Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 945: Crossing Blows

Chapter 945: Crossing Blows


Crossing Blows


A beautiful figure stood silently above the surface of the lightning lake. A white dress wrapped around her tall, graceful and exquisite physique, while her alluring curves were faintly discernible. Liu Xiangxuan was indeed extremely beautiful. In fact, among the ladies that Lin Dong had seen before, she was one of those rare few beauties that could match Ling Qingzhu in terms of appearance.

However, the temperament of these two ladies were completely different. Ling Qingzhu was cold, detached and proud, and she was indifferent when interacting with others. However, after getting to know her better, one would one be able to sense the gentleness concealed beneath her icy-cold persona. As for Liu Xiangxuan, although her expression was gentle and she even had a holy and purely aura that involuntarily drew others, within the depths of her eyes was a coldness that truly kept others a thousand miles away…

Lin Dong’s forehead faintly wrinkled as he stared at Liu Xiangxuan, who had just appeared above the lightning lake. He had never imagined that the latter would actually appear here. Furthermore, based on her prior move, it was evident that she was similarly after the ‘thunderbolt core’.

“Miss Liu, those who come first are served first. Isn’t it rude to sneakily attack others from the shadows?” Lin Dong shot a glance at the nearby ‘thunderbolt core’ and said in an indifferent manner.

While he spoke, Lin Dong’s eyes also swept across the area behind Liu Xiangxuan. There were ten over individuals there and they seemed to be experts from Mysterious Sky Hall. However, it seemed that there were fewer of them than when they had just entered the cave dwelling. Thinking about it, they should have split up to search for treasures in other places…

“Brother Lin Dong exaggerates.”

Sending an faint yet alluring smile towards Lin Dong, Liu Xiangxuan replied, “In the beginning, this cave dwelling has no owner. If we were to allocate the treasures according to a first come first serve basis, won’t this trip become a race to see who is the fastest?”

Hearing her words, Lin Dong raised his eyebrows. This lady did indeed have a way with words. With a single statement, she made it hard for even him to rebut. After all, in such a place, treasures simply belonged to the person with the biggest fist.

“What Miss Liu says makes sense. In that case, I won’t be courteous anymore.” However, Lin Dong was also an extraordinarily decisive person. Sending a grin towards Liu Xiangxuan, he took a step forth as he reached for the ‘thunderbolt core’ again.

“Brat, how dare you!”

A fierce roar suddenly rang out from behind Liu Xiangxuan as four males radiating with strong auras and dressed in silver armour appeared in a flash. Their eyes were furiously wide open and spears appeared in their hands. In the next instant, they shot forward, surrounding Lin Dong at lightning speed.


However, just as their figures had shot forward, Mu Lingshan’s little figure also appeared in a flash. Grabbing the Life Death Coffin Cover horizontally, she viciously swung it. A black wave of light swept out, powerfully swatting towards the four sharp thrusting spears.


Metallic sounds resounded as crazy gales swept forth, causing ripples to form on the surface of the lightning lake. As for the four males dressed in silver armour, they were directly sent flying with shock on their faces. Never did they imagine that this small and cute girl with two ponytails would actually possess such frightening strength.

While Mu Lingshan stopped the four individuals. Lin Dong grabbed the ‘thunderbolt core’, lightning extended from it, causing his palm to feel slightly numb.

However, just as he grabbed on to the ‘thunderbolt core’ a whiff of fragrance fluttered by. Lin Dong raised his head, only to see Liu Xiangxuan already rushing over. With a flick of two of her slender fingers, an extremely swift and fierce white light condensed on her fingertips. In the next instant, it shattered space apart as it pierced towards Lin Dong’s chest explosively at lightning speed.

When Lin Dong saw Liu Xiangxuan’s attack, green light immediately sparkled around his body as he hurriedly retreated a number of steps to evade the attack. In the next moment, a chilling glow erupted from his eyes. With a clench of his hand, eight green dragon light tattoos erupted from his hands, before he sent a fist rumbling out!


When Lin Dong sent his fist rumbling out, a low and deep dragon roar instantly resounded out. Green light shot out from his hand, transforming into a green glowing dragon. Bringing along astonishing energy fluctuations, it violently rumbled towards Liu Xiangxuan. When Lin Dong took action, he had no intention on going easy on her just because of her looks. Furthermore, if he were to show any mercy when dealing with Liu Xiangxuan, it might only lead to even more trouble, since this lady was not an easy individual to deal with.

Due to Lin Dong’s fist, a ten over metre wide gouge had formed on the lightning lake below, with lightning sparkling within, causing peals of thunders to continuously ring out.

Seeing such a vicious fist coming from Lin Dong, Liu Xiangxuan’s eyes flashed. With a gentle grasp of her jade like hand, an object sparkling with white light appeared within. With a push of her palm, the white light shot forward, before transforming into a jade umbrella that seemed to be made from white jade.

As the jade umbrella opened, one could see jade bells lining its sides. Instantly, clear and refreshing bell sounds rang out, as clumps of peculiar white light started revolving in the surface of the umbrella, appearing extremely bizarre.


The glowing green dragon fist slammed heavily against the white jade umbrella, causing the white lights on its surface to sparkle. In the next moment, with slight amazement, Lin Dong saw that his glowing green dragon fist had abruptly turned around and rushed back towards him.

The white jade umbrella in Liu Xiangxuan’s hand actually had the peculiar effect of reflecting attacks!

Extending his palm out, Lin Dong grabbed the glowing green dragon fist that had rebounded back. After shattering it with his palm, he stared at the elegant and beautiful lady with a white jade umbrella, with a grave expression on his face.

“Worthy of being the Saint of the Mysterious Sky Hall. You actually possess such a formidable Pure Yuan Treasure.”

Lin Dong stared closely at the white jade umbrella in Liu Xiangxuan’s hand. From the fluctuations coming from it, he could confirm that it was definitely a Pure Yuan Treasure. Furthermore, it was at least of middle grade.

“This umbrella’s name is the Disillusionary Holy Spirit Umbrella…it’s able to reflect some attacks back. I know that brother’s Lin Dong’s fleshly body and energy are tyrannical. However, facing against my treasure, I’m afraid that it’ll decrease some of your might.” Liu Xiangxuan explained with a beaming smile.

Lin Dong stared at Liu Xiangxuan. Smiling , he raised the ‘thunderbolt core’ in his hand and said, “Your treasure is powerful indeed. However, this thing has landed in my hands.”

Upon saying those words, Devouring Power suddenly erupted from his palm. In the next instant, the sparkling thunderbolt core immediately transformed into boundless and pure Lightning Power, before flooding into his body.

Chi Chi!

Just as Lin Dong was absorbing the energy from the ‘thunderbolt core’ , lightning erupted around his body, with all the hairs around his body all standing straight up.

At this moment, Lin Dong did not care about Liu Xiangxuan, as the Devouring Power from within his body erupted rapidly, completely absorbing all of the boundless Lightning Power gushing into his body.

If an ordinary individual wanted to absorb the energy from this “Thunderbolt Bore’, he would need to find a safe and peaceful place to slowly refine it. However, since he had the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, Lin Dong clearly did not need to go through such troubles. Utilizing the Devouring Power, he was able to quickly transform all the energy present in his body into something he could use.

“Creak Creak!”

As the boundless Lightning Power within his body was gradually being devoured, Lin Dong could faintly discern that his muscles and cells seemed to be producing sounds of excitement. They were greedily absorbing those energies that were able to strengthen them…


Just as Lin Dong’s body was getting pervaded by the Lightning Power, he furiously sense an extremely pure Lightning Power suddenly flowing along his meridians towards his forehead.

At Lin Dong’s forehead was the location of the martial art known as the “Desolated Demon Eye” that he had learnt from the Dao Sect’s Desolated Hall. Due to the increase of his strength, this martial art was no longer powerful enough to satisfy his needs. Therefore, it was gradually forgotten. However, at this moment, the “Desolated Demon Eye” within his forehead started to receive the corrosion by those pure Lightning Power. Promptly, sparkles of lightning started to appear on the tightly shut dull grey demonic eye on Lin Dong’s forehead.

Lin Dong was able to feel that under the corrosion of those pure Lightning Power, a peculiar transformation seemed to be happening to his “Desolated Demon Eye”…

Lightning sparkled on the “Demonic Eye”. However, the tightly shut demonic eye did not open its eye. From the looks of it, the energy from a single ‘thunderbolt core’ was not powerful enough to upgrade his “Desolated Demon Eye”.

Upon sensing the situation, Lin Dong gave a dejected sigh in his heart, before he slowly withdrew the lightning that surrounded his body. By relying on the strength of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, he had completely absorbed the energy of the thunderbolt core in a short amount of time.

“You…actually absorbed the thunderbolt core?!”

Upon seeing this spectacle, a trace of shock appeared of that beautiful face of Liu Xiangxuan. She had originally planned to coldly watch from aside as Lin Dong attempted such a reckless move. However, she had never expected that Lin Dong was actually able to completely absorb the thunderbolt core within a few minutes.

“Haha. It looks like I’m the fated person for this treasure.” Lin Dong replied in a mocking tone while sending a smile towards her. Right now, the thunderbolt core was already absorbed by him. If Liu Xiangxuan wanted it, the only thing she could do was to devour him whole…

A trace of fury flashed within Liu Xiangxuan’s beautiful eyes. However, she had an extraordinary temperament as she was able to stabilize her emotions rapidly. Speaking out in a indifferent tone, she replied, “Look’s like brother Lin Dong is skilled indeed. To be able to absorb the ‘thunderbolt core’ with such a rapid speed…”

Declining to comment, Lin Dong was too lazy to stay here any longer. With a wave of his hand, he signalled to Mu Lingshan to leave.


However, just as he was prepared to retreat, ripples formed as a vortex suddenly surfaced originally calm lightning lake. In the next moment, wrapped in Lightning, another thunderbolt core slowly rose up in front of the shocked gazes of Lin Dong and Liu Xiangxuan.

Lin Dong’s palm froze in mid air, as he looked with some astonishment at the scene before him. In the next instant, his gaze abruptly turned scorching. However, this time he did not look towards the thunderbolt core, but towards the depths of the lightning lake…

It seems like the real treasure was below the lake instead…