Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 938: Opening The Cave

Chapter 938: Opening The Cave


Chapter 938: Opening The Cave

That lightning bolt seemed to have rained down from the extremity of the thunderclouds. It encompassed an area of a hundred thousand feet, and made everyone feel as though they were ants before it. Such a masterpiece appeared to have originated from the hands of a god.

Lin Dong was slightly in shock as he marvelled at the scene before him. It was likely that even those super experts, that have stepped into the Samsara stage, would be unable to be able to construct something of this scale.

“Is that the cave dwelling of that Reincarnation stage expert?” Mu Lingshan’s big eyes stared curiously at the cave dwelling, that was faintly discernable within the hundred thousand feet wide lightning bolt.

“It should be.”

Lin Dong replied while gently nodding his head. Soon after, he lifted his head. Besides those from the Nine Serene Gate and Mysterious Sky Hall, there were still a number of individuals hovering in the air above the sea. This scene caused a faint chill to run down his spine. Those from the Nine Serene Gate and the Mysterious Sky Hall had the protection of the silver tower key, thus, it was not surprising for them to arrive here so swiftly. However, the others clearly did not enjoy such protection. Yet, they did not lag far behind. Their strength was truly somewhat astonishing…

These people were not overly flamboyant on the island previously. However, it was apparent that they were true elites.

While Lin Dong was sizing up those experts that were the first to arrive, Pang Hao, from Nine Serene Gate, tilted his head to glance at the former, before faintly smiling at him. From Pang Hao’s appearance, it seemed as though he had forgotten about the trap he laid for Lin Dong three days ago.

In response to such ‘friendliness’, Lin Dong merely looked on with a detached gaze. After experiencing Pang Hao’s sinister scheme, he naturally did not believe that the latter would wipe clean their grudge with a smile. He clearly knew that should Pang Hao be given a chance, he would absolutely take action and destroy him without the slightest shred of hesitation.

Furthermore, it would be a fatal blow that would be totally devoid of mercy.

“Haha. Brother Lin Dong sure arrived here quickly. We were still worried about how we were going to open this cave dwelling if we were short of one key.” Pang Hao completely ignored Lin Dong’s cold gaze and instead smiled as he spoke.

Lin Dong glared at him. Without bothering with any nonsense, he directly asked, “How do we open the cave dwelling?”

Upon hearing those words, the surrounding experts immediately turned their attention towards the,. Although they had successfully arrived at the cave dwelling, if Lin Dong and the other two did not make a move, they could only helplessly wait here.

“Haha, there’s no need to hurry. Let’s wait for a while longer.” However, after hearing this, Pang Hao merely smiled, while a strange glint flashed across his eyes.

Lin Dong gently furrowed his brows, before shooting a glance at the nearby Mysterious Sky Hall group. There was no activity at all from Liu Xiangxuan, who was dressed in white. Resplendent silvery brilliance shined down from the sky, causing a faint white glow to form around her body. Her saint-like appearance caused the surrounding onlookers to feel somewhat dazzled.

Lin Dong was similarly dazzled for a moment, before abruptly regaining his senses. His gaze turned slightly solemn. When he looked at Liu Xiangxuan once again, an additional sliver of vigilance was present in his eyes. This lady is not simple…

“No need to be anxious, brother Lin Dong. Now isn’t the best time to open the cave dwelling. Please wait a little longer.” At this moment, Liu Xiangxuan tilted her head, revealing a very faint smile on her absolutely gorgeous face as she spoke.

Lin Dong nodded. Although he did not know exactly what they were waiting for, he did not inquire any further. He pulled Mu Lingshan and retreated a step back, while the Yuan Power within his body started to quietly circulate in preparation to respond to any sudden changes.

A puzzled look flashed across the eyes of the surrounding experts, when they saw that there was no activity from the trio. However, they did not question them. After all, for Pang Hao and the rest to enter the cave dwelling, they had had to open it first. Subsequently, once the cave dwelling was opened, they would be able to enter as well and fight for a share.

As a few gazes intersected above the surface of the sea, the atmosphere in this sea region started to turn calm and peaceful, with the only sounds being the rumbling peals of thunder ringing out from the far distance.

Compared to the crazy barrages earlier, the depths of the Sky Lightning Sea Region was a land of calm and peace.

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh!

Under this wait, experts continued to successively poured in. A large majority of these people appeared extremely miserable-looking. Thinking about it, they must have suffered quite a bit in those lightning barrages.

As the whooshing sounds continued to ring out, Lin Dong took a glance at those figures rushing here. Unable to bear it, he gave a sigh. It seems like quite a number of individuals were attracted by this Reincarnation Cave Dwelling. Even after trial by the lightning barrage, the number of people who managed to arrive here was still pretty substantial.

The instant they arrived, the experts all turned to look at the cave dwelling within the thousand metre large lightning bolt, before thick feelings of greed erupted out from their eyes. The cave dwelling left by a Reincarnation Stage expert was definitely no simple cave. As long as they were able to obtain something from within, facing any danger would be worth it…

Following the increasingly numbers of arriving experts, noisy sounds started to spread out, while urging voice were faintly discernable. It seems like most of them were itching for Lin Dong and the other two to open the cave dwelling.

However, with regards to those urging, Lin Dong chose to turn a deaf ear. Instead, he gently closed his eyes as though he was taking a rest to recover his spirits.

This rest lasted for nearly half an hour, while the number of experts that had converged here reached an astonishing quantity. Furthermore, most of them seemed to have reached the Profound Life stage at least. Obviously, that should be the minimum requirement in order to pass through those lightning barrages…

As noisy sounds continued to grow louder, after a while, Pang Hao finally raised his head slowly. Looking at the number of experts that have arrived, a smile appeared involuntarily at the corner of his mouth, with a sliver of strangeness present in it.

“Seems like it is almost enough…”

Muttering in a low voice to himself, under the countless attentive gazes, he slowly walked forth. Turning his gaze towards Liu Xiangxuan and Lin Dong, he asked with a smile, “Brother Lin Dong and Miss Liu, it’s about time. Let’s start, alright? Haha, there isn’t much we need to do. We just need to present our silver tower key.”

Upon saying that, Liu Xiangxuan nodded her small head. With a raise of her jade-like hand, a silvery little pagoda appeared in a flash. After witnessing this, Lin Dong pondered for a moment before he took out his silvery little pagoda as well.

The instant the three silver towers appeared, Lin Dong felt several scorching and greedy gazes shooting over from the dark. Although everyone knew that they were able to enter the cave dwelling once it was opened, the possessors of the keys would naturally be able to obtain more benefits or guidance in the cave dwelling…

Such an early advantage was crucial in the subsequent treasure hunt.

However, right now, Lin Dong did not bother about those gazes. That was because, the moment he took out his silver tower, it instantly shook before peals of thunder started to ring out if it.


All of a sudden, a beam of bright and resplendent silvery light shot out abruptly from his silver tower, while similar light beams shot out of the silver towers in Pang Hao and Liu Xiangxuan’s hands. The three light beams came together in the sky, before shooting straight into the thousand metre wide lightning bolt with a final whoosh.

Humm Humm!

As the silvery light shot into the thousand metre large lightning bolt, rippling fluctuations suddenly surfaced on the originally calm surface of the lightning bolt. Low and deep claps of thunder rumbled, while destructive fluctuations started radiating out wave by wave. All these changes caused the expressions on quite a few people’ faces to change, as they carefully pulled back.

The claps of thunder grew increasingly resonant before a ray of light suddenly surfaced on the lightning bolt. With an astonishing speed, it extended out, before finally transforming into a glowing path perfused with lightning bolts. At the other end of the glowing road, was precisely the Reincarnation Cave Dwelling in the depths of the lightning bolt!


Following the extension of the light road to the front of the cave dwelling, the heavy stone doors approximately a thousand metres large started to slowly open under the illumination of the lightning glow.

Countless reddening eyes and heavy breaths followed as everyone stared tightly at the opening stone doors. At this moment, ancient and desolate fluctuations started to gush out like floodwater from within.

The Reincarnation Cave Dwelling was finally open!


The opening of the cave dwelling was akin to the ignition of dynamite, as the eyes of countless experts turned red instantly. Whooshing sounds that blotted the skies seemingly resounded out simultaneously, as countless figures rushed forward akin to a swarm of locusts. Swarming the skies and covering the earth, they rushed towards the lightning bolt glowing road, and dashed towards the opening stone doors.

With a clench, Lin Dong kept his silver tower in his Qiankun bag. Faintly, his eyes started to turn red as he stared at the opening cave dwelling. With a turn of his head, he took a glance at Pang Hao in the distance. Right now, the latter was staring at the crowd flocking towards the entrance, while the smile at the corner of his mouth appeared exceeding strange.

“Be extra careful after we enter.”

Faintly narrowing his eyes, Lin Dong said a few words softly towards Mu Lingshan. However, only after he saw Pang Hao and his group make their move, did he finally make his.

As Lin Dong and Mu Lingshan rushed towards the light road, their scorching gazes locked onto the opening stone doors. The ancient fluctuations radiating from them seemed to radiate a life threatening temptation.

“Let’s go.”

Smacking his lips, Lin Dong clenched his fist within his sleeve, summoning the Fen Tian Cauldron. Without any hesitation, his body flashed before he and Mu Lingshan simultaneously rushed through the stone doors.

The moment he rushed through the stone doors, a bright and resplendent silvery light immediately pricked Lin Dong’s eyes. He was able to detect the spatial fluctuations coming from his surroundings. In the next moment, he felt a furious tremble emerging from the Devouring Ancestral Symbol within his body. It had detected the sign of danger.

Lin Dong’s faintly shut eyes sprang open abruptly at this moment, as the scene before him grew brighter rapidly. In the next moment, he could see countless figures made of lightning bolts, standing in the far distance in front of him akin to statutes. All of them had a bow made of a lightning bolt in their hands, while a lightning arrow with lightning arcing was notched in every single one of them.

Lin Dong’s eyes instantly narrowed as those glowing figures, akin to to an army released their fingers. In the next instant, he saw space distort as countless lightning bolt arrows, mixed with destructive fluctuations, insanely rained down just like a storm.