Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 937: Treacherous Sky Lightning Sea Region

Chapter 937: Treacherous Sky Lightning Sea Region


Chapter 937: Treacherous Sky Lightning Sea Region


Low and deep peals of berserk thunder rang out continuously from the endless thunderclouds in the sky. The thunderous noise was akin to the fury of the heavens, considerably dreadful and terrifying.

From within the thunderclouds, lightning bolts would pour down in an extremely berserk manner from time to time, viciously blasting the surface of the sea below. While the resulting explosion caused towering waves to rise, silver lightning spread across the surface of the sea, as piercing crackling noises echoed without end.

Under the thunderclouds that covered the sky, countless figures flew over from far away like a swarm of locusts. They very carefully evaded the lightning bolts hurtling down from the sky, as they rapidly shot towards the depths of the sea region.

Lin Dong and Mu Lingshan were amongst these human figures that seemingly blotted the sky. As his body shot past, Lin Dong raised his head to look at the thick thunderclouds in the sky above. How much of that terrifying lightning power was contained within? According to Lin Dong’s estimates, if one were to recklessly charge into them, even a Profound Death stage expert would be instantly blasted to ashes…

The land that had been chosen by the Reincarnation stage expert as a cave dwelling did indeed have its mysteries.

“Big brother Lin Dong, the energy fluctuations coming from the front seem to be getting more and more berserk…” Mu Lingshan said, as her large eyes stared at the distant surface of the sea that was flickering with silver light.

Lin Dong nodded his head slightly. As they travelled deeper and deeper into the Sky Lightning Sea Region, the energy they encountered grew increasingly berserk. This place seemed to be filled with danger at every corner. The slightest slip, and one would be buried in dark depths of the sea.


Lin Dong raised his head. A silver luster had already appeared on the distant surface of the sea. Even from so far away, he was already able to observe the increasingly frequent pillars of lightning raining down from the sky.

Mu Lingshan nodded her head as the expression on her small face grew somewhat grave. Being a member of the Sea Demon Tribe, she was much more sensitive towards this kind of berserk energy. She understood very clearly that those lightning pillars practically possessed an annihilation like power. If one was not careful and was struck, one’s fate would be rather miserable.

The vigilance within the hearts of the two increased, while their speed also rose substantially. After approximately ten minutes, they finally charged in deep sea region where the lightning barrage was more frequent.

Bang Bang Bang!

Only after they finally rushed into this region, was Lin Dong finally able to sense how frightening the lightning barrage in this Sky Lightning Sea Region was. lightning bolts maniacally descended one after another from the thunderclouds in the sky, their density causing one’s scalp to turn somewhat numb.


Under the bombardment of the numerous lightning bolts, miserable shrieks started to ring out from the surroundings. Mournful cries would be heard from the figures shooting across the sky after being struck by those gigantic lightning pillars. Even with the boundless Yuan Power protecting their bodies, they were turned into smoking piles of black ash, as they fell head first from the sky into the pitch-black sea waters below. Bubbles were formed as their corpses descended into the depths of the sea…

The expressions of several people changed slightly at the sight of those corpses dropping continuously from the sky, before increasing their vigilance. All of them had came here for the cave dwelling, and no one wanted to become a pile of ashes at the bottom of the sea before even catching a glimpse of the cave dwelling.

The locust swarm like human crowd gradually slowed down their speed, as boundless Yuan Power surged up from them. Various life protecting treasures were also sacrificed, and everyone appeared to be unleashing their strongest defences.

Lin Dong and Mu Lingshan also carefully evaded those descending lightning pillars. In the next instant, Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly narrowed, and soon after, he abruptly raised his head. His expression changed a little when he saw the black thunderclouds to their front turn into a whirlpool, countless lightning bolts frantically flickering within it.

“Oh no! It’s a lightning waterfall!”

Upon seeing the changes to the thunderclouds, a low and astonished voice involuntarily rang out from his mouth.


As Lin Dong’s voice faded, resplendent liquid like lightning poured down from the vortex shape thunderclouds like a river flowing down from the heavens. It appeared as though a gigantic hole had been ripped open in the sky.


Liquid lightning poured down, drowning over a hundred experts in an instant. This time, before their miserable shrieks could ring out, their bodies and bones had already disappeared within the lightning liquid. Even… their Yuan Spirits were unable to escape in time before turning into nothingness.


Even though none of them were average people, upon seeing this spectacle, the countless people behind could not help but gasp at this moment, as shock and horror filled their eyes.

“Run quickly! The lightning liquid barrage is appearing here too!”

While they were in shock due to the scene before them, a mournful cry suddenly rang out. The hearts of everyone shook, before all of them hastily raised their heads. Sure enough, the thunderclouds above their heads had started to revolve…

“Run quickly!”

Reacting fast, Lin Dong grabbed Mu Lingshan as green dragon wings rapidly extended from his back. With a flap of his wings, their figures transformed into a green ray of light as they shot forward.

Just as Lin Dong’s figure shot forward, lightning liquid poured down in torrents on the place they were previously at. Immediately, dozens of human figures were turned into nothingness by the lightning liquid.

“It appeared here to! God damnit! It is a lightning liquid chain barrage! Run quickly!”

At the same time, horrified shrieks rang out from nearby. In the next instant, the crowd saw whole areas of thunderclouds in the sky start to revolve in one by one. Silvery lightning liquid mixed with destructive energy rumbled down from the sky like a waterfall.

The lightning liquid barrages descended extremely rapidly. Furthermore, the area covered was extremely massive, encapsulating hundreds and thousands of feet, not even giving people a chance to escape.

Following the descent of the lightning liquid barrages, this region of the sea instantly became chaotic as countless experts tried to flee in all directions to avoid death. All of their eyes stared firmly at the sky, afraid that lightning liquid would suddenly pour down on their heads.

From afar, countless giant holes appeared to have been ripped open in this stretch of the sky, as lightning liquid waterfalls poured from them. This was a spectacular sight. However, only when one was trapped within, would one be able to feel how terrifying it was.

Grabbing Mu Lingshan and turning into a ray of light, Lin Dong’s expression had already become extremely grim. He was able to feel the terrifying energies contained in the lightning liquid waterfalls. If he was not careful and was hit by them, even with his tyrannical physical body, he would at the very least suffer heavy injuries. Furthermore, suffering heavy injuries at this place would undeniable lead to further disaster.

“Big brother Lin Dong, look at the people from the Nine Serene Gate…” While Lin Dong’s full attention was on the thunderclouds, Mu Lingshan suddenly spoke.

Upon hearing her words, Lin Dong turned his gaze towards a spot extremely far from them. There was a large group of figures shooting past in the sky at that place. From the looks of it,they were not the slightest bit worried about the lightning liquid barrage. In fact, a lightning liquid barrage had enveloped them once, however, they were unexpectedly able to safely rush out from within without any injuries…

These fellows seemed to have a way to defend against the lightning liquid barrage.

As Lin Dong faintly narrowed his eyes, green light flickered within them. Only then did he discovered a faint silver light screen covering the bodies of Pang Hao and his group…

The fluctuations from the light screen was something that he was slightly familiar with.

“It’s the silver tower key.”

It suddenly hit Lin Dong like lightning, as a bright light flitted across his eyes. With a clench of his hand, the silver tower appeared within it. As he sent his Yuan Power into it, the silver tower shook, before a faint silvery light screen rose out and enveloped the two of them.


As the silvery light screen surfaced, a vortex started to emerge in the thunderclouds above Lin Dong and Mu Lingshan . In the next instant, a lightning liquid barrage rapidly poured down from above, enveloping both of them.

“That Lin Dong has been hit by the lightning liquid barrage?”

“Good! That silver tower key definitely will not be destroyed by the lightning liquid barrage! Let’s go and find the key!”


Nearby, a dozen human figures had their attention on Lin Dong. Upon seeing the later submerged within the lightning liquid barrage, elation instantly filled them, before they shot over in search of the silver tower key.


However, just as they moved, a green streak of light shot out from the lightning liquid barrage in a perfectly straight line. Within this green streak of light were the figures of Lin Dong and Mu Lingshan, with not a single scratch on them.

“How is this possible!”

Upon seeing this spectacle, the expressions of the group of people who wanted to to retrieve the silver tower key instantly changed as they cried out in astonishment.

As the green streak of light swiftly shot past the group of people, Lin Dong shot a look at them, before suddenly revealing a mocking smile as he said, “Careful of what’s above your heads.”

As his voice rang out, Lin Dong’s figure had already fled in a flash of light. The group of people instantly gawked, before raising their heads in horror. Silvery light shone brightly into their eyes, as a lightning liquid barrage directly descended from the sky, completely washing over them…

“I never imagined that this silver tower key would actually be able to protect its owner while travelling in the Sky Lightning Sea Region.”

Lin Dong shot a look behind him as his heart filled with a little happiness and surprise. If this was the case, he no longer needed to worry about the lightning liquid barrages that might descend from above at any time.

“However, from the looks of it, I’m afraid that there will be many casualties and deaths…”

Lin Dong silently muttered to himself. It was likely that of those experts that had came from various places to pass through this Sky Lightning Sea Region, nearly half of them would be trapped within this lightning liquid chain barrages.

This Sky Lightning Sea Region was indeed incomparably treacherous.

Lin Dong sighed inwardly. However, he did not spend much time lamenting or pitying these people. With a flap of his wings, his speed rapidly increased, sending him and Mu Lingshan piercing through the numerous lightning liquid barrages, and shooting towards the deepest part of Sky Lightning Sea Region.

Along the way, Sky Lightning Sea Region displayed its fearful reputation once again, as various lightning barrages descended from the sky in succession. The frightening energies ravaged quite a few experts until their bodies and minds grew weary. Fortunately, Lin Dong could rely on the protection of the silver tower key to travel smoothly without impedance. Only after nearly half a day of travel did his figure finally start to gradually slow down.

At this moment, the thunderclouds in the sky before him had changed from their initial pitch-black colour to a bright and resplendent silver. Lightning bolts pierced down through them one after another, before seemingly striking straight into the depths of the sea.

At the most central position was a hundred thousand feet large lightning bolt. Before it, Lin Dong’s figure was as small as a ant. Such a scene could only be described as boundless.

Lin Dong’s gaze locked firmly on the hundred thousand feet large lightning bolt. Within it, he was faintly able to discern a gigantic cave dwelling. This scene… was exactly what he had seen within the silver tower.

Evidently… the cave dwelling that was concealed within this lightning bolt was his destination, the Reincarnation Cave Dwelling!