Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 934: Killing as a Deterrence

Chapter 934: Killing as a Deterrence


Chapter 934: Killing as a Deterrence

Four blade holding human figures stood at the end of the ancient street. These four figures were wearing blood red robes with blood blade patterns, while a bloody scent faintly scattered from their bodies.

The auras of these four individuals were relatively powerful. Judging from their mighty Yuan Power fluctuations, the four of them had all stepped into the advance Profound Life stage, while their leader was at the peak of the advance Profound Life stage.

Countless gazes looked at the four human figures. After which, some whispers swiftly spread.

“It is the blood blade four generals of the Blood Blade Sect. The leader is Lu Zong, right?”

“Those four fellows have ended up taking the lead. These people are really impatient.”

“I wonder how Lin Dong will fare against these four people? They are experts who have already made a name for themselves in the Chaotic Demon Sea…”

“The four blood blade generals specialise in fighting together. If the four of them join hands, even a perfect Profound Life stage expert will have some difficulty.”

“This Lin Dong is really a little unlucky…”

Bloodthirsty smiles were revealed on their faces when the four red robed human figures heard the numerous whispers from their surroundings. The leader slightly cocked his head, and looked at Lin Dong. The blade scar that cut from the corner of his eye across his entire face made him appear rather sinister. “Lin Dong, hand over the silver tower key. In any case, even if you do not have the key, you will still be able to enter and tour the interior once the cave is opened. It is not worth to risk your life because of it.”


Under the crowd’s attention, the slightly droopy eyed Lin Dong suddenly released a soft sigh. After which, he slowly lifted his head. That somewhat young face suddenly revealed a ferocity that caused fear to rise within one’s heart.

“Get lost!”

A simple phrase which did not possess much emotion emerged from Lin Dong’s mouth. After which, his surroundings became a little quiet. Many pairs of eyes contained various emotions as they looked at Lin Dong. It was likely that they did not expect the latter would actually be so unreasonable even at this moment.

Did he not realise that the four individuals in front of him were bloodthirsty fellows whose hands were dyed with blood.

“You have guts.”

The face of the red robed man with a blade scar trembled slightly. Soon after, his mouth parted into a smile. A smile that was filled with killing intent.

“Remember my name. Lu Zong from the Blood Blade Sect. On account of you bringing the silver tower key, I shall let you die knowing who killed you.”

The smile on Lu Zong’s face widened. After which, his eyes instantly turned as dark and ruthless as a viper, “Kill him.”


After his voice sounded, majestic Yuan Power suddenly erupted from within the bodies of the three individuals beside him. The blood coloured long blades in their hands reflected sinisterly cold lusters under the sunlight.

Fury flashed across Mu Lingshan’s large eyes as she watched this from beside Lin Dong. She was about to take out the Life Death Coffin Cover to turn these people into mincemeat. However, she was stopped by Lin Dong’s extended hand.

“Allow me.”

Lin Dong spoke in a soft voice. Looks like he had been mistaken from the start. It was laughable for him to avoid and give in to others in such a place. The experts present here were from the Chaotic Demon Sea, and licking the blood off their blades was a common affair for them. If he wished to keep the silver tower key, he had no choice but to make others fear him…

These four were the best choices for making an example.


Mu Lingshan nodded and withdrew. She was rather well aware of Lin Dong’s strength. The four individuals before him might not be kind existences, but it would be extremely difficult for them to take advantage of Lin Dong.


Sharp blades flashed in front of Lin Dong while Mu Lingshan withdrew, as three figures rushed towards Lin Dong in a ghost like fashion. Their blood blades slashed ruthlessly, drawing tricky arcs as they viciously struck at Lin Dong’s vital spots.

The attacks of the trio were extremely well in tune with each other. Adding their advance Profound Life stage strength, the might of this attack caused the expressions of many to change. These four blood blade generals did indeed have some ability.

“Little brat, you can only blame yourself for not having the capability and yet possess something that you should not have!”

The trio’s sinister faces rapidly magnified in Lin Dong’s eyes. Sharp blade glows swept forth, and directly landed on Lin Dong at lightning speed.

Cruel expressions appeared on the faces of the trio when the blade glows landed on Lin Dong’s body. It was as though they had already witnessed the bloody scene of Lin Dong’s body being dismembered.


However, clear metallic sounds suddenly rang out as those cruel smiles appeared on their faces. After which, they suddenly felt an extremely great force from their blades. The force directly caused their hands, which were holding the blood blades, to turn numb.

The three of them lifted their heads in shock. However, the places where their blood blades had landed on Lin Dong’s body were as hard as metal. The formidable blade auras could not even split Lin Dong’s skin.

“Such a sturdy physical body!”

The expressions of some individuals gradually became grave as those countless watching eyes hardened.

“You actually dare to try and rob others with just this little bit of strength?” Lin Dong slowly lifted his head. He gazed at the three individuals who now had a little horror in their eyes, as a mocking look appeared on his face.

Ominous glints immediately appeared in the eyes of the three advance Profound Life stage experts when they heard this. Immediately, Yuan Power exploded. The blade glows turned, and three blood coloured blade lights cut through the air and cut at Lin Dong’s throat like scissors.


Lin Dong suddenly extended his hand. Green light surged, and four green dragon light tattoos flowed over his arm. Subsequently, he grabbed at the three blood coloured blade lights and ruthlessly crushed them. Green light flickered as the three blade lights were directly shattered.

“Second brother, pull back quickly!”

As Lu Zong watched this scene, his pupils abruptly contracted as he suddenly shouted. Lin Dong’s strength seemed to have exceeded their expectations.

The expressions of the three Profound Life stage experts suddenly changed after hearing this cry. They immediately turned around and hurriedly withdrew.

“Trying to escape?”

However, the young man who had yet to attack, seemed to have turned into a awakened lion while they were beginning to withdraw. Murderous intent surged out from both of his pitch-black eyes like floodwaters.

Everyone only saw a flash of green light. Lin Dong’s body already appeared in front of the trio in a ghost like fashion. Four green dragon light tattoos surged on his arm as he threw a punch forward.

An incomparably wild and violent fist force flew forth. The three advance Profound Life stage expert clenched their teeth, as three intersecting blood blades slashed while their majestic Yuan Power was completely brought out.

A fist suffused with green light ruthlessly struck the three blood blades. After which, a dragon roar resounded. Green light erupted, and three blood blades exploded in an instant.


Wild and violent force was transmitted into the bodies of the three advance Profound Life stage experts from the broken blades. Each of them immediately spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, as their bodies flew backwards in a miserable manner.

Three advance Profound Life stage experts suffered a crushing defeat after a single punch!

However, the ferocity within Lin Dong’s eyes was not reduced after sending the trio flying with a punch. His sleeve abruptly swung as three shattered blade pieces suddenly cut through the air at shocking speeds. After which, they pierced the foreheads of the three individuals under the numerous changing expressions.


The sound of blade pieces cutting through flash caused the hearts of many to quiver. After which, they watched as three figures fell from the sky. Immediately, their pupils shrunk. This Lin Dong was really a little ruthless…

“Brat, how dare you!”

Lu Zong was also stunned by the scene before him. Soon after, bitterness and resentment suddenly surged in his eyes. He never imagined that Lin Dong was even more ruthless than them…

“You should also accompany them. In your next life, remember to first think it over before finding your target.”

Lin Dong lifted his head and smiled indifferently towards Lu Zong. Soon after, everyone saw ten green dragon light tattoos suddenly rise from the surface of Lin Dong’s body.


Eight green dragon light tattoos wrapped around Lin Dong as his body turned into a flash of green light which abruptly shot out.

“Blood Ancestor Soul Slash!”

Exceptionally majestic Yuan Power maniacally swept out from within Lu Zong’s body. His eyes were full of bitterness and resentment, as the blood blade in his hand suddenly slashed downwards. A thousand feet large blood coloured blade glow suddenly whistled out. The entire ancient street was forcefully shattered by the formidable blade aura at this moment.

Green light swept past. In the next moment, it collided head on against the blood coloured blade aura under countless watching gazes. After which, a dragon roar resounded. That seemingly huge and sharp blade aura crumbled instantly under the assault of the green light!

“How is this possible?!”

Lu Zong watched as the green light reflected in his eyes was being magnified at lightning speed, while horror gushed in his eyes. His powerful attack was was unable to be of even the slightest hindrance to Lin Dong?

Green light seemed to penetrate space. It destroyed the blade aura like a hot knife cutting through butter and shot towards Lu Zong like a sharp arrow, before penetrating through the latter’s body.

Fresh blood flew. Green light gathered behind Lu Zong’s body, before slowly fading, as Lin Dong’s body once again appeared under the many watching gazes.

Lin Dong’s hands gently fell at his sides, while Lu Zong’s body fell face first onto the ground. Horror and fear still lingered on his face.

One hit kill!

The crowd watched as the victory was decided in a split second. Several people quietly inhaled a breath of cold air. A peak advance Profound Life stage expert had been killed in such a manner?

“Who else… still wishes to have this silver tower key?”

Fresh blood slowly dripped from Lin Dong’s hand. He lifted his head, showing pitch-black pupils filled with indifference, while his cold voice spread throughout the entirety of the suddenly silent city.