharp halberd images disappeared, Lin Dong body also rushed forward. His toes pushed off the huge cauldron and his body abruptly approached Pang Hao. Ten green dragon light tattoos flowed over the surface of his body while faint dragon roars continued to be emitted.

Pang Hao gazed at Lin Dong, who had suddenly approached him as his pupils shrunk. Soon after, he sensed a dangerous fluctuation from within Lin Dong’s body.

A frightening attack erupted like an uncontrolled torrent of water as a dragon roared. At this moment, Lin Dong’s fists, feet, thigh, head, elbow… every part of his body seemed to have turned into the sharpest weapon as they continuously swung at Pang Hao.

The ferocious melee battle caused many of the battle hardened experts to reveal a grave expression in their eyes. They could naturally tell just how ruthless this attack of Lin Dong was.

Initially Pang Hao was also slightly caught off-guard by this close quarters combat of Lin Dong. However, he was ultimately no ordinary person. Soon, he steadied himself. The long halberd in his hand switched from being on the offensive to being on the defensive. In an instant, his body became extremely well protected, completely blocking those formidable attacks of Lin Dong in the process.

However, each time Lin Dong’s attack landed on the halberd, he was able to sense a frightening force being transmitted into his hands. Immediately, a grave expression rose from deep within his eyes. Only after having truly exchanged blows was it possible for him to clearly sense that there was a terrifying explosive force within Lin Dong’s seemingly skinny body.

Bang bang bang!

The two figures criss crossed in a ghost like fashion. Wave after wave of extremely shocking force swept outwards and the lightning liquid that originally within a thousand feet of both parties was forcefully expelled.

The many surrounding gazes were currently filled with surprise and seriousness as they watched the two people entangled in ruthless battle. They was naturally able to tell that both of their attacks were extremely ruthless. Each strike targeted a fatal spot. It was likely that no one would have an easy time if they were struck…

“That Lin Dong… is really strong. He is actually able to fight until such an extent even when faced with the Sky Splitting Ghost Halberd wielding Pang Hao.”

“He is indeed quite strong… this physical body of his has been trained to a relatively powerful level.”

“If he continues to press on, it is likely that even Pang Hao will no longer be able to endure…”

“So what if he cannot endure? He may possess some killing strikes but do you think that Lin Dong doesn’t?”

Conversations continued to spread as many pairs of eyes were locked onto the two who were exchanging blows with each other. The fiery hot intense battle of the two had somewhat exceeded the expectations of those around.


Covered by green dragon light tattoos, Lin Dong’s leg swung like the blade of a sword. After which, it smashed heavily onto the long black halberd. The wild and violent force even managed to bend the long halberd slightly.


Majestic Yuan Power erupted from within Pang Hao’s body as black light spouted from the long black halberd. A ferocious forced pushed away the leg that was smashing towards him.

“You are quite capable.”

Pang Hao held the long black halberd tightly as he slowly lifted his head. He looked at Lin Dong in front and suddenly parted his mouth into a smile. However, that smile was filled with ferociousness.

His long halberd was lifted and pointed at Lin Dong as he softly said, “I will finish you off with the next attack”

Monstrous Yuan Power surged from within his body like floodwaters after Pang Hao uttered those words. The Sky Splitting Ghost Halberd in his hand gradually swelled at this moment.

“A single strike huh…”

Lin Dong watched Pang Hao as the latter’s aura suddenly surged as a smile rose on his young face. Immediately, the smile became ice-cold. The glint within those eyes were as sharp as a blade.

“In that case, I’ll do this…”

Lin Dong strided forward as green light abruptly bubbled out. Immediately twenty green dragon light tattoos slowly flowed and appeared from under his skin!