Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 947: Lightning Cliff Gorge

Chapter 947: Lightning Cliff Gorge


Chapter 947: Lightning Cliff Gorge

Chi Chi!

Lin Dong’s figure darted quickly within the lightning lake just like a fish. The water within the lightning lake wasn’t that of normal lake water, but a silver lightning liquid instead. Countless rays of lightning sparkled within, as berserk fluctuations were faintly discernible while they radiated out.

A green light had completely encased Lin Dong’s body. As strands of lightning came into contact with the green light, crackling sounds erupted out. At a place like this, if one was to reckless barge around within paying attention to one’s strength, one might be instantly reduced into ashes by this lightning liquid. Even someone like Lin Dong had to maintain a sliver of vigilance at all times.

Mu Lingshan followed closely behind Lin Dong. Further behind, was the large group of experts, who have charged to the lightning lake from various places. Obviously, right now, everyone knew that the bottom of the lightning lake was hiding a secret…

Lin Dong shot a glance towards his back. The momentum generated by them caused him to gently wrinkle his forehead. However, he proceeded to helplessly shake his head. Since the situation had evolved to this stage, there was nothing he could do to prevent it from happening. In that case, everything depends on one’s own strength…

Retracting his gaze, Lin Dong cast his eyes towards the bottom of the lightning lake. As he gradually went deeper and deeper, he was beginning to realise how vast and expansive it really was. Furthermore, the shape of the bottom of the lightning lake was extremely peculiar, with erected strange giant silver rocks scattered all across. As they came into contact with each other, they seemed to form countless cliffs. At first glance, one could not see the bottom.

As Lin Dong followed the direction of those cliffs and shot forwards, his sharp and acute eyes continuously scanned every direction. This continued on for quite a while, before Lin Dong’s mind suddenly shook as he shot his gaze immediately below him. At that spot, a rather intense energy fluctuations had suddenly radiated out once again.

At the edges of Lin Dong’s gaze, a silver vortex took form once again below him. Right smack in the middle of the vortex was a clump of lightning glow, which slowly floated up. Within that clump of light was precisely another thunderbolt core.


Upon seeing this, Lin Dong immediately shot forward. However, in the next instant, he froze up all of a sudden, before thick astonishment appeared on his face as he looked below.

Present, there was an extremely gigantic lightning cliff gorge with a bottomless pit. It looked as though it was connected to the bottom of the earth. The two sides of the gorge were lined with countless stone caves. Taking advantage off the reflections off the lightning liquid, Lin Dong was able to faintly discernible that there seemed to be some figures sitting within them…

However, not the slightest bit of life was present within those figures.

Shock filled Lin Dong’s eyes as he looked towards at the lightning cliff gorge before him. From the looks of it, this should be the origin of the never-ending thunderbolt cores, right?

Lin Dong’s figure slowly approached the lightning cliff gorge, before floating he chose to float before a stretch of stone caves. At this distance, he was able to see that there were indeed figures sitting within those stone caves. However, at the moment, those figures were withered and looked like skeletons. Lightning pervaded their entire bodies, and Lin Dong was able to feel pure lightning power being pressured to the extreme within their bodies.

Obviously, after sitting here for so many years, every inch of flesh remaining on these corpses were saturated with lightning power. Coupled with the immense pressure of the water, this had turned these corpses into mummies completely formed from lightning power.

Lin Dong stared at those mummies, that had seemingly transformed into lightning, for a while, before turning his gaze towards the chest of those mummies. At that spot, he could faintly discern a sliver of an extremely faint and sinister black aura twisting around…

However, those sinister black aura were completely sealed and suppressed by those pure lightning power. That is the reason why the black energy were unable to control these bodies and transform into those mindless killing corpses that Lin Dong had encountered previously.

“These people… purposefully chose to sit beneath the lightning lake and rely on the power of the lightning power here to suppress the Yimo Qi that had invaded their bodies. Solely to prevent themselves from transforming into those mindless killing corpses after they died…”

Lin Dong’s eyes sparkled, and very quickly he was able to faintly understand the situation. In the next moment, his gaze was filled with some complicated feelings. These experts were undeniably worthy of respect. In order to prevent themselves from turning into monsters after being invaded by the Yimo Qi, they were willing to sitting at the bottom of this lightning lake, and transform their bodies into lightning…


A faint muffled clap of thunder suddenly rang out from a stone cave not far away. In the next instant, Lin Dong saw that the silver corpse present within had suddenly erupted with a bright and resplendent lightning glow. As those rays of lightning glow pierced berserkly out of his body, it appeared akin to a miniature sun when seen from afar.


As the rays of lightning grew more and more intense, all of a sudden, the silver corpse exploded abruptly. The instant the corpse exploded, a silver clump of light started to rise up. Present within the clump of light was a silver heart, slowly jumping around.

That was a thunderbolt core!

As Lin Dong took in the spectacle before him, he deeply exhaled. Finally, he understood why there were tons of thunderbolt cores popping out from the bottom of this lightning lake. It’s no wonder… those thunderbolt cores were formed from the irrigation of lightning power into the bodies of those experts that had sat here for thousands of years.

The moment the thunderbolt core appeared, the Yimo Qi within their bodies were completely dispelled by the extremely rich and powerful lightning power formed at that very instant.

“At last, they’ve completed their final wish before their deaths…” Lin Dong muttered.

“So this is how the thunderbolt cores appeared…”

A voice filled with shock rang out from a place behind him. Panning his head around, Lin Dong saw that Liu Xiangxuan, Pang Hao as well as the mass of experts from various places have already reached this place, and were started emotionally at the lightning cliff gorge present before them

Obviously, the previous scene where by the silver corpse exploded while a thunderbolt core rose up, were all captured within their eyes.

“Haha! There’s so many silver corpses here! If they were to all transform into thunderbolt cores, how terrifying would that be?”

“We’ve truly entered a treasure trove! Who would have expected that these thunderbolt cores, which are extremely rare in the outside world, would actually be present in such quantities here.”

“Precisely! If we’re able to obtain a few of them, this trip would be more than worth it!”

The flames burning within the eyes of the experts from various places had already reach their epitome as they stared scorchingly at the mass of stone caves present within the vast and expansive lightning cliff gorge. At the moment, unconcealable greed and drool were present on their faces.

Waves of noises rang out from the mouths of the various experts. In the next moment, some people were quickly unable to contain the greed present in their hearts. Shooting forwards explosively, they rushed towards the stone caves present within the lightning cliff gorge…

Bang Bang Bang!

The moment they rushed forward, the resulting fluctuations formed was akin to the last straw that breaks the camel’s back. Quite a few silver corpses within the many stone caves exploded at this instant, causing thunderbolt cores, sparkling with alluring lightning glow to float up.

The instant any thunderbolt core appeared, there would be some be some experts who would fight over it. For a moment, this lightning cliff gorge turned extremely chaotic and fiery.

Wrinkling his forehead, Lin Dong looked towards the mass of experts struggling about. Extending his hand and gesturing towards Mu Lingshan beside him, he spoke out. “Let’s take action and grab some thunderbolt cores too. These thing are quite beneficial for your cultivation.”

Mu Lingshan was of a member of the sea demon clan, and had a tyrannical physical body. If she was able to obtain some thunderbolt cores, she might be able to upgrade her already tyrannical body to the next level.

Furthermore, as of now, Lin Dong also needed those things. He still wanted to find out how strong the ‘Desolated Demon Eye’ within his forehead would be after completely strengthening it…


Mu Lingshan nodded her head with extreme excitement. From the looks of it, she was extremely fond of matters like treasure hunting.

The two of them shot out seemingly at the same time, before rushing towards the the vast and expansive lightning cliff gorge. As the two of them took action, they retrieved the thunderbolt cores floating up rapidly one after another.

With Lin Dong and Mu Lingshan taking action, Pang Hao, Liu Xiangxuan and their large group of people were also unable to hold themselves back. In the next instant, whooshing sounds rang out as all of them rushed into the lightning cliff gorge, before using various methods and techniques to snatch and obtain those thunderbolt cores.

As the fighting continued, there would naturally be some bloody conflicts. In a short span of time under ten minutes, some individuals were killed in those struggles. Fresh blood spread out within the lightning liquid, causing the entire lightning cliff gorge to faintly reek of blood.

However, while everyone was busy fighting over those thunderbolt cores, no one realised that a strange phenomenon was happening. As if they were being stimulated by the bloody scent, wisps of black energy steathily rose from some of those silver corpses that appeared extremely sturdy and strong present within those stone caves at the depths of the lightning cliff…

This was especially so at the deepest part of the lightning cliff gorge. Present there, was an extremely vast and expansive cave. At the moment, a silver figure approximately a few metres tall sat within it, while strange and sinister black demonic marks slowly climbed up his body…

Furthermore, his eyes, which seemed to have been shut tightly for thousands of years, had started to faintly tremble; akin to a evil demon about to awaken.