Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 927: Encounter During the Journey

Chapter 927: Encounter During the Journey


Chapter 927 - Encounter During the Journey

As news of the silver tower being snatched by Lin Dong swiftly spread, the sea regions neighbouring Sky Merchant Region became increasingly noisy. Various factions dispatched their forces in an attempt to search for Lin Dong and snatch the silver tower. There were also quite a number of lone experts amongst this group who also wanted to get involved in this matter. After all, the allure of a cave dwelling belonging to a Reincarnation stage expert was really difficult to resist…

However, such activity did not have much results. While the sea region was in complete chaos, the scarlet red cauldron continued to quietly hide deep at the bottom of the sea while waiting for all of it to come to an end.

This continued for half a month or so, before the various factions began to withdraw from their fruitless search. It was likely that Lin Dong had already ventured far away. Regardless of how capable they were, it was clearly an extremely difficult task to find someone within this endless Chaotic Demon Sea.

The scarlet red cauldron, which had been hidden under the reef for half a month, once again flickered as the uproar gradually came to an end. With a little jerk, it shot out from the reef.


Although the scarlet red cauldron had rushed out, neither Lin Dong nor Mu Lingshan revealed themselves. Instead, Lin Dong controlled the cauldron, and carefully shot through the sea in a quiet manner. At this moment, he was clearly afraid of travelling over the surface of the sea. Although the search had extended under the sea, it was extremely difficult for an ordinary person to find the Burning Sky Cauldron within the sea due to its ability to hide itself...

The two of them travelled underwater in this fashion for a full day. Only when Lin Dong sensed that the search over the surface of the sea gradually diminish, did he finally control the Burning Sky Cauldron and left the water.

“It is really suffocating…”

Mu Lingshan anxiously charged out from within the Burning Sky Cauldron the moment they exited from the surface of the sea. It was likely that being in the Burning Sky Cauldron during this period of time had really caused her to feel unbearably stifled.

“It is our fault for creating such a big mess.” Lin Dong smilingly said. It was likely that their names had even spread throughout the neighbouring sea regions. After all, there were not many in this world who possessed the boldness and ability to snatch an item from a Profound Death stage expert with the strength of an initial Profound Life stage expert.

“Brother Lin Dong, where should we head to now?” Mu Lingshan’s large eyes stared at Lin Dong as she asked.

“Sky Lightning Sea Region. Are you coming along?” Lin Dong grinned and said, “Since we have obtained the key to the cave dwelling if the Reincarnation stage expert, would it not mean that we are wasting precious natural resources if we do not go.”

“A Reincarnation stage expert cave dwelling… good, good.” Mu Lingshan blinked her large eyes as she immediately nodded continuously. Her aim of fleeing from the clan was to gain experience. Heading to the so called Reincarnation stage expert’s cave dwelling with Lin Dong clearly aligned with her goal.

Lin Dong smiled and nodded upon seeing this. After which, he peered into the distance and said, “According to the map, there is quite some distance between this place and the Sky Lightning Sea Region. Even with our speed, we will likely require a month of travel.”

“Then we’ll need a ride.” Mu Lingshan tilted her head. If they continuously travelled in this manner, they would meet with some of the numerous storms on the sea. Some of these disasters would cause even Profound Death stage experts to hide. This would delay their journey.

“Ride? We do not have something like this.” Lin Dong spoke in a startled fashion.

“Hee hee.”

Mu Lingshan laughed. Immediately, she landed on the surface of the sea. Her small hand touched the water, and a mysterious sonic wave was swiftly emitted from her hand.

Lin Dong could vaguely sense that the sonic wave was spreading into the distance at a frightening speed within the sea. That manner was as though it was summoning something.

Lin Dong watched this scene with some curiosity. After which, he quietly waited. This continued for around an hour, before his heart suddenly shook. He could see an enormous shadow appearing from the bottom of the sea. Soon after, a monstrous wave came surging upwards. The clear sound of a whale whistle resounded. A blue large whale, which was thousands of feet in size, broke out from the sea and appeared within Lin Dong’s sights.

“This is…”

Lin Dong was startled as he looked at this giant blue whale. Some light symbols were present on this whale’s large body. This caused him to be able to vaguely feel the vast and mighty energy within that body.

“This is the Sea Guarding Mysterious Whale. Its speed is amongst the top five within the sea beasts within this Chaotic Demon Sea. No storm is able to hinder it from advancing. Hee hee, with it as our ride, we will be able to be travel a little quicker. Although brother Lin Dong is quite fast, you will definitely be unable to compete with it in the sea.” Mu Lingshan landed on the enormous blue whale. Her little hand patted it, before she lifted her head and smilingly said to Lin Dong.

Lin Dong’s eyes were a little strange as he stared at this enormous creature. He also grinned and his body descended from the air. After which, he sat down on the enormous body of the Sea Guarding Mysterious Whale. Light symbols flashed on the body of the mysterious whale when he sat down, as a light barrier appeared to protect them.

“The strength of the Sea Guarding Mysterious Whale was likely comparable to an advance Profound Life stage expert…” Lin Dong could sense the majestic strength surging within the huge whale under him, and he involuntarily clicked his tongue. Fortunately, Mu Lingshan was a member of the Immortal Sage Whale clan, and possessed absolute authority and control over all whales. Else, it would be a relatively difficult task if they wished to capture such a powerful sea beast as a ride.

“Let’s get moving!”

Mu Lingshan waved her small hand, as a silver bell like laughter emerged from her mouth. The Sea Guarding Mysterious Whale emitted a soft hum and the sea immediately shook. Its huge body had turned into a flash of blue light as it cut the wind and waves. In a flash, it shot out like an arrow.

Lin Dong watched this scene and smiled with satisfaction. With this thing, they should be able to reach the Sky Lightning Sea Region a couple of days earlier…

While Lin Dong and Mu Lingshan were riding the Sea Guarding Mysterious Whale, none of them were aware of a light suddenly flashing past from an extremely distant sea.

That light was extremely quick. However, the strange thing was that not even the slightest ripple was formed on the sea when the light passed by. It was as though the light itself had merged with the sea.


The light ray that flashed past suddenly paused at this moment. It seemed to turned into a human figure. This figure extended his hand and grabbed the water in front of him.

“It’s the whale summoning sound… this fluctuation… it is indeed from that little girl…”

That human figure muttered to himself. His body quickly moved and disappeared from this sea in a ghost like manner.


Lin Dong quietly sat on the mysterious whale. His eyes were tightly shut. Vast and mighty Yuan Power surged around his body. It repeatedly tempered his physical body and medians as he breathed.

Lin Dong’s aura was currently a little unsteady, and the Yuan Power around him rose and fell in strength. Such a situation was not unfamiliar. Usually, this would occur when one was about to grow stronger.

Clearly, after the many training and bitter battles during this period of time, Lin Dong’s strength had unknowingly improved once again. At his current level, he should have already reached the peak of the initial Profound Life stage. He was only a step away from the advance level.

This training speed could be described as relatively swift.

“I can take the advantage of this period of travelling to break through to the advance Profound Life stage…” Lin Dong’s tightly shut eyes were suddenly opened. He sensed the majestic Yuan Power within his body as he clenched his fists and muttered.

Although his current self possessed the ability to deal with a Profound Death stage expert, he was only able to use it once. After that, his fighting strength would greatly diminished due to over exhaustion. The reason he was able to so effective during the two prior incidents was mainly because both the Nefarious Bone old man and old demon Mo Xie were afraid of death. Otherwise, if they were to continue pressing him, he would end up being the unlucky one…

Hence, before unleashing these techniques, Lin Dong needed to increase in his own strength. No matter how one put it, relying on an external object was unreliable. The only one who could be relied upon was oneself.

“I still have two drops of the Core Spiritual Birth Serum in my hands. Let’s see if I can attempt a breakthrough…”

Lin Dong softly muttered to himself. He immediately clenched his hand, and a jade bottle appeared within it. He was preparing his attempt, when his expression suddenly changed drastically. His head abruptly lifted, and his eyes looked at the sky in front of him. A certain spot had started to become somewhat distorted.

At this moment, the Sea Guarding Mysterious Whale also suddenly emitted a sharp whistle. It halted its huge body and cautiously watched the distorted space.

“That is…” Mu Lingshan hurried stood up. Her small face changed slightly as she looked at the distorted space.

“We have been targeted…” Lin Dong’s expression was a little ugly as he said. Moreover, from the looks of it, the one who had targeted them did not appear to be an ordinary person.

Buzz buzz.

A spot in the sky became distorted. Finally, it formed a spatial tunnel. Soon after, the Lin Dong duo saw a black clothed man slowly walk out from the spatial tunnel.

The man’s long hair drifted in the wind. His clothes had some skeleton like markings, and a pair of exceptionally delicate and long hands extended from his sleeves. However, there was a black and white aura lingering over them.

“Ha ha, you are the ones who had snatched the silver tower, right?” The black clothed long haired man smilingly looked at the Lin Dong duo below and softly asked.

“Who are you?” Lin Dong asked in a low voice.


The long haired man thought for a moment, while his eyes remained fixed on Lin Dong. A smile surfaced on the former’s face as he slowly said, “I am the cave master of the Demonic Wind Cave, Wu Xuan.”

Lin Dong’s pupils instantly shrunk tightly.