Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 946: A Lively Affair

Chapter 946: A Lively Affair


Chapter 946: A Lively Affair


As the vortex formed within the lightning lake, a silver ball of light slowly rose from within, before quietly floating in front of the absent minded gazes of Lin Dong and Liu Xiangxuan.

Yet another thunderbolt core!

Behind Liu Xiangxuan, those experts from the Mysterious Sky Hall were also in slight shock as they stared at the scene before them. Obviously, never did they imagine that another thunderbolt core would surface from the lake.

After being in a dazed state for only a short moment, they abrupted glared at Lin Dong and Mu Lingshan. Before this, Lin Dong had already obtained a thunderbolt core. Hence, this newly surfaced one definitely had to land in the hands of their Mysterious Sky Hall.

However, while they were glaring and warning Lin Dong, Liu Xiangxuan in front of them suddenly started to smile sweetly. With a gentle wave of her jade like hand, her beautiful eyes stared at Lin Dong before saying a soft voice, “Brother Lin Dong, Looks like this lightning lake isn’t simple at all…”

What level of intellect did this girl possess? The scene that had just occurred before her was obviously something out of the ordinary. thunderbolt cores were rather rare. However, as of now, this lightning lake had suddenly sprouted two of them. What did this mean?

Liu Xiangxuan’s eyes, which were now slightly radiating with brilliance, slowly turned towards the vast and endless lightning lake. From the looks of this, there should be quite a big secret hidden below this lightning lake…

Lin Dong’s gaze had also slowly withdrawn from the ‘thunderbolt core’. Proceeding to smile, he replied, “Look’s like we are in luck.”

“That thunderbolt core should be mine then, alright?” Liu Xiangxuan said with a faint smile, before waving her jade-like hand. A suction erupted, pulling the thunderbolt core into her hand.

Upon seeing this, Lin Dong’s eyes faintly flashed, but he did not take any action. Liu Xiangxuan was no pushover, and it would be quite troublesome if he were to fight with her. Moreover, at the moment, he was more concerned about finding out what was below the lightning lake, that was actually able to cause thunderbolt cores to continuously surface.

Liu Xiangxuan started to play with the thunderbolt core within her jade like hand, before smiling sweetly towards Lin Dong. However, just as she was able to say something, her black eyebrows knitted together all of a sudden. Raising her head, she looked towards the sky not far away, where a large quantity of whooshing noises could suddenly be heard ringing out.

“Haha. Xiangxuan, you are quite lucky. You’ve actually managed to obtained a thunderbolt core upon arriving here.” a laughter rang out not far away, before a group of people rapidly shot over and hovered above the lightning lakes. Their leader was precisely Pang Hao, of the Nine Serene Gate.

Very quickly, quite a few whooshing noises rang out from the location behind Pang Hao and his group. Those figures were the experts that had rushed over from various locations.

Looking at the experts that have rushed over, Lin Dong involuntarily frowned, while helplessness filled his heart. This lightning lake was simply too prominent. Once those experts that had entered this region sensed the lightning lake, they rush over immediately.

The second those experts had rushed over, their eyes turned scorching as they stared at the thunderbolt core within Liu Xiangxuan’s jade-like hand. In the next instant, thick feelings of greed began to erupt from within their eyes.

However, despite their greed, they did not dare to take any action towards Liu Xiangxuan. After all, there were powerful experts from Mysterious Sky Hall standing behind her, and they were not for show.

With her eyebrows slightly knitted, Liu Xiangxuan looked towards Pang Hao, who was wearing a smile on his face, before looking at the large group of experts. In the next instant, her beautiful eyes shifted towards Lin Dong. At this moment, the latter’s face didn’t have a single fluctuation present and she was completely unable to read his thoughts.

Since Lin Dong did not say anything, Liu Xiangxuan chose to remain silent. Under the gaze of so many experts, could it be that she would take the initiative to mention the bizarre occurrence at the bottom of the lightning lake?

As both Lin Dong and Liu Xiangyuan both maintained their silence through tacit understanding, a ripple, then a vortex slowly formed on the surface of the lightning lake once again.


Upon seeing this, a helpless sigh rang out within the hearts of Lin Dong and Liu Xiangxuan. It seems like this lightning lake was intent on throwing the world into chaos.

The fluctuations surfacing from the lightning lake caused the enormous number of experts that have rushed here to gawk, before casting their gazes over. In the next moment, they looked in shock as a ball of light that was sparkling with lightning rose from within the vortex.

“Thunderbolt core!”

The instant that ball of light appeared, the eyes of all the experts instantly became akin to slits, before capillaries started crawling up within. In the next instant, boundless Yuan Power seemingly erupted simultaneously. Whooshing sounds rang out as figures shot out at the same time, rushing forwards in an attempt to snatch that thunderbolt core.

Dozens of figures bristling with boundless Yuan Power violently collided against each other, causing astonishing fluctuations to radiate out while close quarters fighting that reeked of blood instantly erupted.

This close quarters fight was rather miserable, as people continuously shot out while spurting blood from their mouths, hair dishevelled, and extremely unwilling expressions on their faces. While being ousted, their gazes were akin to the gamblers that had lost to the final winner.

Lin Dong stared indifferently at the culling happening before him. It didn’t go on for long, ending approximately ten minutes after it started. An expert that had stepped into Perfect Profound Life stage, who was now covered in blood, grabbed the thunderbolt core, before laughing heartily at the sky.

Although this Perfect Profound Life stage expert was quite powerful, he had suffered rather serious injuries during this struggle. Hence, even his aura had started to feel sluggish. From this, one could tell how vicious and fearsome the fight was.


Just as this expert that had obtained the thunderbolt core and was laughing heartily at the sky, ripples suddenly surfaced from the thunder sea surrounding him. At the next instant, two vortices appeared simultaneously, as two thunderbolt cores appearing dazzlingly from within.

His laughter came to a spontaneous end, as the expert of Perfect Profound Life stage stared dumbfoundedly at the two thunderbolt cores that had popped up. For a moment, he was simply unable to regain his senses. After all, he did not know why the thunderbolt core, which was rarely seen, would actually appear in like cabbages here, popping up one by one…


As the two thunderbolt cores appeared, it immediately caused an uproar to emerge in the surroundings of the lightning lake, as everyone looked at each other while observing this bizarre scene before them. For a moment, no one actually took the initiative to snatch those two thunderbolt cores…

Evidently, they were slight confused about what was going on.

“Ha ha. Looks like there is a secret at the bottom of this lake…” Pang Hao’s eyes sparkled as he observed the spectacle before him, before speaking out with deep intent as he shot a look towards Lin Dong and Liu Xiangxuan.


Lin Dong gently exhaled a breath of air, before shooting a look at Liu Xiangxuan. By chance, the latter’s beautiful eyes had also looked over. As their gazes intersected, they gave a helpless laugh. Looks like their dreams of devouring it alone had gone up into smoke…

“Lingshan, let’s go!”

A low roar rang out seemingly instantly from Lin Dong’s mouth. At that split second, green light instantly encased his body, before he rushed into the lightning lake with not the slightest bit of hesitation.

At the exact same time when Lin Dong had rushed into the lightning lake, white light sparkled around Liu Xiangxuan’s body. With a move of her alluring body, she also rushed into the lightning lake.

Plop Plop.

Following right after them, Mu Lingshan as well as the experts from the Mysterious Sky Hall had also moved without the slightest bit of hesitation. Plopping sounds rang out as all of them all jumped into the lightning lake.

“Haha. Interesting. Let’s go!”

With a smile, Pang Hao looked at the spectacle unfolding before him. With a wave of his hand, he immediately dashed into the lightning lake. The situation before him was very clear cut; the real treasure should be located at the bottom of the lightning lake.

“The real treasure is at the bottom of the lake!”

Only at this moment, did all the surrounding experts regain their senses before thick greedy intent erupted from their eyes. In the next moment, plopping sounds rang out as all of them rushed into the lake.

The lightning lake, which was originally peaceful, seemingly turned lively in an instant.

With regards to this situation, Lin Dong was too lazy to be bothered. Since the secret of the lightning lake had already been exposed, the only thing left to do was to be the first one to find out what was at the bottom of this lightning lake, and obtaining it as quickly as possible!

Green light encased Lin Dong’s body. As he rushed into the lightning lake, he increased his speed to the maximum, heading straight for the bottom of the lake. He truly wanted to see exactly what mysterious item was present at the bottom of the lake, that was able to produce endless thunderbolt cores!