Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 925: Pursuers

Chapter 925: Pursuers





Over a hundred figures gathered on a grass plains in an extremely chaotic manner, while wild and violent majestic Yuan Power fluctuations spread in a flood like manner. The intense battle caused even the surrounding Yuan Power to show signs of being rebelling.

This appeared to be an encirclement attack. The dozen individuals at the centre were all experts from the Demonic Wind Cave. Currently, they appeared a little miserable while being surrounded and attacked by various factions.


A ray of light suddenly rushed over from the distant sky amidst this huge battle. Quickly after, an elderly figure appeared in a flash. With a wave of his sleeve, a black ripple containing death Qi swept apart. Some unlucky individuals immediately released miserable screeches upon contact, as half of their bodies were gradually paralysed…

“Profound Death stage expert?”

This sudden attack caused the numerous attackers’ expressions to change. Their gazes were hurriedly thrown over. Soon after, a series of exclamations were emitted from their mouths.

“That is an elder from the Demonic Wind Cave, old demon Mo Xie?”

“He is actually also present!”

The elderly figure was completely revealed in front of the many shocked eyes. At this moment, his hair was in a mess, and he appeared a little miserable. However, his eyes were filled with both fury and hate.

“Elder Mo Xie!”

Those experts from the Demonic Wind Cave rejoiced upon seeing this. They hurriedly rushed forward, and landed beside old demon Mo Xie.

“You bastards. How dare you target my Demonic Wind Cave!” Old demon Mo Xie’s eyes were stern as he looked at those experts from various factions in the sky. The earlier feelings of suffocation and anger within his heart had completely exploded at this moment. He immediately took a step forward, as monstrous black Qi spread from him.

The hearts of those experts pounded upon seeing such an appearance, as they hurriedly pulled back a little. After all, there were no Profound Death stage experts present on their side, hence it was impossible for them to fight the former.

“Ha ha, elder Mo Xie, please do not be angry. This is merely a misunderstanding.”

Just as old demon Mo Xie was about to go on a killing rampage, several rays of light suddenly arrived from the distant sky. The white clothed Zhou Gan and Chen Ying once again appeared. This time, each of them had an elder at their side. Faint black Qi rose from the bodies of these two elders. They were clearly also experts at the Profound Death stage.

Clearly, their powerful reinforcements had also hurried over during this period of time.

“It’s Elder Qin from the Universe Cave and Elder Liu from the Illusionary Demon Sect…” Old demon Mo Xie’s eyes paused on those two elders, before he laughed coldly.

“Old demon Mo Xie, given your status, bullying these youngsters is not an indication of ability.” That white haired old man called Elder Qin smiled at old demon Mo Xie and said.

Old demon Mo Xie’s eyes were dark. He coldly said, “That is none of your business.”

“Ha ha, I heard that the silver tower has fallen into the hands of your Demonic Wind Cave. Our Illusionary Demon Sect also wishes to have a share…” That Elder Liu from the Illusionary Demon Cave laughed loudly and said.

“Elder Liu is right. Elder Mo Xie, why not your Demonic Wind Cave be a little magnanimous, and allow everyone to enjoy the silver tower?” Elder Qin laughed.

“In your dreams!” Elder Mo Xie’s eyes turned cold as he said.

“If that is the case, both Elder Qin and I might have to exchange blows with you today.” Elder Liu smilingly stated.

“Do you think that I am afraid of the both of you!” Old demon Mo Xie’s pupils tightened a little, as he coldly cried out.

“Two Elders, we will not be able to take out the silver tower regardless of how you threaten us today.” By the side, Xie Yan knitted his brows and said.

“What do you mean?” Elder Qin frowned and asked.

Xie Yan hesitated for a moment before replying, “Earlier, the silver tower in our hands has already been snatched by Lin Dong…”

Everyone in the air was startled after these words were uttered. Soon after, mockery surged in their eyes.

“Old demon Mo Xie, do you really treat us as three year olds? It is said that Lin Dong is merely an initial Profound Life stage expert, yet, he can actually snatch something from you, a Profound Death stage expert? Do you really think I have gone senile or that we are all stupid?” Elder Liu laughed coldly.

Old demon Mo Xie’s face twitched. He immediately spoke in a venomous voice, “Regardless of whether you believe it or not, the item is no longer with us. This old man will accompany all of you to the end if you really wish to fight!”

Elder Liu and Elder Qin looked at this appearance of old demon Mo Xie, and were slightly startled, before they quickly frowned. Could it be that Xie Yan was speaking the truth? But how could that be possible? How could Lin Dong have snatched something from the hands of a Profound Death stage expert?

“Everyone from the Demonic Wind Cave follow me. That brat should still be nearby!”

Old demon Mo Xie glanced at Elder Qin’s group with dark and solemn eyes. Without saying anything unnecessary, he turned around and flew off. He was really unable to swallow this.

Swoosh swoosh!

In the air, everyone watched as the group from the Demonic Wind Cave swiftly left. All of them were momentarily speechless. The one who had benefited in the end was that little brat called Lin Dong?

“Elder Qin, that Lin Dong is rumoured to have once seriously injured the Nefarious Bone old man of the Demonic Wind Cave. He should be in possession of an extremely powerful technique. It is not completely unbelievable for him to snatch something from the hands of old demon Mo Xie.” Zhou Gan frowned and said as he watched this scene.

“If that is really the truth, this little fellow… is really a little formidable.”

Elder Qin quickly laughed softly. “No wonder old demon Mo Xie has become so angry from humiliation. So that is the reason… if this news spread, he will lose all his face.”

“What should we do?” Zhou Gan asked.

“Regardless of what kind of technique that little fellow has, he is after all only an initial Profound Life stage expert. Even though he was able to force old demon Mo Xie back, he will definitely have paid quite a hefty price. At this moment, he should already be at his limit.” Elder Qin’s eyes flickered as he said.

“Give the instruction to search for traces of Lin Dong. The silver tower will belong to our Universe Cave if we capture him.”

Zhou Gan nodded. After which, he turned around and gathered the experts from the Universe Cave. After some soft words, everyone turned into many light figures and rushed forth.

While the Universe Cave acted, the eyes of the other factions also flickered, and they also began to move. From the way they saw it, it was beneficial for them that the silver tower had landed in Lin Dong’s hands. After all, regardless of how one put it, dealing with one Lin Dong was ultimately easier than dealing with the Demonic Wind Cave…


Hurried rushing wind sounds suddenly appeared above the blue sea, as two rays of lights approached from the distance. The wind pressure formed from their great speed as they flew past imprinted two deep water scars on the surface of the sea.

“I’m afraid that news of us having snatched the silver tower has spread…”

One of the light rays paused slightly, and a human figure was revealed. Lin Dong peered into the distance behind him and frowned slightly. Earlier, he had sensed a large amount of searching auras. However, that scale of it was clearly not something that a single Demonic Wind Cave alone could achieve.

There was only one answer to this. News of them having snatched the silver tower had spread.

“Brother Lin Dong, what should we do now?” Mu Lingshan followed beside Lin Dong and asked in a clear voice.

“We will need to hide for the time being.” Lin Dong muttered. Currently, his condition was extremely terrible. He might have frightened away old demon Mo Xie earlier, but he had completely exhausted himself. It was likely that he would have difficulty being of much help if they encountered a pursuer.

Additionally, with the silver tower in his hands, he also needed to find the time to study just how this thing was related to the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol.

Mu Lingshan did not have any objections, and nodded immediately.

Lin Dong waved his sleeve upon seeing this, and the Burning Sky Cauldron once again flew out. Finally, a bright light surged and sucked the both of them into it. Next, the Burning Sky Cauldron turned into a flash of red light that charged into the sea and disappeared with a flash.

Some rushing wind sounds appeared from the distance soon after the Lin Dong duo had submerged into the sea. Over a dozen figures flew past. Their eyes swept over the surface of the sea, before they cursed and swiftly spread out again.

The entire sea region had clearly become extremely lively at this moment.