Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 939: Lightning Battleground

Chapter 939: Lightning Battleground


Chapter 939: Lightning Battleground


Lightning arrows came flying from every direction and it was just like an onslaught of thunderbolts. The entire space itself seemed to have been slightly distorted as the air exploded.

This extremely sudden attack had clearly startled everyone who had just entered the cave. It seems like no one had expected that instead of finding treasures lying all over the floor, they wounded up with such a powerful lightning army as their enemy.

“Be careful!”

Although the attack was abrupt, those who entered the cave were all fairly skilled. Some sharp ear-piercing sounds were quickly emitted. In the next moment, countless Yuan Power erupted like volcanos.

Swoosh swoosh!

Lightning arrows poured down like a storm. Those hundred over experts wrapped by mighty Yuan Power in front were penetrated by them almost instantly. The thunderbolts crazily penetrated through their bodies, which exploded into blood fog in front of several pairs of shocked eyes. In fact, the instant their Yuan Spirit escaped from their bodies, it was immediately hunted down by that sparking lightning glow, before it was finally reduced into nothing.

A sharp miserable screech resounded over the place at this moment.

Lin Dong’s eyes contained some shock as he observed this scene. Promptly, he came to a sudden comprehension. No wonder Pang Hao waited for so many experts to enter at the same time. It was likely that he already knew that with their current strength, it was impossible for them to charge through the various obstructions, even if they could enter the cave.

These experts were the cannon folder that they had found!

Lin Dong’s eyes stared at the lightning army in the distance. Those people were being covered by a lightning glow and Lin Dong could not sense any lifeforce from them. However, he was able to sense the wild and violent lightning strength from within…

They were not real people. Instead, they were strange lifeforms formed by the lightning strength. Regardless, when they gathered together in such large numbers, they were indeed worthy of being described as a lightning army.

“Let’s hide.”

Lin Dong grabbed Mu Lingshan before his Burning Sky Furnace flew out. After which, the both of them hid inside it. The Burning Sky Furnace also swiftly shrunk. After which, it turned into the size of a palm. Bright light seeped out from it and formed a defensive barrier.

“Bang bang bang!”

The lightning arrow had rained down just as the Lin Dong duo entered the Burning Sky Furnace. The ten individuals in front, who attempted to block the attack, were turned into a bloody fog in the blink of an eye. Their defences were completely useless in the face of such a frightening number of lightning arrows.

Clang clang clang!

Even the tiny Burning Sky Furnace could not escape from the densely packed attack. The lightning arrow ruthlessly smashed onto the Burning Sky Furnace, emitting a clear metallic sound in the process. Many ripples automatically spread from above the Burning Sky Furnace, causing it to vibrate intensely. This caused Lin Dong, who was hiding in the Burning Sky Furnace, to feel a little frightened. Fortunately, he did not act arrogantly and directly fight back against this attack. Otherwise, he would wound up in quite a miserable state now.

Miserable cries continued to reverberate in the outside world. With just a round of raining lightning arrows, the air itself seemed to have been filled by a blood fog. Half of those experts, who had charged in earlier, were completely wiped out by this terrifying attack.

The blood fog slowly spread. The remaining experts, who were lucky to stay alive, all had shocked expressions. Why was it that this cave was just like an execution ground?


The distant lightning army once again drew their bows while everyone were quietly stunned. Thunderbolts flashed over the bows. Clearly, another round of frightening attack was being brewed.

“Charge! Don’t allow them to unleash their attacks. Otherwise, all of us will die here!” A furious roar suddenly sounded while the lightning flickered.

Those who could reach this place were no ordinary individuals. Previously, they were caught off guard because of the surprise attack. By the time they had recovered, everyone felt furious in their hearts. After experiencing that frightening attack, it was likely that another round would result in even heavier casualties.


Majestic Yuan Power suddenly erupted at this moment. Immediately, countless figures rushed forward. Powerful martial arts were all unleashed. After which, they became like many sharp blades that forcefully tore through the lightning formation afar.

The wild thunderbolt explosions rumbled over this area, which seemed like an ancient battlefield. The lightning army had also began to clash with the large group of experts, who had barged into the cave.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Dong and Mu Lingshan quickly scooted out from the Burning Sky Furnace. Their bodies moved and also charged into the lightning army, which had been torn apart. If one wished to enter the deep parts of the cave, it was necessary for one to cross this lightning battlefield.

Silver lights flashed around Lin Dong duo as they charged into the lightning army. Immediately, some lightning figures rushed over. They were carrying lightning spears while their bodies were covered by a lightning glow. It was impossible to clearly discern their appearance. However, there was a continuous, wild and violent fluctuation being emitted from within their bodies.

Green light surged around Lin Dong’s body. A punch was thrown and it directly caused a couple of light figures to explode. After these light figures exploded, they turned into several lightning glow that scattered apart. However, Lin Dong was startled when he realized that these lightning glow did not completely disappear. Instead, they entered the other lightning figures. With their entry, Lin Dong could clearly sense that those other lightning figures had become increasingly powerful.

“What a strange object…”

Lin Dong’s heart was slightly chilled after he witnessed this scene. Only then, did he realize how troublesome it was to deal with this lightning army. If they continued to fight in this fashion, it would be extremely difficult to finish all of them off. Moreover, the more they killed, the stronger the remaining lightning figures would be…

If it continued to drag on in this manner, they would be exhausted to death in this lightning battlefield sooner or later.

“Let’s go. We cannot stay here!”

Lin Dong turned his head and softly cried out to Mu Lingshan by the side. Immediately, a green light surged over his body. Four green dragon symbols surfaced over his body. After which, he stopped fighting with those lightning figures and chose to use the most brutal method to forcefully charge through them.

Most of the experts present had keen eyesight. Hence, they had also discovered the peculiarity of these lightning figures after Lin Dong did so. Immediately, countless rushing wind sound appeared as they also forcefully charged through the formation like Lin Dong.

The lightning army also detected the attack from such a large number of experts. Hence, its subsequent attacks became increasingly ferocious. Occasionally, there would be some miserable cries being emitted…

With the combined effort of Lin Dong duo, the both of them turned into two rays of light that swiftly shuttled through the lightning army. Those areas where they passed seemed as though it had been swept by an irresistible force.

“There is a spatial fluctuation in front. We are about to charge through.” Lin Dong’s heart shook slightly as he charged forward. He lifted his head, only to see that an end to the lightning army could be seen in the distance. There was a silver coloured light circle slowly rotating at that spot. That place was where the true entrance to the cave was located!

“Brother Lin Dong, be careful!”

Beside him, Mu Lingshan suddenly cried out in a delicate voice while Lin Dong was focused on the silver light circle in the distance. Ten bright figures in lightning armours suddenly rushed out from the surrounding lightning army. The light spears in their hands were accompanied by a shocking fluctuation as they surrounded and attacked the fatal spots around Lin Dong’s body.

The might of these figures in lightning armours were undoubtedly stronger than the others from before.

However, their lightning spears were about to strike Lin Dong when the black coffin cover swept over. Black light ripples spread. Finally, it collided heavily with those ten lightning spears.

A metallic sound appeared before a wild and violent force spread. Those ten light figures were forced back by over ten meters by Mu Lingshan. However, the latter was also pushed back by a step. Some lightning flickered over the coffin cover.

“Let’s go. Don’t get entangled with them.”

Lin Dong’s eyes became focused after seeing this. The strength of these lightning armoured figures could be compared with that of an advance Profound Life stage expert. Moreover, none of them were afraid to die. In fact, if anyone of them died, it would only allow the remaining light figures to become even more powerful.

Lin Dong grabbed Mu Lingshan after his voice sounded. His body rushed out and headed towards the spatial gap, which had appeared in front of them. His body was just like a huge bird that flew past the sky and directly headed towards the silver light circle.

“Brother Lin Dong is rather quick. However, I should enter this place first and check it out.”

A loud laughter was suddenly emitted from beside Lin Dong the moment the latter was about to enter the silver light circle. Immediately, a rushing wind sound appeared. Soon after, waves of sharp wind mercilessly strike towards Lin Dong’s back.

“Pang Hao!”

A cold glint immediately flashed within Lin Dong’s eyes after he heard the laughter. He clenched his hand. Eight green dragon light symbols suddenly appeared. After which, he turned around and threw a punch,


The air itself seemed to have exploded under the pressure of the fist after the punch was thrown. A green dragon force suddenly whistled out of Lin Dong’s fist. After which, it collided with the other wind that was striking at him.

The low and deep explosion resounded over the midair. That wild and violent fluctuation once again forced back those lightning armoured figures which were charging over. Lin Dong also borrowed this push force to drift backwards with Mu Lingshan. Finally, he landed into that silver light circle.

“Haha, sorry. There is no need for you now!”

Lin Dong turned his body around after landing on the light circle. He laughed loudly to the large group charging over from behind. After which, his body entered the light circle and swiftly disappeared in front of a grim-looking Pang Hao.

“After them!”

A fierce glint flashed across Pang Hao’s eyes after he saw that Lin Dong had actually beat him to their destination. A cold snort sounded as he led his large group to swiftly charge into the light circle.

Behind them, there were also some experts who were breaking through the lightning battlefield and hurrying to the light circle.