Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 936: Entering Sky Lightning Sea Region

Chapter 936: Entering Sky Lightning Sea Region


Chapter 936: Entering Sky Lightning Sea Region

Three human figures stood on the mountain peak. The one standing in front had a headful of long hair. Two strands of pale white hair drooped down from his forehead, while his eyes were as pitch-black like ink, with a strange luster faintly present within them.

His gaze locked on to Lin Dong’s departing figure in the distance, and it was quite awhile before he slowly retracted his gaze. With a smile, he asked, “So, that’s Lin Dong… right?”

Upon hearing his question, the two men beside him also smiled. One of them retrieved a scroll from his sleeve and unfurled it. A glowing figure was present within, and that glowing figure looked exactly like Lin Dong.

“Yes. It’s basically confirmed that he’s Lin Dong, the Dao Sect disciple described by the information from our sect.” A man with hair as resplendent as silver said with a faint smile.

“Ah, he is indeed capable. To think that he can still gather such a lineup after being expelled from the Eastern Xuan Region into this Chaotic Demon Sea.” The other man added with a faint smile. This person was extremely tall and skinny. Furthermore, his skin was translucent like jade, making him look rather bizarre.

“No wonder he was able to toy with Yuan Cang and the other two… those three fellows really failed to live up to expectations.” The silver haired man said.

“Haha, when we first left to train in and experience the outside world, those three brats had only just started to stand out in the sect…” The leader said with a laugh, “ Yuan Cang and the other two are actually fairly talented. If they were placed in the Chaotic Demonic Sea, though they cannot compare to Pang Hao or Liu Xiangxuan, they should still be able to gain a place for themselves amongst the younger generation.”

“At the end of the day, since they had such an ending, it can only mean that Lin Dong is too strong… Tch tch, after personally taking action, even the three lord sect masters weren’t able to kill him. Just this alone is something that even Zhou Tong of the Dao Sect back then was unable to achieve.”

Upon hearing those words, the other two nodded their heads in approval, before saying, “It has been less than a year since he arrived at the Chaotic Demon Sea, right? Yet, he has already managed to gain some fame for himself. And now, he even dares to confront the tough and vicious characters within the younger generation like Pang Hao. Looks like his strength and abilities are indeed pretty decent.”

“Ha ha, he’s indeed pretty good. However, since the sect has sent out the orders, and we just so happen to meet him, let’s take action… after all, we are the previous batch the Yuan Gate’s three little kings, a title that bestows glory and prestige. How can we allow Lin Dong to destroy it.” The leader said with a faint smile.

“So what does big brother intend to do? When we were in the Yuan Gate back then, we almost managed to make that great senior sister of Dao Sect’s Sky Hall kneel and beg for forgiveness during the Great Sect Competition…” The silver haired man asked while revealing a face of recollection. From the looks of it, he appeared to be reminiscing about the times they shook the heavens within the Eastern Xuan Region.

“No need to be so anxious. Initially, we came here to see what this Reincarnation cave dwelling is all about. As for Lin Dong, lets wait for him to enter the cave before taking action. At that time, we’ll conveniently snatch his silver tower key…” The leader said.

“Alright then. After entering the Reincarnation cave dwelling, it will be hard for that brat to escape. After dealing with him, let’s keep his corpse. When we return to the Eastern Xuan Region, we’ll gift it to the Dao Sect. Haha, this be considered as justice, right?” The man with jade like skin said after pondering for a bit.

Upon hearing those words, the other two started to smile. At that time, the faces of the Dao Sect members should be rather spectacular…



Lin Dong and Mu Lingshan gradually distanced themselves from the stone city at the centre of the island. Subsequently, his moving figure gradually slowed down, before landing on a large tree. He faintly wrinkled his forehead as he looked behind him. For some unknown reason, he constantly felt like someone was spying on him…

This feeling was akin to being stared at by a viper hiding in the dark, causing him to feel exceeding uncomfortable.

“What’s the matter big brother Lin Dong?” Mu Lingshan asked in puzzlement as she landed beside Lin Dong.

“It’s nothing.”

Lin Dong replied while shaking his head. At their current location, the feeling of being spied upon had already completely vanished. However, this still caused him to be somewhat vigilant. Earlier, he had sense quite a few powerful hidden presences within the stone city. Obviously, there were quite a few experts lured here by this Reincarnation cave dwelling.

Looks like there was definitely going to be be an astonishing struggle in the Reincarnation cave dwelling.

“What should we do now big brother Lin Dong?”

“Let’s wait for the time being. We will move out after three days. After all, we require the coordination of all three silver tower keys to open the Reincarnation cave dwelling. Besides, we should be extra cautious during the next few days. We don’t have the huge number of experts like the Nine Serene Gate and the Mysterious Sky Hall. Therefore, we can only rely on ourselves.” Lin Dong replied.

“Um.” Mu Lingshan nodded her head.

Upon seeing this, Lin Dong gently exhaled a mouthful of air, before peering into the distance. He gazed at the sky full of black thunder clouds and the pitch-black surface of the sea. Such darkness was akin to an ancient savage beast, anyone who entered would seemingly be devoured…

Looks like this sea region was rather dangerous.

In the following three days, Lin Dong and Mu Lingshan found a secluded area on the island to stay for the time being. Here, they avoided conflicts while quietly waiting for time to pass.

During these three days, Lin Dong could sense that the number of experts that had gathered on the island was becoming more and more terrifying. Furthermore, the majority of them possessed were rather powerful. That was reasonable, as wanting to mix in such a hotpot of chaos without a little ability would only lead to becoming food for others.

As the numbers of experts on the island continued to increase, the island also started to become somewhat chaotic. With more people, the number of conflicts would follow suit and increase. Furthermore, none of those here were saints, with the number of people that would attack without saying a word making a good majority. Therefore, during these short three days, countless conflicts occurred. Several people died on the island without even catching a glimpse of the Reincarnation cave dwelling, causing people to sigh once again at the general viciousness in the Chaotic Demon Sea.

Without sufficient strength, one might become the prey in someone else’s eyes at any moment.

Due to the island becoming totally chaotic, Lin Dong and Mu Lingshan were unable to be in complete peace. The silver tower key in his hands still attracted some people that were overcome by greed. Of course, the fate of these fellows were to be sent flying while vomiting blood by a Life Death Coffin Cover wielding Mu Lingshan. After three day, nothing had changed for Lin Dong, while Mu Lingshan had gained the nickname of Little Demoness. Furthermore, upon discovering this nickname, instead of being furious, she became extremely pleased and happy, and proceeded to swat people away with increasing enthusiasm. The reason why the Sea Demon Tribe was traditionally known for its violence was now undoubtedly revealed.

Following the chaos and disorder in this region, the third day finally arrived…

Upon the arrival of the third day, Lin Dong, who was seated on a rock sticking out atop the mountain peak, slowly opened his eyes. As he raised his head, countless passing figures of light were reflected in his eyes. At this instant, the entire island erupted with extremely terrifying vigour, while an uproar echoed over from the distance.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh!”

The island had seemingly transformed into a monster nest at this moment. Human figures seemingly covered the skies and the land as they flew forth, before rapidly shooting towards the depths of Sky Lightning Sea Region.

The treasure hunting trip of the Reincarnation cave dwelling had officially started.

“We should also go.” Lin Dong stood up and spoke out with a smile towards Mu Lingshan, who was waiting eagerly beside him.

As he said those words, he took the lead and shot out. Green light surged, before transforming into a streak of light. Shooting out of the island, they flew towards the depths of Sky Lightning Sea Region.

As they flew off the island, quite a few gazes from the surroundings shot over. Over these three days, the news about Lin Dong being in possession of a silver tower key had long since spread around. Therefore, there were quite a few people that knew about this information.

“Where do you think you are looking?!” Upon seeing those gazes, the little face of Mu Lingshan, who was beside Lin Dong, instantly filled with evil intentions, as she shouted in her adorable voice.

Upon seeing this appearance of Mu Lingshan, the complexions of several people changed. Ever since yesterday, the reputation of the former had grown rather huge, and even those experts at the perfect Profound Life stage had been smacked around by her. Thus, there were very few people on the island that dared to provoke this cute yet incomparably barbaric little demoness…

Lin Dong could not help but secretly chuckle when he saw this seen. In the next moment, the green light around his body blossomed, as his speed rose once again, and they shot into the black sea region.


Just as the they shot into the black sea region, incomparably astonishing peals of thunder rang out in the sky. The berserk peals of thunder caused even Lin Dong’s heart to tremble a little.


Lin Dong deeply breathed in. He gazed at the crowd that was rushing into this sea region like a swarm of locusts, before turning his gaze towards the depths of Sky Lightning Sea Region, as a fanatical look surfaced from the corners of his mouth.

Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol… here I come…