Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 940: Inside The Cave

Chapter 940: Inside The Cave


Chapter 940: Inside The Cave

The instant Lin Dong charged into the light circle, he was able to clearly sense a powerful spatial fluctuation being emitted from within. Resplendent silver light filled his eyes. A moment later, he gradually got used to it and slowly opened up his eyes.

The scene in front of him was captured into his mind the moment he opened his eyes. Subsequently, an absent minded look filled his eyes.

An extremely vast swath of land appeared in front of Lin Dong and there were many clusters of buildings on it. However, most of these buildings were already in ruins. Nevertheless, judging from the scale of the ruins, it was not difficult to imagine how majestic and mighty they were when everything was still in perfect condition back then.

The entire land had a grayish and defeated colour and a delipidated aura permeated over the entire area. The ancient feeling mixed within it caused one to understand that this land had not seen any form of life for a long time.

Lin Dong was a little startled as he observed the scene in front of him. Clearly, he did not expect that this mysterious cave was actually so broken down. At a glance, it did not appear to have been successfully left behind as a legacy. Instead, it was as though it had been destroyed by a calamity…

“The owner of this cave should be the Thunderbolt Master right?” Lin Dong muttered to himself inside his heart.

“It doesn’t mean that the owner of the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol is the Thunderbolt Master… there is a huge gap between the ancient times and this era. During this period of time, the eight masters entered a deep slumber or reincarnation because of various reasons. The eight great Ancestral Symbols had also found other owners. The owner of this cave was clearly someone who was fortunate enough to stumble upon the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol back then, just like you…” Yan’s voice sounded within Lin Dong’s heart at this moment.

Lin Dong nodded slightly. Although the owner of this cave was definitely a top expert back then, it was likely that he was still lacking compared to the domineering Thunderbolt Master from the ancient times.

“Brother Lin Dong, is this the cave? It seems to be in ruins. Will there be any treasures here?” Mu Lingshan’s big eyes looked at the devastated land from beside him and involuntarily muttered.

Lin Dong smiled. He said, “Let’s go. We will first take a look around. There will definitely be some rewards given the size of this cave.”

Lin Dong rushed forward after his voice sounded. His speed had been reduced greatly. Meanwhile, his eyes continuously scanned the ruins below as he flew across the air.

With this progress between the two, Lin Dong was able to see the traces left behind from many large battles. It seemed like an earthshaking battle had indeed erupted in this place back then. Perhaps it could even be described as… a war.

“Could it be a bloody war between two super factions?”

This thought lingered within Lin Dong’s heart. Although he did not know about the origin of this cave, it was likely that it should be relatively powerful back then. After all, a Reincarnation Stage expert who possessed an Ancestral Symbol was definitely the elite amongst the elite even during the ancient times. Hence, what puzzled Lin Dong the most, was which faction actually dared to attack a sect that had a Reincarnation Stage expert with an Ancestral Symbol…

This thought flashed within Lin Dong’s heart while his eyes continuously scanned the area below. Suddenly, a thought passed through his mind. The scene in front of him was actually vaguely familiar.

It seemed as though he had seen such a scene from somewhere else. That place… was the super faction within the Great Desolate Tablet in the Great Desolated Province of the Great Yan Empire…

Lin Dong’s expression slowly turned grave at this moment. He finally understood why he would find this place familiar. This was because the aura of this place was actually quite similar to that ancient sect within the Great Desolated Tablet.

Moreover, the most shocking aspect was that both of them had a commonality… it was that one possessed the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, while the other possessed the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol…

This… could this be the source of the disaster?

Just what creature has been chasing after these factions who possessed the Ancestral Symbols?

Lin Dong’s forward moving body slowly came to a stop. Some shock rose within his eyes. After which, his heart spoke dryly, “Yan…”

“Have you discovered it…” Yan’s voice was still indifferent. He merely sighed softly in the face of this.

“Is this done by the Yimo?” Lin Dong inhaled a deep breath and questioned.

“Aye… although my master had sealed the spatial crack back then, there were still many Yimo which barged into this plane. Although most of the Yimo were eliminated after being continuously surrounded and attacked by many experts in the word, there are still some remaining behind.

“The ancient sect which you had seen in the Great Desolate Tablet back then was destroyed by the Yimo. This cave in front of you most likely suffered the same fate…”

“Those Yimo creatures are clearly aware that the Ancestral Symbols possessed the strength to kill them. Hence… they would target anyone who possess the Ancestral Symbols and quietly kill them.”

Cold sweat immediately rose on Lin Dong after he heard this. Just what kind of great powers did the Yimo possessed? They were actually even able to eliminate such a faction?

“In this current world… are there still Yimo?” Lin Dong clenched his hand tightly. If this was the case, does that mean that he would sooner or later be targeted by those Yimo, hidden in some unknown part of the world?

“There should still be some. Additionally, it seems like the remaining Yimo are even more difficult to deal with. They are extremely good at hiding themselves and no one knows what they are up to…” Yan was quiet for a moment before he replied.

Lin Dong clenched his hands tightly and only relaxed them a moment later. He involuntarily laughed bitterly. At this moment, he finally understood that possessing an Ancestral Symbol was also a great source of trouble. Not only would he have to take precaution against those human experts who would attempt to snatch his Ancestral Symbols, but he would also have to guard against those Yimo, which were hidden in some unknown place.

After these years, Lin Dong had also gained a better understanding of these Yimo. He was clearly aware of just how terrifying they were. If he was targeted, it was likely that his fate would be quite terrible.

“If you are afraid of such trouble, all you need to do is to abandon the Ancestral Symbol.” Yan spoke faintly.

Lin Dong was slightly startled upon hearing this. He immediately parted his mouth and laughed. A sharpness was formed within those dark black eyes as he laughed, “There is no reason to throw away something that is mine. Regardless of who it is, it would be no easy task trying to snatch something from me!”

Lin Dong’s young face suddenly turned ferocious after his voice sounded. Since when had he been afraid of anyone during all these years, after he left the small Qingyang Town?

“So what if it’s the Yimo. There will come a day when I, Lin Dong, will be strong enough to cause the Yimo to tremble in fear!

Yan did not utter anything more. However, Lin Dong was able to sense that the Ancestral Stone within his body seemed to have emitted a satisfied sigh.

“Brother Lin Dong, look in front of you!”

Mu Lingshan, who was beside Lin Dong, suddenly cried out while the latter was chatting with Yan in his heart. Her small hand pointed in front of her. There was a damaged arena in front of them. At this moment, it seems like there were some humans present on it.

Lin Dong looked in the direction and his eyes hardened. Green light surged from within his body. After warning Mu Lingshan to be careful, he gradually slowed down. Finally, he hovered in mid-air above the damaged arena.

After approaching the arena, Lin Dong finally discovered that there were nearly a thousand human figures seated on the ruined arena. However, these human figures had already lost all life force. Their bodies were covered with dust and they looked withered.

Lin Dong was suspended in mid-air. His expression was grave as he stared at this scene. He discovered that all of them were facing the south and each of them have raised one hand. It was as though they were combining their strength to defend against something…

However, from the looks of this situation, it seems like their combined defence had failed.

Lin Dong curled his lips. Even a thousand experts cooperating together still suffered such a miserable fate. One could only imagine just how terrifyingly those Yimo, which had attacked this cave back then, were.

“Brother Lin Dong, someone is coming from behind.”

Standing beside him, Mu Lingshan suddenly glanced behind her. Many rushing wind sound was emitted from that spot. It seems like there were many experts continuously entering this cave.

Those rushing wind sound was quite hurried. Within less than ten breaths’ time, a hundred over figures had came hurrying over. Finally, they were also attracted by this unusual scene and came to a halt a short distance from where Lin Dong was.

Those experts glanced at Lin Dong before throwing their sight towards the arena. There was a rich shock flashing over their eyes. Although they were unaware of just what had happened here, this situation was still a little alarming…

“It is only a bunch of dead people. What is there to see?”

There were some people in the crowd who were impatient. They immediately waved their sleeves before a wild gust blew and directly swept across the arena. Those thousand human figures were instantly turned into dust and scattered into the wild wind as it passed.

“Pfft, there are no treasures at all.”

Some of the experts involuntarily curled their mouths when they saw the empty arena.

“Huh? There are still corpses that have yet to disappear?”

Some people were about to leave when an exclamation sounded. One could see eighteen shrivelled figures still sitting quietly. Their bodies were actually not decomposed from the erosion of time.

“There are treasures!”

The eyes of some people immediately brightened upon seeing this. Since they were able to endure the erosion of time, it was clearly that these people were extremely powerful individuals when they were alive. Hence, there was definitely some treasures on them.

Over ten figures rushed forward under the allure of treasure. After which, they landed near the eighteen shrivelled figures.

Lin Dong’s eyes stared intently at the eighteen shrivelled figures. For some unknown reason, an uneasy sensation flashed across his heart. His eyes flickered for a moment before he suddenly grabbed Mu Lingshan and rushed backwards.


Those eighteen shrivelled figures on the square, which had originally lost all life force, suddenly opened their deep eyes the moment their bodies rushed forward. An evil and cold black flame leaped from within their eyes before flames immediately swept forth.


The instant the ten figures, which had charged forward, touched the black flames, they turned into dust immediately. Miserable screeches promptly sounded out.

Those eighteen shrivelled human figures slowly stood up at this moment before the evil black flames spread. After which, they lifted their heads and locked onto the hundred over stunned individuals in front…