Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 943: A Mysterious Red-Robed Man

Chapter 943: A Mysterious Red-Robed Man


Chapter 943: A Mysterious Red-Robed Man

“May I know who are you?:”

When Lin Dong spoke those words, shock and horror were present within his heart. He was usually very cautious and prudent. However, right now, he had even used the Ancestral Stone within his body. This was always considered as a fairly major secret to him. Mu Lingshan was a person that he trust: first of all, she simply didn’t know about it, and second, even if she knew, Lin Dong was not worried. However, the red robed man that had suddenly appeared caused Lin Dong to feel somewhat at a loss.

Upon uttering those words, Lin Dong body abruptly began to tighten. Yuan Power erupted into his meridian, causing him to appear akin to a leopard about to pounce on its prey, with aggressive intent brimming all over his body.

“Haha. You’re truly a cautious fellow.” the red robed man said with a laugh, as if could feel the intense reaction coming from Lin Dong.

This person was completely wrapped in red robes, with even his face completely concealed under its shadow. Additionally, although there weren’t much overly strong Yuan Power fluctuations present around his body, this gave Lin Dong a strange feeling. With his current strength, even an initial Profound Death stage expert would not be able to completely escape his detection and sneak up to a guarded Lin Dong.

Upon hearing the red robed man’s irrelevant answer, Lin Dong’s gaze grew increasingly gloomy, before a chilling killing intent flashed abruptly within his eyes.


Just as Lin Dong’s killing intent had erupted from his eyes, a lovable little figure suddenly appeared behind the red robed man in a flash. Grabbing the Life and Death Coffin in her hands, she gave a ferocious swing towards the back of the red robed man’s head.


As the Life and Death Coffin swiped forth, a semi circular wave of light suddenly swept out. Meanwhile, the fluctuations radiating out if it were perfused by the aura of Death Qi.


The red robed man sat still, as thought he had yet to realize the swift and fearsome attack coming towards him. However, just as the Life and Death Coffin came rumbling over, a laughing voice rang out from under the red robes.

The instant his laughter rang out, red light erupted from around the red robed man, before transforming directly into a flaming halo.


The Life and Death Coffin, perfused with Death Qi, smashed heavily against the flaming halo, causing low and deep sounds to immediately resound out. Nevertheless, facing against the full powered attack from Mu Lingshan, there wasn’t the slightest bit of distortion present on the flaming halo. It seemed as though her previous attack was completely within the limits that it could accept.


After taking Mu Lingshan’s attack, the flaming halo suddenly shook. In the next instant, an even more boundless energy flooded out of it.

Due to that counter attack, the expression on Mu Lingshan’s little face changed. Immediately, her lovable little body flew back, before landing somewhat miserably on top of a giant tree in the distance.

“Such powerful strength!”

Upon seeing this spectacle, Lin Dong’s gaze instantly turned even more grave. Mu Lingshan was at perfect Profound Life stage. Coupled with her Life and Death Coffin, there was no perfect Profound Life stage expert that could contend against her. However, from the looks of it, she was unable to put up an ounce of resistance against this red robed man

Lin Dong’s expression turned gloomy as his eyes sparkled. In the next instant, with a wave of his hand, a black ray of light shot furiously out from his sleeve, lunging directly towards the red robed man.

As the black ray of light shot out, it transformed into a human figure. It was actually the Sky Devouring Corpse that Lin Dong had obtained. Facing this mysterious opponent, he clearly did not plan to show mercy. He did not wish for news of him possessing the Ancestral Stone to be revealed, regardless of whether the person in front of him knew about it.

Looking at the Sky Devouring Corpse flying towards him, the red robed man gave a flick of his finger. A fiery ray of brilliance pierced through the sky, rumbling as it smashed against the Sky Devouring Corpse with lightning speed.

When the ray of fiery brilliance, that seemed minute and small, smashed against the Sky Devouring Corpse, raging flames instantly erupted furiously. The temperature of those flames were extremely high, as the surrounding space was seemingly burnt till some distortions were formed.


However, just as those flames were raging, a black light sparkled on the body of the Sky Devouring Corpse. In the next moment, those flames unexpectedly disappeared in an astonishing speed. From the looks of it, it appeared as they were devoured by the Sky Devouring Corpse.


This unforeseen change seemed to have exceeded the expectations of the red robed man, as a faint voice of astonishment rang out from his mouth. Meanwhile his eyes were staring at the Sky Devouring Corpse with a slightly conspicuous shock present in them.

“This energy…how can it be so similar to Devouring Power?”

Upon hearing the mutterings of the red robed man, the corner of Lin Dong’s eye twitched uncontrollably for once. This red robed man had truly keen senses. He was actually able to discover the origin of the Sky Devouring Corpse with a single glance.

“Dammit! Where did this guy come from? If he is so powerful, why didn’t I hear of him before? Didn’t this Sky Lightning Sea Region have a restraint on the power the experts that could enter it?”

Lin Dong’s eyes sparkled as he thought about it. The strength of the red robed man had absolutely exceeded that of Pang Hao and Liu Xiangxuan. However, it was clear that Lin Dong had never seen nor heard about him. If he did not reveal himself, even Lin Dong might not have known that there was actually such a capable person in this cave dwelling.

“You have quite a few treasures, you brat.” turning his gaze towards Lin Dong, the red robed man spoke out with a smile.

Upon hearing those words, a fierce glint flashed with Lin Dong’s eyes once again. Is this fellow after the treasures in my hand?

“Hey. Don’t you think you’re overly vigilant, brat? I’m just taking a look from the side? Why the need for so much murderous intent?” seeing the killing intent erupting from Lin Dong’s body, the red robed man could not help but exclaim out.

“You’ve been hiding and acting suspiciously. How can I not be vigilant against you? Why don’t you reveal your face to me today, and let me see exactly who you are?” Lin Dong replied with a smirk.

“Forget about revealing my face…” the red robed man replied with a smile.

“Huh, what exactly does this fellow want? Could it be that he truly thinks that we’re pushovers!” Mu Lingshan shouted as she poked out with her Life and Death Coffin.

“Life and Death Coffin. The Immortal Sage Whale Clan, are indeed no pushovers.” tilting his head to look at Mu Lingshan, the red robed man replied her with a smile.

Hearing his reply, an astonished shade flashed within Mu Lingshan’s big eyes. The person in front of her had unexpectedly recognized her.

“It’s best that you two don’t fight anymore. I am not plotting against you two. The reason why I revealed myself was because I was shocked by your methods, brat.”

Giving a lazy stretch, the red robed man turned and looked towards Lin Dong once again. At this moment, the former’s gaze seemed to contain some deep intent as he said, “In this world, there aren’t many people who are able to dispel the Yimo Qi, and more so while at the realm of advanced Profound Life stage. The people that can deal with the Yimo Qi, are getting lesser and lesser…”

“You actually recognize Yimo Qi?” at this moment, Lin Dong gradually calmed down, before an astonished shade appeared within his eyes. After all, throughout these years, of all the experts that he had met, only a few were able to recognize the Yimo Qi.

“Heh. No only do I know…I’ve also fought with Yimos before. They’re indeed very nasty creatures.” hearing Lin Dong’s question, the red robed man gave a strange laugh before replying.

Lin Dong was instantly emotionally moved. After quite a while later, he cupped his hands while saying in a deep voice, “May I know who you are, senior?”

Right now, the individuals that knew about the existence of Yimos would definitely be extremely powerful experts. Since the person before them had even fought with them before, he must be no ordinary individual.

“Haha. There’s no need to know who I am now…”

Clapping his hands, the red robed man stood up. Looking towards Lin Dong, he spoke out with a deep intent, “There’s quite a few interesting things within your body. I was actually unable to detect them for a while. However, I believe that we will meet again in the future…”

“Let’s meet again, brat.”

As his voice rang out, without waiting for Lin Dong to reply, flames erupted furiously around the red robed man’s body. As the flames dissipated, his body mysteriously disappeared.

Looking at the red robed man, who transformed into flames and disappeared, Lin Dong was stunned. That fellow is simply truly too mysterious. He truly did not know where he came from.

“Big brother Lin Dong, that fellow’s really formidable.” Mu Lingshan said while walking over.


Lin Dong replied while faintly nodding his head, before sighing quietly. Looks like the experts attracted by this cave dwelling were akin to crouching tigers and hidden dragons. That fellow that had appeared before them was someone that even he feel extremely hard to deal with.

“Let’s go.”

At this moment, even Lin Dong did not know whether that red robed man was their friend or foe. The only thing he could do was to shake his head. After which, he uttered a word to Mu Lingshan. In a move, his body transformed into a streak of light, shooting towards the depths of the cave dwelling.